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Project Aprilia SR50

100 MPG Madness, Project Aprilia SR50- Brakes, Bling and Suspension

By Mike Kojima

In the last edition of Project Aprillia SR50, we had upgraded our little 50cc high tech scooter from an in-town runabout to a serious 60 mph capable commuter capable of handling rides on the fastest crowded main streets and parkways without cowering in the slow lane. Now to build a balanced bike, since we upped the speed and acceleration, it was time to address the brakes and suspension.  The SR50 is blessed with some excellent Grimeca hydraulic disc brakes from the factory but we set out to improve them.

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Project Miatabusa Part 2 the engine is in!

Project Miatabusa, Part 2: The Engine Is IN!

By Dave Coleman

Holy crap, this is gonna work!

Wanna see this abomination in person? We're dragging it to the MX-5 Miatafest at Mazda R&D in Irvine, CA this July 17. Cliky the linkey for more info:





iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO

by Eric Hsu

For those of you who know those hipster, college grad, fixed gear bike riding, low carb beer drinking, ipad owning (or wanting), iphone loving, Apple can do absolutely no wrong type people and know how these types vehemently defend Apple and the iphone versus the PC and Android phones, you will absolutely love this.



Good Bye Richey Watanabe 6/30/2010

Goodbye Richey

We are writing the thing we had hoped we would never have to write. Our good friend Richey Watanabe passed away peacefully this morning after a long fight with Pancreatic cancer. Richey was Technosquare's ace fabricator, a man of metal, and he had a hand in most of MotoIQ's projects and editors personal cars, building everything from cages and brackets to complete cars.


Rhys Millen's Hyundai Genesis PM580 Pikes Peak Hill climb car

Skyscraper, A Technical Look Inside Rhys Millen's Hyundai Genesis PM580 Pikes Peak Open Class Slate Cleaner

By Mike Kojima, Photos and video by Jeff Naeyaert

We had heard rumors that Rhys Millen was working with Hyundai and Red Bull to build something fantastic, an unlimited class supercar for Pikes Peak.  Since we are on the Formula D Circuit with Rhys, we asked him what was up and he invited us to his shop for a closer look and to go testing with his team as he rolled the car out for the first time at El Toro.

Video inside!


Williams FW08C F1 Car - Repairs

by Eric Hsu

Tool Racing has their 1983 Williams FW08C-07 F1 car taken apart for fuel system repairs which means that half the car is taken apart. I really dig old race cars; especially ones with a winning history. Check out the pics inside for details.


Stoptech 350Z Brake Upgrade

Stoptech's Nissan 350Z Bombproof Brake Upgrade

By Mike Kojima

Team Falken Drift Ace Dai Yoshihara is currently developing a Nissan 350Z roadster for competition in Time Attack street classes.  Unfortunately the 350Z roaster did not come with Nissan's excellent performing Brembo track package brakes.  In the cars maiden outing at the Buttonwillow Superlap Battle, the car was hampered with multiple problems with the brake system on the car.  The car had been fitted with an aftermarket prototype performance brake system for the SEMA show.  The car was plagued by cracking rotors, fade, long pedal and the rotors separating from the hat section...


Rays Forging Process making a Volk TE37

Industry Insider: A Look at the Technology Behind RAYS Wheels

By Mike Kojima

It's no secret that the staff of MotoIQ is really into Rays Volk brand of wheels. You will find Volks on nearly all of our racing projects and most of our personal street cars. No, it's not because we get an endless supply of sponsored Volks, we pay for our own. It's not because we are fans of the styling either although we do like it. It's not because we are fashion snobs that want the latest high status wheels on our cars either. In typical MotoIQ fashion, we really value function over form. We like Volks due to their performance.


Project 200SX - Overhauling the suspension...

By Wes Dumalski

We're not going to lie, our old Ground Control and KYB AGX combo might have been good back in the day, but after too much autocross and track time it was showing its years. The time has come to replace it with something worthwhile, the big question we had was what do we replace it with?

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Project Ducati Hypermotard

Project Ducati Hypermotard Part 2

By Jeff Naeyaert

To give our Ducati Hypermotard more power, we had AMS Performance once again help us out with the mechanical aspects by installing a set of Ducati Performance cams.  Since the Engine uses Ducati's famous Desmodromic valve control system where one cam lobe opens the valves and another closes them, cam design is very difficult, beyond what the aftermarket can typically come up with.  Due to the complexity of the valvetrain we made the easy decision to stick with factory engineered parts.

To read part one click here!


1987 Cosworth F1 GBA 1200+bhp 1.5L V-6 Engine

by Eric Hsu

Take an in depth look at one of the most powerful engines from the 1980's Formula 1 turbo era.

N1 Concepts S2000

J's Racing/N1 Concepts Time Attack Honda S2000

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

N1 Concept's striking S2000 Time Attack car has caught our attention at this years Redline Time Attack events with both its speed and sharp looks. N1 Concepts is a Northern California tuner and purveyor of rare JDM parts. N1 purchased the car in the fall of 2008 from renowned Honda tuner J's Racing and set about converting it to US Time Attack configuration for Super Lap Battle's Unlimited RWD and Redline Time Attack's Super Modified RWD class.


Oil Pump Blueprinting

By Martin Gonzales and Mike Kojima

What is as important to your engine's health as your heart is to your own body?  If you guessed the oil pump then you are absolutely correct!  Like your heart, your oil pump circulates the engine's life blood, oil, around to critical components like your engine's bearings and valvetrain.  These parts like parts of your own body would only last seconds without a continual supply of pressurized oil.


MotoIQ Project S2000

Project S2000: Part 2 - Suspension Tricks

By Khiem Dinh, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

We chose our S2000 as a project car for its handling prowess.  With multilink suspension and a 50/50 weight distribution, the S2K has all the right stuff to carve corners with. AP2 S2K's like our car have revised rear toe link pick up locations so they don't exhibit the twitchy at the limit cornering issues that the older AP1 chassis has.  What's good can always be made better so we decided to spend our efforts in improving our car's suspension in the next round of mods.

To read the rest on Project S2000 click here!


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