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Project Silvia's Girlfriend Part 1: Engine and Stuff

by Dave Coleman

This S13 project set out to do something that has never been done before. Build a civilized, mature, daily-drivable, air conditioned, totally-under-the-radar S13 that can still raise hell at track days. 


Project 5.0 Mustang II - Improving the Suspension with Whiteline and KW Part One

by Mike Kojima

So we are pretty used to suspension kits that add coilovers to a car or add stiffer swaybars.  Even adding stiffer bushings or increasing adjustability of damping and alignment has become pretty normal for MotoIQ readers.  Well for the late model Mustang, Whiteline has come up with a suspension get that drastically changes the rear suspension geometry, even changing the basic design of it in the process.  Top that with some pretty darned adjustable raceable suspension from KW and you can totally address what we feel is the Mustangs weak point, it's handling.  If you are a suspension geek you have to check this one out even if you don't own a Mustang!


NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill with Pure Performance

by Lawson Mollica

Following this year’s 11th running of the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill we wanted to provide an insider’s view of what it takes to compete (and complete) one of the less talked about but more difficult endurance races in existence. To get the details we sat down with Daniel Wennerberg, owner of Pure Performance in Laguna Niguel, CA and his Crew Chief Ivan Zwart. Daniel has competed at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill seven times; three as driver/support for another team and four under the banner of his own shop.


Tested: S52 vs. M50 Manifold and the TMS Stage 2 & 3 Packages for the BMW E36 M3

by Billy Johnson

While named “The Best Handling Car In America” in 1997, the E36 M3’s only real drawback was a lack of power. We back to back test the stock S52’s restrictive intake manifold with the inexpensive and popular M50 intake manifold, as well as add the Turner Motorsport Stage 2 and 3 systems to boost the naturally aspirated output of our 3.2L motor.


Snail Performance SHOWKAR

Sneak Peek: Snail Performance Time Attack WRX SHOWKAR

by Khiem Dinh

It’s called the SHOWKAR. Don’t be fooled by the car’s nickname however as it has the goods bolted-on turning a 2009 Subaru Imreza WRX (no, not a STI) into time attack competitor. The amazing part about this car is just how much of it is bolted-on. Follow along to see how you can bolt-on speed to your WRX too.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Snow Tires: Just How Good Are They?

by Pablo Mazlumian

When it snows, many rely on big trucks or AWD vehicles to get them through it.  We outfit our MPV minivan with Michelin's latest snow tires and pick a fight with a couple of large pick-ups and an AWD car to answer this question: "Can a 2WD passenger vehicle on snow tires get by just as well on snow and ice?"  Find out how our minivan did...


The Heart of a Record Breaker III: Completing the VVL Head Swap and Engine Assembly

by Chuck Johnson

In this installment of Project 240SX LSR, we'll follow Nick Hunter of 5523 Motorsports as he completes the build of our record breaking engine dubbed the SR15VET 20V.  Read on for more on our de-stroked SR15VET, the VVL head swap, and the completion of our engine. 


You’re Doing it Wrong – Common Driver Errors Often Mistaken for Handling Issues

by: Mike Bonanni and Jordan Yost

photos: Exotics Racing Las Vegas and MotoIQ Archives

Need wider tires on your Civic because it understeers like a pig on roller-skates?  Need a set of slicks on your stock Mustang GT because you can’t keep the ass end from coming around on you?  If this sounds like you then read on, it could possibly save you a ton of money on unnecessary mods.  What if I were to tell you that there’s a good chance your car is just fine the way it is and that the way you’re driving it may be the cause for your "handling issues".


Shop Tour:  Fall-Line Motorsports

By Pablo Mazlumian

If you like Porsches, BMWs, boosted imports, domestics and all-out racecars, check this out.  We take a MotoIQ exclusive tour of one of the titans of racecar fabrication, Fall-Line Motorsports, based right outside of Chicago.  Oh my…


Nerd's Eye View-a Look Inside Darren McNamara's Falken Tire Nissan S14

By Mike Kojima

Falken Tire's drift team consists of Justin Pawlak, Dai Yoshihara and Darren "DMac" McNamara.  Hailing from Ireland Darren has been doing well this Formula D season in a Nissan S14 built by Scott Dodgion of SPD Motorsports.  Darren had a tough 2012 season which started off badly with a hard crash at the season opening round at Long Beach, breaking his foot and totaling his beloved Saturn Sky which had been his trademark car for several years.  Nicknamed the Bullet, the Sky had the reputation of being one of the fastest cars in Formula D.



Sneak Peek: Mike Essa and GSR Autosport's E46 Build

By Khiem Dinh

"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid."  That's what Han Solo told me at least.  To be fair, the crew at GSR Autosport only has the car halfway built.  But what she's showing  so far has potential!  Let's check out the new goodies on the new chassis.


Performance Racing Industry 2013

by Wes Dumalski

Someone had the genius idea to move the PRI show from Florida to Indiana for 2013 right around the time the entire nation was giving Florida the middle finger for being one of the only states above freezing temperatures. Fitting given that this was my first PRI show, why send the midwest frozen tundra guy anywhere warm? Regardless, more than 1200 exhibitors braved the cold to display their wares and latest performance goodies at the show. Step inside for a taste of what MotoIQ's partners had on display and stay warm...


tilton evo tsukuba circuit yokohama

Nerd's Eye View: Tilton Interiors Mitsubishi EVO 9

by Eric Hsu

Right around the corner this weekend on October 18-19 is the 2013 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC). I bring to you in great detail the Tilton Interiors EVO 9. It was the fastest EVO at the 2012 WTAC...sorry make that the fastest UNIBODY EVO and 2nd overall fastest car overall at Sydney's 2012 World Time Attack Challenge last year. This car was one of my favorites at WTAC 2012 because it is the embodiment of a true Time Attack car without all the random crazy flaps, wings, and panels sticking out all over the place and the rear half of the car cut off and replaced with tubes. Sure you'd need some money to recreate the Tilton EVO, but was still 100% pure Mitsubishi CT9A EVO. After the jump is the way you'd have your dream EVO if you had the right combination of builders, crew, driver, owner, and of course money.


mca nissan s13

Nerd's Eye View: The MCA Suspensions "Hammerhead" Silvia S13

Story by Eric Hsu, Photos by Jeff Naeyaert and Josh Coote at MCA Suspension

The MCA S13 finished in 3rd place overall at the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge which is pretty amazing considering it's rear wheel drive. That's no simple feat in an event dominated by all wheel drive cars, big budgets, and world famous JDM tuners. What got the MCA S13 there was a great build by Murray and Josh Coote and their crew of friends with attention to detail exactly where it was needed. Of course great driving by ex-A1 GP Kiwi driving ace, Earl Bamber, doesn't hurt either. You've seen how crazy this thing looks and you've heard how fast it is. Now come and check out what's underneath the skin of the MCA S13 as I walk you through the car in detail. Best of all, IT DOESN'T HAVE AN LS ENGINE IN IT!

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