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Building the Bulletproof Transmission, Secrets of the Pros

By Mike Kojima

The transmission was much weaker than the Civic transmission and hampered the efforts of the Nissan camp in getting the Sentra SE-R into the record books in competition.  The SE-R did manage to get into the 10’s then even the high 9’s in import drag racing at a high cost in broken transmission parts. Nissan transmissions might last one or two passes, a point that Honda’s didn’t reach until they were deep into the 9’s and even the 8’s.


EVENT COVERAGE:  SpoCom 2009   

by Jeff Naeyaert

We spent the better part of 5 hours Sunday afternoon at SpoCom 2009 hosted at the Long Beach Convention Center. So dedicated to the scene are we that missing the first 3 quarters of the Laker game, to make our first public appearance was no biggie. 


Project 200SX SE-R Low Buck Nissan SR20DE Build


motoIQ Tech Exclusive! Project Low Buck Nissan SR20DE Part One 

By Mike Kojima

The SR20DE engine has been Nissans workhorse performance 4 cylinder for more than the last decade.  Originally introduced in North America in the Infiniti P10 G20 and in Japan in the PS13 in 1990, the SR20 was designed as a performance motor from the beginning.  Later in 1991 the SR was dropped into the venerable B13 Sentra SE-R and NX2000.  The SR20 was carried over to the B14 200SX SE-R in 1995 and the B14 Sentra SE in 1998 as well as the P11 1998-2001 Infiniti G20.  The 2000-2002 B15 Sentra SE was the last application of the SR20DE in North America.


Nissan low hydrogen DLC coating with ester nanoparticle oil has ultra low friction

Nissan 370Z Bad News Buzz:  High Engine & Diff Oil Temps ~ The $300 Dollar Oil Change ~ Engine Clatter & More!  Hype or Reality?

By Mike Kojima

One of the main issues is that the 370Z and G37 with the VQ37VHR engine experiences high oil temperatures. The high engine oil temps can cause the engines ECU to put it into a limp home mode where the engine rpm is limited, first to around 6000 rpm and if you don’t start to behave, a lower limit of about 3500 rpm is engaged until the oil temperatures drop below around 280 degree and the key is cycled. The VQ37VHR is very prone to suffer from high engine oil temps during any sort of extended high speed driving such as motorsports events, in racing and even non competition events such as track days.

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Nissan 370Z VQ37VHR VVEL system

Nissan’s 370Z VQ37VHR Cylinder Head and VVEL Continually Variable Cam Timing Technology(NEW VIDEO) 

By Mike Kojima

The unique VVEL system completely controls the intake valves opening and closing events. The VVEL system is exceedingly complicated using two separate rotating shafts driving links that operate eccentrics activating a valve activating reciprocating rocker arm that takes the place of the traditional cam lobe.

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2011 Nissan 370Z hybrid sports car

motoIQ Feature; Nissan to launch hybrid 370Z sports car in 2011? (updated, new info! 5/28/09) 

By Mike Kojima

The Nissan 370Z hybrid will be powered by a version of the VQ engine displacing 3.7 liters and an electric motor. A hybrid drive system will use two separate clutches, one between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor with another clutch between the electric motor and the drive wheels. This system will optimize performance and efficiency depending on operating conditions. The new hybrid system will also feature a full plug in EV mode for city type conditions where charging stations are available to maximize economy.

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Nissan 370Z Killer Bee dyno test

Nissan 370Z 6-Speed Manual Transmission Parts Dyno Test, We Test Stillen's Exhaust System and High Flow Cats With Technosquare's ECU Reflash

by Mike Kojima

For our test mule, we used the Killer Bee, the yellow 370Z that was our May feature car. The Killer Bee is a sports package 6-speed manual transmission 370 that was returned to stock for our evaluation. We will be evaluating more parts on the Killer Bee in the near future so stay tuned! In stock trim the Killer Bee slung out 262 whp at 7000 rpm and 210 lb/ft of torque at 4600 rpm. The VQ37VHR engine exhibited the typical wide flat torque curve and nice linear power curve that the VQ37VHR is becoming renowned for.

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Berk Technologies 370Z cats and downpipes

Berk Technologies Nissan 370Z Downpipes

By Mike Bonnani

When evaluating the exhaust system on the Nissan 370Z we were amazed how restrictive it was.  The tubing diameter is tiny for an engine with the output of the VHR37.  To help address this issue we decided to start uncorking the exhaust system by evaluating a set of high flow Catalytic Converters and Downpipes from Berk Technology.

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JWT Nissan 370z Pop Charger

We Test Jim Wolf Technologies Nissan 370Z Dual Pop Charger (NEW VIDEO)!

By Mike Kojima

We used a new six speed sports model Nissan 370Z with a few hundred miles on the odometer as our test subject. Before the installation of the JWT Dual POP, we baselined the car on Technosquare’s AutoDyn 30 Superflow chassis dyno. The Superflow dyno is unique in that it uses both an inertial weighted roller and an eddy current load cell to provide the working load against the engine. 

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Project Nissan Sentra 200SX Turbo GA16DE

Project Nissan 200SX 1.6 GA16DE- The O.G. Introduction

By Wes Dumalski

As I try and breathe new life in to this never ending project I find myself reflecting on it's various states. From 3 10's and 1200 watts, to fart cans and drop springs, this car has seen more parts than a stock boy at Nopi......... 



Nissan Engineers discuss design of the 240Z

motoIQ Feature; The History of the Nissan Z From 240Z to 370Z 

By Annie Sam

When the ten engineers of Nissan gathered together to conceptualize the design of their next sports car line back in early sixties, we wonder if they ever fathomed the idea that their little clay mock up would grow to hold the title of "Best Selling Sports Car Series of All Time". From the first generation Fairlady Z/Datsun 240Z  to the newest 370Z, the Z car has earned its notoriety in automotive history.

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Technosqaure Nissan 370Z Infiniti G37 ECU reflash dyno test results

Technosquare's Nissan 370Z/Infiniti G37 Performance ECU Reflash Released (NEW VIDEO)!

By Mike Kojima

Technosquare changes the factory fuel, timing, rev limit and VVEL/VTC cam control maps to get a respectable gain of 11 whp and 10 lb/ft of torque. The gains are pretty much across the board, starting at 2700 rpm and continuing until the rev limiter stops the fun. The gains are large and consistent through the entire rev range, greatly increasing the area under the power curve.

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Technosquare Nissan 370Z oil cooler

Technosquare's Nissan oil cooler kit solves hot oil Issues

  By Mike Kojima 

Since we have actually started to work on and modify the Nissan 370Z we have come to realize that high oil temperatures have the potential to become a problem on these cars. We have recorded oil temperatures of 260 degrees plus on 370Z’s on the dyno, in brisk driving and simply in heavy traffic. Several times we had to stop dyno testing or slow down while driving to allow oil temperatures to drop.

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Dyno test 370Z Stillen exhaust, Stillen cold air intake, Beck high flow cats, Technosqaure ECU reflash

Nissan 370Z Auto Tranny Performance Part Dyno Thrash-a-thon!  We Test Stillen's cold air intake, exhaust, Berk high flow cats, Technosquare ECU reflash 

By Sarah Forst

We strove for accuracy and repeatability in our testing. We did all of our testing during one day. We used standard SAE correction. We thoroughly warmed up the VQ37VHR engine and the drivetrain by driving the car on the dyno at speed for about 10 minutes to warm the engine, transmission and differential oil (this car is equipped with Technosquare’s oil cooler kit) as well. 

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