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Annie Sam's Project Racer

Project Racer- Back to the Track with NASA

By Annie Sam

Of all of the various sanctioning bodies I have run with, I feel that NASA has the best program for the beginner driver by far.  NASA’s HDPE or High Performance Driving Event program can take a driver safely from a raw beginner to an experienced track driver ready for driving school and wheel to wheel racing.

Follow Annie's travels in the world of Motorsports here!


Performance Friction’s Killer BMW 135i Brake System

Performance Friction’s Killer BMW 135i Brake System. Track Tested, Street Durable!

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

In a Time Attack car, the brake system is just as critical for a winning car as the engine.  The same is true for a street car but under differing parameters.  A successful race car has to slow down rapidly and repeatedly from high speeds. A street car has to do the same but for 100,000 miles with little maintenance.


Project Sipster part 3 lead

by Dave Coleman


Project Sipster is full to its bare metal roof with luggage, disorganized boxes of Rabbit parts and a full Cabriolet body kit; fender flares, side skirts, front bumper and all. To the untrained eye, it looks like a homeless camp. Our Editor isn't helping with the image problem. In the 30 minutes he's been stranded, hoping somebody, anybody will drive past this desolate stretch of Canadian nothingness, Jared has put on two pairs of pants, three sweatshirts and a sleeping bag. He hasn't slept for days and his hair… actually, his hair always looks like that.


Cosworth XFE ChampCar Engine on Dyno

by Eric Hsu

Cosworth's last CART/CCWS engine revs to 12,000rpm on the engine dyno with glowing headers and all. A 2.65L V8 that revs to "only" 12,000rpm with approximately 7.5psig of boost = 750bhp.


Ask Sarah Forst

Ask Sarah: Is the Pressure Making You Hot?

By Sarah Forst

I am wondering about gauges and their importance; specifically, oil temperature versus oil pressure. If you had to choose between the two, which one would you pick? And does it matter for a street car versus track car?

Got a difficult tech question? Email Sarah at


FXMD NSX Billy Johnson

Superlap Battle Finals: Congratulations Billy Johnson, Eric Hsu and Dai Yoshihara! Video Inside

MotoIQ staff report

Congratulations to MotoIQ‘s Fast Lap Editor Billy Johnson and MotoIQ contributor, Formula D star Dai Yoshihara for their wins at Source Interlink's Superlap Battle finals at Buttonwillow Ca.  There is a lot of celebration around the MotoIQ office as three teams staffed by MotoIQ editors reigned supreme including the winning and record setting Sierra Sierra EVO watched over by Beyond the Dyno editor Eric Hsu.


Redline Time Attack Cal Speedway 2010

Keep Racing Fun Part 3, Redline Time Attack Season Finale

By Mike Kojima

I really wanted to run the Redline Time Attack Season Finale at Autoclub Speedway.  However a heavy schedule with the end of the Formula D season, SEMA and the Superlap Battle left me with little time to prep the Infamous Dog car for any sort of track use.

I jokingly made a post on Facebook about needing a sponsored ride for the event and to my surprise Dez Ballard of ABF Tech Division contacted me about driving one of their Mini Coopers for the event. 


Koyo Honda CR-Z

KOYORAD Releases Performance Radiator for the Honda CR-Z!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Koyorad is proud to introduce the first direct replacement all aluminum performance radiator for the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid 6MT.


Redline Time Attack Sean Finale

Redline Time Attack Season Finale at Auto Club Speedway

By Laura Heng

Without a doubt the 2010 Redline Time Attack season was filled with some drama and controversy but in the end the new management at Redline made good on their word and delivered an unbelievable year of racing.   Round 10 held at Auto Club Speedway would bear witness to a new record in ALL classes as well as a new overall track record which is definitely a sign that US based Time Attack has no intention of slowing down.


sema 2010

SEMA 2010

By Sarah Forst

[see-muh ]
– noun
1. a car industry trade show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) drawing about 100,000 attendees each year to Vegas
2. a cross between a pipe dream and a wet dream for a car enthusiast

[see-muh d ]
1. past tense of the act of attempting to conduct business while hungover
a. typical cure- "hair of the dog" and a quadruple Venti something or other

VIDEO: GST Motorsports Impreza L Sets Lap Record at Auto Club Speedway

By Jeff Naeyaert

Last Wednesday at Superlap battle we were bummed we never got an opportunity to put our cameras in the Sierra Sierra EVO to witness them take down the Buttonwillow track record; however, luck turned in our favor this weekend at the final Redline Time Attack event!  With only 30 minutes before the first session of the day we were able to throw our Traqmate and a few Contour cameras into the GST Motorsports Impreza "L" just before Jeff Westphal drove it to a new track record of 1:35.548!    Check out the video and data inside!

A First Timer's Visit to SEMA

A  First Timer's Visit to SEMA

By Colin Holte

Like many auto enthusiasts it had been one of my long held dreams to attend that glorious feast of automotive aftermarket goodness known as the Specialty Equipment Market Association or SEMA.  Also like many auto enthusiasts I didn't really have a job in the automotive industry that would work to gain me entry to the show.  How I fixed that is an interesting story.


Project Sipster part 3 lead

by Dave Coleman

Any dropout parts jockey can open a parts book and order a new left axle for a '91 Integra, but what if you have an engine from a '91 Integra and an insatiable desire to put it in an '86 Chevy Sprint? There isn't a book in the world that will tell you which axle will work for that one.


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