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Achilles Tires Formula Drift Long Beach 2012

By GT Channel for more car videos. Achilles Tires joins the street fight in Formula Drift's opening round in Long Beach. Achilles Tires has a three driver/car line up with 2008 D1 Champion and 2011 Formula D Asia Champion Daigo Saito, FD veteran Robbie Nishida and Emmanuel Amandio from Indonesia. In his first FD event, Saito finished an impressive 3rd to climb onto the podium!


 When Car Parts Attack - Drag Racing Safety Equipment

By Khiem Dinh

Racers push everything to the limit and often times beyond in their goals of being the fastest.  To be the fastest, you have to make power.  The more power you make, the more stress you apply to parts causing them to fail.  If you want to test the durability of a part, put it in a race car and take it out to the track.  What happens when a part does fail?  Often times, those parts are spinning really fast meaning they have a lot of kinetic energy.  When these parts fail, that energy gets released in every direction.  If safety precautions are not taken, a lot of damage and death can be the result.  Drag racers are particularly apt at breaking powertrain and drivetrain parts, so we’re going to examine a little bit of the physics and have a look at some of the safety measures.


Driver Blog: Duncan Ende, The Streets of Long Beach

By Duncan Ende

After a four week hiatus – which felt at least twice as long – the American Le Mans Series got back underway for round two on the historic streets of Long Beach, California. While this year's race was only the sixth running of the ALMS race in the famous street circuit, the Long Beach Grand Prix goes all the way back to 1975. It debuted as an F5000 race before hosting Formula 1 and Indycars, making Long Beach second only to Monaco when it comes to historic and prestigious street races the world over, in addition to being the greatest auto racing tradition in California. And on a personal note, as a Los Angeles native and resident, the LBGP is the closest thing I am ever going to have to a home race, so it was even more exciting to get back in the #25 Dempsey/Silicon Tech Racing PC car!


xs engineering bnr32

World Time Attack Team America - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Intro Part 2

by Eric Hsu

The team and I have been hard at work with ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R. You may remember this car as the old XS Engineering BNR32 GT-R, but that was the distant past. ARK Design now owns this car and it is being rebuilt from the ground up. Follow us as we convert this car from the glorified street car that it was to the world class Time Attack car that it will become. The team only has until June to have this car built, tested, and loaded into a shipping container for Sydney's 2012 World Time Attack Challenge with a limited budget and limited man power.


2013 Scion FR-S Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada Interview

By GT Channel

Two automakers, Toyota and Subaru, formed an alliance, integrating their advanced technologies and instilling their passion in the development of the "86"/Scion FR-S. The development keywords, "Built by passion, not by committee!" symbolizes the passion of each and every person involved in the project for creating an ideal sports car. The passion then led to the birth of a car that responds precisely and intuitively to the driver's intentions. for more car videos. for exclusive content and free giveaways.


Global Time Attack and MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship

Global Time Attack & MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship - Round 1

By Justin Banner

So, how do you save Time Attack here in the US? You get us involved, that's how! The first round for both the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship and Global Time Attack tooe place at the home of American Time Attack, Buttonwillow Raceway where both records and cars were broken. Was it the heat, the track, or all of the above? Tune in to find out!


Scion FR-S Test

TESTED:  2013 Scion FR-S

By Jeff Naeyaert and Steve Rockwood

Nearly every mass-produced car we come across today is governed, designed, regulated, or otherwise manipulated by a committee.  As a result, nearly all of them stink.  When Toyota and Subaru set out to design the FR-S in 2007, the first thing they did was throw out the committees.  Finally, after hearing about this car for seemingly a decade, MotoIQ gets a chance behind the wheel on the track and on the road.


38th Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

38th Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

by Martin Gonzales

Nothing like a little change to keep things exciting and interesting, right?  If that is indeed the case, then this year's Grand Prix of Long Beach was sure to be one for the books.  Every race group in this year's Grand Prix had some twist to their usual stories.  Bad weather, new cars, field wide penalties, you name it - it happened!


Driver Blog: Tyler McQuarrie

By Tyler McQuarrie

People say "winning isn't everything", but in racing it is everything and the reason we are all out there. To win! Going into the Barber race, I feel like I have a very good shot at taking the top spot of the podium in the Insight Racing BMW for round 2 in the Continental Sportscar Challenge. We had a great test there a month before and we had our 128i dialed in!


MSD ignition

Ask Sarah: "Linked In"

By Sarah Forst

We'll give you the low down on upgrading to an MSD ignition and external coil on a 200SX, converting to metric units on DashCommand software, and what's up with a coolant surge tank/swirl pot system?



Avon Tyres British GT Championship : Round 1 – Oulton Park

By Nat Twiss

The weather was the showcase feature at the opening round of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship this past weekend; forecasts of heavy rain certainly lived up to their expectations! However, the drivers apparently couldn't care less as they put on a stunning display of driving on one of the most challenging circuits in the UK. Full weekend coverage inside!


Tequila Patron American Le Mans Series at Long Beach

by Efrain Olivares

You knew this one was going to be wild even before the race went green.  For starters, most of the cars had had no practice in dry conditions. The ALMS' only practice session was held in a total rain storm, with many teams electing not to practice as the weather forecast for the two-hour race called for cool but sunny weather. 



Project Land Speed Racer 240SX: KW Suspension

By Chuck Johnson, Photos by Joe Lu

To accomplish our 200 MPH goal, we need a suspension system that can confidently dampen the imperfections of a blemished, dirt and salt covered racetrack.  On top of that though, we also need a suspension system that can endure the hostile environments that come with land speed racing.


2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport review

TESTED:  2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport

by Greg Vogel

The all new Lexus GS 350 F Sport shines in a lot of the right places. Park and walk away and you find yourself looking back at it more than once. Slip inside the cockpit and you find it very comfortable and easy to enjoy. Mash the loud pedal and the car jumps and screams with a very pleasing wail. This car could be driven quite sedately to the track, flogged for the day, then brought home and sported to the club for a night out. It really is that versatile.


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