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Basic Drift Chassis Setup Part 2

Basic Drift Chassis Setup Part 2

By Mike Kojima

In part one of our series we spoke about the importance of good suspension which is probably the first major step in setting up a car for drifting.  Although the suspension is really important, perhaps just as important is a good limited slip differential.



Scion FR-S Reveal - Interview, GReddy & GT5 Data logger

By GT Channel for more car videos. GTChannel interviews Scion VP Jack Hollis about the Scion FR-S at the reveal event in Los Angeles. We also talk to Kenji Sumino from GReddy Performance Product on the first modified FR-S. We also learn that the FR-S can directly transfer your actual driving data log to Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3.


performance friction brakes, pfc, championships

Performance Friction Wins 47 Motorsports Championships

Industry Press Release

Year after year, Performance Friction wins more championships than any other brake manufacturer and 2011 was no different. This year PFC has won 47 championships and counting. No other brake manufacturer can claim this level of success.


Cobb TuningSOCAL Grand Opening

COBB Tuning SOCAL Official Grand Opening!

Industry Press Release

COBB Tuning is proud to announce the Official Grand Opening of its latest retail facility, COBB Tuning SOCAL. COBB Tuning SOCAL brings customer focus, professionalism, and attention to detail to Southern California in this freshly outfitted 10,000sq/ft facility. Everyone is invited to the COBB Tuning SOCAL Grand Opening party on Sunday, December 4th from 11am to 4pm.


VIDEO: Vaughn Gittin Jr. at WDS in Hangzhou, China

VIDEO: Vaughn Gittin Jr. at WDS in Hangzhou, China

MotoIQ Staff Report

Last month, Vaughn Gittin Jr and some other Formula D stars traveled to China for the World Drift Series.  In this video Jr shows you more of China than just drifting which is actually pretty interesting.  The humorous into is kinda of reminiscent of Dai Yoshihara's Behind the Smoke Series or Rocky! 


Physics Lesson - Friction

By Khiem Dinh

Fric-tion [frik-shuhn]  frik-shuh n

1. Surface resistance to relative motion, as of a body sliding or rolling.
We like friction between tires and whatever surface they are riding on.  However, there are two types of friction: static and kinetic.  Static friction is when there is no relative movement between two surfaces.  Kinetic friction occurs when one surface of an object slides across another.

Industry Soirée presented by Ridge Racer Unbounded

By Colin Holte photos by Chad Carl

The biggest party kicking off SEMA this year and hottest of them all was the Industry Soirée presented by Ridge Racer Unbounded held at Club XS in the Wynn Encore and co-sponsored by Namco Bandai, Hennessy Black, MotoIQ, Pioneer, Yokohama, Mackin Industries, Five Axis, Cosworth, GT Channel and DSport.  This club certainly lives up to its XS name with features such as Gold-embossed crocodile skin on the VIP booths, gold plated busts of women who were all formerly hostesses at the club and a combined 40,000 square feet of space (13,000 indoors and 27,000 outdoor pool area).  Truly, it’s an amazing, jaw dropping, over the top experience.

(Heads up, photo gallery and video might be considered NSFW)


UPDATED 11/30/11 10:30 PM


Under the skin of the Scion FR-S, Toyota 86, Toyota GT-86, or Subaru BRZ

86 Under the Skin: Technical details on the Toyota/Subaru/Scion, 86/GT-86/FR-S/BRZ

by John N. Frink

Finally, some technical details and upskirt shots of the most overanticipated sports car of the decade.

UPDATE: Exhaust manifold and diff mysteries solved!

Project Defiant1

Project Defiant1: KA24DE Built Part DEUX! The Devil's Details!

By Justin Banner

Does building a successful engine require thousands of dollars? Not always! Sometimes picking up the throwaway engine is the key to saving on building a great engine! The KA24DE doesn't have the JDM factor, but it does offer more cubic inches, a stouter block, and a powerful aftermarket! Is the garage built KA24DE the key to Defiant1's 350 Crank Horsepower goal? How did I start? Read on to see "the Devil's Details!"


Project Evo X GSR- Testing the K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake

Project Evo X GSR- Testing the K&N Cold Air Intake

By Mike Kojima

We have a bunch of mods planned for Chris’s car, the first being a Typhoon cold air intake by K&N. The Intake worked so well that we decided to make it our first MotoIQ Certified Legit evaluation. The K&N Typhoon intake came with a dyno sheet that proudly proclaimed guaranteed power. Glancing at the dyno sheet we could see that the intake increased power by 20 hp near peak RPM. That seemed like a big gain so we had our concerns, this was a lot for just an intake, was it true or BS? We were going to find out with testing that was a little more in depth than just strapping the car to a dyno for a few quick pulls.

Juke vs 510

VIDEO: 2011 Nissan Juke vs. 1971 Datsun 510, Dave Coleman's Rally Beater

MotoIQ Staff Report

In an attempt to reassemble the late great SCC dream team, we have been trying to get Josh Jacquot to write for us for years but he won't.  We can hardly blame him though, he writes for the megasite as a real job where he gets paid more than the pittance we could offer him..  However here is the next best thing.  At Insideline, Josh decided to pair up Dave Coleman's rally beater 510 against a late model Nissan Juke in a off road rallycross ish showdown in a story which is something like we would have done back in the day...


Project Nissan 350Z: The Birth of our Motegi Trak Lite Wheels with Nitto NT01 Tires

Project Nissan 350Z: The Birth of our Motegi TrakLite Wheels with Nitto NT01 Tires

By Mike Kojima

Our Project Nissan 350Z needs some new shoes.  The stock Nissan alloy wheels had developed a crack rendering them unsafe and the worn generic tires that the car came with were on their last legs.  It was time for an upgrade.  Since we wanted a specific offset and width for this medium powered car we called upon Motegi Racing to provide us with a set of their TrakLite wheels.


Infiniti G20 Project Racecar MotoIQ

Project Infiniti G20 Racecar: More Power!

By Steve Rockwood

Road racing is a thrill that has few equals in the wide world of wheels.  Drag racing, unless you're talking nitro cars, is a thrill that quickly loses its lustre.  Losing a drag race while road racing, however, is an exercise in abject frustration.  Nothing will make you hate your car more than nailing that apex and throttle point perfectly to extract every ounce of momentum coming out of the corner, only to watch your opponent sail right past you on a long straightaway and park it in front of you in the next corner.  Project G20 Racecar's tired engine, with over 130,000 miles on it, was destined to only let us down.  We needed to fix it.


SEMA 2011: Scion iQ MR build - Teaser - Sweat blood and tears

By GT Channel for more car videos. GTChannel followed the entire build of the Scion iQ MR by Tatsu for the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, from the day Tatsu and team received the car from Scion up to the day of the tuner challenge competition. You will see the effort and tears that went into building such an outrageous car in just 2 months.



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