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Motovicity's Ford Mustang Ticket-to-Ride


Ticket to Ride Winners Announced

Motovicity Distribution announced the winners of its 2013 Ticket to Ride promotion. Performance and Styling LLC, of Manchester, CT won the 2013 Mustang GT, and SpeedForSale LLC, based in Alpharetta, GA. won the 2013 Scion FR-S.   Both will receive the cars along with an assortment of parts that they will install in a performance build that will be featured on MotoIQ! 

Once the builds are complete, the winners and their project cars will travel to Irwindale Speedway in California, for a side-by-side performance shoot-out, featuring professional drivers on a course designed by MotoIQ. 



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FAB101 - From the Experts at Vibrant Performance

Fab 101 is a series of guest blog posts featuring Jay Thornton, a custom fabrication expert and technical lead at Vibrant Performance. The series focuses on the tools and tricks of the trade from an industry insider's perspective. Topics covered include; terminology, tools & equipment, metallurgy and safety gear. 


Ticket-to-Ride Partner Editorial on MotoIQ

Gates Belts - Ford Mustang Perfomance Belts

For maximum reliability we chose to run acessory drive belts from Gates' new racing RPM line. All the trick cooling tricks in the world won't help you if your drive belt breaks!  Gates is an OEM supplier so all of their OEM quality control steps apply to the performance oriented RPM line as well. These include tricks in process control and SPC or statistical process control. In normal language, this means that you are getting belts built to tight tolerances, using the best materials.

Royal Purple - Ford Mustang Lubrication

Performance cars need performance oils and filters and the Ticket to Ride vehicles are no exception. We went with Royal Purple as our supplier of choice for the cars. We have had plenty of experience with Royal Purple in our own racing and time attack efforts in the days of the XS Engineering BNR32 and with advances in oil technology we expect the latest offerings from Royal Purple to be even better.

Sparco - Scion FR-S & Ford Mustang Seats

Believe it or not, having good seats with a lot of lateral support is critical for a performance machine. If you modify your suspension to generate a lot of lateral G's but have a seat with poor side bolstering, the act of staying in the seat can be quite distracting. Of course Motovicity Ticket to Ride machines have to get a seating upgrade since we are going through nearly all systems in the entire car to greatly improve handling. We are providing lateral support with the help of Sparco. 

STACK - Ford Mustang Pro-Control Gauges

Having a lot of trick parts on your car means nothing if you blow it up because you didn't know critical parameters were going out of range.  Of course we don't want that to happen to the Motovicity Ticket To Ride Mustang so we enlisted the help of Stack with a set of their Pro-Control Gauges to ensure we would not accidentally burn the house down.

Motovicity Ticket to Ride, Ford Mustang, KW Suspension KW - Ford Mustand Varient III Coilovers

As we collect parts for our Ticket To Ride 2013 Ford Mustang, our focus has turned to the suspension.  In our last segment of Ticket To Ride, we looked at some sway bars, braces, 4 link geometry correcting links and a Watts link from Whiteline to make sure that the Motivicity machine is well on its way towards world class cornering performance.

Whiteline - Ford Mustang Suspension Bits

It's time to open up the Whiteline catalog and order some suspension parts! In this edition of the Ticket to Ride Spotlight, we'll take a look at Whiteline Suspension's extensive parts listing for the Ford Mustang. 

bbk, shorty headers, ford mustang, motovicity ticket to ride BBK - Ford Mustang Tuned Shorty Headers

The most basic engine upgrade most Ford Mustang enthusiasts will target are the exhaust manifolds, as they are not only a great way to unleash some ponies from under the hood, but they can also brighten up the engine bay. For emission legal performance, you can't beat the Tuned Shorty Header offered by BBK.

MotoIQ Project BMW E36, KW Suspension, Ground Control camber plates Project BMW E36 - Suspension Overhaul Completion

The next stage of our suspension overhaul is where most of the handling magic happens. Our project 323is was purchased with 60,000 miles on it and we switched to H&R Sport springs and fresh OE shocks and struts at about 80,000 miles.  Having reached 150,000 miles, however, it was now time to replace the OE dampers again, but why go stock when you can go better?  Much better!

MotoIQ Project BMW E36, Whiteline Suspension Project BMW E36 - Suspension Overhaul Basics

The BMW 3-series has been widely accepted as one of the best handling cars for many decades.  That holds particularly true for the E36 chassis, which had some nice technological advances in suspension layout over its E30 predecessor, and could also still be considered fairly light and "tossable" by modern standards. 

Project BMW E36 - StopTech Brakes, Wheels & Tires

Next up on our Project E36 323is is giving it more grip and better braking.  Stopping distances will almost always come down the moment you put good rubber on a car, but for short and repeatable braking, you want to maximize the braking system itself, and that's where the StopTech brakes come in.

KW suspensions, project Subaru GD STi, clubsports Development of KW's New 3-way Clubsports

A few months ago we visited KW Suspensions' factory in Germany to learn about the development of  their new 3-way adjustable Clubsport coilovers.  We feel that the 3-way Clubsport is a pivotal product for KW.  It promises the flexibility in tuning of expensive elite Motorsports only shocks that are priced out of reach of most enthusiasts in a package that is 50% less than the custom uber dampers.

Project Chevrolet Camaro, whiteline, kw Improving Handling with Whiteline & KW

Some might argue with only 304 hp the V6 Camaro's engine output  should be where to start the upgrades, but we do not agree. The 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro may have been given all the underpinnings of a great sports car, but it was still designed to appeal to the general consumer and that translated to a squishy ride with lots of understeer.

TESTED: Sparco Harness and HANS

Racing is hazardous to your health.  With a helmet on, one of the most immediate dangers to your continued existence on this planet is a basilar skull fracture. So we install and test the Head and Neck Support (HANS) Device along with Sparco's HANS specific harness.

Prescription for Transmission Overheating

Without forcing you to read about our Nissan Titan's transmission woes, basically the trucks major problem is that the transmission temperatures get very high when towing going up long steep grades. To cure our transmission overheating woes, we install a PLM Titan transmission oil pan and fill it with Royal Purple.

Project GD STI - Getting it Slowed Down

The Subaru GD STI comes with pretty good brakes from the factory. This means we would have to be careful when it comes to modding them as it would be easy to worsen the performance with a poorly engineered brake upgrade. We selected Stoptech's Trophy STR big brake kit.

Building a Stainless Exhaust with Vibrant

A lot of times a pre made exhaust just wont do it.  You might want to make a big diameter turbo exhaust.  You might want to make a special exhaust for your own special requirements. In our case we wanted to build an exhaust for our SR20VE powered 92 Sentra SE-R.

Ford Mustang - Weight Transfer & Roll Steer

In the last installment, we tightened down Project Mustang 5.0's chassis with Whiteline sway bars and strut bracing, dramatically increasing its tarmac-holding capability and making the chassis much less prone to being "upset" in quick transitions such as slaloms. Now, we're going to turn to the rear suspension.

Industry Insider - KW Factory Tour

When we got a call from KW Suspension asking if we would like to visit their facilities in Germany, we felt like Charlie in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he found that golden ticket for a tour of that wonderful place.  If you don't know who or what KW is, they are the makers of some of the best suspensions available for both the tuner and the professional racing market.


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