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Geeks on a Plane 2: Nerds Down Under - WTA Day 0

by Martin Gonzales

Our purpose for attending the World Time Attack this year is to bring you the most comprehensive and up to the minute coverage out there!  Since we still have a couple days before competition starts, come spend some time with us as we bring you along on our trip and give you an inside look at the posh and lavish lifestyles we have grown accustomed to here at MotoIQ  ;)


Air tool sockets

Project Garage Part VI: Air Tools

By Sarah Forst

Air tools are not just about busting nuts. Pneumatic tools are more efficient than electric tools- they can exert more force using less energy and complete jobs more quickly.  



Introducing Project 240SX- Land Speed Racer

by Chuck Johnson

The project mission is simple:  Build a bad ass S13 240SX, conquer a land speed record, and join the infamous Bonneville 200 MPH club.  


Formula Drift Round 5 - Evergreen Drifting

by Justin Banner

After carnage at New Jersey, who could come out on top?  Justin Pawlak is starting to have a dominant year, but could the modified tire rule really shake things up? Could Rhys Millen play a dark horse role? Can Vaughn Gittin Jr. keep up his Epic Comeback Tour of 2011? Read on to find out!


Crankcase Ventilation Explained - N/A Edition

by Ben Fenner

If you're reading this you've likely asked a question about crank case ventilation, catch can placement, correct PCV hose routing, or similar.  Grab yourself a beverage of your choice, sit back and relax. Keep reading to have all of your questions answered.


Sierra Sierra EVO Pre-WTAC 2011 Update

by Eric Hsu

The World Time Attack Challenge is coming up pretty fast next week on August 5 and 6. There have been some changes made to the EVO since winning the 2010 Source Interlink Superlap Battle final at Buttonwillow, but we've been pretty quiet about updates mostly because we've all been pretty busy concentrating on other things. Mike, Jet, Richard, and Ron have been able to squeeze in some work between the Ferrari races and I've been able to get up to Sierra Sierra a couple times for some engine testing in between my 900 other tasks and travels. The results are pretty cool I think considering what little time we've been able to spend on the EVO. Will the changes be enough to fend off the new domestic Australian and Japanese competitors? I sure as hell hope so. Pictures are inside after the jump.


VIDEO: 7 1/2 Laps with Dai Yoshihara (MPTCC Race @ WSIR)

MotoIQ Staff Report

Ride with Dai Yoshihara in the Team MotoIQ Dog II during round 4 of Redline's MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Challenge at Willow Springs. The Dog II is a modified Nissan B14 Sentra powered by a SR20VE engine. Dai’s rear suspension was starting to fail during the previous day's race where he came in second place, but with no spare rear dampers, the team instructed him to try his best.

Dai managed to put the ailing car on the pole Sunday but the car's handling had deteriorated to the diabolical point with Dai reporting via radio the car to be almost undriveable with unstable oversteer slowing the car by 4 seconds a lap over the previous day's lap times.

Does Length Matter?  - Part Deux

By Khiem Dinh

In part I, we looked at the effect of connecting rod length on dwell time of the piston around top dead center.  This was determined by plotting the position of the piston in relation to crank angle.  Using some physics and calculus, we can also determine the velocity and acceleration of the piston in crank angle.  If we assume an angular velocity (or revolutions per minute), we can determine the velocity and acceleration in the time domain which is what everyone is more familiar with.


The Tires? Falken Ziex

Formula Drift Mid-Season Report: Is It Really The Tires?

by Justin Banner

With three events left, Formula Drift will be enforcing a new Tire Rule. Will things change or will it be more of the same? Continue reading to get the information on the new Rule, opinions of the drivers, and opinions of the engineers! Then, you can get my take on the whole situation! Do I agree or think it's all going to be one big mess? Read on!


WPC Treatment saved our engine!

WPC Treatment Saved Our Engine!

By Mike Kojima

We had just installed a freshly built SR20DE engine for the Dog Car.  This is the B14 Nissan Sentra race car that we have been campaigning for many years in road racing and time attack which had been sitting dormant since 2006.  With the advent of Redline’s MPTCC race class we decided to dust the car off, freshen it up and have Formula D drifting ace Dai Yoshihara campaign the car in the TU class.


physics of tires, project ford mustang

The Physics of Tires - Project Ford Mustang 5.0

By Vince Ili 

In Part I of his Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling, Mike Kojima says that one of the biggest ways to improve a car's handling is to improve its tires.  I experienced this first-hand recently when I upgraded the wheels and tires on my Mustang.

But how do tires improve your car's handling and performance?  In order to discuss that, we need to talk about a little thing called traction, also known to us engineering geeks as friction.


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