Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 6 – 800whp Build Update

MKC laces up the Supra’s belts and gets to work!

by Pablo Mazlumian

After a near 8-month hiatus, Project Supra is back with a vengeance.  With almost all of the necessary parts in hand to finish under the hood, along with plenty of custom work already completed by Modified by KC, expect to see a lot more of this project gracing our pages.

To recap, our poor Supra has been sitting soul-less since May of 2012 with a damaged motor due to a melted piston in cylinder #1.  In Parts 1 and 2 we talked about this and the rest of our bottom end build, then in Part 3 we discussed the cylinder head.  In Part 4 we featured boost-specific parts, including the intake and exhaust manifolds, turbo and wastegates, and in Part 5 we went nuts with heat coating and thermal wrapping.  To catch up, check out the Project Supra homepage.

For the past year-and-a-half our lonely, engine-less Supra was collecting dust at MKC while waiting for parts and its turn at the front of the MKC assembly line.  During that time, it watched other Supras point and laugh at it while they burped 600-1000whp on the dyno with their new MKC tunes.

While the car sat in one corner, the engine sat in another.  But this long distance relationship is about to switch gears with the motor moving back home, showing off its makeover of transplanted organs.  Pictured here is the Hypertune intake manifold, Champion Toyota/Boost Logic modified oil pump, AEM cam gears and Titan Motorsport 272-degree cams.  The HKS/Denso 1000cc injectors are coming off since we'll be switching to E85 fuel which will require running larger injectors.

The MKC guys have been working full steam ahead, with no intention of letting up until the car is finished. 

Here’s a more recent look at the motor with some of the previously featured parts now installed, including the Fluidampr crank pulley and Precision 6766 dual ball bearing turbo.  We simply cannot wait to get this sucker running!
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Thursday, November 21, 2013 5:27 AM
Hi, Nice build. I run the Gorilla Industries Supra here in Sydney, and looking for a new Turbo (Aswell as a chassis lol) setup. Please keep us up to date with this project,

Ares 47
Ares 47link
Saturday, January 18, 2014 12:35 PM
The family car did a peak of 256whp after the y-pipe. 242whp before. :) Next project is the catback.
yossie awalana
yossie awalanalink
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 3:49 AM
Hi, I m Yossie from indonesia
I`ve been reading this article many times
i have a question for you sir, i have 2jzgte engine, i plan to built with this article guide. but in my country we dont have e85 fuel. is it compatible if have this machine for gasoline ? because in our country we have only premium ( ron 88 ), pertamax ( ron 92 ) and pertamax plus ( ron 95 ). I cant wait for this project finals.......congrat sir
Pablo Mazlumian
Pablo Mazlumianlink
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 8:29 AM
Hi guys, thanks for reading!

@Gorilla: Part 7 should go live next Monday! :)

@Ares 47: I was very impressed with those numbers indeed. It's equivalent to a stock E36 BMW M3 (and it's $10k cheaper, even after nearly 20 years)! And the specific output is very close to the 350Z--and it's a....Camry! I assume that was your car?

@yossie: Pleasure to meet you, and thanks for reading. It sounds like your ron95 is the equivalent to our 91 (R+M/2). Not the greatest fuel, but you can get good power regardless.
With this engine setup, and a good Methanol Injection system like the one from AEM or Snow Performance--both have nice fail-safe features built in, and the AEM even has a very nice gauge to go with it!--you should be able to net a safe 700+whp.
The trick is, as I mentioned in my first and third articles with the Hypertune Intake manifold, is getting all of the methanol in every cylinder. The factory intake manifold has such a sharp bend (sharper than 90 deg!) that, while it works for aerodynamics and pushing boost through, it doesn't work as well for fluid dynamics--and it cost me cylinder #1 (the other 5 still looked great). Therefore, to net this kind of power safely, you'll need a manifold with nice bends into the runners (like the Hypertune), or you'll need to go with 6 individual methanol nozzles on each of the factory manifold runners/tubes, if you choose to do so. Hope this helps, and good luck!
yossie awalana
yossie awalanalink
Thursday, January 30, 2014 12:36 PM
@pablo : Thank You sir.....
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