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Pagoda hill climb

The 2011 Reading Pennsylvania Pagoda Hill Climb

By Sarah Forst

Living in the Northeast means there is no shortage of squiggly mountain-hugging roads which lend themselves to a number of rally crosses and hill climbs.  


VIDEO: 2011 Pikes Peak Record Breaking Run with Monster Tajima

MotoIQ Staff Report

Last week Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima achieved the holy grail of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, breaking the 10 minute barrier for a run up the vaunted hill.  What makes this iconic record even more notable is that this is probably the last year that the event will have a dirt section in the course.  The mixture of dirt and tarmac is what has made the hill climb unique.  The road is scheduled to be completely paved by next year so any subsequent record will not be quite the same.


Auto Talent M3 - A Cheetah In Zebra's Clothing

By Khiem Dinh

The BMW M3 has been the performance enthusiast’s choice within the BMW lineup for generations.  The E36 generation is still an extremely popular track day vehicle due to its performance and value.  The current generation E92 coupe could be considered the German equivalent of a muscle car packing a 414hp, 4.0L, V8 that eclipses the magical 100hp/L mark for a normally aspirated engine.


Virtually Real: Can Racing Sims help us when we get behind the wheel?

Virtually Real: Can Racing Sims help us when we get behind the wheel?

By Efrain Olivares

Part of the perks of being on the staff of is that we get to go to all of the cool media events and get some free food and drinks. So we found ourselves at the launch party for Forza 4, the newest version of the Forza series for XBox, which was a big party held at LA Live.


The Kid Rocks!   A Look Inside Walker Wilkerson’s Nissan S13

The Kid Rocks!   A Look Inside Walker Wilkerson’s Nissan S13

By Mike Kojima

Walker Wilkerson has suddenly burst upon the Pro Drift scene.  At the Long Beach season opener, the 21 year old College student made a sudden appearance on the 2011 Formula D tour in his striking lavender hued Nissan S13, qualifying well and beating out many seasoned pros.  In his rookie year, Walker has surprised many drift fans by getting several high qualification rounds and decent finishes thus far in the season and looks to be a shoe in for rookie of the year honors.


A Look Inside - APD's MPTCC TU Class Killer Acura TSX

By Jonathan Donner and  Mike Kojima

Race Car Fabricators APD had a goal in mind when building their Acura TSX, to build a car that would be competitive in MotoIQ’s Pacific Coast Tuner Challenge in the TU class.  Currently most of the cars competing in the series were built to be competitive under the rule sets for different classes such as NASA and SCCA.  APD’s car is the first car built specifically for our series so we just had to take a closer look at it.


Project EJ Honda Civic - Fixing a Leaky Head for more Power!

By Mike Kojima
We were planning to methodically add parts to our project Civic’s B18C engine one bit at a time to see how they affected power and powerband. Unfortunately, our car had other ideas. Although Annie had driven the Civic for over 200,000 miles on a daily basis with not a single hitch, a trip to the track exposed the car's age.


Formula Drift Round 3 Wall New Jersey

Formula Drift Round 4: New Jersey - Wall Stadium Speedway

By Justin Banner

Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall Township, New Jersey is not the track at the top of the driver's lists of favorites. Carnage, is usually the reason why most do not like it. The old short track likes to gobble up cars like kids to a candy bar and can be a rather grumpy, bumpy thing. The whoops in the center section aren't friendly to short wheelbase or low cars either, so the Drifting Hipsters probably don't like it, though rarely do they like anything Formula Drift. Even so, this is a stop on the 2011 Formula Drift Schedule that must be run in order to determine the Champion and what a year it is shaping up to be! Would JTP come out on top again? Can someone beat the dominance of Falken Tire? Will there be another half-naked man attack? Find out by reading more!



Does Length Matter?

by Khiem Dinh

Someone recently asked, “Why a longer rod?”  Someone else answered, “Longer dwell time.”  I never really thought about it before, so I thought I’d look into it.  Using some basic math, we can prove that a longer rod does indeed create a longer dwell time around top dead center.


  Click on "play" button rather than the middle of the video screen to watch on MotoIQ!   

Formula D LIVE Broadcast from New Jersey!

We are pleased to bring you the live broadcast of Formula D Round 4 from New Jersey today and tomorrow here on MotoIQ thanks to a media partnership with YoParts and DriftStream.  Click inside to see the Schedule & Chat Live!

Skyline GT-Rs, RB26s, and the XS Engineering BNR32

by Eric Hsu

The BNR32 Skyline GT-R is still the Nissan GT-R to me. You could argue the Hokosuka KPGC10 was the first GT-R. No disrespect to grandfather GT-R, but c'mon, are you going to tell me that 160bhp is exhilirating? The R35 is a GT-R too and is a technological marvel, but the last time I checked, the BNR34 was already a little too heavy albeit just (nothing some Z-tuned carbon parts can't fix). The BCNR33 GT-R? No comment unless you're going straight in a hurry. That only leaves one GT-R left: the BNR32, but I'd take a BNR34 GT-R as a substitute too.

Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part VI, Saving Weight

Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part IV, Saving Weight

By Jeff Naeyaert

Although the Ducati Hypermotard S is a pretty light bike from the factory at 390 lbs. we figured that we could always make a good thing better by getting rid of some of the weight.  For 2010 Ducati freshened up the Hypermotard model with the Evo SP which weighs only 379 lbs.  This is mostly due to lighter engine cases, flywheel, alternator and crank.


Mike Kojima, Dai Yoshihara

Video - Dai Yoshihara and Mike Kojima In Car at MPTCC Cal Speedway

MotoIQ Staff Report

Ride along with Dai Yoshihara and Mike Kojima at Redline's MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Challenge race at Cal Speedway.  See Dai cruse to victory after a brief battle with the APD Acura TSX.  See Mike Kojima flub his way from last to second after a first lap crash.  You can briefly see Project G20 for a couple of seconds as well with Steve Rockwood at the wheel.


Conrad GrunewaldVideo - Conrad Grunewald at Formula D Florida

MotoIQ Staff Report

We know it's a little late but we wanted to share this cool video that our friend Conrad Grunewald sent to us.  Conrad has been killing it with high angle entries in his Camaro lately.  You can see Conrad get super angle at Formula D's Florida expansion event.


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