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Motovicity's Scion FR-S Ticket-to-Ride


Ticket to Ride Winners Announced

Motovicity Distribution announced the winners of its 2013 Ticket to Ride promotion. Performance and Styling LLC, of Manchester, CT won the 2013 Mustang GT, and SpeedForSale LLC, based in Alpharetta, GA. won the 2013 Scion FR-S.   Both will receive the cars along with an assortment of parts that they will install in a performance build that will be featured on MotoIQ! 

Once the builds are complete, the winners and their project cars will travel to Irwindale Speedway in California, for a side-by-side performance shoot-out, featuring professional drivers on a course designed by MotoIQ. 


MotoBlog Tech Content

FAB101 - From the Experts at Vibrant Performance

Fab 101 is a series of guest blog posts featuring Jay Thornton, a custom fabrication expert and technical lead at Vibrant Performance. The series focuses on the tools and tricks of the trade from an industry insider's perspective. Topics covered include; terminology, tools & equipment, metallurgy and safety gear.

vibrant intercooler, mazda miata, motoblog

Keeping It Cool with Vibrant

As with almost anything in performance modifications, once you add a few items here, upgrade a couple things there, you soon find a new bottleneck. Some might have existed all along, as others introduced themselves as your project progressed. Case in point was the intercooler on Motovicity Rep Bryan Spears’ 2002 Miata project car.

HKS 1,000+ HP Sequential Transmission

HKS now offers a multi-disc clutch and sequential transmission upgrade for the R35 GT-R supercars.  A HKS twin-turbo system equipped GT-R can easily top the 1,000HP mark, so it was only a matter of time before HKS came up with a solution.  Come take a look as, Motovicity Product Manager, Scott Cole gives us a sneak peak at this unique GT-R transmission upgrade.


Ticket-to-Ride Partner Editorial on MotoIQ


Gates Belts - Scion FR-S Perfomance Belts

For maximum reliability we chose to run acessory drive belts from Gates' new racing RPM line. All the trick cooling tricks in the world won't help you if your drive belt breaks!  Gates is an OEM supplier so all of their OEM quality control steps apply to the performance oriented RPM line as well. These include tricks in process control and SPC or statistical process control. In normal language, this means that you are getting belts built to tight tolerances, using the best materials.

Royal Purple - Scion FR-S Lubrication

Performance cars need performance oils and filters and the Ticket to Ride vehicles are no exception. We went with Royal Purple as our supplier of choice for the cars. We have had plenty of experience with Royal Purple in our own racing and time attack efforts in the days of the XS Engineering BNR32 and with advances in oil technology we expect the latest offerings from Royal Purple to be even better.

Sparco - Scion FR-S & Ford Mustang Seats

Believe it or not, having good seats with a lot of lateral support is critical for a performance machine. If you modify your suspension to generate a lot of lateral G's but have a seat with poor side bolstering, the act of staying in the seat can be quite distracting. Of course Motovicity Ticket to Ride machines have to get a seating upgrade since we are going through nearly all systems in the entire car to greatly improve handling. We are providing lateral support with the help of Sparco. 

Exedy - Scion FR-S Stage 2 Clutch

In anticipation of more added power to the Motovicity Ticket to Ride FR-S from the HKS Supercharger it was decided to also upgrade the clutch.  What we wanted is something that could take the abuse of the extra power and doing some occasional drift clutch kicking fun while maintaining as much daily driven ability as possible.

HKS - Scion FR-S Supercharger Kit

We can all agree the Scion FR-S is the fun car the market has been hungry for for years. Most of us will also agree the FR-S is seriously hurting for more power. Well, we are going to bring more power to the Motovicity Ticket To Ride FR-S in a big way by adding forced induction. We're not talking about your typical forced induction turbocharged power infusion either, but rather with a centrifugal supercharger kit from HKS!

Energy Suspension - Scion FR-S Bushing Kit

A big part of making any car handle well is reducing bushing compliance.  On most cars the suspension links pivot on rubber bushings.  Rubber is fine for providing a smooth quiet ride, but it also allows for flex.  Flex is bad for performance, because it causes deviation between where a car is steered and where the wheels are pointed.  Particularly under the load of cornering, braking and acceleration forces. 

eibach suspension, coilovers, scion frs, subaru brz Eibach - Scion FR-S Pro Street-S Coilovers

When we last left off, we had just gotten a load of AEM stuff for the Motovicity Ticket To Ride Scion FR-S.  For this week we will be looking into the suspension, mainly some sweet street coilovers from Eibach.

