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Motovicity Adds Muscle Mass to their Lineup

Industry Press Release

Motovicity Distribution announced that they have expanded their offerings to include performance parts for modern muscle vehicles.

Boneyard Brain Surgery

Become an Automotive Tomb-Raider of the Highest Order.

By Alex Vendler

A simple how to on getting the most out of the self service automotive junkyard.  Why you can't afford not to shop at these vast expanses of car part opportunity.


Project S2000 - More Winter Testing and a Challenge

Project S2000 - More Winter Testing and a Challenge

By Khiem Dnih

It started off like any other chat conversation (note: actual words may have been modified from the original text in order to fit the screen and time allotment)

Khiem:   Yo Martin, what's happenin man?  

Martin:  Workin.  What's up with you?

Khiem:  I need to take the S2k out for a track day in cold weather.

Martin:  Oh yeah?  I need to take the SE-R out.  Speed Trial USA has a day coming up at Streets.

Khiem:  Perfect!  How much power does that SE-R make...


Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 2: Fundamental Fixes
Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 2: Dual Sport Adventure Bike Fundamental Fixes

By Dan Barnes

As outlined in Part 1, if a Husqvarna TE610 matches the description of the bike you want, then there really isn't any other bike that does. Things didn't go the way I expected when I got the Husky home to my garage and started going over it. The plan was to get the bike home, change the oil, clean the air filter and chain, and go ride. But with the grease and dirt removed, I could actually see the chain guide. There was work to do.

Tech House and Speed by Bill Wood: Episode 102

Tech House and Speed: Episode 102 - Guests include Hannu Mikkola, Andreas Mikkelson, Kevin Buckler, Mark Miller and Travis Pastrana

By Bill Wood

The Dakar Rally is underway in South America. We get some reaction to The Dakar adventure from a rally legend who won longer events in his career. And we talk with an American who all but won the event in a prestigious career with Volkswagen in Africa and South America. It's another week of Winners, Champions and Legends on Tech House & Speed!


MotoIQ's Guide to the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series

MotoIQ's Guide to the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series

By Efrain Olivares 
While no doubt some of you have heard of the 24 Hours of Daytona, I'm guessing far fewer have heard of the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. Which is too bad, because the cars are pretty damn cool and the racing is ultra competitive. Even in our world of attention spans that are stretched by five-lap RallyCross events, plenty of excitement can be found in sports car racing – which, at their shortest, are two hours and forty-five minutes.


AEM 370Z ETI Intake dyno test

Project 370Z: Part 1 - Testing the AEM ETI Cold Air Intake

(Video Inside!)

By Mike Kojima
Nissan’s 370Z is a pretty damn good car. It is a nice improvement over the already good 350Z; it is more powerful, handles better, is lighter, stiffer and faster. We wonder why it doesn’t sell all that well as we feel that it is a class leading car at a reasonable price. Perhaps in this sluggish economy, the market for a mid priced two seat sports car, which for many people is a second or third car is too much of a luxury.

Formula Drift 2005 - The Roots of Drifting

By GT Channel for more car videos. Join Chris Forsberg as he goes to Japan to discover the roots of Drifting. Also, see a young Daijiro Yoshihara drifting on his home turf! What is Drifting? It's about style. It's about speed. It's about execution. It's about car control. Formula Drift is a look at the sport, from the view of the drivers and the crews that make the cars drift. There is no clock and there is no finish line.


garage revolution fd part 2

Garage Revolution's Time Attack FD3S RX-7, Part 2

By Eric Hsu

Part 2 of the Garage Revolution's Time Attack FD is after the jump. Since Jeff took over 800 pictures of this car, we had to pick the best of them and split the story into two parts. If you want to build the ultimate time attack car, study the following pages carefully and absorb the buffness that is the Garage Revolution FD RX-7.


Whiteline Differential Bushings for Nissan 350Z

Industry Press Release

After numerous requests Whiteline is excited to release a rear differential mounting solution for the Nissan 350Z, Skyline V35 and Infiniti G35. The new bushing kit will help control the excessive axle tramp these platforms encounter under heavy acceleration in high horsepower applications.

The Dakar Rally: The Greatest Adventure


By Bill Wood

There's no way to describe The Dakar Rally other than to say it's an adventure. In every definition of the word and concept, it's an adventure. It's even an adventure to follow. Sure there's enormous competition between man and machine but the largest competition is between man and the elements, the actual matrix in which the competition takes place. There's nothing like it in the competitive world. Not even the Tour de France experiences such extremes in competition with entrants and competition with the environment.


Project G20 Racecar: AEM AQ-1 Data Logger Install

By Steve Rockwood

My memory is horrible.  Outside of which landmarks to aim for, my recollection of what I just did to nail that last corner just right is downright absent, and I couldn't really even tell you if it actually was nailed just right.  Peak coolant temp on that last session?  Hell if I know, seemed fine when I bothered to look at it.  A/F ratios?  The guy behind me said I shot flames on decel, so rich would be my guess.  Intake temps?  No clue.  The fact is, there's a lot going on inside a racecar, and it requires a whole hell of a lot more of my attention than I can give.  Enter the AEM AQ-1 Data Logger.


Project Evo X GSR- Testing the Greddy RS  Catback Exhaust System

Project Evo X GSR- Testing the Greddy RS Catback Exhaust System

By Mike Kojima
In our last edition of Project Evo X GSR, we tested the K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake with excellent results. Since the next logical choice in the path to modding our car is to free up the exhaust, we went to our friends at Greddy to get one of their RS exhaust systems to evaluate. The Greddy RS is a new line of exhausts that are constructed much like their race only systems. The main differences in the RS exhausts are that they allow the use of the stock catalytic converter and do not feature exotic titanium in their construction.

All Eyes on David Cheng

by Ashley van Dyke

David Cheng is quickly becoming an international racing superstar with a successful start already and an increasingly opportunistic future in the works. Cheng was born in 1989, in China where he spent the first six years of his childhood before moving to Washington. This is where his early interest in motor sports began. A self-titled adrenaline junkie, Cheng remembers his passion for racing beginning at age four when he saw a glimpse of a Formula One race on the television set.


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