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Project Silvia lead JIC Strut story

Project Nissan S13 Silvia: How to Polish Your Tube
(or What to do When Your JIC Struts Dry Up)

By Dave Coleman

Engineering a car is a series of compromises. When Nissan decided to make the 240SX a slow, soft piece of suck, it was a compromise calculated to make it durable, quiet, easy to drive every day, and cheap to build. When I decided to take this same worn-out, 300,000-mile piece of suck and make it fast, I was naturally sacrificing some of that comfort and undoubtedly some durability.


Revenge of the Nerd: Drifting is Not Ghey!

By Mike Kojima

As of late when I am not working here, I have been helping out at Falken Motorsports as an engineering consultant for their drift team.  My role has been to help sort out the chassis on a few of their cars.  I have greatly enjoyed this new set of challenges and have found that working with a drift cars unique dynamics to be very difficult.  I have found that some of my colleagues in the realm of pro road racing, when they found out what I was doing lately, chuckled at the idea of drifting being a real motorsport. When I polled some of our readership if they would like more drift coverage, I got some push back.  Despite this, I am going to take MotoIQ into the realm of drifting and will start to cover drifting editorially, especially the technical side.


Project Racer-Part 4: Hotlapping For Beginners

By Annie Sam

Now that you've experienced the drag strip, and solo 2, let's move onto road racing - or more accuratey called, hotlapping, since you're not actually "racing". The most beginner-friendly and Nissan friendly road racing organization I have come across is the National Auto Sport Association, otherwise known as NASA. Through NASA, you can participate in their driving school called High Performance Driving Events, also known as HPDE.


Demolition Derby Tech Part 1- A Tech Look Inside the Disposable Motorsports Machine

By Mike Kojima and Aaron Guardado

Although you might think that Destruction Derby is the simplistic smashing of cars, it is actually a pretty sophisticated formula with an evolved set of rules that allow a high level of safety and competitiveness with a very low cost of entry.  Destruction Derby has a rich history dating back over 50 years and the rules and regulations have evolved continuously since then.  Let us discover what is inside a typical car preped to the maximum level of the rules.


EVENT COVERAGE:  Formula D Las Vegas 2009 

by Jeff Naeyaert

We hit Las Vegas Motor Speedway this past weekend for Formula D's 4th "All In" event of the season.  While our Mike Kojima helped Team Falken with car setup, fellow editor Martin Gonzales and I snapped pics and video and did what we could to stay hydrated in the 100+ degree heat with water and beer.  CLICK for the official press release and our photos. Stay tuned for the video hopefully soonish!


How to Make Your Own Effective Exhaust System

By Mike Kojima and Sarah Forst

You are bummed.  You don’t own a Honda, STi, EVO or some sort of popular sport compact car.  Maybe you have an old school Celica, Corolla, Cavalier, Neon, Hyndai, Geo, Saturn or a similar ride that does not have tons of aftermarket support.  Maybe you want a spiffy all polished stainless system but can’t get a pre-made offering that you like.  Maybe you do have a popular car but it has a ripping turbo system and no one makes a good pre made 3” system for your car.  What to do?  Well we will show you how to roll your own system that will be as good as, maybe even better than a commercially made system, probably for less money as well!


Project Low Buck Nissan SR20DE Part 2

By Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project Low Buck SR20DE, we stated our goals to obtain a decent amount of naturally aspirated horsepower and good track day drivable reliability from an underdog plain jane SR20DE without braking the bank. Fulfilling these goals would also create an engine with excellent street driving characteristics as well. All of our engine work will be done on the cheap with a tight budget in mind but with plenty of attention paid to minor details that can really help an engine live under the stress of track day pounding, perhaps the most abusive environment that a grass roots enthusiast will subject his engine to.


Header Design - Part 2

By Sarah Forst

The greatest advantage of a tubular header comes from inertial tuning, which improves scavenging, or the removal of exhaust gases from the cylinders.  When the exhaust valve opens, high (5-15 psi) pressure exhaust gases blow down the exhaust port at about 300 feet per second.  The hot exhaust gas has a mass and inertia and its movement down the primary pipe produces a suction, or a negative (1-5 psi) pressure rarefaction wave, that travels down the primary tube behind the pulse.


Project NSX: Part 1 - Building the Bulletproof Transaxle

by Billy Johnson and Mike Kojima

Now  the Acura NSX is becoming affordable on the used car market and there are many fine examples for a reasonable price for sale at any given time.  Although the car is still quite modern, some of the technology has become a bit long in the tooth and needs some upgrading to stay in line with current supercars and even what can be done to some of the other Japanese exotics in the aftermarket.


Project Silvia lead wheel bearing storyProject S13 Silvia: The official guide to not screwing up your wheel bearings like I did.

by Dave Coleman

The first one died after an ordinary day at the Streets of Willow Springs. Rolling to the trackside gas pumps to satiate the car's bottomless thirst for petroleum, there was a nasty growling noise. Turning right made it go away. Turning left made it get worse.


 Mode Racing Time Attack Hyundai Genesis

In the Beginning... 

By Jeff Naeyaert

With a rear wheel drive, dual pivot front independent suspension system, multi-link rear suspension, limited slip differential, Brembo brakes and best of all a version of Mitsubishi's powerful 4B11 2 liter turbo motor or a 306 hp V6, the Genesis has all the makings of a serious performance coupe.  We at MotoIQ are excited to bring you one of the first purposely modified Hyundais that we know of in existence. 


Project Silvia black spray paint story

Project Silvia: Once we went black, there was no going back.

by Dave Coleman

Achieving a passable paint job with a spray can is not nearly as simple as you might imagine. Here are some tips:


Project Silvia after the honeymoon rusty brembo

Project Nissan S13 Silvia: After the Honeymoon

by Dave Coleman

Experience teaches you a lot. Like why all car's aren't spray pained flat black, how long JIC coil-overs will last without any maintenance, and just how many wheel bearings one car can chew through. Do yourself a favor, read this and learn your lessons the easy way.


Technobabble: How to Fix a Headgasket with a Garden Sprayer

by Dave Coleman

In August, when the car first started mysteriously losing coolant and fouling spark plugs, I had a rally coming up. I only had two months, at that point to get it done. By the book hours most repair shops use to charge labor, 2 months is plenty of time. But if I changed the headgasket, I'd have to pull the cams to get to the head bolts, remove the front cover, pull the head, see what was warped and fix it, clean things off, and put everything back together in the right order. I'd have to actually get a service manual. And find my torque wrench. And clean my workbench.


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