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Project E46 M3: Part 5 - Bigger Brakes all Around

by Pablo Mazlumian

In Part 4 we witnessed an aesthetic transformation and a dramatic improvement in all performance categories, especially braking.  Going from 60-0mph in 10 less feet, or experiencing a 0.14G improvement in deceleration, after all, is hardly going to go unnoticed.  What will go unnoticed--until pad failure or fluid boil--is the increase in heat throughout the brake system, which we tackle next!

Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2013 - Part I

by Khiem Dinh

I believe Ricky Bobby best summed up the SEMA show for me when he spoke the words, “I wanna go fast!” Sure, SEMA has booths full of… all kinds of automotive stuff that I pass over and don’t really pay much attention to. But a whole big part of SEMA caters to us folks who wanna go fast. In Part I, we’re going under the skirt of vehicles to see what makes them go fast.


Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 6 - 800whp build update!

by Pablo Mazlumian

With all the parts needed to move forward, Project Supra is now on pace to get fired up!  Not only are previously featured parts installed, but we continue to add new stuff as well.


Global Rallycross Las Vegas

Global Rallycross Round 9: Las Vegas

by Sarah Forst

SEMA wasn't the only crazy car event going on in Vegas the first week of November.  Round 9 of the Global Rallycross took place at the South end of the Vegas strip and MIQ couldn't miss the action. Though Toomas Heikkinen had clinched the championship in Charlotte, there was a battle going on for the other podium spots. Check out the action!


Optima Batteries PorscheSEMA 2013: Wrapup

by Sarah Forst

SEMA 2013 rode into the Las Vegas Convention Center last week bringing us the hottest trends, products, and vehicles to drooling gearheads. To put it mildly, SEMA is insanity. 4 short days and 4 long nights leave show goers exhausted (bad pun?) but there's no better car wet dream on the planet! Grab your box of tissues and check out our coverage. I’ve photobombed the OEM booths to bring you this year’s factory certified trends.


You're Doing It Wrong: Part 2 – Basic Rules for Acquiring Sponsorships

by Mike Bonanni

First off, let me start by saying that I am not a fan of the word “sponsorship.”  “Sponsorship” suggests a one-way exchange, like sponsoring someone in a walk-a-thon. You give them something and you expect nothing in return except the gratification of knowing that the chubby neighbor kid you sponsored actually has to be active for an afternoon.  Unfortunately that’s not how it works in the motorsports world; “sponsorship” is a marketing tool and those “sponsors” definitely expect something in return. So from now on, let’s call it a partnership.  Partners have an equal share in the deal, giving as much as they receive, like a marriage but with a mutually agreed upon divorce date.

Sneak Peek: Texas Dave’s Pikes Peak Evo 8

by Khiem Dinh

I was millin’ bout outside the SEMA convention hall when I tripped up on this here Evo. It’s got a big ole front splitter after all. Then I got to talkin to the owner, Texas Dave Carapetyan. Me: So where in Texas are you from? TD: Austin. Me: No kiddin’, I went to school there. Where in Austin? TD: Hyde Park. Me: No kiddin’, I lived a mile away. I used to run through your neighborhood. Hey, anyone ask if this was a STi? TD: Only one person so far. Me: Dude, that ’69 Camaro next to you is sweet. Anyway, besides being a Pikes Peak car and rally car, Texas Dave is going to take this thing to Super Lap Battle. Unlike many cars that just have horse drawn carriages full of money thrown at them, this car was built smart using a bunch of homebrew backyard Texas technology fueled by BBQ and it’s awesome.


Project E46 M3: Part 4 - Improved handling, acceleration, braking and looks!

by Pablo Mazlumian

We test a wheel and tire package with eye opening results!  The M3 is now quicker, handles better, stops on a dime, and also turns more heads.  Check out our numbers!


Project Garage: Part XI - Car Lifts

by Sarah Forst

When designing Project Garage, there were a few features I was set on including- a sink, a drain, and a lift. Then the local township got involved and put my dreams in park.  While I can make a sink functional somewhere/somehow, and I can use a hose or broom to clean up without a drain, a lift is the one dream I’m most disappointed in not having.  There were a few options I had considered from hydraulic lifts with all the components enclosed under the slab floor or increasing the ceiling height for a two or four post lift- nothing exists above two bays of Project Garage.  I really looked forward to not having to jack up a wheel every time I needed to work under the car but those plans were crushed like the demise of my NX.

So enter Project Guest Garage brought to you by a Canuck friend of mine.  Let’s start with the details- 30’ x 35’ main building garage space (1050 square feet for you math geniuses), 672 square feet 2nd floor storage (6’2” ceiling), 13’ cantilevered car port, and room for six cars nose to tail though it’ll house four for now.


Project E36 M3: Part 3 - Suspension Version 1.0: HVT

Project E36 M3: Part 3 - Suspension Version 1.0

by Jonathan Lawson

Now we’re getting into the exciting bits of Project E36 M3.  It’s been a joy to drive in mostly-stock form, but it’s time to get into the real fun: Suspension!

The groundwork for our suspension project began a few months ago when I had a meeting with Brian Hanchey of Hanchey Vehicle Technologies (HVT) while we were at Kansas Speedway’s GRAND AM race weekend.  The prospects of our discussion had me bouncing off the walls with excitement.


Project FR-S: Rocking Functional Aero from Kognition, Afterhours Automtoive and Seibon

by Mike Kojima

As the SEMA Show approached, we knew we had to do something a bit different.  We knew that the show would probably be flooded with tons of FR-S's and BRZ's.  We also knew that most of these cars would be sporting either 5-Axis or Rocket Bunny aero kits.

At MotoIQ we are not the guys that build show cars so what could we do to stand out amongst the scores of nearly identically modified cars?  We figured we would stick to what we knew best and try to build something functional and not worry about the looks, hoping that by following the old adage that form follows function, we could come up with something appealing in a shot time.


The 2013 SEMA Show:  A Glimpse at the Past, Present, and Future

By Chuck Johnson

It's T minus zero and the 2013 SEMA Show has officially opened its doors.  Sometime in the wee morning hours beforehand though, the MotoIQ black Ops team infiltrated the Las Vegas Convention Center, ninja outfits and all, to bring you a quick glimpse of what this year's SEMA Show has in store.


Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale Preview

by Daniel O'Donnell

I think of Time Attack like I think of the USA and USSR during the Cold War… or was it Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd? One side brings out an axe, the next a pistol, the next a shotgun, the next a cannon, until you end up with a nuclear bomb. So how does this relate to time attack? The first year of the Super Lap Battle Time Attack at Buttonwillow was 2004. The best lap time was a 1:54 for an Unlimited class car, the Signal Auto Skyline R34, driven by the one and only Tarzan Yamada. Fast forward to modern times and a 1:54 is a great time for a Street Tire car and the Unlimited cars are talking numbers sub 1:40(!!!) to secure a victory.


AEM Infinity Plug and Play Badness for the BMW S54 (E46 M3) Engine!

by Mike Kojima

Engine swaps have been a staple of building cars as long as there have been cars.  Put a bigger more powerful engine in a smaller lighter car and magic gets done.  Today with advancing technology, performing swaps is getting harder and harder.  New engines have multiplexed CANBUS controllers.  The car's ECU might not just control the engine but the door looks, window switches, dash and yes, even the radio.  Mess around with a swap now and not only do you have to understand how to tune a motor but also how to encode CANBUS data from smart switches.  Working on this stuff is getting beyond the realm of the DIY guy. (And a lot of engineers!)


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