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Justin Wilson: 1978-2015

by David Zipf

By now, you've probably heard that IndyCar driver Justin Wilson succumbed to injuries sustained in Sunday's Pocono 500.  After being hit in the helmet by a piece of debris, Wilson hung on for just over a day before finally passing away at Lehigh Valley hospital, surrounded by his family.  Less than a month after Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi succumbed to head injuries sustained in the 2014 Suzuka Grand Prix, racing has once again lost one of its own.  Today, we will remember a man who was the embodiment of a British gentleman.


Event Coverage: SuperCar Sunday Revisited

by Khiem Dinh

The original Cars & Coffee is no more. A number of replacements have popped up to fill the void, but there’s no replacing the one which started a global phenomenon. However, within the Los Angeles area, an alternative with an alter ego has happily co-existed north of the Malibu hills. We revisit SuperCar Sunday to see it if it still holds true to its unique personality.


Project 350Z- Building a New Engine Part 3

by Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project 350Z we started to assemble our VQ35DE and got the bottom end pretty much done.  Now we finish off our engine and take it to Church Automotive Testing to get our factory ECU tuned using the UpRev Osiris tuning package.


Project Audi A4 Quattro: Part 1 - Introduction

by Colin Holte

MotoIQ has had plenty of German representation on the project car front as of late, but there's one problem: it's all been BMW! Arriving from Ingolstadt in all of its bone stock glory our new project is a 2006 B7 chassis Audi A4 Quattro. In this introduction we'll share some tips on what to look for when purchasing your own A4, identify some typical problem areas, and outline our project goals.


AEM Releases Ford Coyote Engine Harness Adapter for Installing Infinity ECU on Coyote Race Engines Using the Factory Engine Harness

Industry Press Release

AEM Performance Electronics has released a "Controls Pack" style harness adapter (PN 30-3813) for Ford Coyote 5.0L race engines. The 30-3813 Coyote wiring harness connects to the Coyote's factory engine wiring harness for quick and easy installation of an Infinity-8 standalone programmable EFI unit (PN 30-7101) onto a Coyote race engine.


Dine With Ken Block And Attend The 2015 SEMA Show By Entering The All-Expense Paid ST Suspensions Wheels And Meals Contest!

Industry Press Release

ST suspensions is giving fans the opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and join legendary rally driver, Ken Block, for dinner.  The contest is open to everyone across the globe and contestants can enter through the Wheels and Meals Contest page.


Annie Sam 3 wheeling

The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling Part I: Wheels and Tires

by Mike Kojima

Here is a Flashback Friday article to the beginning of our Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling. This long running (10 parts and counting) series has everything you need to make your car handle.

Horsepower is sexy and chicks dig it, at least a lot of meatheads think that way. Making horsepower is relatively easy. A lot of competent people know how to make power, lots of it. Until drifting became the rage in this country, handling and cornering prowess was for geeks, the road racing elite and autocrossers. Handling was for dweebs that raced around cones in parking lots, or loners prowling canyon roads at night, not for cool people in the scene.


Tow Vehicle: Maintenance and 5 Star Tuning update

by Frank Ewald

Tow vehicles are workhorses to get our cars to the track and back, to allow us to run errands and haul large items around, and in my case, a home away from home. My tow vehicle is a 2000 Ford E450 24’ Triple E Recreational Vehicle. My wife and I got it in 2008 for its functionality as a camper. I have enjoyed it immensely at the track as I am able to find a relaxing spot trackside – with air conditioning (or a furnace) if the conditions warrant it – any time I need it.


Project VehiCross: Part 2 - The Lemons Budget Overhaul

by David Zipf

Scheduled.  Maintenance.  To car people, these two words usually mean a weekend under your pride and joy, with a visit or two to the parts store, getting good and greasy, and finishing up with a beer (or soda if you're a younger wrencher) as you admire your handy work, basking in the glory of a job well done.  Or...maybe sulking in the defeat of a stripped bolt head.  For everyone else however, "Scheduled Maintenance" means "Do I choose between getting overcharged at the dealership or getting ripped off at Jim-Bob's Tire, Lube, Dry Cleaning, and Horse Shoeing?"


Project Ford Fiesta ST, Getting Done-More Details 

by Mike Kojima

It takes balls to tear into a brand new car and turn it into a race car but that's exactly what the owner of our Project Fiesta did after just a short few thousand miles of street driving.  First it was the track day bug and now the car will be campaigned in our MPTCC race series in the TU class!

Our Ford Fiesta ST's conversion to a full time track car at SPD Motorsports is moving along and we are almost ready to address the motor with a bunch of parts from mountune.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail of SPD's Scott Dodgion is superb.  What is also cool is Scott's ability to do great work within a reasonable budget.  We are getting excited as our car is getting closer and closer toward it's track debut.  It will probably be one of the first racing Fiesta ST's in the country. Check it out!


Project E39 M5: Part 3 - Installing and Adjusting KW V3s

by Martin Gonzales

In this latest installment of Project E39 M5 we will be outfitting our M5 with a set of KW V3 coilovers. We will not only be giving you our usual evaluation, but will also be spending some time explaining our basic theory of basic shock adjustments. It's no secret the grand majority of the MotoIQ staff are huge proponents of KW Suspension's products. Either from personal experience in their own cars or from simply test driving one of our KW equipped project cars. I fell in the latter category. 


Watch the Mackin Industries/Turn 14 Distribution Scion FR-S Tackle Pikes Peak

Scion Racing

In 2015, we returned to the famous race along with Mackin Industries, Evasive Motorsports and GReddy Racing, enlisting Robert Walker to pilot the Mackin Scion FR-S, which has been specially rebuilt for the rigors the car was put through on such a challenging event. Enjoy the sights and sounds as the Mackin FR-S tackles the infamous Pikes Peak.  Check it out and check out the link to our story on the car inside!


No Rest For the Studious: The Story of the University of Delaware BHR14 - Part 1

by David Zipf

If you've been a longtime reader of MotoIQ, you may remember in 2011 we featured the University of Delaware's Formula SAE car.  This was a landmark car for University of Delaware, as it was UD's first FSAE car to finish every event in an SAE competition.  In 2012, we featured a coverage piece on the inaugural SAE Lincoln event.  However FSAE coverage has been notably absent since then.  It's time we fix that.


Project #YAE92 M3: Part 5 – Basic Aerodynamics

by Mike Bonanni

Now that we’ve brought you back up to speed on the Yost Autosport E92 M3 endurance race car in our last article, it’s time to start diving into details on the current version of this beast. I figured we would start with the part of any race car that is the most intriguing to me; aero. Read along as we discuss the details and thought process behind Version 1 of our endurance racing aero package.

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