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revenge of the nerd

Revenge of the Nerd:  My Mail Box and Other Funny Stuff

By Mike Kojima

So it looks like Jeff has too much time on his hands and has been hard at work making digitally enhanced unflattering images of me again.  I guess the point this time is not some sort of tech rant from me but to show what showed up in the mail at the palatial MotoIQ Headquarters.  Someone named Mr. Thumb has started up a group called and since MotoIQ has always had an anti janky copy policy, Mr. Thumb has sent us a care package full of cool anti fakes stickers.  I especially like the one you could stick on someones car that is equipped with fake stuff. 


Project Honda S2000 Stoptech big brake upgrade

Project Honda S2000 Part 3- Brakes that don't Break

By Khiem Dinh, Photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Although the Honda S2000 is one of our favorite all time cars, one of the parts we like the least about the car is the brake system.  Although they are perfectly adequate for street duty, the stock brakes do not match the excellent handling ability of the car and are not up to snuff for track day use. S2000s that are tracked heavily, especially on non-staggered setups running 245 or 255 width front tires, are prone to cracking front rotors.  The added traction from the wider front tires means more braking power and therefore more heat the front brakes must dissipate.  This added heat is simply beyond the capacity of the stock brakes’ design, leading to oft cracked rotors.

To see what else we did to project S2000 click here!


Top 10: World’s Fastest Time Attack Cars?

By Carter Jung

For my first-ever MotoIQ article, I’m going to delve deep Down Under and take you to the World Time Attack Challenge. The World Time Attack Challenge? You mean the time-attack event that popped off in Sydney, Australia? Didn’t that happen, like, in May? That would be a yes, yes, and another yes. Alright look, I’m used to the print cycle where two months is the standard operating procedure. Besides, you cheap Internet bastards don’t even pay for content, so go ahead, try and get a refund.


Performance Friction Brakes

Performance Friction, State of the Art Braking Systems

By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

Those in the know are very familiar with the Performance Friction company. Performance Friction brakes are found on most of the paddock at the highest levels of pro racing. IRL, NASCAR and ALMS teams go to Performance Friction as the brand of choice for their brake system and friction material needs.

Performance Friction is also a brand of choice in the tuner market. Many of the top Time Attack cars run Performance Friction pads and brake systems as well as a legion of club racers. Performance Friction pads are also a favorite among the staff at MotoIQ. We are enamored of the performance and consistency of the product.


WRC B-series Honda CRX

by Eric Hsu

Of course it really isn't a WRC Honda CRX, but it's the next best thing: a Honda CRX built by a WRC fabricator. It could very well be the world's cleanest and most functional CRX cage. Just several pics of a very nicely built CRX located in the UK.

Mechanix Wear kevlar sleeves and Team Issue Carbon-X gloves

No Burns! Mechanix Wear Team Issue Carbon-x Gloves and Kevlar Sleeves

By Mike Kojima

In the world of Pro Drifting crew people often are caught in the world of the 5 minute rule.  If a car is too damaged to continue, you can have 5 minutes to fix it.  If you cannot you are disqualified.  Under this pressure repairs have to be made quickly.  This means that you often have to work around components that are glowing hot and most of us have scars to prove this.  The same thing with pit stops in endurance racing, especially for chores like brake pad changes or working around exhaust components.  In the world of racing, there are often times where you can't wait for a part to cool down enough to work on.


   wrench tips

rubber latheWrench Tips #16: The Homebrew Rubber Lathe

by Dave Coleman



Project 200SX - Track Ready?

By Wes Dumalski

It's no secret that driving your car at speed on a road course will bring to light all of the car's weaknesses. After sorting the motor and suspension we decided to take Project 200SX to a few track day events to put the car through its paces. While the car has proven dead reliable we certainly found its shortcomings.


997 GT3 Cup Car @ Pike's Peak - Video

by Eric Hsu

Inside is a video of this year's Time Attack class winner: Jeff Zwart in a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup car. I'm not the world's biggest Porsche Cup Car fan, but this video is pretty cool. Notice the steering angle in the picture above. Cool shit, huh?

Air fuel ratio and compression ratio explained

Suck, Squish, Bang, Blow part 3- Compression Ratio and Air Fuel Ratio

By Mike Kojima

In our last edition of our ongoing series on engine tuning and theory, we explained how the 4-stroke cycle works.  Now we are going to break down a couple of common and very important terms that you will hear all the time when discussing engines that you must understand if you are going to successfully tune or select parts for your motor.  This information can also help prevent you from getting ripped off by bogus speed shops.  This can also help prevent you from being steered wrong by SPE's, FFF's and other lameo guru types that inhabit various forums and online resources.

For part one of the series click here!

For part two of this series click here!



Redline Time Attack Willow Springs

Arms Race: Redline Time Attack - Willow Springs

By Laura Heng, photos by David Karey & Martin Gonzales

Back in the Cold War between the United States and Russia each party built a vast array of military nuclear weapons, large armies of troops, and superior technology in a race for global superiority. Even though no war actually took place a great deal of time, money, and effort went into building the ultimate military machine.  Right now the Redline Time Attack series is no different except larger turbos, stickier tires, and exotic titanium parts take the place of bigger warheads.


Project Garage: Part II

The Marvelous Monster: Nobuhiro Tajima's Pikes Peak Destroyer

By Mike Kojima

It's no wonder why Nobuhiro Tajima's Nickname is "Monster".  We don't think it's because of his history as one of the most winning drivers in Hill Climb history, we don't think it's because of his wild driving style.  We don't think it's because of his shredding in WRC rally and rallycross either.  We think it's because Mr. Tajima is simply the biggest Japanese guy in Japan or certainly the biggest guy we know.


Project Garage: Part II

Project Garage: Part II - To See or Not to See

By Sarah Forst

Project Garage Part II is getting better lighting!  We'll explore the different options for lighting large garage spaces and creating a shop-worthy garage. 


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