StopTech Brake Components for 1989-2016 Mazda Miata

Industry Press Release

Centric Parts -- North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake and chassis components -- has introduced a comprehensive new program of StopTech Brake Miata front kits and components for the 1989-2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata. The program covers all model year Miata/MX-5 variations and supplements the comprehensive range of OE replacement parts offered by Centric Parts – including rear components to pair with the front StopTech Big Brake Kits. StopTech brake components require no vehicle modifications and offer significantly improved braking performance, feel and modulation over stock systems, as well as reduced fade.


Whiteline USA Roll Center & Anti Lift Kit Promotion

Industry Press Release

For a limited only, Whiteline end user customers receive any product, up to a $50 MSRP value, for free from Whiteline with the purchase of any Whiteline Roll Center or Anti Lift Kit. This promotion is applicable to orders made through a Whiteline Dealer/Retailer before 10/31/16.


Driving Impressions: The CXC Simulator! 

by Mike Kojima

I am not a gamer, I have never liked video games and never gotten good at them.  I have always felt that I don't have the time for them.  I mean, I own a driving simulator chair with force feedback that my daughter plays with when she does Grand Turismo on our home big screen TV but I never got into it and when I have played it, I have always felt that it feels nothing like a car, not enough anyway where I could jump in and drive it.


ST suspensions Maximum driving dynamics in the Ford Focus RS

Industry Press Release

Adjustable aluminum Unibal top mounts, dampers that are adjustable with 16 clicks in rebound and linear race springs is what characterizes the ST XTA coilover suspension for the new Ford Focus RS (DYB). The 350-hp "compact sports car" with four-wheel drive can be lowered by up to 55 mm ST XTA coilover kit from KW automotive that is made in Germany. With the ST suspension that was developed in cooperation with the rally driver Ken Block, the Focus RS steers more direct and almost craves for curves. It is supported by the supplied Unibal top mounts made of aluminum for the front axle.


DeatschWerks 2016 SEMA Branding Co-op Program

Industry Press Release

DeatschWerks is announcing a new Co-op branding program for 2016 that will allow for SEMA display vehicles wearing DeatschWerks logo’s to qualify for payouts of up to $500 in product credit or $200 in cash.


Raceseng - Revo 7 Pulley Kit for Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ

Industry Press Release

The Raceseng Revo 7 pulley kit shaves off 4 lbs. of rotating mass off when compared to the OEM system. The pulleys are not underdriven, they are the same size as the OEM pulleys and do not require a special belt. Bolt on and experience the difference!


 Radium's EVO X Fuel Drop-In Fuel Pump Hanger

Industry Press Release

Radium Engineering's drop-in replacement Fuel Pump Hanger for the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X is the perfect fuel delivery upgrade for high horsepower applications that use the factory fuel tank but require additional fuel delivery from high-flow aftermarket fuel pumps.


Lessons in Turbo Technology with Garrett - Burst Containment

by Mike Kojima

What is burst containment for a turbocharger and why is it important?  A turbocharger is a system that has a lot of potential to cause a lot of bad stuff to happen to drivers, spectators, and surrounding equipment.  Why might you ask? Well, a typical turbocharger can spin at up to an unfathomable 200,000 rpm for a small frame turbo and a still amazing 90,000 rpm for a large frame turbo!  That is a ton of potentially ass-kicking force. We will show you how much later and it's enough to make you cringe.


 The 2016 KW Suspensions rebate starts on Thursday, September 1st!

Industry Press Release

The KW Suspensions rebate is going on September 1st -  30th. Don't miss the once a year rebate on thier V1, V2, V3, and Clubsport's for selected applications. In the sheet below, you will find your Jobber price. This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. Please contact KW if you have any questions.


Airwerks S400SX-E 88mm Turbochargers Available Now

Industry Press Release

BorgWarner has added an S400SX-E super core to its successful line of AirWerks® series turbochargers. Featuring an 88-mm inducer Gen-C7 forged milled compressor wheel, this new high-performance unit enables an engine to achieve over 1,575 horsepower per turbocharger. Key features include S500 power potential in a S400 frame size, an integrated speed sensor boss and a 360-degree thrust bearing, which improves thrust capability and extends turbocharger life.


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