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Porsche Macan engine

Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show Part I - The Engines

by Khiem Dinh

Times are a changin’ and they be changin’ quick. Fuel economy is the name of the game and the OEMs are releasing new powertrain configurations as quickly as they can release new vehicles. Part of that equation involves turbos which should make every gearhead happy. The other part of the equation is electrification. The fastest road course race cars on Earth are hybrids, so electrification should be embraced. Enough rambling, on with the engine show!


Project FR-S: More Details with Cusco, Kartboy and Turn 14

by Mike Kojima

We are continuing to work on Project FR-S, refining it bit by bit in our efforts to build a car with real track weekend warrior performance without rendering it unstreetable. In previous installments we've made major changes to the car's various systems but this time we take care of a lot of the smaller bits we have added which have produced a surprisingly big change to how the car drives.


Redline Time Attack Finale

Redline Time Attack Final Round Coverage

by Justin Banner

Redline Time Attack has completed its first year since it last ran in 2011 and it ends at one of the fastest courses in their series: Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. This would be the second Redline at Fontana for 2013 and it is a track that typically favors horsepower over finesse. The track layout was similar to the 3rd round of the MPTCC, so it will be interesting to contrast and compare lap times to our own series as well. Follow along as we witness the rebirth of Redline Time Attack!


MotoIQ Autocross BRZ SCCA SOLO II Milwaukee Region Bart Hockerman Wes Dumalski

Project Autocross BRZ: Part 1 - Building a Better Cone Dodger

by Wes Dumalski

Let’s face it, autocross is hugely popular. There is a statistic floating around that the SCCA Solo II Nationals is the largest motorsport event in North America. While I have not audited that fact, I can tell you that a LOT of people love the sport. In fact, my very first interest in automotive performance was an autocross event that I attended and competed in after being encouraged by a friend to give it a try. After that event out came the stereo and in went suspension modifications. That car was Project 200SX and the year was 1999. I have always had a penchant for the sport but after spending more time at the road course, life sideswiped me and my participation in AutoX events waned; that is, until recently.


SEMA 2013

SEMA 2013: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Colin Holte

We each have a different view concerning what we found interesting, exciting or cool at this year's SEMA show. Similarly, there are things at the show each year that are not so good. Seen here are some of my selections for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I'll leave it up to you the reader to judge which are which.


Project [Rotary] FD RX-7: Part 3 - Fuel System (Chassis Side)

by M-P Spierer

Fuel systems upgrades vary drastically and sometimes only a simple pump or injector change will suffice. Other times, like in this project, it seems like every component in the entire system needs to be changedRecently, in Part 2 of Project RX-7, we covered the engine side of the fuel system, where the injectors, rail, and pressure regulator were upgraded. Now it's time to discuss the remaining fuel system upgrades that we are so eloquently dubbing the "chassis side."


How To Wrap Your Car with Skyprint Media, 3M and Lamin-x

by Mike Kojima

Paint used to be the preferred and just about the only method of refinishing a race car.  Paint looks nice but it takes a long time to apply and costs a lot to do. In the sometimes rough and tumble world of Motorsports cars end up having to be refinished frequently. 

A lot of guys don't care about how their track car looks and just bang her out so the wheels clear fenders when things get bent. However, sanctioning bodies like NASA and SCCA have appearance rules and if you are sponsored, sponsors expect your car to be presentable so the beat ass race car look wont fly.

Since painting can be a significant expense, any means available to reduce the time and money spent keeping a car looking good is a godsend. One of the ways to keep your car looking its best relatively inexpensively is through a wrap. Wraps used to be pretty hard to apply with mixed results but with new technology, they're becoming easier and easier.

Check out how we wrapped the Dog Car giving it a fresh look with the help of 3M and Skyprint media.


Sale Sale Sale: Black Friday Sales And More!

Industy Press Release

If you're looking to spend some money during the Holiday season why not spend it with the companies that support your favorite free online magazine? Inside you will find a list of MotoIQ supporters that are offering Black Friday sales, some of the sales have already started so bust out that credit card in true American fashion and buy buy buy! 


Project Fried Turkey

Project: Fried Turkey

MotoIQ Staff Report

Well, the holiday season is upon us and we decided we were going to cook something MotoIQ style which means it has to be technical and dangerous.  What better thing to cook than a fried turkey?  Frying a turkey gets the job done in only 45 minutes and leaves you with a succulent and tasty bird with very little hassle and an easy clean up.


Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2013 - Part II

by Khiem Dinh

Ricky Bobby said, “I wanna go fast!” So he got himself a fast car. Brian O’Conner started off with a slow car. So he said, “I need one of these. One of the big ones. Actually, let’s make it two”. Here in Part II, we’re going to look at some of the parts used to make a car go faster.

Project MKVI Golf TDI: Rawtek Exhaust and Malone Tuning [video inside]

by Steve Rockwood

Modern diesels are light years ahead of their predecessors when it comes to power. No longer is the diesel owner subjected to white-knuckle freeway merges at school zone speeds, scary amounts of noise, smoke-screen plumes and honking horns as fellow motorists pass them with windows down. That doesn’t mean there they can’t be faster. This goes doubly true when you consider Project Golf TDI’s sporty looks. Getting passed by Mom in the minivan with nary a glance was getting a little depressing.


Project [Rotary] FD RX-7: Part 2 - Fuel System (Engine Side)

by M-P Spierer

There are three key ingredients for combustion in any gasoline engine: air, fuel, and spark. Parts 2 and 3 of this project will focus on the fuel component of this recipe. Rest assured, this won't be your typical run of the mill RX-7 fuel system.


AEM water meth injection

Ask Sarah: Get your engine addicted to meth, import a Tsuru, O-ring a block

by Sarah Forst

What's the best way to measure the ratio of water to methanol for AEM's injection kit- by volume or weight. Can a Tsuru be imported legally into the US?  What's the process and advantage of o-ringing a block?


Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale

by Alec Cervenka and Daniel O'Donnell

Why on Earth you would be excited to wake up at a less-than-luxury (much less?) motel in the middle of the desert at 5 am on a Thursday? Odds are, if you're a regular reader of MotoIQ, you've driven yourself out to the boonies to either watch fast cars, drive fast cars, or fix fast cars when their drivers weren't driving their fast cars. Buttonwillow's "four-star" Motel 6 had a drastically changed clientele this fateful Thursday with the usual guests, aka nobody, being replaced by countless automotive enthusiasts. These enthusiasts gathered from all over North America and, in one team's case, England, to compete in the Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle finale.

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