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LA Auto Show 2016: Sneak Peek – Porsche 911 RSR

by Khiem Dinh

Porsche has gone and done it now. Personally, I think Porsche should have just transitioned to the Cayman for their GT race car, but I’m no Porsche ‘purist’. And in the interest of not getting their butts kicked, apparently neither are the heads of Porsche Motorsports.


PRI 2016 – Part 3

by Pablo Mazlumian

If you like turbos, superchargers, other engine parts, wheels, aero, and electronics, this is a must see. We’re back with our third installment of the show, with plenty from Precision Turbo, AEM, Burns, Dynojet, CSF, Steve Morris Engines, Arias, Radium, CPE, and more!


Terrorizing Time: Integra Type R

by Frank Ewald

James Houghton has been to Buttonwillow three times over the last four years. You are forgiven if you assumed he's been there every weekend practicing, because his 2016 time was almost six seconds faster than his 2015 time! He knows the track, but as he is from Canada, it is far from his home track. He took almost 6 seconds off of his 2015 lap time and yet his horsepower levels are almost the same as 2015. There are many other aspects of the car that have been tweaked between then and now and in this article we will look at some aspects of this fine tuning. It is not an understatement to say that James eats, sleeps, and breathes racing. He is constantly looking at ways to expand his capabilities as a driver. Over the years he has been carefully honing his Integra Type R into the incredible machine that it is now- a car that terrorizes in all the Time Attack events that it enters. Forget the fact that it is running in the Unlimited Front Wheel Drive class, as he is right on the heels of or beating the RWD and AWD competition! That this Type R has evolved from an incredibly solid street car into this record breaking beast is a testament to the hard work that James and R-Division's Eric Lavigne have put into this project. Driver, Car, and Mechanic combine to create a team that is, well, almost unbeatable.


KW Automotive USA-Plant Tour

by Mike Kojima

If you have been a long time MotoIQ reader, then you have probably read about our tour of performance suspension giant KW Automotive's production and R&D facilities in Germany. KW has had a North American operation for some years now, but has recently expanded their facilities from their first location in Sanger California to a new location in Clovis California. 

KW's old Sanger facility was mostly dedicated to warehousing and service of their suspension stuff. The new location is being put together to have additional flooring space for R&D, engineering and Manufacturing.  This includes all of the KW Automotive brands consisting of ST Suspensions, Belltech, LSD Doors and of course, KW Suspension.


Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 7 - Sealing the Things

by Erik Jacobs

When we last left Project Lexus SC300, we had been fabricating panels to secure all of the electronics. Even for something as simple as installing a few electronic components, it takes quite a bit of planning and execution in order to do it correctly. That planning and execution continues in this installment of the rewiring series, where we secure the Autosport Labs Racecapture/Pro2 data logger and construct other block-off panels.


Building the FR-S FA20 engine with Stay Crushing, Prepping the Cylinder Heads With Portflow Design 

by Mike Kojima

In the last installment of our FA20 engine build, we covered the parts that we were going to use for the insides of the "Stay Crushing" FR-S. With the components covered it was time to start on the engine build in earnest. We decided to begin with the cylinder head and enlisted the help of Tom Fujita at Portflow design to perform the core work on our head.


SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View - Track Cars

by Khiem Dinh

There’s always some track car goodness at SEMA. Many of these vehicles are based off of street vehicles. Depending on the race series, the cars vary little from the road legal street cars with not a whole lot more than gutted interior and roll cage installed. Then there are other race cars that only share the exterior semblance to the street car with everything underneath the skin completely changed. SEMA had a bit of both along with a classic.


5 Performance Car Engines That Suck!

by Mike Kojima

We are going to go out on a limb and make a lot of fanboi's angry. They will call BS and burn us in effigy.  However we are still gonna express our opinions which were developed over the years in the school of hard knocks and talk about real issues we have seen when racing and developing many of our industries' favorite and even legendary engines. Now don't get us wrong, these engines can be turned into successful racing platforms when some major engineering and big dollars are applied but a lot of it is beyond the easy to figure out, easy buy and bolt on stage that most street tuners dream about. 


Forrest Wang's Get Nuts Lab! Nissan Silvia S15 Drift Car

by Mike Kojima

If you are a fan of drifting, then you know all about Forrest Wang, who is renowned for his spectacular high angle and smoky driving style. His car builds have a lot of style as well and we have been trying to catch up with him for a year to be able to capture one of his masterpieces in a story. 


Attacking Time with the LYFE Motorsports Nissan R35 GT-R

by Mike Kojima, action Photos by GTA and Snap Studios

When Cole Powelson set out to build an R35 GT-R he initially didn't have the ambitious plans to build one of the world's fastest time attack cars. The 2012 GT-R originally was built as a modified but streetable time attack car which was run for fun.  Then the car was repurposed and underwent a metamorphosis, eventually being rebuilt into the sophisticated machine that appears on our site here.


A Look Inside Alec Hohnadell's Get Nuts Lab Nissan S14

by Mike Kojima

Do you want to see a future Formula Drift Champion? Look no further than Alec Hohnadell.  At only 20 years old, Alec already has 3 seasons as a pro under his belt and is the youngest driver in Formula Drift. 


M2K Motorsports 280 mph Ford GT

by Mike Kojima

The Ford GT was in our opinion America's first true exotic supercar. Inspired by Ford's GT40 race cars from the 60's, the Ford GT's performance as a street car easily eclipsed the race cars of yore.  Produced from 2005 to 2006, only 4038 of the cars were ever built making the Ford GT a desirable collectors car that fetches several hundred thousand dollars on the used car market, up from the original asking price of $139,000.


The Yost Autosport BMW M4: Part 3 – Feeding the Beast

by Mike Bonnani

The Yost Autosport BMW M4 endurance race car gets some power and cooling upgrades from GIntani and CSF Racing! Plus, we feed the beast with a massive custom Fuel Safe fuel cell and Aeromotive fuel system components. And more!


2016 PRI: Part 2

by Pablo Mazlumian

If you enjoyed Part 1 of our 2016 PRI coverage, make sure to check out Part 2. We've got cool stuff from Turbonetics, DeatschWerks, Brembo, Borg Warner, AiM, TurboSmart, and more!


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