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AEM Water Injection Monitor Part 2: Catching Our Mistakes and Upgrading Our Water Injection System

AEM Water Injection Monitor Part 2: Catching Our Mistakes and Upgrading Our Water Injection System

By Mike Kojima

Over the past few months in-between other projects we have been tinkering around with AEM’s water methanol injection kit on our in-house Evo IX project car.  You can read about the kit here.   A few weeks ago we installed AEM’s new injection monitoring system which you can read about here.


4G63 Divided by 8

by Eric Hsu

Inside are some images of some 4G63 heads and a block I sectioned for a study back in August 2010.

Dsport GTR

VIDEO: DSport's First Look at the 2012 Nissan GT-R

By Jeff Naeyaert

Our buddies over at DSport Magazine just released this cool short video reviewing the differences between the 2011 and the minor face lift 2012 GTR.  Nissan has spent a lot of time and have greatly refined the GTR for 2012 adding many highly functional changes.


Project Racer Part 11: Grip Addiction; We Install Progress Sway Bars

Project Racer Part 11: Grip Addiction; We Install Progress Sway Bars

By Annie Sam

Modificum Racerium – a chronically debilitating disease which is characterized by the irrationally obsessive addiction to car modification and speed. “More!” we keep chanting, as we illogically pass up hot meals for cup o noodle in order to quell this addiction by buying more upgrades for our soon to be NASA PTD car.

Read More Racing Tips From Annie!


Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V Part 7: Installing a Turbo System

Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V Part 7: Installing a Turbo System

By Mike Kojima

Since the long stroke QR25DE does not like high rpm, we have chosen to limit its maximum revs to 7000 rpm and make power by adding turbo boost.  Jim Wolf Technology designed our turbo system to produce power over the widest possible range of RPM rather than peak power.  The JWT system was also designed for simplicity, lightness and reliability over maximum power.

Follow our project here!


No It's Not an STI: GST Motorsports Mighty Subaru Impreza

No It's Not an STI: GST Motorsports Mighty Subaru Impreza

By Mike Kojima

We have always been fans of the GST Motorsports 1996 GC8 Subaru Impreza L.  The car with driver Jeff Westphal is the current reigning Redline Time Attack Super Modified AWD Champion.  The GST car has been around forever and has been in a continuous state of development since 2006.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT...  Video: GST Motosports Record Breaking Run at Cal Speedway with Data!


Wrench tips #23: tube fabrication tips

Wrench Tips # 23: Tube Fabrication Tips

By Mike Kojima

When hanging out at Costa Gialamas' shop, Gialamas Technical Innovations, we picked up on some really good ideas Costa uses when fabricating.  Costa has many years of fabricating experience in both the Motosports and Aerospace worlds.  This is not a story on how to build an exhaust, instead it's about some tricks we have seen Costa use that can help speed your fabrication. Check these few simple tips out!


MotoIQ's Pacific Tuner Car Challange Web Site is Live!

MotoIQ's Pacfic Tuner Car Championship Web Site is Live!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Now it's time for the moment all of you motorsports fans and racers have been waiting for, the official launch of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Web site!  All the information about the series is to be found on the site from the car rules, to competition license requirements and applications, event registration, spectator ticket sales and the 2011 schedule.

More Inside!


100 MPG Madness: Project Aprilia RS50

100 MPG Madness: Project Aprilia RS50

By Mike Kojima

With the specter of high prices once again looming over our heads, we bring you yet another fuel sipping project; Project Aprilia RS50.  You might wonder what an RS50 is; it is really a very unusual machine.  It is a street legal, two stroke 50cc GP replica bike. 


Project Ducati Hypermotoard

Project Ducati Hypermotard Part III: Protection

By Jeff Naeyaert

It was bound to happen sooner or later, while riding Project Ducati Hypermotard; we had the unfortunate opportunity to crash the bike.  Although it was a very minor low side while going slow, our bike got off really lightly thanks to some crash protection we had the foresight to install and what got damaged allowed us to put a few more cool new bits on the bike.




Project Sipster Part 6 - Faster Sipster

by Dave Coleman


If you want a Diesel to make more power, you just have to squirt in more fuel. If you've never tuned an engine before, this is the most obvious thing in the world. But if you're used to tuning gas engines, this is the most preposterously naive and wrong-headed thing we've said in at least a week. Diesels, it seems, are a bit different.

UPDATE! I just found the dyno chart!


4 Stroke cycle- the power stroke, igntion timing

Suck, Squish, Bang, Blow Part Six:  Ignition Timing Basics

By Mike Kojima

Ignition Timing is expressed as the number of degrees of crankshaft rotation in advance of Top Dead Center or TDC, when the sparkplug is fired.  This kicks off the explosion of air and gasoline that pushes the piston down to drive the crank.  Since even explosions take a few milliseconds to develop, the engine’s ECU usually commands the sparkplug to fire a few degrees of crank rotation before TDC. 

For more engine basics click here!


Ask Sarah ITB VS Carbs VS Single Throttle body

Ask Sarah: What's Your Intake?

By Sarah Forst

Hi Sarah, 

I'm debating going carbs or ITB's with EFI.  What is the advantage to using carbs over EFI?  How do ITB's perform over a single TB?


Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at


Turbo: Once Round the Block

by Eric Hsu

Two videos after the jump of the development process of the 1986 Cosworth GBA 1.5L V6 engine. The video also covers the development of the ECU and car, but what interested me more was the 4 cylinder Cosworth BD that was built as a tester on the engine dyno and its failure mode. This was before the time of CAD, FEA, CFD, and all that computer mumbo jumbo. 25 years ago it was all about your past experience and empirical testing which is a lot closer to how things are done in most parts of the tuning parts market today.


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