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corner weighting

The Hows and Whys of Battery Relocation

By Mike Kojima

Many suspension experts have touted the value of relocating the cars battery in an effort to improve weight distribution of the chassis.  Many experts claim that battery relocation is the cheapest and most efficient way to make the biggest change in chassis balance.


Garrett GTX Turbo Tech

An Inside Look at the New Garrett GTX Turbochargers

By Mike Kojima

One of the current rages in the turbocharger aftermarket is the billet compressor wheel.  The traditional compressor wheel for most turbochargers is made of cast aluminum.  Cast aluminum is a reasonably good material to make a complex part as a compressor wheel out of economically in large scale production.  However, cast aluminum is not as strong and does not have as good mechanical properties as billet aluminum.


Project Sipster safer sipster making it handle

Project Sipster Part 5 - Safer Sipster

By Dave Coleman

We are not the manly men that inhabited the earth back in 1981, fearlessly cruising the streets without airbags, side impact beams or any hint of structural integrity; in all honesty, driving around in this little box kinda scares us. Since making an old car actually crashworthy is beyond even our powers of exaggeration, we're avoiding the whole crashworthiness issue by making the car easier not to crash. Handling and good brakes are our airbags.


AQ Motorpsorts Subaru

Time Bandit: JC Meynet's All Conquering 2006 Subaru STI

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Would you be interested in a low mileage Subaru only driven on a few weekends a year by a Grandfather?  Probably not unless it was this one.  JC Meynet First bought the STI in 2006 because he wanted a practical 4-Door sporty car to drive his grandkids around in.  The STI stayed stock for 30,000 miles and a year until, JC a former motocross racer tried his hand at autocross and Redline Time Attack in Street class.  It was then the bug of speed bit and the car began its transformation into the Redline Time Attack Modified/ Super Lap Battle AWD Limited and NASA TTU class monster you see here.


Revspeed Super Battle Time Attack 2010 - Tsukuba Japan

by Eric Hsu

This isn't full event coverage, but just some info on a few of the cars present at Revspeed's Super Battle Time Attack. The Garage Revolution FD almost beats the HKS EVO's time at Tsukuba. Some pictures and videos inside.


Basic Aerodynamics Part One: What is Aerodynamics?

Basic Aerodynamics: Part One - What is Aerodynamics?

By Mike Kojima

Aerodynamics is the final frontier of tuning for production car tweakers.  In years past many hours were spent messing around with engines, then suspension and brakes.  Finally the tuning of drivetrains was perfected. All was good for a few years.  About the only attention that anyone paid to aerodynamics was to perhaps purchase and install “Aero” kits ranging from hideous “Combat Style” to more tasteful JDM stuff from companies like C-West and Varis.


Project Honda S2000

Project S2000, Stiffening the Chassis

By Khiem Dinh

As with anything, a strong foundation is the key to success.  For a good handling car, that means a super rigid chassis.  The S2000 is blessed with a very stiff chassis from the factory, but when you chop the top off of any car it will be less stiff compared to a car with a roof.  The S2000 doesn’t have the bad cowl shake that is the tell-tale sign of a not-so-stiff convertible chassis, but there are a few creaks from the soft top roof as the chassis flexes.



Project Garage, Part IV: Getting Organized

By Sarah Forst

Finding time to work on your car projects is much easier if your garage is organized and efficient.  Let's see how to find space for everything we need.


electrical basics

Electrical Basics and Automotive Grounding Systems

By Vince Illi (AKA Dusty_Duster)

I’m weird.  You see, most car guys don’t like electrical work.  In fact, most loathe it.  (A friend of mine once told me he’d rather replace a head gasket than crimp four wires together.)  But me, I like electrical work.  I would rather rewire an entire dashboard than remove an intake manifold.



NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill with BMC Tool Racing, Part 1

by Eric Hsu

Part 1 of BMC Tool Racing's story to get to the 2010 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Inside are images of parts of the cars including some new aero, new coolng system, and of course a turbocharged Cosworth/Mazda engine. 400+bhp in a sub 1500lb car? Hell yeah! The only catch is that it has to last for 25 hours...

Ken Block

Block Buster, Inside Ken Block's Monster Gymkhana Killer

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Not one to bring a knife to a gunfight, Ken Block has the ultimate weapon to bring to the show, his Ford Fiesta rallycross car.  This car is a marvel of technology with a multitude of state of the art systems.  It's something for the car nerd to drool over, drool for a long time. 


Gymkhana grid vaughn gitten jr

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid - Invitational at Toyota Speedway (new more pictures!)

By Laura Heng, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

With Formula D, Redline Time Attack, and SuperLap Battle all on winter break what is a racer to do during the downtime?  Thankfully actions sports superstar Ken Block has cooked up a brand new form of motorsport that is a hybrid of drifting, autocross, stunt driving, and a little bit of drag racing.  Ken Block put his own stamp on gymkhana and unleashed some of the world’s best drivers and machines on the Irwindale tarmac to show the rest of the world what US based gymkhana is all about.


The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling: Part VI, Adding Negative Camber

By Mike Kojima

In the first 5 parts of this series you learned some basic steps to improving your car’s handling. The first four steps involved the use of basic performance suspension parts available for most cars, the parts that most people with an interest in handling obtain.  Been there, done that?  Then it's time to head for more advanced suspension tuning, involving the alignment, chassis stiffness and suspension geometry.


Annie Sam's Project Racer

Project Racer- Back to the Track with NASA

By Annie Sam

Of all of the various sanctioning bodies I have run with, I feel that NASA has the best program for the beginner driver by far.  NASA’s HDPE or High Performance Driving Event program can take a driver safely from a raw beginner to an experienced track driver ready for driving school and wheel to wheel racing.

Follow Annie's travels in the world of Motorsports here!


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