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Driver Profiles - Kyle Mohan

Driver Profiles - Kyle Mohan

By Justin Banner

Kyle "The Menance" Mohan, chicks want him, drivers want to be him! With that in mind, let's see what it takes to be Kyle Mohan in this Driver Profile, but sorry ladies, he's taken!


More Power for the APD Acura TSX K24 A2 Engine!  Video Inside

By Jonathan Donner

In the continuing development of  the HPD sponsored, APD Motorsports Acura  we will focus on the next stage of engine development of the car.


The Story Behind the Bergenholtz Racing 2009 Mazda RX8 Formula D Pro Drift Car

The Story Behind the Bergenholtz Racing/Nitto Tire 2009 Mazda RX8 Formula D Pro Drift Car

By Ron Bergenholtz with Mike Kojima

Bergenholtz Racing has always been a fan of Drifting since the very beginnings of its introduction at Irwindale.  We have always enjoyed the entertainment value as well as had the utmost respect for the skill of the Joons (Ron’s nickname for driver Joon Maeng).  We knew we wanted to get involved, and in a big way.  In 2007 we were first able to enter pro drifting with our long-time sponsor Apex Integration USA.


Project Trailer Part One:  Building the Ultimate Open Deck Trailer

Project Trailer Part One:  Building the Ultimate Open Deck Trailer

By Mike Kojima

It’s no secret, we hate towing, however if you are going to race or drift, there is no escaping it.  Towing is a necessary evil that has to get done if you are going to have fun at the track.  Trailers are a pain in the ass as well.  They are hard to drive with, making your vehicle’s stopping distance get dangerously long, are easy targets for thieves and have a nasty habit of breaking in far off places where you especially don’t want problems.


Behind the Smoke Ep 22:Missile Drifting Lessons - Dai Yoshihara Formula Drift 2011 Season

By GT Channel for more car videos. Dai brings out his team mates Chris and Mike to teach them a lesson on how to drift with his missile 240. Behind the Smoke gives a look into the real life of professional Formula Drift driver, Daijiro Yoshihara. GTChannel's cameras will follow Dai throughout the 2011 FD season both on and off the track giving current and new drifting fans an exclusive look into what it's really like to compete in the top drifting series of N.America. Behind the Smoke is produced by GTChannel in association with Discount Tire/America's Tire and supported by Falken Tire and GoPro..


miatabusa gets the shaft lead

Project Miatabusa Part 8: Miatabusa Gets the Shaft!

by Dave Coleman

The idea was to take the Hayabusa's relatively fragile transmission and replace it with a shaft that holds a Miata flywheel. That's pretty simple to say, but actually doing it...

What are you waiting for? Holy crap, click on this thing!


Project Defiant1: Introduction & Concepting

By Justin Banner

There are some people born to defy the authority of those smarter than themselves. They rise up and disagree, viewing things from a different position. Sometimes wrong, sometimes right, all the time viewed as foolish until proven one way or the other. The following that the S12 Nissan 200SX chassis has begun to gather are viewed as the foolish ones by the masters of the S13 and S14. "The semi-trailing arm rear suspension is wrong," cries one expert, "you never get it to handle right!" "The front end is no good," cries another, "It's too narrow and no one has made anything for it!" "It looks too much like an AE86 poser," cries the drifting hipster. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have gone against the grain and have decided that the S12 is the perfect project for me and MotoIQ. Let me introduce to you Project Defiant1, the 1987 Nissan 200SX. Have I found the hidden gem in my quest for the alternative to the S13?



Project EVO X, Keeping the SST Transmission and the engine oil cool!

By Mike Kojima

In the last editions of Project EVO X we worked to get our car's handling and stopping power up to world class standards and eagerly attended our first track event.  However we were really disappointed when our car went tilt after just a few laps at Streets of Willow Raceway.  When the SST dual clutch transmission in the EVO X MR gets too hot the engine's ECU automatically makes moves to protect the transmission and the car goes into limp mode killing all measures of speed until the temps drop.  In our hot Southern California climate, this happens so fast that it’s a frustrating experience and probably not good for the transmission either.


Formula D Behind the Scenes: Round Six Las Vegas

Formula D Behind the Scenes: Round Six Las Vegas

By Justin Banner

Being able to come in on the Thursday of a Formula Drift weekend kind of gives you the ability to see things just before the track is actually set up. There is a lighter side that does come out just before these guys get serious and start trying to eliminate each other. Thursday is mostly a setup day, from setting up the exhibits for the vendors to the teams getting rigs, parts, and tools in order for the weekend.


Mazda Skyactiv G Engine

13:1 Compression and 40 mpg on 87 Octane fuel?  Introducing Mazda’s Skyactiv Technology

By Mike Kojima

Does the idea of a super efficient, reasonably performing, fun to drive car with low operating costs sound appealing to you?  If the car is green as well does that seal the deal?  Are you one of the few people with a clue that realizes that a hybrid isn’t all that green? Well Mazda has an answer to all of this called Skyactiv technology in all of its clever jinglish.  Skyactiv Technology is a fresh holistic look at how cars are engineered.


Don't Trust Strangers!  How Dynos Lie and When to Believe One

By Khiem Dinh

Ah yes, the dyno plot and power numbers.  The dyno plot is the subject of many forum pissing matches, the holder of false prophecies, the teller of partial truths…  Reading the forums, you would be led to believe that everyone had their car dyno'd on a "low reading" dyno.  Well, except for in South Florida; there must be some magic octane booster in the air down there.  Dynos are a great tool for tracking performance changes, but trying to compare across different dynos on different days with different cars is borderline meaningless.  We’re here to tell you why.  We'll also tell you the best case for getting results you can compare.


Formula D: Round 6 - Las Vegas

by Justin Banner

The title is on the line and the night is heating up on the hot Vegas Nights! Will weather play a factor in car life and control? Will there be carnage on a cataclysmic scale? Want to know what really happened at Round Six of the Formula Drift Championship for the 2011 season in Las Vegas! Read on to get the truth!


    wrench tips

silicone hose wrapWrench Tips #24: Silicone Hoses for Adults

by Dave Coleman




Sarah's intercooler

Ask Sarah: What are water to air intercoolers?

by Sarah Forst

Lately I have been searching for information about "water to air intercoolers."  I have seen these in some of your articles but not much information is mentioned. 

Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at


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