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Project Defiant1

Project Defiant1: KA24DE Built Part DEUX! The Devil's Details!

By Justin Banner

Does building a successful engine require thousands of dollars? Not always! Sometimes picking up the throwaway engine is the key to saving on building a great engine! The KA24DE doesn't have the JDM factor, but it does offer more cubic inches, a stouter block, and a powerful aftermarket! Is the garage built KA24DE the key to Defiant1's 350 Crank Horsepower goal? How did I start? Read on to see "the Devil's Details!"


Project Evo X GSR- Testing the K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake

Project Evo X GSR- Testing the K&N Cold Air Intake

By Mike Kojima

We have a bunch of mods planned for Chris’s car, the first being a Typhoon cold air intake by K&N. The Intake worked so well that we decided to make it our first MotoIQ Certified Legit evaluation. The K&N Typhoon intake came with a dyno sheet that proudly proclaimed guaranteed power. Glancing at the dyno sheet we could see that the intake increased power by 20 hp near peak RPM. That seemed like a big gain so we had our concerns, this was a lot for just an intake, was it true or BS? We were going to find out with testing that was a little more in depth than just strapping the car to a dyno for a few quick pulls.

Juke vs 510

VIDEO: 2011 Nissan Juke vs. 1971 Datsun 510, Dave Coleman's Rally Beater

MotoIQ Staff Report

In an attempt to reassemble the late great SCC dream team, we have been trying to get Josh Jacquot to write for us for years but he won't.  We can hardly blame him though, he writes for the megasite as a real job where he gets paid more than the pittance we could offer him..  However here is the next best thing.  At Insideline, Josh decided to pair up Dave Coleman's rally beater 510 against a late model Nissan Juke in a off road rallycross ish showdown in a story which is something like we would have done back in the day...


Project Nissan 350Z: The Birth of our Motegi Trak Lite Wheels with Nitto NT01 Tires

Project Nissan 350Z: The Birth of our Motegi TrakLite Wheels with Nitto NT01 Tires

By Mike Kojima

Our Project Nissan 350Z needs some new shoes.  The stock Nissan alloy wheels had developed a crack rendering them unsafe and the worn generic tires that the car came with were on their last legs.  It was time for an upgrade.  Since we wanted a specific offset and width for this medium powered car we called upon Motegi Racing to provide us with a set of their TrakLite wheels.


Infiniti G20 Project Racecar MotoIQ

Project Infiniti G20 Racecar: More Power!

By Steve Rockwood

Road racing is a thrill that has few equals in the wide world of wheels.  Drag racing, unless you're talking nitro cars, is a thrill that quickly loses its lustre.  Losing a drag race while road racing, however, is an exercise in abject frustration.  Nothing will make you hate your car more than nailing that apex and throttle point perfectly to extract every ounce of momentum coming out of the corner, only to watch your opponent sail right past you on a long straightaway and park it in front of you in the next corner.  Project G20 Racecar's tired engine, with over 130,000 miles on it, was destined to only let us down.  We needed to fix it.


SEMA 2011: Scion iQ MR build - Teaser - Sweat blood and tears

By GT Channel for more car videos. GTChannel followed the entire build of the Scion iQ MR by Tatsu for the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, from the day Tatsu and team received the car from Scion up to the day of the tuner challenge competition. You will see the effort and tears that went into building such an outrageous car in just 2 months.



KW V1 & V3 Suspension for Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Industry Press Release

KW Suspensions announces their stainless steel constructed coil-over for the 2010+ Chevrolet Camaro Convertible. Two Variants of the KW suspension line up will be available; V1 & V3.


Tech House and Speed by Bill Wood: Episode 97

Tech House and Speed: Episode 97 - Guests Include: Patrick Richard, Pontus Tidemand, Vaughn Gittin & Craig Breen!

We have champions wall-to-wall this week on Tech House & Speed. And we're talking about championships won all over the map from Sweden to China and most points in between. And the best part is this: a couple of these champions are veterans at this winning. The other two are experienced at winning but their new championships are pushing them further into the international spotlight including the one from Tech House & Speed.


VIDEO: Dai Yoshihara Wins the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Season Finale @ LVMS

MotoIQ Staff Report

Come ride with Team MotoIQ's Dai Yoshihara and APD's Brian Smith as they battle it out at the MPTCC finals at Las Vegas a few weeks ago in an exciting in-car short video by our friend Andrew Escarcega.



Happy Thanksgiving from MotoIQ!

It's that time of year again folks; time to dust off those photohacks of Mike, Dave and Eric!  Looking back at how we've grown over the last year it's highly likely this is the first time you're seeing this work of art--and it IS a must see, so enjoy!  Once again we're thankful for all of our readers and the traffic they create, supporters and the sponsorship they provide, and the whole Nerd Alliance for making this site what it is!  We're thankful for our friends and family who put up with our terrible hours, travel and stress we bring home. 


Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 2

by Eric Hsu

Back in May this year, I took a trip to Dongguan China to train a customer on the Cosworth ECPro ECU and its accompanying software suite. After spending almost a week in a not so Westernized city, it was great to be back in Hong Kong where the old, modern, rich, poor, foreign, and Chinese all come together in a densely populated peninsula. Forunately I was introduced to some locals who were cool enough to show me around for the 2.5 days I had free. I think I saw more E92 M3s and R35 GTRs on that trip in Hong Kong than I've seen in Beverly Hills collectively in the last three years.

SEMA 2011 Coverage 3 - Cusco Impreza STI - Gran Turismo 5

By GT Channel for more car videos. GTChannel hits the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We talk to Cusco about their new Impreza STI demo car and also get some Gran Turismo tips from the GT Academy winner Bryan Heitkotter



Project Honda EJ Civic Fast brakes big brake kit

Project Honda Civic EJ: Fast Brakes Big Brake Kit

By Chuck Johnson
In the past few months, we've completely revamped Project Civic's suspension with a plethora of Skunk2 components; and then most recently, equipped it with a new pair of running shoes in the form of Enkei PF-01 rims and Nitto NT01 tires. Combine the results of these modifications with our goals of producing 200 plus horsepower and we should see some serious reduction in lap times. To truly realize Project Civic's full potential though, it's obvious that we need to balance our modifications and address its brake system.

‪SEMA 2011 Coverage 2 - Brembo Brakes‬

By GT Channel for more car videos. GTChannel hits the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We talk to Jaime Trimble from Race Technologies about Brembo's lineup at the SEMA Show.



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