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World Time Attack 2010 - Results

by Eric Hsu

Results after two days of time attack battle at the Superlap Australia's World Time Attack 2010. In some ways the results aren't surprising. Either way it was an awesome event that other organizations should aspire to.

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Revenge of the Nerd, Hope for my Green Ass

By Mike Kojima

During my trip to Germany to the 24 hours of Nurburgring last week I hung out with D Sport Magazine's publisher Mike Ferarra who was also traveling with us.  Mike holds the same ideas about the green revolution as I do, perhaps even more extremely, hence last months "Green Sucks" issue of D Sport. Sharing rants, I realized that I forgot to finish my thoughts about being green here. 



The Green Hell, Life at the Nordschleife

By Mike Kojima, Photos by Jeff Naeyeart

It's past 2 am and I am lost somewhere in the middle of the pitch black German countryside. I am stumbling around in the bush.  My tiny LED mechanics light can hardly illuminate the sucking quagmire I am trying to escape. My boots which I am damn glad I packed, squish in mud and water.  It is probably in the high 30's and the cold damp air penetrates several layers of North Face goretex and fleece.  I now understand why multi time F1 champ Jackie Stewart called the Nordscheife The Green Hell.

World Time Attack 2010 - Overseas Cars Have Arrived

by Eric Hsu

The cars from the USA and Japan have arrived in Australia safely. Look inside for some pics and some detailed pics of the RX-7s. The Superlap Australia World Time Attack event is surprisingly mainstream. The picture above is a billboard advertisement on one of the freeways between Eastern Creek International Raceway and Sydney. There are also plenty of printed ads and radio ads as well.

ACT Twin Disc Clutch

Clutch Tech Part 4, Exotic Clutches, Flywheels and Trouble Shooting

By Mike Kojima

In parts one, two and three of our series of the inner workings of clutches, we covered how the three main parts of the clutch, the pressure plate, the disc and the friction material work. Now that you probably have more than enough information about how basic clutch systems work, we will go on and explain the workings of some of the more exotic clutches and delve into the world of flywheels a bit. Finally we will talk about a little bit of clutch trouble shooting.


Dai Yoshihara

Congratulations Dai Yoshihara and Team Falken!

MotoIQ Staff Report, photos courtesy of Falken Tire

Dai Yoshihara and the SPD/Discount Tire/Team Falken Nissan 240SX fought to first place in the second round of the 2010 Formula D season at Road Atlanta after a challenging trip up the ladder.  Perhaps his hardest battles were against fellow Falken teammates Darren McNamara and Vaughn Gitten Jr. both highly capable drivers driving potent high horsepower machines.


Sarah Forst removing nuts

Ask Sarah, Problems with Nuts

By Sarah Forst 

Hi there,

I have a problem with my car and I'm too embarrassed to ask my friends. My problem is that I usually over-torque bolts/nuts on my car and I need your help. One of my strut tower nuts is over-torqued and when I tried to remove that nut, it started to round pretty bad. I even went to Sears to buy a socket set that removes rounded bolts/nuts but with no success. The nut looks pretty bad. What can I do? Thank you for any help.


Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at


Little Car vs. Big Car

by Eric Hsu

What happens when a small car collides with a big semi? WARNING: IMAGES ARE QUITE GORY! Do not click if you cannot handle gore.

Rahal Letterman BMW M3 ALMS racer

A Look Inside:  The Rahal Letterman ALMS GT BMW M3 Coupes

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Thanks to our friends at Volk Wheels, the technical staff at MotoIQ had a special opportunity to get a close insider's look at BMW's uber-trick factory works BMW M3's that Rahal-Letterman racing campaign in ALMS's GT class.  If you do a google search on these cars, you will not find much information on them because until now, no one that cares has gotten a really close look at these amazing machines. Most reports have pretty pictures of the cars and stuff about the "Story of Joy" marketing campaign that the cars are promoting but in typical MotoIQ form, we will take you inside like no one else has before.


ROAD TEST:  2010 Hurst Performance Vehicle's Camaro

by Martin Gonzales, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

No need to check the address bar, yes you are still on MotoIQ and no we have not changed formats.  Last week the privilege to drive this beauty was extended to us and no way were we going to turn it down.  So follow us on a tour of the Hurst Performance Vehicle's 2010 Camaro. 


VIDEO: Project Scion tC at Long Beach!

Check out this sweet video of our Project Scion shot at the Long Beach Grand Prix.  Great in car camera shots show exactly how hard it is to drive on a street course.  Looking at how little the driver can see to aid in positioning the car and even work in traffic will give you reasons to respect what Dan Gardner and Robert Stout do!  This video is a must see.  If there is interest we can post some more raw in car video at a later date.


AEM Water Methanol Injection System

AEM Performance Electronics Water Methanol Injection System Evaluation

By Mike Kojima 

AEM gave us their latest version of a water methanol injection system and we agreed to install it on Project EVO IX.  The AEM system uses a powerful high pressure, 6amp, 72 watt 150 psi pump.  This is important because on a turbo car, the water system has to work against the boost pressure so a 20 psi windshield washer pump will actually not pump any water at all at 20 psi of boost unless the water tank is boost referenced. The pump also features chemical resistant fluroelastomer EDPM seals and a santoprene diaphragm so as not to be phased by ethanol or methanol in any concentration.


The Motorola Droid Does...

by Eric Hsu

I used to be a Blackberry user, but I gave in to Motorola's advertising campaign and decided to give the Motorola Droid a try. Thinking about getting a Droid? Read my review of the Droid and my comparison to the Blackberry and iPhone.

keep racing fun

Keep Racing Fun, a Fake Blog Road Trip Adventure

By Mike Kojima and Jeff Naeyaert

Warning!  We are not hipsters, we don't wear cool clothes, girl pants, expensive cheap sneakers, fancy hats or carry vintage cameras around.  We are kinda boring so this story might not be too interesting, but if you still want to read on, have fun!  We have been working really hard at the palatial MotoIQ corporate headquarters.  We have been out covering events and working on project cars nearly every day.  Too much work and no play makes for even duller nerds so we decided to hit the road to enter Redline Time Attack's round 3 in Las Vegas. 


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