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Skunk2 Mitsubishi EVO VII-IX Composite Fuel Rail

Skunk2 Mitsubishi EVO VII-IX Composite Fuel Rail

Motoiq Staff Report

The first ever composite fuel rail for Mitsubishi’s Evo VII-IX is here. Skunk2’s Composite Fuel Rails are made using a proprietary carbon-impregnated, aerospace thermo-polymer composite—a material that’s 33-percent lighter and 60-percent stronger than aluminum.  Skunk2's composite material insulates fuel from both radiant and conductive heat transfer underneath the hood, resulting in more horsepower and torque.  The composite material has ultra low thermo conductivity so underhood heat is not transfered to the fuel resulting in fuel temps up to 100-degrees F cooler when compared to aluminum.  This results in denser fuel and greatly reduces the chances of vapor lock, crfitical when volitile running fuels with a high alcohol content.


Get Well Richey!

Our dear friend and Master Fabricator Richey Watanabe of Technosqaure was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer right after the Las Vegas Round of Formula D and has been hospitalized ever since.  Richey has had to endure major surgeries in the last few weeks and faces a long and difficult recovery.


Skunk 2 Releases Pro Series Intake Manifold for EVO VII, VIII and IX

Industry Press Release

If you are tuning your EVO VII-IX you were probably wondering what was up with the designers of the 4G63’s intake manifold. It has a tiny plenum for the amount of power that the engine is capable of producing, even with the stock turbo. At MotoIQ, we saw significant gains in power on our project EVO VIII with an experimental crudely made modified stock manifold with an enlarged plenum. We also saw significant bottom end losses and increased lag so we axed that project.


Cosworth Back In Formula 1

Jeremy in track support sent me a text this morning and told me about this.

Cosworth has won the tender to supply a low-cost engine and transmission package in 2010 and beyond, Formula One's governing body announced on Friday.

In the wake of Honda's shock departure from the sport, the FIA said in a statement that the news confirmed its fears about the current financial format, and sent a letter to team bosses.

It is revealed that the cost to teams wanting to use the un-badged Cosworth engine option will be $2m euros, plus 5.5 million euros each season.

"The annual cost will reduce if more (than four) teams take up the option," FIA President Max ...


Greddy USA - Chapter 11 Filing

I got an email from Mike at Greddy today with a press release. Greddy USA filed for Chapter 11 today. Chapter 11 is a bankruptcy filing for reorganization. What this means to you is that business should continue as usual if supply chains are not interrupted. It will be tough for Greddy with all the banks around the world also suffering, but things should seamless and ok with some luck.

Greddy USA Press Release

From Mike Chung at Greddy USA:

GReddy Performance Products Inc., Parent Company to Undergo Reorganization

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