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NERDS ABROAD Germany 2012 - Glasbach Hillclimb

By Martin Gonzales

Just a couple weeks before the world renowned Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in Colorado, a little quiet town in East Germany was just finishing up its annual transformation to host its very own hillclimb race - and the MotoIQ crew just happened to be in the area while we were visiting KW Suspension!


Pro Italia's Café Desmo and 25th Anniversary Show

By Khiem Dinh

Pro Italia is one of the largest Ducati dealers in the United States and they put on an annual show called Café Desmo.  Each year, hundreds of bikes arrive with many competing in the show for prizes with the judges being well known characters from the motorcycle industry.  Numerous vendors were in attendance along with a number of food trucks to ensure everyone was properly fed.  Also this year, a Steve McQueen edition Bonneville T100 Triumph was being raffled off with the proceeds going to the Red Cross; Pro Italia is about to open up their new Triumph dealership to handle your British motorcycle needs.  Well, enough with the jibber jabber, onto the bikes!


MPTCC Round 2 - Sonoma

MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Round 3 - Sonoma Raceway

By Justin Banner

With round 3 in the books, who would have known how this race would have ended. Well, not really how it ended, but what occurred in the pits. Finger pointing and accusations abound in the MPTCC! Who could have seen this coming? What happened to this being a simple series?



Project Camaro Part 1 - Improving Handling with KW Suspension & Whiteline with some Help from Wheel Warehouse!

by Merritt Johnson

When the Chevrolet Camaro was re-introduced into the sports car market it came as no surprise that the industry quickly became saturated with part upgrades for the new model. The upgraded Chevrolet Camaro had available options to satisfy all the muscle car enthusiasts, such as a 6.2L LS3 V8 engine and an aggressive appearance.


XDC Texas

Xtreme Drift Circuit - Texas

By Sarah Forst

The Xtreme Drift Circuit finished up its third season at the 2012 finals this past weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.  The West Coast drivers competed for a chance at the Top 16 competition on Friday and the East Coast and West Coast drivers went head to head at Saturday's finals.  There were already five rounds in the books going into the weekend's events with 3 East Coast competitions and 2 on the West Coast, a double round in Phoenix at the start of the season.  The West Coast drivers had an opportunity to learn the track Friday while competing in their third round, balancing out the point structure.


Global Time Attack Texas Motor Speedway GST Impreza L Jeff Westphal Mike Warfield

Global Time Attack Round 5 - Texas Edition

By Wes Dumalski

"Everything is bigger in Texas!" At least that's what they say... When I stepped off the plane my first destination was the bathroom. I unzipped with nervousness and as I relieved myself I realized that so far, the above cliche was completely untrue. After leaving the facilities with my head hung in shame I realized that something WAS bigger in Texas... The ASS whooping that Global Time Attack was going to deliver to the infield course at Texas Motor Speedway!


Project Nissan 370Z - Keeping it cool with a CSF radiator, HPS Hoses and a Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler

By Mike Kojima

The Nissan 370Z is a notoriously under cooled car.  It has a pretty bad reputation for easily going into overheat limp mode very quickly under track conditions and sometimes even on the street during normal driving in extremely hot conditions.  Nissan knows about the problem - 370Z press cars are fitted with oil coolers and diff coolers.  Probably Nissan does not want to add to the price of the car and instead relies on cheaper electronic nannies like limp mode to control the engine's and driveline's temps.


Project Tundra

Project Toyota Tundra Part 10- Suspension by King Shocks

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off, we had installed bigger brakes as well as wheels and tires on Project Tundra.  The big wheels left us with rubbing problems which we addressed by moving the fender liners and modifying the front crossmember.  We wanted to get even more wheel well clearance so we decided to raise our truck slightly.  The stock Tundra has a nose down attitude which looks a little funny so we wanted to raise the front of the truck by about an inch.  We did not want to build a Metal Mulisha bro mobile, just raise our truck a little and improve handling if we could.

To do this we decided to get a set of King Offroad coilover OEM replacement shocks.  The King shocks were designed to maximize performance on a stock truck at close to the stock ride height.  The King Shocks were designed to run at the stock rear ride height while raising the front about 3".


Sneak Peak: Michell Abbate's 2012 Scion tC

Sneak Peek: Michele Abbate's 2012 Scion tC

By Justin Banner

What do you get with a tenacious young driver and a well built car? You get Michele Abbate and the Gruppe-S 2012 Scion tC! While she has proven herself as a driver thus far in the 2012 MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship, what did it take to make her 2012 Scion tC capable of getting her to this point? We dive in, head first, in this heavy-weight car and will also show you why it's actually more attainable than at first blush! 


Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 6: Horsepower and Handlebars

Project Husqvarna TE610 Part 6: Horsepower and Handlebars

By Dan Barnes

This might be a record among MotoIQ projects for number of articles before engine work to improve performance. Reliability and durability were higher priorities, but the TE610's stock silencer is big, a bit heavy and leaves some performance on the table without being really quiet. Plus, we wanted to clean up some rideability issues. 


Refresh Your Brakes With Stoptech's Sport Kit

By Mike Kojima

Usually at MotoIQ we evaluate brake systems that make a big difference on our project cars,  bigger rotors, calipers and pads are the norm.  These are brake systems that are great for big power cars, with big sticky tires or cars that often see track use.

These brake mods are not for everyone.  If you have a car that sees sporting driving but not necessarily track use, have mild mods or perhaps you don't do braking intensive driving events like drifting or autocross and don't want to have the expense of a big brake system but could still stand to upgrade your brakes, a simple solution exists.


Driver Blog: Tyler McQuarrie

By Tyler McQuarrie

Round 6 of the Formula D Championship would be in Sin City, Las Vegas! I had some unfinished business from a year ago when Formula D made its stop here and I was really hoping to repeat my win at this round in 2010. I wasn’t surprised to see a new track layout, simply because Formula D has changed almost every track we have gone to this year.


nemo evo title

Sneak Peek: The NEMO Racing EVO, Part 2

Story by Eric Hsu, MotoIQ photos by Jeff Naeyaert, other photos by NEMO Racing

In Part 1 we covered a little of the history behind Chris Eaton and the NEMO Racing EVO, some of the build process, and the car's exterior features including the balls out aero. This time in Part 2, we'll cover what's going on inside and some of the awesome details that makes this EVO the fastest Time Attack EVO in the world.


Project Nissan 370Z- Kinetix Racing Suspension, Enkei Wheels and Continental Tires

By Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project Nissan 370Z, we installed a basic suspension with KW V3 coilovers and Whiteline sway bars.  To continue to develop our car into a dual purpose track/daily driver we needed to add some more adjustability to the suspension, we had to get more negative camber in the front and less in the rear.  We also had to get more rubber on the road.

To achieve this we added some adjustable suspension links from Kinetix and some super light Enkei PF01 wheels with Continental Extreme Contact DW Tires.


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