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Suspension Techniques BMW E36 M3 suspension tested!

ST Suspensions'  BMW E36 M3 Street Suspension Reviewed

By Mike Kojima

When Formula D and road racing pro Mike Essa needed a street suspension for his daily driver BMW E36 M3 he was not looking for the latest and greatest track shredding stuff, just something where he could comfortably run a lower ride height with firm control that could replace the old 140,000 mile worn out stuff on his car.


Compression Ratio - A Look From The Thermo Side

By Khiem Dinh

You want more power and probably better fuel economy due to ever increasing fuel costs.  The government wants lower emissions.  So how do you achieve all those?  Increasing the compression ratio of the engine is one method.


Project Infiniti G20 Racecar - Making It Stop, Every Time

By Martin Gonzales & Steve Rockwood

Loud engines, big horsepower, gratuitous tire smoke, and high cornering speeds are why we love and watch motor sports. Most people, when they watch racing on TV, listen for the engines, stare at the gruesome crashes or marvel at the speeds drivers carry through the corners. However, much like the scrappy player on a basketball team that gets all the rebounds and never scores, brakes just don't get the attention they deserve.

VIDEO: Matt Powers practice at Formula D Road Atlanta

A MotoIQ Staff Report

Road Atlanta's drift course is a high speed and highly technical course which mixes a difficult high speed downhill entry with medium speed sweepers with elevation change with a tight and flat keyhole turn.  If this part of the course is hard to drive while grip driving, imagine it while sliding sideways at over 90 miles an hour.

More inside!


Sneek Peak: A Look Inside Magnus Racings ALMS Porsche GT3

Sneek Peak: A Look Inside Magnus Racing's ALMS Porsche GT3

By Mike Kojima

While we were at this year's Long Beach Grand Prix, we had an opportunity to get a close look at the Magnus Racing Porsche GT3 ALMS GTC race car.  A little known fact about Porsche is that you can buy a turn key race car from the factory, a highly competitive fully developed race car at that.  A good part of the appeal of running a Porsche is that instead of developing a car for the series, the well heeled can simply buy one without the risk of being uncompetitive.


Formula Drift: The Road to the Championship - Round 2 Road Atlanta

By Justin Banner

The hype for Road Atlanta was started back at round one at Long Beach, Justin Pawlak taking the win with Matt Powers coming in second, Vaughn Gittin, Jr. not qualifing, and having a record breaking crowd. Hopes were high for some and the dimming chance of a repeat champion for 2011 started to take shape. However, Road Atlanta is not a track to take lightly. Despite how open it may seem, the natural terrain and the high speeds it creates make this track difficult to get perfect. You get your setup wrong, enter wrong, or even sneeze wrong and you have the potential for disastrous results, though the speed coming down the hill does make for some very interesting entries for the first turn. So, did Road Atlanta pave the Road to the Championship with Gold or red Georgia Clay? Continue reading to find out!

Check out our Atlanta photo gallery!


Project Honda EJ Civic: Initial Driving Impression

By Annie Sam

Standing in the hot pits of Buttonwillow Raceway Park, I could still recall the first time that I had taken my little Honda Civic to the racetrack back in the winter of 2002. We were at the Streets of Willow, in Lancaster, California. Nine years and 200,000 miles later, my baby was battle scarred and war torn with years of daily abuse, adding to the list of things that plagued the back of my mind as I prepared for my hotlap at Buttonwillow. Slipping clutch? Yes. Faded front brakes? Yes. Nonexistent rear drums? Yes. Blown shocks? Probably. Be sure to check out the video at the end of the article!


Project S2000 Part 8 - Oil Control

By Khiem Dinh

Oil is the vital life blood of an engine.  It allows the engine's internal components to slide past each other with very little friction or wear.  However, there is one place an engine does not want oil and that is in the incoming air stream.

Project Nissan 350Z Part One: Installing an ACT Clutch and a Nismo LSD

By Mike Kojima

Our friend Sera is a stuntwoman by trade who does a lot of driving for movies, commercials and TV.  If you see a woman driving in a car commercial, chances are it's Sera. She also does track days with NASA and is into drifting.  She had bought a Nissan 350Z to use as a car to do some track days and also for her to practice her stunt driving and drifting.  The trouble is as soon as she hit the track, she encountered some problems.


The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling: Part Seven- Tuning your Toe

The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling: Part VII - Tuning your Toe

By Mike Kojima

Previously in our series we were talking about general tips for you to follow when tuning your suspension.  In our last installment we talked about adjusting your camber to gain more grip.  Today we will talk about an easier and more basic adjustment that has a great influence in handling, adjusting your toe settings.


What the Hell?  HKS to Close US Operations!

MotoIQ Staff Report

We were shocked and dismayed to see this notice come across our desks yesterday afternoon.  HKS the iconic Japanese manufacturer of some of the best engineered tuner parts on the market is ceasing US operations.  HKS will start winding down operations and be done here sometime this summer, around August.


Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team

Story by Eric Hsu

Photos and captions mostly by John Naderi

What does one of the world's fastest time attack teams do in their off time? Why they run a Ferrari Challenge team of course! Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia and Sierra Sierra join forces to run a F430 Challenge and a 458 Challenge in the 2011 USA Ferrari Challenge series which is coming to a track near you. Details on the car, program, and about 900 pictures after the jump.

Event Coverage: MFEST V "The Ultimatum" -- Las Vegas

By Laura Heng, Photos by Anthony Massie and Brian Nguyen, European Auto Source

MFEST is a journey all BMW ///M owners should take at least once in their life.  People travel from all over the country to participate in this spectacular event that goes down every year in Sin City.  MFEST is not only an event to showcase your M, it is a trifecta of events that encompasses several acts of car related hedonism. The weekend starts in SoCal with a single file caravan all the way to Las Vegas for some Friday night drag racing.  Saturday is the car show and track day held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  The track day also gives shops and manufacturers the opportunity to compete in a Time Attack style MFest Tuner Shootout.  MFEST concludes with the ultimate lifestyle party at TAO Beach at the Venetian Hotel.  This was our first trip behind the MFEST curtain and organizer Chris Naguit has proven once again that he is the man with the masterplan!


Tuners: Test Your Injectors!

Tuners: Test Your Injectors!

By Jim Wolf

Oh my God, what a mess this has become! As race engine development moves forward, aftermarket fuel injectors seem to be moving sideways. About ten years back a trend started to modify stock injectors for higher flow rates. This was done by either drilling out the spray orifices or removing the spray plate all together! While some of the companies attempting this seemed to be making a serious effort, actual flow testing in many cases would indicate otherwise. No doubt someone will eventually figure out how to do this accurately, but in the mean time, they at least need to be willing to do actual flow testing, static and dynamic on each injector (no duplicated flow sheets please). Add this twist to the already diverse methods used to state injector flow values and you have a bit of a mess to sort out.


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