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Technobabble: How to Fix a Headgasket with a Garden Sprayer

by Dave Coleman

In August, when the car first started mysteriously losing coolant and fouling spark plugs, I had a rally coming up. I only had two months, at that point to get it done. By the book hours most repair shops use to charge labor, 2 months is plenty of time. But if I changed the headgasket, I'd have to pull the cams to get to the head bolts, remove the front cover, pull the head, see what was warped and fix it, clean things off, and put everything back together in the right order. I'd have to actually get a service manual. And find my torque wrench. And clean my workbench.


Project Racer- Part 3: Auto Crossing

By Annie Sam

Now that you've immersed yourself into the world of racing – starting with drag racing, you'll probably feel more comfortable in other forms of automotive competitions such as road racing and auto crossing. For those of you who are ready for road racing, you can jump right to the racetrack. For the rest of us who aren't, let me give you a brief run through of what auto crossing is like.


Jim Wolf Technlogies Ultra light 370z flywheel on right, stock Nissan 370Z flywheel on left

Testing Jim Wolf Technologies Ultra Light Flywheel and Heavy Duty Clutch- Will it Work With SynchroRev? (New Video!)

By Mike Kojima

From a performance standpoint, the Nissan 370Z probably is one of the best candidates for performance improvement from a flywheel because of its extremely heavy stock clutch and flywheel. The stock flywheel weights a stout 32 lbs, the pressure plate 16 lbs and the clutch disc 3 lbs. That’s 51 lbs of rotating weight that must be spun to speed at the end of the crankshaft! Why is the stock 370Z’s flywheel so weighty? In an effort to reduce NVH (That’s engineers speak for Noise Vibration and Harshness) to extremely low levels, Nissan made the stock flywheel very heavy. The heaviness of the flywheel helps to smooth out power impulses of the VQ37VHR engine.

From our sister site

Project 200SX- Getting it Down the 1320

By Wes Dumalski

"Hey Brah, wutz it run in da quarter mile"

In the 6+ years of building this project this is the question we have gotten asked more than any other, sometimes it was asked in a less ghetto fashion, the fact remains that people wanted to know how fast the car could cover 1320'...


HKS Hyperdamper for Mitsubishi EVO VIII and IX

Project EVO VIII Part Two, Improving Braking and Handling

By Mike Kojima

At MotoIQ headquarters, it’s no secret that we love the EVO VIII.  To us it’s one of the best-balanced all around car we have ever driven for any price.  It has reasonable power with tons of upgrade potential for its well developed bulletproof 4G63 engine.  The killer engine is one thing but the best thing about the EVO is its handling.  The EVO just flat out rocks, there are very few cars that are so easy to drive hard at the limit.


Stillen Gen 3 Nissan 370Z air intake

motoIQ Tech Exclusive! Stillen’s Gen 3 Nissan 370Z Air Intake, Tested!

By Mike Kojima

Stillen’s air intake came with some large power claims and we were skeptical.  We had tested several other 370Z air intakes and had noted either small or no gains at all.  The stock 370 has a really efficient air intake to begin with.  The engines intake plenum is fed by two generously sized throttle bodies leading to twin intake tubes, twin mass air flow sensors, and two large airboxes with big filter elements both sucking cold air from in front of the core support.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Our opinions were solidified by the fact that some air intake companies have given up on the 370Z after not getting any power gains or these ones that have made it to market have gotten very small gains if at all.

Project Infiniti G20 Racecar - Roll Cage

By Martin Gonzales and Steve Rockwood

Accidents, the downers of all motor sport related activities, and reminders that things don't always go as planned.  Though spinning out of control or taking Dukes of Hazard jumps are not part of anyone's dreams of racing glory, it doesn't mean shit has to happen before preparing for the worst..


motoIQ Tech Exclusive! We Evaluate SPL Version 3 Rear Multi Link Arms 

MotoIQ Staff Report

If you drive a Nissan S13 240SX, S14 240SX, S15 Silvia, Z32 300ZX or R32 GT-R and do some serious track work, you have probably been frustrated by the lack of adjustment range of the stock links. You have also probably experienced the awful twitchiness of the rear suspension. This is largely due to the huge amounts of soft squishy rubber in the many bushings of the multilink rear suspension.


Project Racer- Part 2: Drag Racing 101

By Annie Sam

Maneuvering nimbly through the grocery store parking lot with your kick-ass suspension set up has also probably lost its thrill by this point, leaving you wanting more. But, where do you go? How do you start? Now that you've finally decided to get off that bench and into the drivers seat, let's introduce you to the world of racing, real racing.


MotoIQ Project Mitsubishi EVO IX

Project EVO IX Part One: Really Simple Bolt Ons

By Jeff Naeyaert

The venerable Mistsubishi EVO is a known commodity in the tuning world.  It seems that wherever you look you see EVO’s and it also seems, at least in our Southern California locale that a stock EVO is about as common as a Ferrari Enzo.  The EVO IX was the final evolutionary development of the superb, destined to become a classic CT9A chassis which includes the EVO VII, VIII and IX.  The features that define an IX are the changes made to the legendary 4G63 engine to make it even better than its predecessors.


Nitto NT05 Tire Review

MotoIQ Staff Report

Although the Nitto NT05 was released a few months ago and is now somewhat old news, we would still like to report on it as we were part of the team that help conceptualize the tire from when it was proposed a few years ago.  Because of this attraction we are proud to see it on the market. Although Nitto has always had good product in its DOT Race and street tire market classes, Nitto was notably absent in offerings in the highest niche of ultra high performance near race, street legal tires.


JGTC 370Z, Nissan 370Z, Photoshop 370Z

Building Your Own 370Z: Photoshop and Illustrator

By Charlie Barnes

For all you dreamers and customizers alike who wondered what the Nissan 370Z looked like in different skins, one thing we all have in common is the desire to put our "wonders" into some sort of reality.  I wanted to see what making my own wallpaper...


Mario's Wall of Wisdom

Sometime late last year, I cruised by Toespeed Fabrication to meet up with Tod. Mario is the local 510 guru and master fabricator. If you can think of it, Mario can design it. Or if you can’t think of it and just want it done, give Mario a call if you have a budget (good fabrication isn’t cheap). If you’ve seen buff 510s around southern California like Tod’s, chances are Mario built it. In his shop was a wall with writing all over it. I dubbed it the “...


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