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Lake Mills Cars & Coffee

by Connor Harrison

Cars & Coffee, the original, started off as a way for a few friends in California to meet up and enjoy some caffeinated brews while chatting about their cars. Apparently, this was a pretty good idea, as it grew into an automotive mega-meet that would play host to droves of all variety of vehicle you never thought you’d be able to stand and stare at in-person. Since its inception, it has grown too big for its own good and had to dissipate due to not having a venue sizable enough to host it. The success of the original inevitably spawned many similar events and gatherings across the country, a few of which we’ve featured here. One such event popped up in the sleepy small town  of Lake Mills, WI.


Nerd’s Eye View: Porsche 962

by Khiem Dinh

The original Cars & Coffee in SoCal is no more, but a number of smaller ones have sprung up filling the void. One is hosted by Pelican Parts (Porsche specialists) every three months in Palos Verdes, located roughly between LAX and Long Beach. This is actually relatively close to me, so instead of having to wake up at 5:30am to hop into the car to drive down to Irvine, I woke up at 6am to hop on the bicycle to ride down to PV.


Project Honda Civic EJ Finale: Dyno Results and Lap Times

by Chuck Johnson

Back in 2011, we introduced Project Honda Civic EJ to the readers of MotoIQ.  Originally, the goal of the project was to take Annie’s beat down 1997 Honda Civic with over 260,000 miles on it and restore it back to the formidable yet reliable street and track machine it once was.  All this, while keeping to a reasonable budget. However, what could only be described as massive scope creep ensued. Now four years later, Project Honda Civic EJ has finally come to an end... or to a new beginning?


Pocket Size Terror - Building a CRG ICC Shifter Kart

by Mike Kojima

If you are a long term reader of MotoIQ you have probably seen some of our stories on karting. We think that karting provides excellent low cost training for racing cars and for some of us it's actually harder than driving a car.

So we have several karts in our palatial shop, everything ranging from 100cc air cooled HPV karts to 125cc senior Tag karts.  These karts are all pretty good and the 125's are really fast.  So of course we had to do something even more extreme by building a shifter kart.  Not just any shifter kart but an open class ICC kart.


The PTP Lava Turbo Blanket literally rocks!

by Pablo Mazlumian

We take the PTP lava turbo blanket and check out the temperature delta between the blanket itself and its surrounding components after a couple of 800 WHP runs. The difference is impressive!


Road Racing Tire Setup Part 1: Compound Selection & Sizing

by Steve Rockwood

Tires. Every road racer has them on his or her mind. If things are going well, tires are the car’s only interface with the track, making tire choice the single most important decision a road racer can make. Unsurprisingly, their price reflects their importance: over a season, short of wrecks and major mechanical overhauls, more money is spent on tires than on any other item for the car. Better make it count.


Extreme Engine Tech, Building a High Boost 2JZ-GTE with Brian Crower and JE Pistons-Part 1

By Mike Kojima

Building a 2JZ-GTE is not new on the pages of MotoIQ.  Pablo Mazlumian documented the building of a pretty healthy 2JZ in his Project Supra chronicles over the past couple years. We like the 2JZ powerplant.  It is a strong, robust powerplant capable of sustaining well over 1000 hp and has been competition proven in everything from time attack to drifting.  It is still quite a viable engine 23 years after it was introduced.


Project MKIV Supra: Part 13 – Nardi steering wheel plus more Stu Hagen and Speedhut gauges!

by Pablo Mazlumian

We continue to transform our 20-something year-old interior, bringing it up to 21st century specs as well as fix some boost leaks that send this 800whp rocket back to flying!


Project 5.0 Mustang: Getting More Power and Durability with Ford Racing

by Mike Kojima

We have just about maximized the bolt on potential of Project 5.0 Mustang in our last installment with the addition of the Ford Racing Cobra Jet intake manifold.  Now, in order to attain still higher power levels from our engine, we will have to dive into the internals

We are big believers in the benefits of parts designed by factory engineers with factory technical resources for factory race programs.  Many of the parts we will be using for our build are straight from the Boss 302R Grand Am and Cobra Jet NHRA drag racing programs. Factory engineered and best of all factory validated and proven on the track is good enough for us.


Rally America Round 8: Lake Superior Performance Rally

by Connor Harrison

Heralding the end of another Rally America season, the north woods of Upper Michigan came alive with the sounds of Subarus, anti-lag systems, spraying gravel, and cheering fans that turned out for the Lake Superior Performance Rally. Known as the oldest, meanest, and toughest rally on the circuit due to its rough and rocky terrain, LSPR would be the final hurdle for the Subaru Rally Team’s attempt at a perfect season. Its worth mentioning here that nobody has achieved a perfect season since John Buffum did it in one of those beautifully boxy Audi Quattros… 28 years ago!


Project VA WRX: Upgrading the Brakes with Stoptech Part 2 - Getting it Done!

by Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project VA WRX we showcased some of the preliminary testing involved for the design validation of our new big brake kit by Stoptech.  A baseline for the stock brake system was established using Stoptech's test protocols. The brake testing establishes the brake balance, stopping distances and fade characteristics of the stock brakes so improvements can be measured and there is a record of the validation testing.


Project MKIV Supra: Part 12 – Corbeau seats

by Pablo Mazlumian

Continuing on our quest to update this 20-year-old car’s cockpit, we swap our old Corbeau CR1 seats and update them with new RRBs! Plus, you'll get a sneak peak into what else is up our sleeves to complete the Supra's interior transformation, worthy of an ESPY award!


Sneek Peek: K-PAX Flying Lizard McLaren 650S GT3

by Mike Kojima

Earlier this year we were able to get a close look at the K-PAX Flying Lizard McLaren 650S GT3 that races in the Pirelli World Challange series in GT class. 

If you are not familler with the GT class, the allowed body styles within this class are coupe, sedan and convertible. The cars permitted in GT are typically sold in the market as “sports” cars, “sport touring” cars, or performance versions of “luxury” cars.  The GT class allows FIA GT3 homologated cars like this McLaren. Forced induction is permitted on cars that come equipped with forced induction stock, or on cars that SCCA Pro Racing has determined need help reaching the target horsepower range. Power output for the GT class ranges from 425 – 525 hp. The allowed weight varies depending on power output and tire size. All of the vehicles in GT are either rear or all-wheel drive. 


Sneak Peek: Team R-Colt Time Attack Mitsubishi Ralliart Colt

by Khiem Dinh

A Ralliart Colt? Most of us here in the US of A are probably unfamiliar with this car but this vehicle did exist in North America way back when. An uncle of mine had a Dodge Colt, you know, back in the day when it seems half of the Dodge products were rebadged Mitsubishis. Anyway, in the regions of the world retaining right hand drive, the Mitsubishi Colt lived on. On top of that, there was a Ralliart version!


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