Event Coverage: Formula Drift - Round 4

by Sarah Forst

Formula Drift returned to Wall Speedway for Round 4 and gives new meaning to smoking (in) a bowl. The 33 degree bank has a gravitational force that can pull a car onto its can opener guardrail and "speedbumps" in the infield crossover that toss a car so haphazardly it can cause the driver to over-rotate or lose drift. If timed perfectly, it can also launch a car into a wicked flawless angle around the final sweeper for a win. Last year's all day rain and monsoon in the final round was replaced by NJ perfect weather with sun and clear skies. Unfortunately, the lack of breeze or rain kept the smoke in the bowl so long after a run you'd think Cheech and Chong were in the competition.


Bakchis and Pawlak practice crashOdi Bakchis and Justin Pawlak get a little perpendicular in practice.
Tuerck and MooreHas anyone got a light? Cameron Moore and Ryan Tuerck smoke it up on the Wall's flats.

Yoshihara and FieldMatt Field and Dai Yoshihara had one of the most exciting tandem runs during practice at one point swapping a little rubber. Only three points separate these drivers in the standings.

Dia qualifies #1Dai killed it in qualifying with twin 93 point runs to take the #1 on the ladder and a bye in the first round of the Top 32 competition.
TOP 32
Hohnadell and KearneyDean Kearney was glued to Alec Hohnadell's bumper almost the entire chase run and his aggressive angle on the lead gave him the unanimous win.
Nishida and CoffmanBoth Robbie Nishida and Matt Coffman had shallow angles in the first bank but Nishida finished his lead run with a 4-5 car length gap. His aggressive chase run advanced him to the Top 16.
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