Eibach's new Pro Street-S coilovers are meant for durable daily driving use on the street.  They are a monotube, gas charged damper with an all weather, durable stainless steel body.  It is great to see this sort of quality on a basic street coilover. 

aem electronics, motovicity ticket to ride AEM Electronics - AQ1 Datalogger, Gauges & Fuel Pump

In our last update for the Motovicity Ticket To Ride Scion FR-S project, we discussed the attributes of the HKS Legamax Exhaust.  Now we will be adding a couple of gauges from AEM Electronics to help monitor the performance of the FR-S, while the AQ-1 unit will continously log all the data.  Finally, we give you an overview of the AEM fuel pump that will be handling the project's fuel supply.

Scion FRS, HKS, Motovicity Ticket to Ride

 HKS - Legamax Axle-Back Exhaust

HKS is here to solve your mundane exhaust tone with an exhaust that wont have you reaching for the earplugs after 60 feet of driving. We take a close look at the Legamax Premium Axle-Back Exhaust System which is part of the HKS Legamax Premium line of exhaust systems for the FR-S/BRZ.

MotoIQ Project FR-S - StopTech Trophy Kit

Our FR-S isn't the fastest thing, but it has inspiring handling.  Some of our friends that have been doing track days have reported to us that the brakes are woefully inadequate for track use.  Cracking and warping rotors, fade and even warping and leaking calipers have all been suffered after hard driving.  With our sticky tires and the anticipation of our upcoming supercharger we knew we would have to do something about the braking soon! 

Eibach, Honda Meet The Eibach Meet - A Non-Honda Lover's Guide

You hate the Eibach meet and all eight degrees of negative camber that it stands for. But don't be bitter because behind every pack of graffiti-covered engine bays, every row of Otter Pop-colored Civics, and every stock JDM airbox short-sightedly matched alongside four-into-one race headers lies all sorts of Hondas and Acuras that care about a funny thing: going fast.

KW Suspension, Scion FRS, KW V3 DIY Tech: FR-S KW Variant 3 Installation

When Mike Kojima extols the virtues of a particular coil-over kit, or discusses how the valving works, or what sort of proprietary hydraulic oil makes the shock respond well to undulations, I sometimes feel these concepts require an engineering degree. Much of it is over my head, but I know well enough that when a smart guy raves about some product I'm better off following suit than trying to understand it. 

stoptech, project subaru gd STi, trophy brakes Project GD STi - Slowing Down with StopTech

The Subaru GD STI comes with pretty good brakes from the factory. This means we would have to be careful when it comes to modding them as it would be easy to worsen the performance with a poorly engineered brake upgrade.  We went with Stoptech's Trophy STR big brake kit as our brake system of choice for their combination of daily driveability and track performance.

Project Landspeed Racer - KW Suspension

If racing wasn't already hard enough on racecar components, replace the well-manicured tarmac of a road course with a few hundred tons of salt and then racing becomes even more brutal. After infiltrating the KW Automotive parts bin, we Frankenstein together the perfect set of coilovers for Project 240SX Land Speed Racer. This perfection came through the marriage of parts from both KW's Clubsport and Competition coilover kits.

Project V8 RX7 - AEM Dyno-Shaft

The end is in sight!  Only a couple of things left on the TO DO list and the most glaring is our driveshaft and rear end. And hey, while we’re cutting up our driveshaft we might as well slap on one of AEM Electronic’s new Dyno-Shaft on-vehicle dynamometers, right?

Project Civic - Energy Suspension Bushings

Now that we have completely beefed up the suspension and brakes of Project Honda Civic, it's time to button things up with the last several suspension upgrades we had lined up for our little weekend warrior. Next on the list were the worn OE bushings and getting rid of unnecessary body roll.

Refresh Your Brakes with StopTech's Sport Kit

Do you have a car that sees sporting driving, but not necessarily track use? Or perhaps you don't do braking intensive driving events like drifting or autocross and don't want to have the expense of a big brake system but could still stand to upgrade your brakes.  StopTech has a simple solution for you!

Project EVO VIII - Improving Handling with HKS

At MotoIQ headquarters, it’s no secret that we love the EVO VIII. To us it’s one of the best-balanced all around cars we have ever driven for any price.  It has reasonable power with tons of upgrade potential for its well developed bulletproof 4G63 engine. We did not want to upset the stock EVO’s fine balance between ride comfort and handling so we ended up choosing HKS’ Hyperdamper II suspension system. 

Project VW Golf TDi - Suspension Upgrades

Although a competent machine out of the box, no car can stay stock for long in the hands of a MotoIQ staffer.  While we have many things planned to tailor our Golf to our liking, we decided the suspension needed upgrading before anything else.

sparco hans harness, hans test TESTED: Sparco Harness and HANS

Racing is hazardous to your health.  With a helmet on, one of the most immediate dangers to your continued existence on this planet is a basilar skull fracture. So we install and test the Head and Neck Support (HANS) Device along with Sparco's HANS specific harness.


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