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Billy Johnson Wins Redline Time Attack's Round 7

MotoIQ Staff Report

MotoIQ Fastlap Columnist and regular contributor Billy Johnson has been on a tear lately.  Billy dominated the field and placed first overall in last weekends Redline Time Attack at  Spring Mountain Raceway in Pahrump Nevada piloting his FX Motorsports Development NSX to victory in the Dsport Unlimited RWD class while securing the overall victory as well, unofficially turning the fasted time ever at Pahrump in a production based car.


Japanese Classic Car Show 2009

Intro By Mike Kojima, Story By Antonio Alvendia of  MotorMavens

Once a year the Japanese classic car show is held in Irvine.  The finest classic Japanese cars come out of hiding for display.  Most of these cars date back to the early mid 80's right when I was first learning about performance and modding in my late teens and early 20's.  Because of this, cars from this era have a special place in my heart.

Its also a time when we all went to the street races all over the LA area and had many adventures.  Most of my old street racing friends come to this show and its good to see many familiar faces again.  Even though we are now all old men in our 40's, we still share a love for these machines.  Many of my friends are building the cars of their youth but with the money they earn now, which means pretty crazy stuff.

So I was at the show, but guess what, I forgot my camera.  Thats a good thing because our buddy ace photographer and Japanese classic car connoisseur Antonio Alvendia of MotorMavens was there and he is a lot better photographer than me.  He has better taste as well.  Thanks to Antonio, I was able to relax and enjoy the show without lugging my normal 30 lbs of equipment!


KraftWerks Honda Fit High Boost Supercharger Kit

KraftWerks Announces Honda Fit High-Boost Supercharger Kit

Industry Press Release

If you are a fan of the late model B-Segment cars, you probably feel like us that the Honda Fit is one of the best of the breed.  It certainly has the best handling.  However the cars in this segment are pretty anemic and the amount of truly effective performance parts for these drivelines has been lacking.  Well now things have changed as KraftWerks is pleased to release their new Supercharger kit for the Honda fit.  If you didn't know, KraftWerks is the brain child of supercharger guru and long time veteran master Honda tuner Oscar Jackson.  If you know Oscar like we do, you can be confident that these are complete and well engineered kits.


Congratulations Billy Johnson!

MotoIQ Staff Report

MotoIQ's professor of race craft, Fast Lap Columnist Billy Johnson was victorious last weekend in the Salt Lake City 200 Koni Grand Am Cup race at Miller Motorsports Park.  In an exciting knockdown-drag-out battle with the defending race winner Bill Auberlen, Johnson passed Auberlen  in Turn 1 of Lap 46, the final lap of the two-and-a-half hour race to win by a narrow 1.095 seconds.  This was Johnsons second Grand Sport (GS) victory of 2009 and the first ever for co-driver Jack Roush Jr, son of the legendary Jack Roush Check out the Video here!


MotoIQ’s Project Scion tC Wins NASA PTC National Title!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Photos by

This past Sunday, our own Project Scion tC campaigned by the JD Scion Road Racing team put another mark in the history books, winning a second consecutive national championship in NASA’s Performance Touring series. Perhaps most impressive was the fact that the team started in dead last and managed to climb back through the field and win the race.


The Ultimate EVO Suspension, Project EVO IX Part 3

by Mike Kojima

We have covered typical EVO suspension build ups in the past with our EVO VIII but this time we have decided to try something special. This time we have decided to build the ultimate no holds barred suspension for the EVO CT9A chassis, money not being an object, the only caveat being that it had to remain streetable and not be so stiff that it needed a roll cage to function properly. We are attempting to build the ultimate suspension set up for Time Attack in the Limited or Street Modified Classes.


Project Honda Ruckus Part 2 - More Stuff, the Next Stage

by Jeff Naeyaert

In our Last edition of Project Ruckus, we worked mainly on getting the handling and braking of our bike up to a standard of reasonable safety, safe enough to handle the mean streets and venture beyond the safety of suburban neighborhoods and the pits at the track. Our bike is still far from our goal of it being able to handle itself on main streets though. For one it’s pitifully slow being barely able to creep up to 37 mph. At this speed the poor Ruck will get run over on the crowded, fast main streets of the South Bay where our office is located. It is also not as cool looking as we would like. So in this edition of Project Ruckus we are going to spiff up the looks of our ride and start working on the issue of power.


900hp 10-second GTR goes OFF Runway

By Eric Hsu

The crazy Australians are at it again! Blame Andrew of course although if you look at the tach, it doesn't look like the driver is using much engine braking. Perhaps some downshifting and engine breaking might have helped...

Girl Gone Green: Verena Mei’s Time Attack Nissan 350Z

MotoIQ Staff Report

Photos by  David J. Dowling

A little understood fact about prepping a turbo car for reliable track use is that extreme cooling is needed and the off the shelf performance radiators and oil coolers on the market are not enough to keep a turbo engine cool under actual track conditions. The VQ35DE engine is kept cool by a custom Ron Davis C&R core dual pass radiator with swirl tank and large 13 row Setrab oil cooler.


Tomei 4G63 cams

Project EVO VIII part 3, Into the Engine, Basic Bolt Ons

By Mike Kojima

In part one, we made the conversion of our car from a HIN show car to a more performance oriented build.  In part two of our series we tackled the difficult task of squeezing more stick and balance in the corners of an already finely tuned cornering machine without reducing its refinement as a daily driver. We also improved the stamina of its already powerful brakes in anticipation of hard track use and more power from the motor. In part two we will attempt to squeeze more power out of the EVO’s tried and true 4G63 engine


Project Pathfinder Part 4, Suspension Part 2

By Mari Umekubo

Now that we have the sagging springs, excess lean in the corners, bottoming out, bouncy ride and high speed oversteer of Project Pathfinder taken care of, we now turned our attention to the front suspension in our quest to tighten things up and fix the weak points of the Nissan steering system.


Demolition Derby Tech part 2 The Science Behind the Horror

By Mike Kojima and Aaron Guardado

After we prepared two cars as seen in part one of this series. We proceeded to enter them in a destruction derby, the infamous Orange Crush event at the Orange County fair. We faired ok, making it through most of the event with only minor injuries despite the car’s taking some enormous punishment.


Revenge of the Nerd-Boycott Fakes!

By Mike Kojima

A lot of people in our industry bemoan the fact that the passion and innovation of the game is getting diluted by the influx of fly by night Asian companies that are in the business of making cheap knockoffs of parts made by the established performance companies. These companies sell their fake wears for a fraction of the original’s price using no cost marketing ploys on Ebay and other inexpensive direct selling arenas.


Future NASCAR Sponsor

by Eric Hsu

German style sticker tuning at the Nurburgring.

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