Project Integra DC2: Keeping Things Cool with CSF and HPS

by Clint Boisdeau

One of the first things that we knew would require attention with Project DC2 was the cooling system. Clear visual signs of aged and leaky hoses and end tanks were prevalent upon initial inspection of the car before purchase (catch up on the buying process here with article one). The plastic end tanked radiator, which seemed to be the original unit from the factory, looked to be an uphill on a hot day away from separating at the core. Since the plan for Project DC2 is to have a reliable street driven and track capable car, the cooling system needed a big upgrade in terms of safety and a higher overhead in heat dissipation.


In comes the CSF Race high capacity radiator for the DC2 Integra and EG Civic chassis. Featuring CSF's prized "B-Tube" internal core design and small external fin design allowing for maximum efficiency and more fins per square inch. FYI, this radiator can also be fitted to other 90's Civics with minimal modification.  

The B-Tube does not use rows of tubes like a traditional radiator but rather has a long thin-walled plate much like a tube and fin intercooler.  The "B" part of the tube is an internal rib which both strengthens the tube and helps it exchange heat to the outside of the tube better.  CSF says this design exchanges heat 15% more effectively than a traditional oval shaped tube.

CSF designs their radiators with high attention to detail in regards to OE mounting points for both the radiator support and factory fans ensuring a seamless install. 

Quality strong TIG welds guarantee the endtanks are durable in all street and track conditions. The welded on tanks are much stronger than crimped on plastic end tanks.  Every CSF Race radiator is pressure tested for quality control.  A CSF radiator has a 40% higher burst strength than stock. 

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016 3:09 PM
DC2s are known for being hard on cooling systems, especially the plastic core-type. As long as your hoses are all fresh (that horseshoe one near the thermostat loves to pop) and your water pump is good, you should be fine.
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