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hankook wtac video

Hankook World Time Attack Challenge Video

by Eric Hsu

Here's a video that Hankook released just days before WTAC 2012. It's a recap of the World Time Attack Challenge 2011 from the Hankook point of view. If you're a WTAC or Hankook Ventus TD fan (great tires), then check this out.


Global Time Attack New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightening Raceway

Global Time Attack - Round 4 - New Jersey Motorsports Park

By Wes Dumalski  

Round 4 of the Global Time Attack series hit the Jersey Shore this past weekend to lay down some lap times and settle some friendly wagers. And while the coverage is normally about times and analytics I'd like to point out to those that have never attended a GTA event, it is about much more than that...

Hanging out and meeting Fellow Dorks.  


Nerd's Eye View:  Ducati 1199 Panigale

by Khiem Dinh

I love sport bikes.  Why?  They are pretty much the only track-ready vehicle you can buy straight off the showroom floor.  They come with fully adjustable suspension, sticky tires, lightweight this, titanium that…  you get the picture.  Sure, you can buy some very high performance cars, but the only one that I can think of that's street-legal and truly a track-ready vehicle is the 2008-2010 Dodge Viper ACR (which happens to come with fully adjustable KW Suspension, Brembo brake calipers and StopTech brake rotors).  Back to the subject at hand, this is Ducati 1199 Panigale a friend brought over.  Being an engineer, I like to geek out over stuff, especially high-end Italian machinery.  Keep in mind this is just the base model Panigale (which retails for about $17.5K), but Ducati is to motorcycles what Ferrari is to cars; I wouldn't kick out a base model Ferrari 458 from my driveway.  If you want to know the specs on the bike, you can do an internet search.  I'm just here to point out stuff I thought was cool.  So on with the close-up through the eyes of a nerd.


Rotary madness, motoiq

Rotary Radness, Mazdatrix's 13B REW/MSP Hybrid!

By Mike Kojima

So far we have not focused too much attention on the Mazda Rotary engine on the pages of MotoIQ.  This is not because we haven't wanted to but because no one on our staff has much expertise on the engine except for Eric and he has been pretty busy lately doing other things in the world of internal combustion besides messing on rotaries.


999 Motorsports Supersport Dyno Report

The 999 Motorsports Supersport Dyno Report

Industry Press Release

A couple months ago we did a full review of the 999 Motorsports Supersport and I'm sure our tech heads here would love to see the dyno charts from their engine development.  The 999 Motorsports team ran the car on Road Race Engineering's Dynapack chassis dyno.  Come take a look at the results!


University of Washington SAE

Event Coverage: Formula SAE Lincoln

By David Zipf

Photos by David Zipf & Luisa Sawyer 

Last year we showed you what goes into a basic Formula SAE car (courtesy of the University of Delaware). At the time, a number of readers asked why there was no coverage of the actual competitions. Well I had planned to do so, but unfortunately I had my head so buried under that car that I never actually got around to seeing most of the events. This year I made a point of going to as much as I could to try and cover some of what goes on.


MPTCC Fontana

MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Round 2 - Auto Club Speedway

By Justin Banner

Based on what we know at Round 1 from Buttonwillow Raceway, the MPTCC Cars are fast! Now we enter Round 2 at one of the fastest circuits in the MPTCC, Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Will the slower series cars get in the way again or will the MPTCC Competitors be too fast for them this time?


project honda civic si

Project Civic SI Hondata Flashpro

By Aaron LaBeau

I'm basically starting over with this Honda project discovering which sites keep the opinion at a minimum and can engage in thoughtful discussion about automotive aftermarket performance.  I've seen bench-racing posts, YouTube video's with Civic SI's winning or losing street races and lots of seat of the pants testing.  Who's got the most accurate butt dyno?


Project Miatabusa - Death Rattle Noise!

Project Miatabusa part 16: What's That Noise? 

by Dave Coleman

There's a complicated string of excuses explaining why you haven't heard from this project in a while. They involve lots of things that have nothing to do with Miatabusas, like buying 90-year old homes, filming zombie movies and machining medical devices, but there was one car-related issue that contributed to this big delay: a horrible, horrible noise.


team america gtr

Team America World Time Attack - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 8

By Eric Hsu

Mike did a great job covering the build while I was unable to write because I was busy managing the car, team, and build and actually working on the car itself. From part 8 and on, I'll be taking over Beyond the Dyno once again. The car is on the slow boat to Australia, but for now I'll cover some of the things the team and I were doing at Cosworth.


Mercedes benz museum

NERDS ABROAD Germany 2012 - Mercedes Benz Museum

By Martin Gonzales

Your tactical squad of car nerds has been in Germany for the past week taking in the sites and sounds of what is truly a car-nerd's paradise.  Any self proclaimed gear-head must add this country to their bucket list of things to do.  Why?  Well, in the coming weeks we will take you on a virtual trip that will undoubtely answer that question.  What better place to start than the birth place of self propelled transportation - Mercedes Benz.


Tested: Trackmaster by Trackaroo

By Vince Illi 

Data acquisition is a great way to become a better and faster driver. It lets you know what and where you need to improve and can help you determine exactly what the benefits and drawbacks of tuning are. That’s why professional race teams spend thousands of dollars on high-end data acquisition equipment. Amateurs have access to less-expensive data acquisition equipment, but a budget racer might have to choose between a set of track tires or a data logging box.


Driver Blog: Duncan Ende - Lime Rock Park 

By Duncan Ende

On the podium at Lime Rock! Every year, the American Le Mans Series goes on hiatus during late spring.  The break gives participating teams a chance to get their cars over to France for the 24 hours of Le Mans and back without missing any races for their trouble.



Formula Drift Round 5 - Evergreen Speedway

Formula Drift Round 5 – Evergreen Speedway

By Justin Banner
We’re now down to the final 3 events for the 2012 Formula Drift Season. Evergreen Speedway presents some of the most beautiful scenery in Formula Drift, with Evergreen Trees lining the hills, fast cars on the track, and tire smoke in the air. It makes for an intoxicating concoction of sensory overload! Hope we can all cope with it.


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