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Behind The Smoke Season 2 Teaser - Lost in Translation

By GT Channel for more car videos. for exclusive Behind The Smoke videos. After the team gave up on their code-words, they decide the best way to communicate is by learning Japanese. We check in with them to find out how this new approach has worked for them.



Project Honda Civic: ASR Rear Sway Bar Kit

By Bob Hernandez

The long, winding road of upgrading suspension bits on our Project EJ Civic is getting pretty close to conclusion, or at least weekend track readiness. Variability (and therefore tunability) has been added to the car's setup with the installation of Skunk2's coil-overs and camber kits, and the super-worn stock bushings were punched or burned out in favor of newer, stiffer polyurethane replacements by Energy Suspension. Today we finally get to the rear bar, sourced from A Spec Racing (ASR).

Tech House and Speed by Bill Wood: Episode 111

Tech House and Speed: Episode 111 - Guests include Loic Duval, Tommy Milner, Craig Breen and Tanner Foust!

By Bill Wood

Another global reach this week for Tech House & Speed, the Web's only weekly webcast that takes a vertical look at sports car racing including rally, drifting and time attack. This week we go to Florida, Ireland and Southern California. One of the conversations in Florida is with a French driver who lives in Tokyo and races globally in the World Endurance Championship. We also talked with an American who spent the last month in Manila before a season that includes hopping back and forth between Europe and the U.S. You can't escape the reach of Tech House & Speed!


american le mans series motoiq guide


MotoIQ's guide to the American Le Mans Series


By Efrain Olivares

 If you play Forza, or Grand Turismo, you are no doubt familiar with the cars of the American Le Mans Series. Similar to the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series which we profiled in January, the ALMS is a multi-class endurance sportscar championship with prototype cars from Audi, Lola, and HPD, as well as GT cars based on the Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette, Lotus Evora, Ferrari F458 Italia, and BMW M3.



Formula D is coming to Long Beach!

Check out this promo video from Formula D pumping the 2012 season opener at the Streets of Long Beach!   MotoIQ will have a booth where you can meet the staff and even buy one of our coveted "Nerd Alliance" T-Shirts! See you there on April 6-7. 


NASCAR Sprint Cup Action in Las Vegas

by Ashley van Dyke

The season start for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has had no shortage of headlines this year. The Monday night showing of the Daytona 500 brought in an unexpected viewership, displayed fierce competition amongst the drivers, and had strange challenges for the Daytona International Speedway and NASCAR staff.  With a fire accident under caution, a two hour red flag hold-up riled up fans at the track and watching at home.


MotoIQ Project Hypermiler VW Jetta Cover

Project Hypermiler: Handling Upgrades

By Steve Rockwood

The door handles and mirrors on Project Hypermiler came painted, and swapping out the sad excuse for shocks and springs on this car was absolutely necessary to keep them that way.  On top of that, the stock wheels and tires left the car looking like a grizzly bear riding a skateboard, making it an unfathomable proposition to retain these pizza-cutters after going through the trouble of upgrading the suspension.  Luckily, Suspension Techniques, Whiteline, Enkei, and Nitto had off the shelf solutions to help Project Hypermiler actually turn a corner at ludicrous speed while keeping its mirrors and door handles painted.


Driver Blog: Tyler McQuarrie

By Tyler McQuarrie

Hey MotoIQ heads! I finally got my Daytona blog done... better late than never, but my Daytona race in the Insight Racing BMW was over a month ago. Some of you might be thinking that I'm simply lazy to take that long to get my blog out, but I've been full throttle and pegged on the rev limiter getting my 2012 Formula D program together. You guys will soon realize what I've been working on for FD but for now I'll get you up to speed on my Grand-Am race.


Project Miatabusa #14 the Home Stretch

Project Miatabusa #14: The Home Stretch!

by Dave Coleman

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's tasty donuts. Now here are a bunch of details that have delayed the making of stinky donuts


SE-R Turbo

Project Nissan Sentra SE-R- $6,000 (video inside)

This folks is about as cheap as speed gets. The old saying goes “Speed is money, how fast do you want to go?” Over the years I’ve spent plenty of money and had lots of fun with the car. But, even the best chapters in life come to an end and the time has come to sell the “Classic.”

project miatabusa runs!

Project Miatabusa Part 13: Sweet Sounds and Donuts!

by Dave Coleman

Project Miatabusa has been dragging on for a long time. So long, that our comment section is filling up with impatient demands to hear this baby run and see some donuts. Well ok, then...  


Physics Lesson - Calculating Torque and Power From Datalogs

By Khiem Dinh

The motion of cars is ruled by physics, so using some basic physics and data enables us to calculate cool things.  Everyone likes cool things right?  The modern automobile has electronics that gives us the ability to gather useful data letting us calculate useful things.  In this case, we're going to calculate torque and horsepower making ourselves a virtual dyno.


The Ultimate No-Budget Race Transporter

By Alex Vendler

You won't believe how cheaply you can outfit a used box truck to become a really useful race transporter.  Master of the outside the box freebie, Alex Vendler, blows minds with his ghetto fabulous race car transport rig.  For less money than an equivilanty sized enclosed trailer you can have so much more.  Read on....


We Can Rebuild It!

By Frank Ewald

It was the last day of the Ontario Time Attack season and the competition was at the Shannonville Motorsport Park's Long track. We'd been up the night before adjusting the timing and finally getting the car to perform, as evidenced by the fact that Katie had just caught and passed a Corvette. Then she pulled off to the side and parked. No noise. No smoke. It was just a graceful glide to a stop...


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