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Nerd’s Eye View: Ferguson & Macmillan Racing K-Liner

by Khiem Dinh

Faster. There is something ingrained in many of us where we just want to go faster. It doesn’t matter the method or the machine, whether it be human powered, accelerated by gravity, propelled by electrons, or some type of chemical reaction. The ultimate expression of faster while still being bound to the earth is a land speed racer.


Happy 4th of July Weekend!  From the Staff of MotoIQ

Even if we are out of the country in Peru presently visiting Machu Picchu, we are still showing our support for the greatest fucking country in the universe.  Instead of being "Ugly Americans" we thought we would pretty up this historical site a little... 

Happy 4th of July!


Fast Fridays 2014, Part 1

by Pablo Mazlumian

Fast Fridays is back, and so is our Project Supra!  If you love all cars, take a look at some of the machinery the good 'ol boys of the Kansas City area like to bring out every other Friday night at KC Trends.


MotoIQ Radio

MotoIQ Radio: Kenji Sumino of GReddy and Danny George Talk Pikes Peak

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is in the books! We'll first talk to Danny George about his first time up the mountain, though it didn't end as planned. Then we'll have Kenji Sumino of GReddy to talk about this year's run and see why GReddy keeps coming back. It was a challenge this year for the GReddy crew, but the result was better than they expected! Got comments or questions tonight? Use hashtag #motoiqradio on Facebook!

Project Grey Mustang 5.0: Part 7 – Testing BMR Suspension’s Rear Control Arms

by Vince Illi

Everyone "knows" that rod-ends and spherical bearings are best for handling, but do you know why that is?  And those rock-hard bearings totall suck on the street, right?  Well, maybe not...  Project Mustang 5.0 tests out some of BMR Suspension's components and learns a bit about the streetability and performance of spherical bearings in the process!


Event Coverage: Formula Drift Round 4 - NJ Wall Speedway

by Sarah Forst

After Round 3 in Miami, Chris Forsberg in the Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z and Vaughn Gitten Jr in the Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang continued trading podium reigns with comfortable leads over the rest of the field. Would another competitor be able to crack the code and land the top spot? MotoIQ brings the action to you! And yeah, there's also plenty of photos of flying wheels, fires, and bumper cars.


Building the Ultimate Turbo Small Block Chevy Part 2, The Making of 1100 Hp!

by Mike Kojima

When deciding the best way to power Daren McNamara's Formula D S14, Team Falken decided to plow into new territory with not just a turbo, but a turbo V8.  Not your typical Chevy LS V8 either, but a blast from the past old school Small Block Chevy.  In our last edition of building the ultimate Small Bock Chevy, we looked into the developments that had been made to the venerable 60 year old design to update it to modern standards, particularly the bottom end. In short, the improvements were mostly moving the cam upward to allow for more stroke and to shorten the pushrods for less flex, and a general beefing up of the lower end architecture to support today's power levels.


VIDEO: Controlled Chaos Episode 2 - The Machines

by GT Channel

Where would man be without machines? In this episode of Controlled Chaos, we take a look at the Subaru BRZ, Nissan S14 and Ford Mustang that have propelled Falken Tire's drift team to the next level.


Arrive and Drive

by Per Schroeder

Autocross is rather unique in the motorsports world, in that you can have different drivers competing in the same exact car at the same event. It’s a great test of how good of a driver you are against a real, live benchmark. Competitors can also share cars to save money, warm tires or just have fun. Co-driving an unfamiliar can teach you a lot about the sport and how to learn a new course quickly, but it also can be a great way to take a car for a test drive before you commit your cash to a project.  Learn from the experts on how to make the most of your co-drive and learn a new car quickly!


Nerd's Eye View: USCC Speedsource Mazda

by M-P Spierer

SpeedSource Race Engineering and Mazda were always a dynamic duo with their rotary powered RX-7 and RX-8 GT cars over the past 20 years, but what they have done for the new Tudor USCC series is on an entirely different level of awesome. A compound turbocharged, SKYACTIV diesel powered prototype racecar? Yes, please.


Project Miatabusa Part 17: EVO II is Finally Here!

by Dave Coleman

If you’re one of the 6 people in the world who isn’t familiar with this car, step back, go HERE, and read every word of the drama (or comedy, or tragedy, we won’t really know until the end) that is Project Miatabusa. For the rest of you who have been waiting to hear what we did about the sackfull of hammers trying to beat their way through the bottom of our car, wait no more:

Step 1: Redesign everything...


Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 1: The AEM Infinity 8 EMS and AQ-1 Data logger

Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 1: The AEM Infinity 8 EMS and AQ-1 Data Logger

by Chuck Johnson

If this past year's Speed Week taught us anything, it was that Project 240SX LSR's electrical system needed a complete overhaul.  Our previous harness had been built in haste during the few days leading up to Speed Week 2012.  At the same time, we also knew that if we were going to top the land speed record we set last year, we needed traction control, data logging, and the ability to control any parameter of the engine whether we were on the dyno or on the dry lake beds of EL Mirage or Bonneville.  We found the answer to our needs in the form of AEM's AQ-1 data logger and Infinity 8 stand alone programmable EMS.


Project Miatabusa Part 1: What The Hell Are We Thinking?

by Dave Coleman

Today we bring you a very special Flashback Friday to Part 1 of Project Miatabusa. Why would we do this you ask?  It must be because Part 17 is just around the corner! So for those who aren't familiar with the project here's a chance to start at the beginning.  For those who are already familiar here's a chance to stroll down memory lane and get excited for the next installment.


ChumpCar World Series: WGI Part 2 - Did No Budget Racing Finish?

by Frank Ewald

Sunday, with some quick reflexes and creativity with the electrical system, Rob ran a lap in the #881 Civic that tied the fastest lap of the day, however, we were down so many laps that, apart from us, I am not sure anyone noticed. Then the next gremlin hit. Fourth gear became more and more of a challenge to find until it simply disappeared.


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