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Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine

Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine

By Mike Kojima and Chuck Johnson

We last left off our SR20VE engine repair job with Port flow Design fixing our head. Read about that here! Since our broken valve chopped up one of our pistons, we decided to go through the engine's bottom end at this time. Since we have been editorially discussing the effects of running a longer connecting rod at MotoIQ lately, what a better place to try a longer connecting rod than our race motor! Check out Khiem Dinh’s excellent article on the subject here!

Sneak Peak: A Look Inside Brandon Davis' ACS Express Ford Mustang Cobra

Sneak Peek: A Look Inside Brandon Davis' ACS Express Ford Mustang Cobra

By Mike Kojima

If you were at the Long Beach Grand Prix this last weekend, you would have seen Brandon Davis win the World Challenge Race in his GT class ACS Express Ford Mustang Cobra.  Brandon, the 2009 WC GT Champion, drove a controlled race and careful drive to victory.  We were lucky enough to be able to get a close look at the car during last year's Sonoma segment of the Redline Time Attack series and can now share some of the car's details with you.  A lot about the car is secret but we gleaned a lot from looking closely at what we were allowed to see.


Dai Yoshihara's Team Falken/Discount Tire 2011 Formula D Ride

Dai Yoshihara's Team Falken/Discount Tire 2011 Formula D Ride

By Mike Kojima

The 2011 Formula D pre season is heating up and we are getting in a bunch of last minute coverage on some of the new builds that we can get access to. Last week we showed you an early look at Dai Yoshihara's Team Falken/ Discount Tire car coming together at SPD Metal Works.  Now let us take you on a technical tour of the completed car as we caught up to it at Falken's pre season testing at Willow Springs Balcony.

For an earlier view of Dai's car under construction check here!


From LeMons to Le Mans - Eyesore Racing's Victory Tour

Part 1: Le Mans Night Practice

by Dave Coleman

If there's ever any chance we'll be able to just show up without reservations and dine on the Mulsanne (unlikely), Thursday practice is our best bet. I find a guide suggesting a bad Chinese restaurant that was actually in Steve McQueen's plotless masterpiece Le Mans (back before it was a Chinese restaurant), and giving long-form old-man-on-the-back-porch-style verbal directions. With no printer and no functioning smartphone, I take a picture of the directions on the laptop screen so I can read them off the back of my camera and announce that I'm headed to the track. Bitter Dan, Jay and Kyle are dumb enough to join me, while the lady-folk and Ryan stay back to eat, relax, and pretend they aren't missing anything.


revenge of the nerd, mike kojima

Revenge of the Nerds, At Least Someone’s Listening!

By Mike Kojima 
I just realized that it’s been over a year since I last wrote what is supposed to be a monthly column. Sorry about that but I have been pretty busy. In the past year we have grown MotoIQ tremendously, thanks to all of you for helping us grow more than 100% in the last 12 months. We have more than doubled our rate of publishing to keep you fed with content and we have increased the range of stuff we cover from our beginnings of just mostly tech to a wide gamut of subjects over a wide range of media. We have introduced our pod casts and videos from the GT Channel. We have also launched our own race series.


The Ultimate Handling Guide Part 8: Understanding Your Caster, King Pin Inclination and Scrub

The Ultimate Handling Guide Part VIII: Understanding Your Caster, King Pin Inclination and Scrub

By Mike Kojima

Understanding what caster does and how to use it is a powerful tool in the box of a suspension tuner.  Since caster is not adjustable on nearly all FWD cars and usually not adjustable for many late model cars as well, we saved its discussion until now.  Discussions of caster pertain to the front suspension only as caster comes into play as steering angle is induced.


VIDEO: Behind the Smoke 2011 Highlights put together a BTS season highlight video to hold you over the holiday season! Dai's back in Japan sipping some holiday sake but GTChannel is hard at work putting together highlight reels and preparing for next year!


Sneak Peak: GM’s ALMS GT Challenger, The Corvette C6.R

Sneak Peek: GM’s ALMS GT Challenger, The Corvette C6.R

By Mike Kojima

Dave Coleman gave you a sneak look inside GM’s Pratt and Miller built C6.R GT1 cars when he was at LeMans.  We also happened to get a close look at the ALMS GT version of the cars when we were in the pits at the Long Beach Grand Prix in April.  Although the Le Mans GT1 and ALMS GT cars look identical to the untrained eye they are actually pretty different machines under the skin.


Erika Detota

Driver Profile:  Erika Detota

By Amanda Martin

Meet Erika Detota, driver of the #91 Keep A Breast, Rally Armor, Exedy Racing Clutch, Last Minute Motorsports, Grand Prix NY, Big Boulder Park Subaru Impreza.  Erika is already a winner of the 2010 United States Rally Championship 2WD class in only her rookie year.


TESTED:  2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 

By Greg Vogel 

380 HP. 428 lb.-ft of torque. 8 speed AT. 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. 200 MPH speedometer and 20 pistons of Monoblock braking goodness. Hybrid?


garage revolution rx7

Garage Revolution's Time Attack FD3S RX-7, Part 1

Text by Eric Hsu and photos by Jeff Naeyaert.

Finishing in 3rd place at the 2011 World Time Attack in Sydney, Australia makes the Garage Revolution FD3S RX-7 the world's fastest time attack RX-7. Without a doubt, this car is also the world's nicest RX-7 road race build to date having been designed and built around sound race car principles and not the usual JDM hype. Even the engine program was developed in house on GR's own in house engine dynamometer. After the jump you can see for yourself that no detail was overlooked.

Toyota's Legacy in the FR-S

By Annie Sam

Although the FR-S debut has been covered to death on every social medium and media outlet, we have to acknowledge that this was done for a reason. But, what wasn't covered were the other cars that made a cameo at this reveal.


A Tech Look Under the Scion FR-S!

By Mike Kojima

Recently the Scion FR-S or Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ has been officially unveiled to the motoring public.  Most of the stuff about the car on the web has been pretty pictures and cool videos of Ken Gushi sliding around in the rain.  Now that the first close to production Scion FR-S’s have been officially rolled out and press embargos have been lifted we will give you a technical look at the car's underpinnings with some engineering commentary.


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