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Formula Drift Round 6 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Formula Drift Round 6 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway

By Justin Banner

This season has been full of surprises, but Las Vegas is always a game changer. The heat, the speed, and sometimes the unexpected have always had some sort of influence by the end of Round 6 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship. What do we have in store? You'll have to read on to find out!


Garrett Turbo NMCA West Report

Team Garrett Turbo NMCA West Race Report

By Justin Banner

Hot temperatures and a hotter track can make for some difficult times down the strip. Team Garrett Turbo cars from Modular Mustang Racing and the '70 Garrett Volkswagen Turbo Beetle came out swinging none the less! See how the event went down at the 2nd Annual NMCA West at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona for Team Garrett.


Tested: RS-R's Ran-Up Oil Treatment, Power in a Bottle

By Mike Kojima

"Mike, MotoIQ has to try our Ran-Up oil treatment", RS-R's John Masuda would say to me every time I saw him over the past year.  "It gives you 5-12 more whp in our testing and I really want you to try it".  Yeah right I would think.  Sounds too good to be true.


Turbosmart Time Attack FC RX-7

by Khiem Dinh

The FC is the middle child in the RX-7 family meaning it doesn't get quite as much love as the other two.  The 1st generation FB was a pure sports car that really introduced the rotary to North America while the 3rd generation FD was (and still is almost 20 years after its introduction) sex on wheels.  The FC was designed to be a little softer than the FB, but it was still a better performance car all around with an independent rear suspension and rack and pinion steering.  Of course, you could also buy the FC with boost!  For the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge, the boys down under at Turbosmart decided to show that the FC is a highly capable car even with a simple build.


Project Toyota Tundra Part 9- Installing TRD's big brakes & Volk Wheels

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off we had just gotten our TRD big brake set and were anticipating installing them on our Project Tundra Supertruck.  However our brakes were so big we could not fit them under our forged 17" TRD wheels.  It was not even close.  Checking with TRD we found that the smallest diameter wheel we could use was a large 20" in diameter wheel.


Project GD Subaru STI Part Three- Making More Power with Greddy and Cobb Tuning

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off, we had turned our STI into a G machine without giving up much daily driving comfort.  Now it was time for us to turn our attention to the engine.  The GD STI really responds to very basic tuning.

bonneville speed week 2012 project 240sx lsr chuck johnson land speed racer

Project 240SX Land Speed Racer: Bonneville Speed Week Results

MotoIQ Staff Report

Against all odds, the team behind MotoIQ’s Project Land Speed Racer managed to execute a Hail Mary play to make it to this year’s Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  On the fifth day of Speed Week, Project 240LSR piloted by Moto IQ editor Chuck Johnson, made its fastest pass of the event.  


Was the SR Swap a Mistake?
Or is the GA a hidden gem that was simply overlooked?

By Frank Ewald

Overheating is an ongoing issue with an SR20DET stuffed into an NX1600, but the NX GTiR is getting there. A significant addition to combat this challenge is a G-Spec oil cooler. This is a monster and that's what I needed to keep things cool. However, the capacity and size posed its own issues regarding where to locate it.  Read on to see how we resolved this issue and others that have cropped up along our Motorsports journey.


PLX Devices KIWI Bluetooth OBDII Adaptor and Palmer Performance Dash Command

By Mike Kojima

We have been reviewing the KIWI from PLX devices for the last few months.  The KIWI is a device that allows you to wirelessly monitor your car's OBDII functions via your smartphone.  There are plenty of options to do this if you have an iPhone but the KIWI works well with your Droid.  Since many of us don't do iPhones, the KIWI is a product we have been waiting for..


Edik Stepanyan

Sneak Peek: Edik Stepanyan's DA Acura Integra

By Justin Banner

It's running away from you, that little, old DA Acura Integra. It's got to be cheating, there is no way your car, with a bigger engine and the same power to weight ratio is losing! Or is there? We take you into the machine that has nearly dominated both rounds of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship and shows that sometimes it is what is in the car that counts the most.


World Time Attack, event coverage

World Time Attack Challenge 2012 - Final Competition Day

By Martin Gonzales

The Australian teams kicked ass and took names on the first day of World Time Attack competition.  Nemo racing oblitirated Cyber Evo's 2011 championship time and Tilton Racing was not far behind.  Would anyone be able to catch Nemo Racing?  Better yet, would Cyber Evo make it on track and defend it's title against the Aussie power houses?


World Time Attack Challenge 2012 - Competition Day 1

World Time Attack Challenge 2012 - Competition Day 1

By Martin Gonzales

After one day of competition the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge is more than living up to all expectations.  Yes it's unfortunate Team America ended up on the wrong continent, but that has not slowed the fierce competition and there is still plenty to talk about.  Track records are continuously falling as teams in all classes have stepped their games up.


World Time Attack 2012

World Time Attack Challenge 2012 -  Practice Day

By Martin Gonzales

We are coming to you LIVE from down-under once again this year to keep you updated on what has come to be one of the mosts anticipated motorsport events of the year - the World Time Attack Challenge!  Team America's BNR32 may be on the wrong continent, but Emirates managed to get your small MotoIQ reporting staff to the right place.


 shit happens ark design bnr32

$hit Happens: ARK Design BNR32 Will Not Make it to Sydney for WTAC 2012

By Eric Hsu

The team and I have been waiting patiently for the past three weeks since we first received news of the mis-shipment of the ARK BNR32 Skyline GT-R to China. Yes, you read that right:  China. Unfortunately last night, I finally received the final word this week there would be no way in hell the car would make it to Sydney in time. A letter from Ian Baker, CEO of Superlap Australia, after the jump.


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