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Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 3

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off, Matt's crew chief Costa Gialamas had just begun the heavy fabrication and had just about finished the cage.  The team's funding had come in quite late from title sponsors and with a late start there were only six weeks to finish the car!


Motion Show Industry Awards, MotoIQ Media Award

MotoIQ Wins Motion Show Media Award

MotoIQ Staff Report

Yaaay for us!  If you didn't catch the breaking news on the MotoIQ Facebook Page yesterday afternoon, was named The Best Media Company IN THE WORLD EVAR at this year's Motion Show!


Team America World Time Attack - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 3

Supposed to be by Eric Hsu, Really by Mike Kojima

In our last segment we had a look at the entirely new front suspension of the Team America/ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R.  With a tight deadline, Eric can not get around to writing these updates so I am doing them for him.  The car is scheduled to be loaded in a container to Australia by early June and the clock is ticking.  I don't know how we are going to make it but everyone on the team is cranking in all of their free time.


THS Radio

Tech House and Speed: Episode 120 - Guests include Klaus Graf, Andreas Eriksson, Marcus Gronholm, Toomas Heikkinen, David Binks, Brian Deegan & Tanner Foust!

By Bill Wood

Tech House & Speed this week takes you partying at the Olsbergs MSE Global Rallycross Launch. We talk with maybe the strongest team entered in the upcoming GRC. The championship debuts Memorial Day weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The team includes World Champions, series champions and the GRC defending champion from last year. As a bonus, though, we also have a visit with the ALMS winner from Mazda Raceway last weekend. Winners. Champions. Legends. Every week!


Removing engine

Project Garage: Making it Messy

By Sarah Forst

Project Garage is faced with its biggest job yet- swapping in everything from one car to another.  Is it up to the task?  Can it stay organized and will it ever be as clean again???


Global Time Attack Round 2 - Road Atlanta
Global Time Attack Round 2 - Road Atlanta

By Justin Banner

The fastest in North American Time Attack take on the Fastest Natural Terrain Road Course in the Southeast. Global Time Attack visits Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA the same weekend that Formula Drift comes to town. Will Chris Rado top over 200 MPH? Can Jeff Westphal show that Unlimited AWD cars are still the fastest way around a course? High speeds and high stakes, this is Road Atlanta!


Project IS-F: We Evaluate 3M Performance films, KW Suspension, Volk Wheels and Nitto Tires

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off on Project IS-F, we had done some intake and exhaust work and gotten excellent results.  Now it was time to work on the suspension, get some larger rubber under the car and add some tint and protective film by 3M.


Formula Drift Round 2 - Road Atlanta

Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta

By Justin Banner

High-speeds and natural terrain make for entertaining drifting! With Road Atlanta, the first permanent road course the cars and drivers encounter, who would drive away from the “Road to the Championship” with a win? Could Daijiro Yoshihara make a repeat win? Would a course change throw a wrench into the system? You’ll have to keep reading if you want to find out.


Bash the Bling Barrier!  Make carbon fiber parts that are both functional and flaunt-able for less then you might think. 

By Alex Vendier

Getting together with some really simple tools and materials one can make useful and attractive parts out of carbon fiber without breaking the bank.  Take a look here to see how it's done!


AMS Alpha Omega GTR Automotosport Chicago Mitsubishi Evo X IX XIIICompany Profile: AMS Performance 

By Wes Dumalski 

AMS Performance... No we are not talking about the knock off CDM version we are talking about the original Automotosport hailing from Chicago Illinois. Truth be told I spent some time at the AMS shop last November and began working on this article. It should have been before your eyes long ago, I should have been able to belt out a piece regaling you with their amazing records in the drag racing, power output, and time attack worlds. I should have been touting their accomplishments in the EVO and GTR worlds. SHOULD is the operative word here. The reality was that I didn't want to write THAT article. Hell every AMS article talks about their accomplishments from 8 Second Evo's and GTR's, to one of the most dominant time attack cars in US history. And while those are the things that AMS is best known for NONE of them would be possible without a key ingredient. That's right I am going to brush those things aside and focus on what makes AMS tick.... PEOPLE.


Tested: 999 Motorsports Supersport Racer!

By Mike Kojima, Photos by Dave Karey

What is as fast as a Smallbore GT race car and cheaper to operate than a Spec Miata? I recently got a call last week from Jackson Stewart, President of 999 Motorsports.  Jackson had called to see if I was interested in driving their new Supersport race car.  The Supersport is designed to be a user friendly and cheap to maintain purpose built race car that is fast enough to be fun but not so edgy as to be scary.  A sort of poor man's Daytona Prototype.  We eagerly made the trip down to Willow Springs to give the Supersport a spin.



VIDEO: Formula DRIFT Insider 2012 - Episode 1

The new season of Formula DRIFT Insider kicks off with an exclusive interview with 2011 champion, Daijiro Yoshihara, an exclusive vehicle update regarding Darren MacNamara and an exclusive change to this years Road Atlanta event.


Cobb Tuning Socal - First Thursday

By Khiem Dinh

On the first Thursday of every month, Cobb Tuning Socal located in Fountain Valley hosts a gathering open to any gearhead willing to stop by and visit.  Not only do they open up their showroom and garage area to visitors, but they provide food and drinks too!  The Cobb Tuning Socal staff is very friendly and the First Thursday gathering provides a great atmosphere to hang out with like-minded gearheads.  So if you're in the Socal area and it's the first Thursday of the month, stop by Cobb to check out some cool cars, eat some grub, and hang out with other cool gearheads.


Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 4: Dual Sport Adventure Bike Ergos and Armor

By Dan Barnes

Finally, we're going to start the fun stuff: upgrades! Having a bike fit you properly makes everything work better and is safer, especially in the dirt. In spite of its overall bigness, the TE610's cockpit is only of average size, and some details are more cramped than typical, so there was work to be done to make it fit this 6'4" guy.


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