Howard removes the car's belly pan/case cover.  It is a simple matter of removing a few 10mm bolts.

We now have full access to the front pulley. 

Howard removes the crank pulley.  After the bolt was removed the stock pully simply came off.  We didn't have to use a puller which is the norm. 

With the crank pulley off, our engine is ready for the Fluidampr to be installed!

The Fluidampr pulley is not a lightweight pulley nor is it an underdrive pulley.  It is designed purely as an improved balancer that attenuates vibrations better over a wider range than stock. 

The Fluidampr installs exactly like the stock part. 


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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 9:57 AM
Yay! Great to see Project Integra back. I got to see it in person a few months ago when I donated some parts to you guys. Looks great!
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