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Redline Track Events Round one, Willow Springs

Redline Track Events: Round 1 Race Report - Willow Springs Raceway 

By Laura Heng

Redline Track events kicks off their racing season with a cornucopia of racing events in a single weekend at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA.  Spectators were able to feast on a buffet of different disciplines of motorsports with the four different racing events running simultaneously. The Redline Pro Track Challenge is where the high dollar machines came out to do battle for a chance to win a part of the massive $250,000 prize purse being offered and the Redline Pro Time Attack is the traditional time attack we are all familiar with.  The MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship (MPTCC) which is a half hour wheel to wheel race with a vast array of cars competing on the same racing surface.  And lastly we had the Lotus Cup series which is a manufacturer supported series that featured their own time attack and wheel to wheel race.  


MotoIQ Pacfic Tuner Car Championship 

Bonanni and Yoshihara Victorious in Inaugural MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Race!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Berk Technology's Mike Bonanni and Formula D ace Dai Yoshihara driving for Spoon Sport were victorious in MotoIQ's inaugural MPTCC race!



by Eric Hsu

This year's World Time Attack Challenge is shaping up to be quite an exciting mix of cars. It looks like there will be plenty of cars from Japan to represent, the Aussies are definitely stepping up their cars for 2011, and there are rumors of two cars making the trip to Sydney from the USA. After the click, there's a preview video from the guys that run WTAC.

Project Evo IX Part 7: Cosworth Rocks!

Project Evo IX Part 7: Cosworth Rocks!

By Mike Kojima

For our next round of tweaks, we obtained a set of Cosworth M2 cams for the MIVEC variable cam timing version of the 4G63 found in our EVO IX.  Camshaft design is very tricky with many of the aftermarket offerings not being engineered to control spring surge induced valve float.

Read More About Project EVO IX here!


Formula D Abu Dhabi

The Road To Abu Dhabi Part 3: Disappointment in the Desert

By Mike Kojima

After an epic hammerfest to convert Dai Yoshihara's Time Attack car into a drift car, we ended our last installment with the car being loaded onto a container and shipped to Abo Dhabi in the nick of time.  Now follow the team as they get to Abu Dhabi and attempt to compete in a rushed together totally unproven  and untested car. What happens next?  Read on!

Read Part 1 Here!  Part 2 Here!


2 Cars, 1 Bike

by Khiem Dinh

Different jobs require different tools.  What makes a tool great for one job can be the same characteristic that makes it difficult for another.  What is said about tools can also be applied to motor vehicles as a metaphor. The three jobs we are gonna talk about are: track work, romping through the canyons, and daily driver duties.  The three tools we will compare are: A 2005 Evo VIII, a 2005 Honda S2000 and a 2005 Honda CBR 600RR.


 Fastlap with Billy Johnson - Willow Springs

Fast Lap with Billy Johnson:  Willow Springs International Raceway

by Billy Johnson

Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR) is the oldest purpose-built road course in North America and has remained virtually unchanged since its creation in 1953.  The 2.5mile nine-turn track earned its nickname from its medium to high-speed corners including the infamous Turns 8 and 9.


Total Seal gapless piston ring

Ask Sarah: Advantage of going gapless?

What are the pro's and con's of using gapless piston rings in a street motor?

Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at


MotoIQ How-To: Customize Your Avatar!

Wanna get rid of those silly icons next to the comments you make on MotoIQ articles? We've had a lot of you ask us how to do that over the past year and we're finally getting around to telling you how to do it (officially)!


Frankenmiata: Dyno Secrets Revealed For The First Time!

by Dave Coleman

Secrets? What Secrets? How about the secret to how we found 45 hp completely by accident? Or the secret to how we made 20 lb-ft of torque for $8.32?


EVO X Tech Tips - February 2010

by Eric Hsu

The serpentine belt idlers on the 4B11T do not last very long. In fact they will probably not even last the factory recommended service interval. Read inside for the idlers you want to replace them with to ensure the belt doesn't break and you don't smoke an engine prematurely.

 More Than the Sum of Its Parts

by Frank Ewald

May 2010
Two Drivers. Their eyes on two Championships. One Car. A lofty goal for any team, for our Father and Daughter team some considered it virtually unattainable. And when the car being shared is a 1992 Nissan NX1600 with a GA16DE engine, it is a goal that most would suggest bordered on lunacy.

September 2010
Two Championships! Katie is one of two women to win a CASC-OR SoloSprint class championship as she won the Touring 3 division. She is also the first woman to be in the SoloSprint overall top ten with a sixth place finish. She beat me soundly at TMP and Mosport to win the Father and Daughter competition. I finished 14th overall and won the Touring 2 division.


Project SipsterProject Sipster Part 7 - Sipster Indeed

by Dave Coleman

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the conclusion, but not the end. Now, with lots of goofy raw video footage and stories of RC planes!


The Road to Abu Dhabi Part Two- Getting There is Half the Fun

The Road to Abu Dhabi Part Two- Getting There is Half the Fun

By Mike Kojima

If you recall, last month, Formula D Team Falken ace Dai Yoshihara got an invitation to participate in a Formula D expansion event in Abu Dhabi the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.  The event is going to be held at the Yas Marina Circuit, a world class F-1 approved facility on February 25th 2011.

Read Part 1 Here!


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