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Nitto NT05 Tire Review

MotoIQ Staff Report

Although the Nitto NT05 was released a few months ago and is now somewhat old news, we would still like to report on it as we were part of the team that help conceptualize the tire from when it was proposed a few years ago.  Because of this attraction we are proud to see it on the market. Although Nitto has always had good product in its DOT Race and street tire market classes, Nitto was notably absent in offerings in the highest niche of ultra high performance near race, street legal tires.


JGTC 370Z, Nissan 370Z, Photoshop 370Z

Building Your Own 370Z: Photoshop and Illustrator

By Charlie Barnes

For all you dreamers and customizers alike who wondered what the Nissan 370Z looked like in different skins, one thing we all have in common is the desire to put our "wonders" into some sort of reality.  I wanted to see what making my own wallpaper...


Mario's Wall of Wisdom

Sometime late last year, I cruised by Toespeed Fabrication to meet up with Tod. Mario is the local 510 guru and master fabricator. If you can think of it, Mario can design it. Or if you can’t think of it and just want it done, give Mario a call if you have a budget (good fabrication isn’t cheap). If you’ve seen buff 510s around southern California like Tod’s, chances are Mario built it. In his shop was a wall with writing all over it. I dubbed it the “...


ASP Nissan SR20DE header

Tech Exclusive! Header Design Part One

By Sarah Forst

A header is one of the first bolt-on modifications most tuners undertake but there are many factors involved in how to choose the best header design for your ride.  Let’s get into the detail behind header design and how to choose what will work for your ride!  Part 1 of this article will discuss the components of a header and the materials used to manufacture them.  Part 2 will go into detail on how a header makes power and what design will produce your desired powerband.


Underdog racing Nissan NX1600

The Underdog; Making racing a family affair with a Nissan NX1600

By Frank Ewald

“If I had just a couple of more laps, I would have caught you!”
How many times have you heard that while you were out at the track? Did you smile and brush them off? Or were you worried because you could tell that they really and truly were starting to take chunks out of your time? And are you man enough to be beaten by a woman!  How about a woman driving a "lowly" Nissan NX1600 powered by an underdog 1600cc GA16DE.


Mike Kojima Senior Editor motoIQ


After quite a bit of work, we are finally live!  We will strive to make MotoIQ the high bandwidth, high signal to noise ratio home on the net for the driven automotive enthusiast.

We welcome correspondence, suggestions and opposing viewpoints.  Send it to and we (or me) will attempt to answer the good stuff here.

I hope you like our place, we'll do our best to provide you with interesting content and a cool community to hang out at.

Happy Motoring

Mike Kojima



Hello and Welcome!

Revenge of the Nerd; Goodbye SCC, Hello motoIQ 

By Mike Kojima

A lot of you are probably familiar with me and my name, you probably know me from the pages of Sport Compact Car Magazine. I have been actively involved with the publication of SCC for the last 14 years since editor Larry Saavedra "discovered" me as a writer in early 1995. Larry was the one largely responsible for elevating SCC to its position as the premier tech based magazine for the import/compact performance market.


Technobabble: Your Mamma Can't Drive...

By Dave Coleman

The epidemic of bad driving in America starts with your mom, or whomever it was who napped through the critical job of teaching you how to drive. I've been shocked by the kinds of people I catch downshifting with a lurching clutch drag. Hard-core car enthusiasts, drag racers, auto executives, automotive journalists… the guilty are all around us.


motoIQ Nissan 370Z Feature: The KillerBee

motoIQ Nissan 370Z Feature; The KillerBee(NEW VIDEO!) 

 by Jeff Naeyaert

The beginning of a project often begins with a disaster. The owner of this Nissan 370Z was previously into Mitsubishi EVO’s having a nice example of an EVO IX. The EVO was totaled in an unfortunate rear ender leaving our owner with a chance to pursue a new dream with a brand new car.

From our sister site


Project Racer- Part 1: Introduction

By Annie Sam

We all have daydreams and wishes to be behind the wheel of our pride and joy, of whipping it in and out of turns, pushing our car to its fullest potential. Yet to many of us, it has all been nothing more than mere wishful thinking. Why can't that be you in the driver's seat? Here is your chance to become more than just a bench racer. If you've got what it takes to become a competitive road racer, this series should start you off in the right direction.


WPC Special Treatment: All You Wanted to Know About WPC

By Mike Kojima

Contrary to popular belief, WPC is not a coating; WPC is a metal improvement process, developed in Japan. WPC is a well kept motorsports secret that is used extensively at high levels of the sport, such as JGTC, MotoGP and WRC. Recently WPC has been gaining popularity in North America in venues such as Pro Stock drag racing, IRL, ALMS and NASCAR. WPC is also gaining acceptance from the OEM auto and motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda and Yamaha as a better performing alternative to coatings to enhance wear resistance, extend service life and to reduce friction.



Nissan 370Z Engine VQ37VHR

Nissan 370Z Engine Tech!  Inside the VQ37VHR

By Mike Kojima

The VQ37VHR engine found in the new Nissan 370Z is a marvel of automotive engineering, powerful, clean and efficient, but from a tuner's perspective it is controversial.  Although the VQ37VHR is a work of engine design art, we predict that it will be exceedingly hard to modify beyond basic bolt-ons.  At a glance the VQ37VHR pulls some impressive numbers pumping out 332 hp @7000 rpm and 270 lb-ft of torque @5200 rpm out of 3.7 liters in the 370Z chassis.

From our sister site


Redline Time Attack! - Willow Springs 5/31/09

by Eric Hsu

Unlimited class results from the 2009 Redline Time Attack Round 2 @ WIllow Springs time attack and the happnenings in the unlimited class.


How do Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors Work?

By Mike Kojima & Dave Coleman

The art of tuning an engine is not new, being important since the birth of the internal combustion engine over 100 years ago. For a generation or two, methods such as CO meters, vacuum gauges and the arcane and very subjective black art of reading the spark plugs to determine the engines running condition were the main tools in a tuners arsenal.


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