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Go fast Bits G-Force boost controller!

By Wes Dumalski

Our mates overseas at Go Fast Bits have been hard at work perfecting a new feature packed boost controller called the G-Force that has hit our shores! This cutting edge unit has all the bells and whistles any boost junkie could ask for. We recently put the G-Force through it's paces on Project 200SX in an effort to share our feedback with Go Fast Bits themselves..... Here are our impressions of the unit they sent us.


Berk Technology's BMW 135i Time Attack Demonstrator

Text and photos by Jeff Naeyaert

When Berk Technology set out to build a time attack car, their intent was not to build some sort of exotic open class killer; it was more to build a rolling test bed for their exhaust products and something that their high performance street customers could relate to.  Thus it was decided that their efforts would evolve around building a car to compete in Redline Time Attack's Rear Wheel Drive Street Class.  Street Class is something that Berk's customer base could identify with and would be a more powerful marketing statement.


Project Tundra Part 3, Making Life Better with 3M Crystalline Window Tint and Protective Film

Project Tundra Part 3, Making Life Better with 3M Crystalline Window Tint and Protective Films 

By Mike Kojima

We spend a lot of time in Project Tundra and if we can do a few things to it to make our life a little easier it is all a good thing.  All of our race tracks in Southern California are in hot areas and most of them are in the desert. This means that we are constantly fighting heat, blowing sand, debris and other severe environmental conditions. To help keep Project Tundra's interior cooler and to protect our paint, lights and trim from abrasion and pitting during road trips, we called upon the folks at 3M for help with some of their advanced film technology.

To read more about Project Tundra, Click Here!


VIDEO: Whiteline Adjustable Swaybars Explained

Whiteline has put together a short video discussing their adjustable swaybars and sizing.  Check it out!


Braille Altima Hybrid

INDUSTRY NEWS: Braille Battery Altima Hybrid at Sebring Time Attack

The August Redline Time Attack event wrote a new chapter in the Time Attack history books.  Not only was it the first time Redline Time Attack visited the historic Sebring International Raceway, but fans also witnessed the first production based Hybrid racecar compete in Time Attack.


Skunk2 Black Series Cam Gear Release

NEW PRODUCT: 2 New Product Offerings from Whiteline Automotive

Whiteline is pleased to announce two new products:  adjustable rear control arms for the Mitsubishi Evolution 10 and an anti-lift/caster kit for any MY08+ WRX or STi. MORE


Project Miatabusa attack of the weight weenie

Project Miatabusa Part 3 - Attack of the Weight Weenie!

by Dave Coleman

Our Miata's stock 1.8-liter weighed 296 pounds. The Hayabusa engine, without gearbox or header, weighed 135 pounds. So it looks like we should have 161 pounds shaved right off the bat. But on top of that, we've managed to save another 73 pounds just by discarding the parts of the car that are really only required by the kinds of people who wouldn't put a Hayabusa engine in their Miata in the first place.


A Look Inside Tanner Foust's Rockstar Scion Formula D Drift Machine

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

The Rockstar/Scion TC built by Papadakis Racing and driven by Tanner Foust is one of the most feared machine/driver combinations on the Formula D circuit. Tanner is currently sitting in Second in the 2010 Formula D points chase in a good position for the championship.


AEM ETI intake test

AEM ETI Technology Enhances Cold Air Intake Performance

By Mike Kojima

If you have been in the game of modifying cars for 10 years or so and got your start modding compact cars, you probably remember the good old days when adding a cold air intake was probably the first or second engine mod you did to your car.  In those days a really well designed intake could add as much as 10 or more whp to your car's output and even the most basic poorly designed ebay intake usually added at least a few dyno verifiable horsepower.  A cold air intake was considered to be a good bang for the buck modification and thousands were sold.  Even the most mechanically inept were usually able to install an intake with a few simple hand tools.


Stainless tubular manifold

Project Nissan Sentra SE-R: Fmax Manifold

By Aaron LaBeau

In this third part of our series, we travel down to F-Max Fabrication in San Diego, CA for our turbo manifold buildup. Jhame Peters, owner and fabricator, was ready to take the SR20DE to a new level. His turbo manifolds for Toyota, Honda, Lexus and Nissan engines have proven to make high hp numbers and give incredible reliability. Still, we wanted something better than what was currently available and, at the time, we were willing to sacrifice durability to get better flow from an exhaust manifold. As it turned out, we got a lot more than we were asking for.

To read the series click here!


VIDEO: Climb - Pikes Peak Hill Climb with a Monster

Another video by our buddy Skylar Smith.  This one was cool because we were there and it shows all of the stuff we didn't get to see.  We were camped out by the starting line so that we could do a tech feature on Nobuhiro Tajima's Monster Suzuki hill climb special.  More inside...

Read about the Monster here!


Project Honda S2000

Project S2000 Part 4- Taking it to the Track!

By Khiem Dinh

The Honda S2000 is one of our all time favorite cars.  In stock trim, it is also pretty capable.  With its 50/50 weight distribution and low polar moment of inertia and sophisticated multilink suspension, the S2000 is pretty darned good out of the box.  So good that it's one of those cars that tuners often mess up and actually end up reducing the performance on.  Well hopefully that won't be us.

To see what else we did to project S2000 click here!


VIDEO: 24H of Nurburgring - Falken Tyre Takes 3rd in Class

MotoIQ Staff Report

This video was shot and edited by our buddy Skylar Smith of Falken tires.  We spend a lot of time with Skylar on the road, especially this year and he is one hell of a funny guy who helps make being on the road for long periods of time more bearable or even fun.

More inside....


Cosworth 3D Renderings

by Eric Hsu

Inside is a video by AMD about Cosworth using the ATI video cards for creating 3D renderings that were only possible with super computers and a ton of custom coding just a short while ago.



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