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Project Pathfinder Part 2, Brake Upgrades

By Mari Umekubo

Even with our prior upgrades to Project Pathfinder, our brakes still had much room for improvement.  Although we could now lock our wheels on clean dry pavement (amazingly the stock brakes could not lock our big sticky Yokohama tires!) it took pushing with all of our might and several revolutions of the wheels to get the pads hot enough so they could get enough bite to lock the wheels.  This sort of braking added precious feet to our stopping distance and made pedal modulation difficult, critical for limit braking performance.



NASCAR + Coyote = Dead Mess

by Eric Hsu

Taco sent me an email with these pics. They're pretty brutal so if you're a wuss and cannot handle blood, do not view.

U.S. F1 Team to American-Born Drivers: We Want You!

by Eric Hsu

Peter Windsor of the USF1 team says, "This team is about helping young Americans (drivers) as much as it is about anything else."

EVENT COVERAGE:  Formula D Seattle 2009

By Jeff Naeyaert

We hit Evergreen Raceway this past weekend for Formula D's 5th "Breaking Point" event of the season.  While our Mike Kojima helped Team Falken with car setup, I snapped pics and some video.  CLICK for the official press release and some of our own commentary and photos.


Get Well Richey!

Our dear friend and Master Fabricator Richey Watanabe of Technosqaure was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer right after the Las Vegas Round of Formula D and has been hospitalized ever since.  Richey has had to endure major surgeries in the last few weeks and faces a long and difficult recovery.


Formula D Coverage, Live From Seattle

Moto IQ Staff Report

What a day, MotoIQ is involved with the series on several levels, from Jeff wielding cameras to Mike spinning wrenches, we were all pretty busy. Sometimes event coverage is dangerous as well. When Ryuji Miki hit the wall with his FD, Jeff was nearly struck with aluminum wing endplate that came spinning at him like a Boomerang, camera ace Antonio Alvendia was fragged with hunks of carbon fiber and lexan and Mike ran.


Beyond The Dyno Readers, Welcome to MotoIQ

by Eric Hsu

This one is for you loyal Beyond the Dyno readers. Click the title and read.


Project Pathfinder Part 1

By Mari Umekubo

Project Pathfinder started out as a necessity, not because we are into SUV’s or off road but because of a need.  For the last two years we have been racing in NASA’s SE-R cup series and using our old 1993 Pathfinder SE as a two vehicle.  This taught us a couple of things, 1 a stock old Pathfinder is not a good tow vehicle due to a lack of power and brakes and 2 a SUV is probably not the safest vehicle on the road for carrying your loved ones due to its tipsy handling.


Technobabble electric cars and turbos, how MIT will save the world lead

Technobabble: Electric Cars & Turbos (How MIT is Going to Save the World)

by Dave Coleman

Electric cars are commuting appliances. With limited range and excruciating re-charge times, they are good for little more than your soul-crushing drive to and from work. Sure, commuting to work may be all you ever do, but that's not the point. You want to imagine that you'll actually decide to go somewhere fun, and gasoline enables this fantasy life. But in MIT's magical fantasy world (which they say they can deliver in less than 5 years), electric cars can do that too. Drive 100 miles, stop, plug in, take a leak, and keep going.

Not enough to get you excited? Try this: How about a turbocharged engine that runs on 87 octane swill, has 13:1 compression, and runs 20 psi of boost. The merry nerds from Massachusetts are working on that, too. It's almost enough to make you want to go to school. Almost...


Chuck's Bonneville Adventure Part 2 (In-car video inside!)

By Mike Kojima and Annie Sam

The cars that run out on the salt are very unusual; some like the Cobalt factory effort from GM Motorsports are high tech state of the art race machines.  Others look to be the work of eccentric mad scientist types.  Others are decades old cars that families have run and refined for several generations.  Finally there are a few cars that seem to have come directly from the set of mad max.  A wide numbers of classes with very interesting rules assures that everything from a wingless Bar Honda F1 car to a flathead Ford powered roadster has an appropriate class where it can be competitive and go for a speed record.


Billy Johnson in the office

The Buttonwillow Bible- Fast Lap (In Car Video inside!)

By Billy Johnson

Buttonwillow (BW) is a great test track used by many professional sports car and formula car racing teams because of the track’s variety of corners.  From on-camber and off-camber corners, to sweepers, chicanes, hairpins, and man-made elevation changes, BW is a well-balanced and technical  track that challenges both the driver and car.  In recent years BW has become center for Time Attack drivers and teams attracting cars from as far away as Japan. Like Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, Buttonwillow has become the milestone for lap times for the top tuners in the time attack world. It has also become the benchmark for bragging rights for many OEM manufacturers.


Project Racer- Part 5: Basics of Tire Pressure

By Annie Sam

Tires. Such a small portion of the car, yet it is the most important part of your vehicle. Why? Because it is the only part of the car that comes in contact with the road – or at least the only thing that's supposed to come in contact with the road. So critical is having the proper tire pressure for performance and safety at speed, we'll devote this next article on how to correctly set pressure for your car for optimal handling and safety.


Targa Trophy Road Rally Stage 1 

By Aaron Guardado

The Targa Trophy Rally is a strategic drive involving checkpoints, strict turn-by-turn routes and maintaining a quick pace throughout the stages. Not only having a really fast car with decent navigation will get you the big trophy at the end of the night, but a strategy to get the mileage needed as well as completing the stages within the allotted time frame given by the officials of Targa Trophy...


Project Nissan Sentra SE-R: HKS GT3037 Turbo

By Aaron LaBeau

In our last article we covered an introduction of Project Sentra SE-R. Building a turbo kit that will make respectable power and have quick boost response is a challenge. Thankfully other SE-R owners have been down this road before. Still, being the types of people we are here at MotoIQ we're always looking for bigger and better, or in this case more power and quicker boost response. Our goal is to have the boost response commonly found in the T-25/T-28 turbos but achieve the high peak hp (400 wheel hp) possible in the Turbonetics T3/T04E turbo.


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