LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – Unique Cars, Engines, and Things

by Khiem Dinh


The LA Auto Show always has some unique new vehicles that budding automotive companies want to show off. For example, this new Saleen mid-engine and turbocharged car. It’s got the right recipe in my mind for an awesome performance car platform. It’s good to see Saleen back out making products. The big OEMs sometimes like to show off a little flair too along with new technologies. Then, there are the other random going-on stuff at the show which I find amusing.


Kia’s huge vehicle release this year is the Stinger. It’s got a bit of Jag, Aston, and BMW design cues, in my opinion. 


Kia brought a tuned version of the Stinger to show off. 


The engine bay was modified with a pair of intakes to replace the stock airboxes. Note the air filters are in sealed air boxes to make sure they suck in cold air. Those braces going from the shock towers to the front of the engine bay are very reminiscent of BMW. 


The fender vent is like BMW too, but this design feature is something I expect to see on more and more vehicles in the chase to reduce aero drag. Yup, you can get Brembos on your Kia. 


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