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Sierra Sierra EVO 8 - 1:44.2 and Dropping

by Eric Hsu

The Sierra Sierra EVO 8 lives up to its name and further evolves. Details inside with a FAQ section!

FXMD Acura NSX driven by Billy Johnson

Time Attack Terror: FXMD's Record Setting Acura NSX (Video Inside!)

By Mike Kojima and Billy Johnson

If you follow Time Attack at all you are probably very familiar with FXMD's Acura NSX Unlimited RWD killing machine piloted by our own Fast Lap Editor, Billy Johnson.  In the 2009 Time Attack season the NSX has given the competition the business in every event it has entered for an undefeated 2009 Redline Time Attack season. Lets take a deep technically based look inside the fastest Time Attack machine in North America.


Taipei, Taiwan 2009

by Eric Hsu

What to do, where to go, what I did, and as usual, my opinions during my Christmas trip to Taipei, Taiwan. Plenty about Taiwanese food, night life, friends, and tourist spots inside.

MotoIQ Project Scion TC

Project Scion tC at Thunderhill Video!

By Jeff Naeyaert

Check out this cool video of our Project Scion shot at the NASA Six Hours of Thunder hill.



Project Racer - Part 7: Recipe for Racing

By Annie Sam

Being a fast road racer requires five main ingredients; 2 cups drivers skill, 1 cup killer suspension, ½ cup of grip, a dash of reliability, and of course, 2 tablespoons of horsepower. Now that you’ve learned the basics of racing, and driving through following the progress of Project Racer, let’s turn our attention to the next ingredient - horsepower. Though a detailed buildup of a Performance Touring race car could be found detailed in various other project vehicles on this site, what automotive project – project racer included - is complete without the mention of upgrading a racecar? After all, as project racer, I couldn’t race without building a racecar, now could I?

Revenge of the Nerd: Bravo Toyota!

By Mike Kojima

Today Toyota announced perhaps what is the most extensive, comprehensive and expensive recall in the history of Automotive manufacturing.  The recall involves eight of their best selling models from the Camry to even our Project Tundra.  2.3 MILLION vehicles will be affected by this recall. In an unprecedented move, Toyota has also stopped all sales and production of the potentially affected models as well. This affects more than 100,000 brand new Toyotas in the sales pipe line.  This is STOPPED, dead cold, with thousands of workers at plants and dealerships who as of next Monday will be sitting around twiddling their thumbs. This recall will probably be disastrous financially for Toyota.


Project Pathfinder Cams, ECU's, & Headers

Project Pathfinder Part 8, Cams, ECU, Headers

By Mari Umekubo

The stock VG cam shafts are very mild.  At the advice of the guys at Nissan Motorsports we added a set of their #2 off road cams to Project Pathfinder.  The cams have 264 degrees of duration and .430” lift with a 106 degree intake and 116 lobe center as opposed to the tiny stock 248 degrees duration and .374” lift with 114 lobe centers.  This is quite a difference and the cams really woke Project Pathfinder up.


MotoIQ Project Honda S2000 S2K

Project S2000 Part One, Wheels and Tires

By Khiem Dinh, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

The Honda S2000 or S2K as it is affectionately known is one of our favorite cars from one of our favorite brands, Honda. Its most endearing feature is its front engine rear drive chassis with a front mid engine configuration giving an ideal 50/50 weight distribution.  Although the S2K has a bad reputation as being a twitchy, hard to handle car, we have found, that with the proper modifications, it is just the opposite, a sweetheart that is easy for a reasonably skilled driver to flat out haul ass in that is nearly impossible to make understeer.


Baller Dyno Headers

by Eric Hsu

A quick look at some of the dyno headers sitting around waiting to be used at Cosworth in Torrance. It's a pretty good collection of 321 stainless and inconel tubes!

RC engineering 1000cc injectors for EVO 4G63

Ask Sarah- How to fix your EVO

By Sarah Forst

First, repeat after me- you can’t go reliably fast if your wallet is on a diet!  Although you haven’t given me enough information to properly answer your question as I don't know what other parts are on your car, I will give it a guess assuming you are not spending much money on your 4G63 to begin with. Your current setup includes too small a turbo and probably too undersized a fuel system for those boost levels.  Let’s start with the stock turbo on the Evo VII.

Got a Tech Question?  Email Sarah at


Nissan QR25DE Engine Turbo by Jim Wolf Technology

Jim Wolf Technology's Turbo Nissan QR25DE Powerhouse - Part 1

By Mike Kojima

Compared to the late great SR engine family, the early Nissan QR25DE has a spotted history as a performance engine.  In the performance world it has earned a reputation for being fragile and the many recalls that Nissan has had for serious problems from blowing head gaskets to blowing rods out the side of the block has furthered this reputation.  The engine's redeeming features are a cylinder head that flows extremely well, a light overall weight and a strongly supported crank and lower end. A fragile engine is not going to work for our time attack Spec-V so we are going to address the engine’s weak points and see if we can turn the QR into a solid performer capable of racing levels of performance and reliability.


Mazdaspeed3 SEMA

Wrench Tips #10: Bust a (lug) Nut

by Dave Coleman 


World Time Attack Challenge - May 21-22, 2010 Australia

by Eric Hsu

photo by Sean Klingelhoefer (I stole this awesome shot from a photo forum).

This event will be a very exciting Time Attack event. The Aussies will have the home court advantage, but will the Japanese or Americans show up and clean house? Take a wild guess who I'm rooting for. More details and video inside.

Speedtech EVO 9 DRAG: 8.63 @ 164MPH in New Zealand

by Eric Hsu (and technically Andre Simon)

Speedtech Motorsports in New Zealand has the AMS drag EVO in their crosshairs. Watch the 8.63 run and read about some of the car's trick details inside.

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