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Happy July 4th From All of Us at MotoIQ

To celebrate our countrys independence we are going to do things our way, doing it big!  Happy Birthday USA!  Have a fun and safe holiday.  From Team MotoIQ F--- Ya!


Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 4

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off Costa Gialamas and his crew were pounding away to get Matt's car done by the Formula D season opener at Long Beach.  Due to some last minute delays in getting sponsorship dollars in place the work to construct the car had gotten a late start leaving the GTI Technical Innovations crew little time to build a complete car.  It was a huge challenge to get a sophisticated competition car built in just a few weeks but Costa and the gang buckled down and dug in.  Here is part 4 of the build.


Team America World Time Attack - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 7

By Mike Kojima and Eric Hsu

The clock is tearing itself through the calendar and there is only a week left before Team America's ARK Design BNR32 is scheduled to be loaded into a shipping container bound for Australia.  Eric and the crew are determined to make it but personally I have my doubts.  I have never seen a car this complex be built in such a short time for such a low budget. 


Tech House and Speed by Bill Wood: Episode 125

Tech House and Speed: Episode 125 - Guests Include: Memo Rojas, Peter Baron, Vaughn Gittin, Monster Tajima & Tanner Foust

By Bill Wood

 We tour the world of sports cars this week on Tech House & Speed. We have the winner from last weekend's Grand Am round at Road America. We talk with the team owner who took the LMP2 title at Le Mans. There's the Formula Drift winner from Wall, New Jersey last weekend. And finally we have the European Rallycross winner from Norway and the King of the Mountain from Pikes Peak. It's a Monster show this week!


hooker headers, ls swap, holley

Hooker Headers Nissan S Chassis LS Swap Headers and Motor Mounts

By Mike Kojima

Hooker Headers has been a name that has been long associated with good old Detroit iron.  Lately it seems that Hooker has noticed the trend of blending American muscle with Japanese chassis, especially the popular swap of putting an LS engine in the Nissan S chassis.


VIDEO: "All Or Nothing" - Formula Drift 

Filmed by Zak Kerbelis & Abbitt WIlkerson 

The glitz and glamour of drifting professionally is not actually what it appears. It takes many years of hard work and endless dedication from the drivers, their family, and friends. They sacrifice everything they have in order to drift. 1KIND proudly presents another side of drifting in Formula D to show you their humble beginnings and the efforts to keep doing what they love.


Improving a Pony Car's Handling - Part 1: Suspension Adjustability on a Budget

By Vince Illi

Apparently I’m weird. (I just told you something you didn’t already know, right?) MotoIQ people think I’m nuts for driving a domestic vehicle with too many cylinders under the hood. Fellow Mustang owners think I’m nuts for racing my car around corners. Road Racers think I’m nuts for dodging cones in parking lots and calling it “autocross” instead of a “driver’s license exam.”


24 Hours of LeMons Project Frankenmiata Miata Coolant RerouteProject Frankenmiata - The Ultimate Coolant Re-Route

by Dave Coleman

Our Frankenmiata makes almost double the stock power output, and can endurance race in 100+ degree weather with the coolant temp staying under 200 degrees. In more civilized weather, it often stays below 180. There's some magic in our cooling system that I'm going to reveal now for the first time. Of course, this is the first time because I've been too lazy to do it before, not because it's some big secret. Still, it sounds more impactful when I use that "first time" line, doesn't it?


VirtualGT Racing Simulator Test Drive

By Khiem Dinh

Our MotoIQ resident stunt driver extraordinaire Sera sent me a text message, "Wanna drive a bitchin racing simulator at Barrett Jackson this weekend?"  Um, YES!  She put me in touch with Ian Alexander of VirtualGT.  Ian was a driving instructor at the famous DirtFish Rally School and started racing cars about ten years ago.  Virtual-E Corporation who makes the VirtualGT simulator brought Ian onboard to help market the product.  So off I went to Barrett Jackson to meet up with Ian and VirtualGT creator Paul Stary.


Formula Drift Round 4 - Wall Speedway

By Justin Banner
Welcome to the wrecking yard! This is Wall Township Speedway in Wall Township, New Jersey. This is where the cars and stars of Formula Drift come to fight their way to the 2012 Formula Drift Championship. Who could climb the wall figuratively and literally? Who would come away without a scratch? The Wall will show its intents; the Wall will show no mercy!


Behind the Smoke 2 - Ep 9 The Resurrection Palm Beach - Dai Yoshihara 2012

By GT Channel for more car videos. A rough start would be an understatement as team and Dai had to hustle through to make top 16. Now that he's in the show, all that's left is kicking some ass. Top 16 battle is against his friend, Robbie Nishida in his new SC400. How high can he climb the bracket and close the gap between Justin Pawlak and Daigo Saito at FD Round 3 Palm Beach? Check it out!


Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 5: Dual Sport Adventure Bike Day Trips


Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 5: Dual Sport Adventure Bike Day Trips

by Dan Barnes

The Husky has been getting more miles on it and has received a little love to make day trips safer, more comfortable and more convenient. A fresh battery, a new and improved seat and just a little bit of carrying capacity make the bike all-day capable, as long as there's gas in it. 


Project IS-F Part 5: Sikky Manufacturing Rear Sway Bar, Figs Engineering Adjustable Lower Arms and Toe Links, Project Mu Brake Rotors and Pads

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off, we had just installed KW Variant 3 coilovers on our car with some superlight Volk G2 wheels and sticky Nitto NT05 tires.  The wheels had a pretty awesome fitment filling the wheelwells nicely without being too radical for fully practical everyday driving.  Now it was time to finish setting up the chassis.  We wanted to make the car capable of doing some track work without sacrificing ride comfort, daily driveability or tire life.


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