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Project Miatabusa Part 5 Wiring Job From Heck

Project Miatabusa Part 6: The Wiring Job From Heck...

By Dave Coleman


Yea, well, it wasn't really the wiring job from Hell, but it was damn near the wiring job from Purgatory, considering how long it took me to get around to mostly finishing it. Surprisingly, nothing about the complete de-wiring of the Miata's engine control system and the integration of the Suzuki Hayabusa engine harness was really all that complicated. 


 Wrench Tips

factory spliceWrench Tips #22 - Making a Clean Splice


by Dave Coleman

Splicing two wires together is the most basic of wiring tasks, and yet most people seem to do a crappy job of it. Those standard insulated butt connectors are crap. They're bulky, offer no strain relief to deal with bending and vibration, and it's hard to tell when they're crimped enough not to fall out. 



Formula D Abu Dhabi 350Z Dai Yoshihara

The Road to Abu Dhabi: Part One - Mission Impossible

By Mike Kojima

A few weeks ago Formula D Team Falken ace Dai Yoshihara got an invitation to participate in a Formula D expansion event in none other than exotic Abu Dhabi the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.  The event will be held at the World Class Yas Marina Circuit, a world class F-1 approved facility on February 25th 2011.


Annie Sam Project Racer

Project Racer: Back to the Track with NASA, Part Two

By Annie Sam

Our last article gave you a brief introduction to the learning curve for the average driver through the different stages of HPDE (High Performance Driving Event). As promised, this month’s article will give you a little more detailed tutorial on the basics of driving on the road course. Keep in mind that since this Project NASA PT car is an NX2000, the information given here pertains primarily to FWD vehicles, the typical drivetrain of many compact racing cars.

Follow Annie's travels in the world of Motorsports here!


Project CRG Go Kart: From Basket Case to Bitchin

By Mike Kojima

Lately the MotoIQ staff has been Karting a lot to get our speed fix for few bucks.  Running MotoIQ is an expensive endeavor and we have had to mostly give up racing cars for now to keep MotoIQ growing and strong. Looking for cheap used Kart parts on Craigslist one day, we happened upon an ad for what seemed like a lost cause.


NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill with BMC Tool Racing, Part 2

by Eric Hsu

In part 2, I cover most of the engine and some of the drama with the engine and engine installation. Racing's never easy is it? I included pictures of some of the engine's internals and components selected for the turbo Mazda DISI/MZR hybrid power plant.

MotoIQ's project toyota tundra

Project Toyota Tundra Part 4: Genuine Toyota Accessories

By Mike Kojima

We hate cheesy aftermarket accessories whose lower quality often degrades a cool truck like our Tundra.  Well we found solutions to all of our practical issues with a trip to our Toyota dealer who helped us out with some high quality Toyota genuine accessories to fix our problems.  Toyota accessories are built to the same quality standards as the vehicle and will not degrade your warranty.  They are also warranted the same as the vehicle and if installed by the dealer at the time of purchase, can also be financed through the dealer.

Read more about Project Tundra Here!


Fastbrakes New AP Racing Brake Kits

Fastbrakes Announces New Low Priced AP Racing Big Brake Kits!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Our friends at Fastbrakes have just added a line of low cost big brake upgrades using the famous AP Racing caliper line.  Fastbrakes has an extensive line up of big brake kits for many cars using Willwood calipers and the addition of AP Racing calipers simply makes for an even more impressive list of applications.


Skunk2 Black Series Cam Gear Release

VIDEO: John Russakoff at Ken Block's Gymkhana Grid

John Russakoff is our hero.  In our opinion he is the best unattached driver in Formula D.  Period. It is always exciting to watch John take the battle to the sports best in his entirely self funded Turbo F20 powered AE86.  In last years Formula D season opener at Long Beach, John was shredding but was unfortunate to draw Dai Yoshihara as his first opponent in the Top 32 elimination. It was exciting to see John battle the Factory Works Team Falken S13 to a draw, then go one more time only to lose to one of the sports best, backed by the sports strongest team by the slightest margin sorta like David vs Goliath.  If one of you corporate marketing types are reading this, sponsor the man!  Your dollars will be well spent!

More Inside...


Dai Yoshihara Discount Tire Falken LS powered Nissan S13 2010

The Best of 2010: Scoop! Dai Yoshihara's new Formula D ride for 2010

By Mike Kojima

As we continue our trip back to review the last year, who can forget our sneak peek at the insides of Dai Yoshihara's Team Falken S13. SPD gets the credit for building what is arguably the best S chassis car ever screwed together. Many felt that the "outdated and obsolete" S chassis could not be competitive in the high tech world of the top echelons of Formula D competition but Dai, SPD and Team Falken went on to prove the nay sayers wrong in 2010 by giving champion and Falken Teammate Vaughn Gittin Jr a heart stopping season long run for the championship by being the only competitor to consistently beat Jr in head to head battles.  Look for Dai to return in a greatly evolved and improving version of this iconic car in 2011.  Be sure and follow the links to the orignal build of the car as well.


Turbosmart Comp-Gate40 Wastegate

by Eric Hsu

A trick, tiny, high flowing, new wastegate from Turbosmart Australia. I used a pair on the Sierra Sierra EVO. Good enough for Sierra Sierra, plenty good for you (or those of us with normal cars). The tiny package size means you can fit this wastegate in almost any engine bay.

 Technobabble garden sprayer wins twice!


Technobabble: The Garden Sprayer That Won 2 Championships

By Dave Coleman

That free garden sprayer still travels with me to every race, and topping off the coolant with it is a standard part of every Eyesore Racing pit stop. The procedure is simple. Just pump it up to 20 or 25 psi before the stop, then plug it into the radiator hose when the car arrives and open the valve. The 20-psi water in the bottle flows into the 12-psi cooling system, blowing the relief valve on the radiator cap.


ask sarah

Ask Sarah: Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Hi Sarah,

I saw your EVO project at SEMA 2010 this year- the white car with the KW suspension and carbon Seibon parts. I was just wondering who makes those fenders and also those sideskirts. I would appreciate your help on this as we would like to purchase them for our time attack car in Holland.

Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at

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