10 Ways To Prepare Your Car For Spring And Summer

by Pablo Mazlumian


Most of us have a daily-driven vehicle that sees year-round driving. In an area where the temperature delta can exceed 100F in a given year, that starts to play a significant role in the vehicle’s wear and tear, as well as fuel economy. We’ve compiled 10 things to consider when readying your car for the upcoming warm season. Doing these things will not only ensure better fuel economy and overall performance, but increased life of the vehicle itself.

It sounds rather remedial, but cleaning the car is an important task to perform if you live in an area that sees snow. Generally, municipalities will put salt on the street to help prevent them from icing over. Unfortunately, this salt is corrosive and causes rust underneath your car. There can be a number of impurities on your paint as well, so spring time is a good time to wash and wax. Carnuba wax will also help repel the water off of your paint during the raining season, and make washing your car that much easier.

It doesn't matter what kind of car it is, if it is driven in the harsh winter months and not thoroughly cleaned afterward, rust can start to appear in a short matter of time.

In order to have a clean, rust-free environment underneath the car like with this Kansas City-based 700 WHP E46 BMW M3 turbo, make sure to power wash underneath your vehicle when spring hits. In case you're wondering, that's a Magnaflow 3.5-in exhaust system we tested, along with BimmerWorld's carbon rear diffuser that's specific to this exhaust system.


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