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Project EVO IX Part 8: Tuning for AEM Water Injection

Project EVO IX Part 8: Tuning for AEM Water Injection

By Mike Kojima

When we last left our project we had just installed some Cosworth M2 cams and had tuned around that with excellent results.  Some time ago we had installed an AEM water injection system and warning monitor system and had been running the water, mostly just for thermal control when running hard.  We knew to get best results we would have to tune our ECU to take advantage of the detonation suppression capabilities of water and to nullify the water's quenching properties which reduce power. 


Billy Johnson to Compete in 2011 One Lap of America

The Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Motor Trend is proud to announce the entry of ROUSH Performance for the 2011 One Lap of America. ROUSH Performance will be entering two production 2012 Roush vehicles in this year’s competition. The 2011 event is the 28th edition of Brock Yates’ cross country challenge for driving enthusiasts.

Roush has also announced a stellar driver lineup of Jack Roush Jr. and Billy Johnson who, most recently, have been competing in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, posting top five finishes in every race bar one.


37th grand prix of long beach race coverage

37th Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

By Martin Gonzales

Being based in Southern California we are lucky to have the opportunity to cover a wide variety of motorsports events and the 37th Grand Prix of Long Beach is one that is at the top of our lists, as it has something for almost every race fan's taste.  Not to mention that unless you have ESPN "the Ocho" you probably didn't see or hear about the race, so I'm sure you will all enjoy a little race coverage. 


How I Became Addicted to Motorsports

By Vince Illi

When I purchased a new Mustang 5.0 about a month ago, my plan was to participate in motorsports that required more than accelerating in a straight line for a quarter mile.  Recently, I began my quest by participating in an autocross event organized by a local club.


AQ Motorsports STI Getting the GTX Upgrade

By Khiem Dinh, photos by JC Meynet

Heading into this year's racing season, JC Meynet needed more power than his trusty two year old Garrett GT3582 could provide.  What was the answer?  A GTX3582 of course!  There are a few reasons why the GTX upgrade made a lot of sense, but most importantly it had to deliver on the power.  To find out the reasons, keep on reading.


Project Toyota Tundra- Installing the TRD Supercharger Part 1

Project Toyota Tundra- Installing the TRD Supercharger Part 1

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off on Project Tundra we had installed a TRD cold air intake and TRD exhaust system.  We were enjoying the high quality, warranty friendliness and smog legalness of our TRD factory engineered performance parts.  However being how we are we still wanted more.  In our search for the ultimate tow and work vehicle, we obtained one of TRD's awesome supercharger kits.


Motegi Racing's Killer AE86 Corolla GTS

Motegi Racing's Killer AE86 Corolla GTS

By Mike Kojima

The Iconic Toyota Corolla AE86 is one of our all time favorite cars.  The last of the RWD econoboxes, the AE86 had timeless styling which still looks good today 26 years after it was first created.  The rare GTS variant had the then radical 4AG engine which had an unheard of for its time, 4 valves per cylinder and dual overhead cams with a 7500 rpm redline.  Its 1600cc's pumped out 114 hp at a time when your typical econo car revved to around 6000 rpm and put out 80 something hp.


Redline Track Events & MPTCC Round 2 - Firebird Raceway

by Laura Heng

Redline Track Events made its way down to Firebird International Raceway for Round 2 of the Circuit Battles, Pro Time Attack, MotoIQ MPTCC, and Lotus Cup Races.


Low Cost and Effective Head Work

Low Cost, Effective Headwork!

By Mike Kojima

My race in the inaugural MPTCC race ended with a bang in the practice before qualifying as my SR20VE decided not to cooperate in a big way.  Tearing down my engine afterward I found that one of the exhaust valves had lost its head.  Fortunately the valve head did not bounce around in the combustion chamber and cause more damage, probably because I had shut the engine off and pushed in the clutch the second I felt the power fall off.


Formula D 2011: Round 1 - Long Beach

By Jeff Naeyaert

The 2011 Formula D season got off to an exciting start this weekend at Long Beach and had no shortage of surprises! Let's see, since last season we've seen Tanner Foust take an indefinite break from the sport only to be replaced by Fredric Aasbo in an all new Scion TC. We've seen a bunch of rule changes that have kept our Mike Kojima away from the office and frantically working on Dai's car the last couple weeks to get into compliance. John Russakoff (who you may remember did so well at Gymkhana in his AE86) signed with Megan Racing and now has his AE86 painted that lovely pink and orange.. Pat Mordaunt finished (kinda) his new 350Z, Matt Powers lost his religion and went V8, and we saw all the guys that ran convertibles last season go hardtop--Chris Forsberg getting into a new 370Z while Darren McNamara and Tyler McQuarrie just added hardtops to their Saturn Sky and 350Z respectively.


Project EJ Honda Civic

By Chuck Johnson

You're probably wondering what this busted ass Honda Civic is doing on the virtual pages of MotoIQ. I mean, it's far from the flawless presentation of MotoIQ's usual project cars and lacks the engineering luster to be excusable like Coleman's innovative crap cans. Instead, this Civic's clear coat is peeling off and almost every panel has some kind of battle wound on it… but every gear head has a story about the car that was their first love.


 Hope for Japan - Relief for Tsunami & Earthquake victims

Hey guys, please take a minute to watch this short clip the drivers in Formula D put together to show support for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami last month in Japan.  Find out how you can help by purchasing stickers, tshirts or just donating money.


Project Hyper-Miler Part 1: Introduction

By Steve Rockwood

Let's face it: the days of cheap fuel are over.  Whether you want to blame Wall Street, the government, democratic demonstrations in the Middle East, OPEC, hippies, China, or the soccer mom next door; the fact remains that if your buddy tosses you a five spot for gas money, you're more likely to punch him in the face than thank him.  And everyone understands a punch in the face.



Ask Sarah:  Hi-po Eclectic Pistons

By Sarah Forst

I was at a car meet and overheard someone talking about hi-po eclectic pistons or something like that.  I didn't want to ask him about them because everyone else seemed to understand what he meant.  Are these high performance pistons?  How are they different from regular pistons?
- Jassen


Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at

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