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Speedtech EVO 9 DRAG: 8.63 @ 164MPH in New Zealand

by Eric Hsu (and technically Andre Simon)

Speedtech Motorsports in New Zealand has the AMS drag EVO in their crosshairs. Watch the 8.63 run and read about some of the car's trick details inside.

Suck Squish Bang Blow

Suck, Squish, Bang, Blow - Part 1: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Engines (But Were Afraid To Ask)

By Mike Kojima

In the coming months we will explain all of the basics of how to extract more power from that noisy chunk of metal connected to the wheels.  Your new knowledge can be put to good use when selecting hop up parts for your ride, helping you make good solid choices of where best to spend your hard earned money. With knowledge you will be able to make informed choices when buying parts and will be less likely to get punked by unscrupulous mechanics. In this series we will explain how all the popular hop up parts work, how to understand there specifications and how to pick the right parts to best fit your needs.


MotoIQ Project Toyota Tundra

Project Toyota Tundra Part One, TRD Suspension and Brakes

By Mike Kojima

Since we are all about worry free towing, we decided to look into getting a new full size truck.  Over the years we have used about every truck on the market including the Dodge Ram and Ford F250 SD (which was our current favorite truck).  Dan Gardner, owner of our Project Scion racecar was awfully impressed with the Tundra he received on long-term loan from Toyota and recommended we give one a try.


Mazdaspeed3 SEMA

Wrench tips colored electrical tapeWrench Tips #9: Wrench in Color

by Dave Coleman

Harbor Freight Tools, purveyor of cheap knockoff tools made with underaged cripple slave labor, has finally produced something unique, original and of real value to the world.



Cosworth Big Bore Head Gaskets for Sleeved Blocks

by Eric Hsu

Did you know Cosworth offers big bore gaskets for sleeved blocks? Look inside for pressure clamping load test results and imprints for Cosworth vs. other head brand head gaskets.

twin disc carbon carbon clutch

Clutch Technology Part Two, The Clutch Disc Friction Material

By Mike Kojima

In our first segment on clutch technology we discussed the pressure plate and how it works.  However the pressure plate is only half of the equation when it comes to clutches and how they work.  We cannot ignore the all important disc. The clutch disc is such a simple device, yet it has a significant responsibility, the responsibly of transferring the engine’s torque to the ground. It also controls most of the clutch’s driveability characteristics. A disc can be the difference between a clutch that is grabby, chattery and nearly impossible to drive on the street to one that is butter smooth. The disc can also make all the difference between a clutch that slips and burns up when the boost is turned up or the nitrous hit, to one that grabs and holds the power.

Read Part One about how the clutch pressure plate works Here!


EFI 101, Basic 4-Cycle Engine & ECU Operation and Tuning Rhetoric

by Christian Krahenbuhl

Automotive engineering involves a series of compromises. The compromise of designing affordable, durable, and fuel efficient engines that are enjoyable to drive while meeting modern emissions regulations has made the job of EFI controls very complex. Afford-ability and durability are concerns because manufacturers and consumers have limited resources. An engine designed to use some super metal like unobtainium (Uo and atomic number of 666) would be ideal.


Annie Sam 3 wheeling

The Ultimate guide to Suspension and Handling Part 1, Wheels and Tires

By Mike Kojima

Horsepower is sexy and chicks dig it, at least a lot of meatheads think that way. Making horsepower is relatively easy. A lot of competent people know how to make power, lots of it. Until drifting became the rage in this country, handling and cornering prowess was for geeks, the road racing elite and autocrossers. Handling was for dweebs that raced around cones in parking lots, or loners prowling canyon roads at night, not for cool people in the scene.


Mazdaspeed3 SEMA

Wrench Tips #8 The 1-Page Service Manual

by Dave Coleman

Your weekly helpful hint from the MotoIQ garages. Enjoy! 


Sarah Forst

Ask Sarah

By Sarah Forst

I know back pressure is bad. Everything I remember about high school physics and everything I read over the years from SCC and Honda Tuning tells me back pressure is bad. I made that statement the other night at the pub to a friend. I found myself trying to make the argument without any scientific facts. He drives a 5 year old Mustang GT and claims he needs back pressure for his engine to work. He claims to have dynoed it with open headers and it lost power.

Got a Tech Question?  Email Sarah at


The Dog II

The Dog II

By Sarah Forst and Mike Kojima

Photography by Jeff Naeyaert & Steve Mitchell

Racing, performance, Nissan Sentra and basket case are not words that usually go together. This is a story of how a sophisticated race car was built from a pile of parts with a double dose of hard work and intestinal fortitude.


MotoIQ Project Aprilia SR50

Project Aprilia SR50: 100 MPG Madness Part 2, Engine Internals

By Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project SR50, we had reached the limits of simple bolt on modifications which left us with a nicely running Scooter, capable of just over 50 mph with acceleration good enough to keep up with traffic and 115 mpg. With more time, we are really taking a liking to the refined Aprilia SR50, which rides, handles and brakes better than any scooter in this displacement category. We also like its sporty looks. The SR50 is the king of urban commuter scooters and we are going to take it to the next level.

See Part 1 Here!


Nissan Silvia S16?

Merry Christmas From Nissan!  New S16 Silvia?  Oh God We Hope Not!

MotoIQ Staff Report

It is rumored that the new S16 Silvia will be front engine and rear drive which is good but it will be powered by a 1.8 liter turbocharged engine with a class trailing power output of 200 hp.  Come on Nissan, with a turbo you gotta do better than that.  It has been our contention that Nissan has forgotten how to build a proper 4 cylinder engine ever since the demise of the SR20DE and its variants. 


Fastbrakes Nissan 370Z two piece rotors

Fastbrakes Nissan 370Z Superlight Rotor Upgrade!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Big brake upgrade specialists, Fastbrakes is pleased to announce their upgraded high performance super light two-piece rotor for the Nissan 370Z Sport Models with the Akebono 4 piston caliper. Although the 370Z is blessed with great brakes, they can be made better.


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