Day 2 – 400m and 800m roll-on racing

Saturday sees all drivers sign on and pass an alcohol test (we are Australian after all…) and get ready to race on a cool and overcast day.


Cars are unloaded, final preparations made and racing gets underway with the 400m battles.
Being a traditional race length gives competitors a baseline to work from and a good warmup for cars competing in the longer distances.

What separates Racewars from a lot of performance car events is the sheer variety in both vehicle origins and their drivetrains.
Whether you own some old school muscle, highly tuned Japanese turbo, or locally delivered v8, you are welcomed at Racewars.
You will also find a combination of tuner shops, as well as racers that build and tune their own cars in equal measures.

Australian’s love an engine swap, and given the mighty GM LS motor has been in locally delivered cars since 1997, it’s an extremely popular engine to put in place when you need cheap reliable horsepower.
We spotted an LS swapped into the following:


A Series 1 Mazda RX7 – packing a cammed LS2 with twin Garrett GT35’s, TR6060 gearbox with tripled plate clutch. This 800whp combo runs through a 9” Strange Diff and Mickey Thompson Drag radials.


A 1980 Volvo rocking some rust and a sizably turbocharged LS1 to make the “LOLVO” – also good for 800whp.


An AU Ford Falcon (blasphemous to Australian Ford fans) was used heavily as a Taxi in the early 2000’s – however this one again with twin turbos is a bit quicker – are you sensing a theme here?

One great thing about the shorter distances is the ability to take passengers along for a ride – giving those of us without a taste of the adrenaline of the fastest metal in the country.


No roof, No worries – Check out the drivers helmet, a custom part to match his rare Jaguar Project 7.


Whilst not necessarily a requirement, a good roll-cage can be handy for passenger piece of mind!
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