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MotoIQ Pacfic Tuner Car Championship

Announcing the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Series!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Are you bored with track days and HDPE events? Ever wanted to see what you have and go wheel to wheel with other tuning enthusiasts? Ever wanted to see who's the best driver and who could build the best car?  Ever then go to a legal sanctioned racing event only to find that your lovingly built street car is only legal in some super unobtainable class because of your tuning and the parts you installed?  Ever then find out that you can only race if you took off 80% of your hard earned parts only to race in some boring close to stock class?


Project Honda S2000 Koyo radiator and ARK Design MFD2

Project S2000 Part 5: Keeping it From Overheating

By Khiem Dinh

In keeping with the theme of making this car as reliable as possible, we’ve added ARK Design’s newly released MFD2 (Multi-Function Display).  The benefit of the MFD2 over the previous MFD is the ability to plug straight into the OBDII port whereas the old MFD required splicing into the ECU harness.  We hate electrical work, and this makes it about as plug-n-play as you can get! 

Read the Project S2000 Series Here!


GT Channel Video of Dai Yoshihara at Formula D Las Vegas

MotoIQ Staff Report

Our friends at the GT Channel shot this cool video of Dai Yoshihara at Las Vegas. The team came in second here with some heat related issues stymieing the charge to the top of the podium.  Currently Dai is firmly in second place in the Formula D championship standings with an outside chance of winning it all at the season finale at Irwindale.

More inside....


BNR32 Skyline GT-R Stage 1, Part 2

by Eric Hsu

The Stage 1 build of my personal BNR32 Skyline GT-R is a 500+whp, pump gas, street car designed for good throttle response and mid range torque for smokin cars on the street and track alike. Anyhow, this is part 2 of the Stage 1 build where I will break down in detail why I chose the parts I did.


How to rebuild your M3 calipers

How To Rebuild Brake Calipers

By Billy Johnson

Rebuilding the brakes is not as challenging as it may seem.  There are only a few more steps beyond simply changing out brake pads and rotors.  This is an information only step-by-step guide, undertake it at your own risk.  If you do not feel comfortable with the below steps, I would suggest getting help.  If you are remotely mechanically inclined and do oil changes and maintenance yourself, it really is not that bad at all.


ARK Design MFD

Project EVO IX Part 5: ARK Designs and Mitsubishi Products

By Mike Kojima

Every car with aspirations of track driving needs accurate instruments, the EVO is no exception.  Factory gauges are very inaccurate, often lagging far behind what is actually going on.  In the case of the EVO, most of the important gauges are simply missing.  The EVO only has a water temperature gauge, ridiculous for a high performance car.  We installed an ARK Designs MFD To fix this.


Redline Time Attack MotoIQ

Redline Time Attack Announces Direction for 2011 Season, Partnership with

MotoIQ Staff Report

Series to introduce “All Star” competition, new weekend format, support races and Pro Track Challenge.

With a successful fifth season of the Redline Time Attack Series coming to a close this November, the Series is charting the course for the future of the sport. To best prepare current and future competitors, the Series is releasing the most important details of their future plans.  Beginning with the 2011 season, Redline Time Attack will re-format the weekend of racing activities to better showcase the top-level talent and premiere teams that are involved in the sport of time attack.

MotoIQ will be the series' official online media partner and will be covering the events from an insider's view and as a participant. MotoIQ will feature driver and team profiles as well as our trademark in-depth tech dissections of the machines!  MORE


Fast Lap with Billy Johnson:  Laguna Seca (Video Inside)

By Billy Johnson

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, previously known simply as “Laguna Seca” was built in 1957 on the land of Fort Ord; which was a maneuvering area and artillery target range for the US Army.  World-renowned (by the help of Playstation video games for the younger generation), the track has hosted Champ Car, ALMS, Grand-Am, Moto GP, World Superbike, Formula 5000, Trans-Am, Can Am, and has been the site for several very memorable races.  In 1988 the track was increased to its current 2.238 mile, 11-turn configuration with 300 feet of elevation change and the world-famous “Corkscrew” Turn 8. 


karting cheap track day alternative

Karting: Cheap Track Day Alternative

By Mike Kojima

What do guys like Billy Johnson, Dai Yoshihara, Joon Maeng, Tyler McQuarrie and other Pro Drivers do to keep sharp in between events and during the off season?  Karting. We know that most of you like track time, however track time is a precious commodity that is getting harder to come by in this sluggish economy.  As we get older, family and career commitments take away more and more time that used to go to race car maintenance and prep.  Some of us move out of family garage space and have less room in apartments and condos. All of these factors make owning a race car more and more difficult.


Revenge of the Nerd, Sorry China!

By Mike Kojima

Yes, China the land of crappy copycat parts and shady business practices offers up a new plague, this one aimed straight at MotoIQ.  For the past two weeks we have been bombarded by Chinese spammers on a daily basis who are attempting to fill our article comments section with crap and have been probing our forums and community sections as well.  It's a whole slew of Chinese coming at us from many IP's.


Cosworth Subaru EJ257 Dyno Install - Time Lapsed

By Eric Hsu

A fun video Tyler put together for shits and giggles. Hopefully Cosworth doesn't make us take it down. Benny Hill is making a comeback.

Go fast Bits G-Force boost controller!

By Wes Dumalski

Our mates overseas at Go Fast Bits have been hard at work perfecting a new feature packed boost controller called the G-Force that has hit our shores! This cutting edge unit has all the bells and whistles any boost junkie could ask for. We recently put the G-Force through it's paces on Project 200SX in an effort to share our feedback with Go Fast Bits themselves..... Here are our impressions of the unit they sent us.


Berk Technology's BMW 135i Time Attack Demonstrator

Text and photos by Jeff Naeyaert

When Berk Technology set out to build a time attack car, their intent was not to build some sort of exotic open class killer; it was more to build a rolling test bed for their exhaust products and something that their high performance street customers could relate to.  Thus it was decided that their efforts would evolve around building a car to compete in Redline Time Attack's Rear Wheel Drive Street Class.  Street Class is something that Berk's customer base could identify with and would be a more powerful marketing statement.


Project Tundra Part 3, Making Life Better with 3M Crystalline Window Tint and Protective Film

Project Tundra Part 3, Making Life Better with 3M Crystalline Window Tint and Protective Films 

By Mike Kojima

We spend a lot of time in Project Tundra and if we can do a few things to it to make our life a little easier it is all a good thing.  All of our race tracks in Southern California are in hot areas and most of them are in the desert. This means that we are constantly fighting heat, blowing sand, debris and other severe environmental conditions. To help keep Project Tundra's interior cooler and to protect our paint, lights and trim from abrasion and pitting during road trips, we called upon the folks at 3M for help with some of their advanced film technology.

To read more about Project Tundra, Click Here!


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