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Turbo KA24DE Turbo VQ35DE LS7

The Controversy- Turbo I4, Turbo V6 vs GM LS7!

By Mike Kojima

There has been a lot of controversy burning up the forums about the issue of V8 swaps, particularly the GM LSX series of engines in drifting.  Digging through some data, we thought it might be cool to show you the differences between these engines.  Here is the dyno results from Matt Powers' Turbo KA24DE, Dai Yoshihara's Turbo VQ35DE and Matt Powers' GM LS7.


Update!  Matt Powers Formula D LS7 Powered S14

Update!  Matt Powers Formula D LS7 Powered S14

By Mike Kojima

We last left Matt Powers in the middle of retrofitting his car for the 2011 Formula D season.  We dropped back in on Matt earlier this week to see how he was doing and were pleased to observe a bunch of progress being made.


Polyethylene Pam

By Sarah Forst 

One girl's story being Mike Kojima's love slave

This story was originally published a few years ago (pre-digital SLR camera for most of us obviously…), but is a wonderful tale of the kind of guy Mike Kojima is so I wanted to share the story with our MotoIQ readers.  This is not a joke, but it was pretty funny!


STM and HD2's New Drag EVO

by Eric Hsu

photos by Ben at Speedtech Motorsport

Pro-stock style import drag racing is nearly dead in the US, but it's still going strong in Australia and New Zealand. Click to see build pictures of Mike Bradley's 4G63 powered pro-stock style drag EVO 8. Tons of build pictures inside and 3 videos inside also.

Video: Behind the Smoke- Dai Yoshihara in Abu Dhabi

VIDEO: Behind The Smoke - Dai Yoshihara in Abu Dhabi

MotoIQ Staff Report

If you are a MotoIQ reader you have probably been following the written adventures of Dai Yoshihara and Mike Kojima in the Middle East with Formula D.  Taro Koki of the GT Channel was also on the trip with us as they have been following Dai Yoshihara in a frequently updated docudrama for their video channel.


Dai Yoshihara's 2011 Formula D Ride

An Early Look at Dai Yoshihara's 2011 Formula D Ride

By Mike Kojima

Our orignal article is back!  Team Falken's Dai Yoshihara will once again be driving his Chevy LS powered Nissan S13 in the 2011 Formula D season.  The car has been undergoing a complete rebuild at SPD Metalworks, a rebuild so intensive that it is basically going to be an all new car.  A lot of the rebuild was needed to bring the car up to 2011 Formula D specs.


Project S2000 Part 7 - Cold (For SoCal) Weather Fun

By Khiem Dinh

Our previous track day was in the middle of the freakin desert during the heat of summer to see how the car's various systems handled the almost 100F temps. The upgrades of the Koyo radiator and StopTech brakes took the heat thrown at them and didn’t even break a sweat, but the stock oil system wasn’t up to the task and probably wished it could have sweated to get rid of some heat.


VIDEO: Onboard with Stephan Verdier at Global RallyCross Irwindale

We got a chance to stick our ContourHD cameras into Stephan Verdier's WRX STi last Saturday during the first ever Global RallyCross event at Irwindale.  Unfortunately, the first time Stephan went out with the cameras he broke an axle!  Thankfully, Costa Gialamas, Verdier's crew chief and fabricator was able to replace it in a matter of minutes and the car was ready to go back on track.  This video is the final "heat" or race of the competition.  Verdier, a privateer, came in 3rd place just behind Tanner Foust (2nd) and mutliple WRC champion Marcus Grönholm (1st).  Enjoy!


Rallycross Debuts at Irwindale!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Irwindale, CA (March 26, 2011 | GLOBAL RALLYCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP) – A new to the US Motorsport rocked Irwindale's House of Drift this weekend as the Global Rallycross Championship opened with a bang, the machine gun like bang of anti-lag and launch control that is!


Testing Fastbrake's Bigger Brake Kit

Testing Fastbrakes' Bigger Brake Kit

By Mike Kojima

Fastbrakes is an Arizona company whose claim to fame is making affordable brake upgrade kits for many cars and having applications for niche models like the Nissan Sentra SE-R.  Since some of us race SE-Rs as they are a cheap and sturdy platform, we have a lot of experience with Fastbrakes' upgrade kits for the car.


Hard as F*ck!- Mike Essa's BMW Z4 Drift Monster

Hard as F*ck!- Mike Essa's BMW Z4 Drift Monster

By Mike Kojima

In the 2010 Formula D season, GSR Autosport/Nitto Tires driver Mike Essa grabbed plenty of Media attention with his shrieking V10 M5 powered E92 BMW.  The BMW was probably the best sounding car in Formula D and looked pretty killer as well.  The car's baller profile, killer looks and glorious sounds made Mike a darling of the media.  Now Mike is building a potent Z4 for the 2011 season.


Stephan Verdier's 2011 Rallycross Subaru STI

A Quick Look at Stephan Verdier's 2011 Rallycross Subaru STi

By Mike Kojima

We spend a lot of time at Costa Gialamas's shop GTI Tech Innovations.  Costa is Dai Yoshihara's Time Attack crew chief, Matt Powers Crew Chief and is also Stephan Verdier's Crew Chief.  Costa is also one of the fabricators that MotoIQ uses on our various projects including some fab work on refitting the Dog II.

We have been around while Costa has been hard at work building Stephan Verdier's Rallycross Subaru STi over the past few months and we thought that it would be cool to share some of the build details with you.  Look for a full feature on this car later.


The Three Day Wonder, Building a Nissan VQ35DE in Just 3 Days!

The Three Day Wonder, Building a Nissan VQ35DE in Just 3 Days!

By Costa Gialamas

If you have been following our adventures with Dai Yoshihara in the Middle East, then you have probably read the story of how we converted his mildly built time attack car into a Formula D drift car in just a few days, sending it to Abu Dhabi to compete in a Formula D expansion event.  You can read about our adventures from building the car to where we last left off here.



Twins Exposed!  The McLaren MP4-12C

by Khiem Dinh

Everyone should know by now about the McLaren MP4-12C, the next supercar from one of the most successful Formula 1 teams.  If you’ve been reading our forums, you’ll have already seen details of the suspension bits.  One of the questions I had surrounding the car was the engine setup and the potential for power upgrades.


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