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What is a Rally Driver? Part 2

What is a Rally Driver? Part 2

By Bill Wood

This is the next trait in our study of What is a Rally Driver: a healthy arrogance. Dr. Keith Johnsgard, the San Jose State psychologist who studied race drivers, found that in contrast to the general adult male population, "the novice driver has unusually high achievement needs, high exhibitionist needs and a high degree of self-sufficiency."


Formula SAE

Formula SAE:  Part 2, The Little Team That Could

By David Zipf

Last time we took you through the hand built chassis and suspension of the 2011 University of Delaware Formula SAE car.  Formula SAE is a collegiate competition for engineers where schools design and build race cars and then try to “sell” their design to a mock spec series.  The cars are raced, but they are also picked apart by industry engineers and promoted to industry investors.


Behind the Smoke - GoProalicious Dai Yoshihara Irwindale 2011 Qualify Run

By GT Channel for more car videos. GTChannel takes you Behind the Smoke with multiple GoPro angles on Daijiro Yoshihara's Discount Tire/Falken Tire S13 at the Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight.


 indianapolis speedway museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

by Eric Hsu

During my visit to the Indy 500 last year, I got the chance the day before the race to visit the museum and hall of fame. If you appreciate race cars of all ages and varieties, then the museum at Indy should definitely on your bucket list. All kinds of race cars were on display. What interested me the most was seeing how the old school (turn of the century) builders used to build 'em. Lots of pics after the jump.


Project Miatabusa part 10 tubular subframes and engine mounts oh my!

Project Miatabusa, part 10:

Tubular Subframes and Engine Mounts, Oh My!

by Dave Coleman

In July, 2010, we posted Part 2 of Project Miatabusa and proclaimed, in a very carefully worded headline, "the engine is in!" "In" was the operative word. Not "installed", or "mounted" or anything nearly as accomplished as that. In fact, we had kinda faked it, hacking away with a plasma cutter to see just what the engine wasn't going to get along with. Now, finally, the engine is actually mounted.


Dai Does It!- Formula Drift Round 7 Toyota Speedway

Dai Does It!- Formula Drift Round 7 at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, CA

By Justin Banner

How do you end a great season? Formula Drift has the answer at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale! Read now to witness this amazing story to a nail biting ending!  Dai Yoshihara wins the 2011 Formula D championship in a perfect storm of mathematics and Tyler McQuarrie says goodbye to Team Falken with a bang!


‪Behind the Smoke Ep 26: Pre-Irwindale Team Interview‬ - Daijiro Yoshihara Formula Drift 2011 Season

By GT Channel for more car videos. Daijiro and crew mates sit down at SPD Metalworks for an interview a few days before the final fight. Behind the Smoke gives a look into the real life of professional Formula Drift driver, Daijiro Yoshihara. GTChannel's cameras will follow Dai throughout the 2011 FD season both on and off the track giving current and new drifting fans an exclusive look into what it's really like to compete in the top drifting series of N.America.


Project Nissan 350Z Part 2 - Installing KW Clubsport Suspension and Whiteline Sway Bars

 By Mike Kojima

When we last left off with our Project 350Z we had installed a WPC treated Nismo LSD, an ACT clutch and lightweight flywheel.  Since the purpose of our build is to create an all around fun and practice car for our friend Sera who is a professional stunt driver our next focus is going to be on the suspension.  Sera uses her Z to practice her stunt driving which includes everything from drifting to NASA HPDE’s.  Thus her car has to be adjustable and not too specialized for either drift or grip driving.


 radium auto fuel surge tank

Radium Engineering - Fuel Surge Tanks (FST)

Industry Press Release

Radium's new line of fuel surge tanks ensure engines receive a steady supply of fuel under all conditions. Multiple configurations allow builders to choose which is best for their application. Perfect for road race, drag, drift, and all other high powered vehicles. Details and pictures after the jump.


ALMS Petit Le Mans Road Atlanta

ALMS - 14th Annual Petit Le Mans Recap

by Jonathan Donner  -  Photos by  Luke Belverd

Petit Le Mans is the crowning jewel and season finale for the American Le Mans Series in the United States, it is held at the Road Atlanta circuit in Braselton, Georgia. Road Atlanta is a landmark course that has been open since September 1970.  The 2.534 mile course is a roller coaster of elevation changes with 12 challenging turns. 


How to Build a Stainless Exhaust with Vibrant Performance

How to Build a Stainless Exhaust with Vibrant Performance

By Mike Kojima

A lot of times a pre made exhaust just wont do it.  You might have a car that no one makes an exhaust for.  You might want to make a big diameter turbo exhaust for a car that never came turbocharged.  You might want to make a special exhaust for your own special requirements.


WRC 2011: Act I, Rally France

WRC 2011: Act I, Rally France

By Bill Wood

When all the dust, mud, snow and hard feelings settle after the 2011 World Rally Championship season you may look back on last weekend in France where the series' history started changing. Let's say Rally France was the first in a three act play that will define the 2011 World Rally Champion.


Costa Gialamas

Crew Chief Profiles: Costa Gialamas

By Justin Banner

Another new Feature Article for the guys behind the scenes! Crew Chief Profiles will take a look at the guys who put the cars together, run after run. First up, the man behind the Team Need for Speed/Team Nitto driver, Matt Powers, Costa Gialamas of Gialamas Technical Innovations (GTI), LLC! Read what makes him the Crew Chief to watch for 2012!


Project S2000 - Track Testing Revised KW Clubsports and Earl’s Oil Cooler

By Khiem Dinh

The last track outing for the S2000 showed a few deficiencies still existed in the setup.  The most problematic from a reliability standpoint was the scorching oil temperature.  From a speed standpoint, the car was still very loose (last track update).  Going back to the beginning of the project, you'll remember that we switched the tire sizing from a stock staggered setup (215 widths up front, 245 on the rear) to an even, or non-staggered, setup utilizing 245 width tires front and rear (Part I).


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