Hellwig brought out some cool vehicles to the event. One of which was this off-road camper. A quick unlock and a touch of electric jacks, and the camper can be instantly removed for really hardcore off-roading!

Here is the Hellwig on-course support and broken vehicle recovery truck. It's equipped with everything to get a broken vehicle unstuck and back in the action.


Hellwig also brought out this nice Ford Bronco to get around the desert course with. Compact and light, it gets in and out of places where a larger vehicle cant fit. Gotta love the use of the leaf blower to clean up the dust that gets all over the place.


Jeff brought out our new, soon to be released, Project Toyota 4-Runner. Powered by a V8 engine and 4x4 drivetrain, we were pretty impressed how well this vehicle did around the desert in totally stock form.


Soon night fell and the party really got started with tailgating, BBQ's and thousands of people cruising around the desert in modded off-road vehicles. Many equipped with bright off-road lights and colored LED's so you can see them coming. This lit up the desert like a surreal light show, like Burning Man for off-roaders!


Of course, we had to get in on the action, so we jumped into Project Tundra and followed a bunch of lit-up trucks out into the night. We had no idea where we were going or what we were doing, but heck, we just followed the crowd. 


Soon the trail we were on started to transition from the flat desert floor to harder to transverse and more rugged terrain, populated with more serious looking rigs like this Jeep. Our strategy was to only follow behind stock looking trucks figuring if they got stuck, we could back out before we got stuck!


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Wednesday, February 21, 2018 8:25 AM
Sounds like you all needed a Project VehiCross to show you how to carve up some trails...

Also, SUPER jealous the 4Runner gets a V8 while my Tacoma gets stuck with a puny V6. Really excited for when the OEMs start dropping V8s into their midsize trucks. I know for a fact it's coming, just can't say when...
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 10:50 AM
FWIW, you should be able to download a GPS app on your cell phone, and most map apps (Google Maps, Orux Maps, etc.) have offline modes-- you can download maps before you go into the boonies.
Mike Kojima
Mike Kojimalink
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 11:51 AM
brian, nice to know!
Thursday, February 22, 2018 7:00 AM
This year was my first time at KOH too! We should have met up and learned together! Plus I have a winch. I went solo and camped...not as much fun. I too feel that now knowing what to expect will lead to a much better time next year. Like making solid meetup plans with people now knowing that trying to dind friends amongst 70,000+ people spread out across miles of desert without cell reception is...tough...
Thursday, February 22, 2018 1:03 PM
Mike, I love my Viair compressor. Been using it for Project S2000 for track days and all my vehicles for airing up years. I leave it in my DD. They have a bunch of different sizes. Their headquarters is in Irvine too:

And for GPS, you can download google maps of whatever area you'll be in, so you don't need signal. That's what I did when I was in Italy, just downloaded the map.
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