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Project Nissan 200SX - Slimming down and cleaning up...

By Wes Dumalski

We realize this installment's title sounds more like we are getting Project Nissan 200SX ready to hit the dating scene and quite frankly that is what all of the odd's and end's we have been cleaning up has felt like... Only our crunches were done tweaking under the dash and the shaving of weight was done via mail order rather than a strict diet.


VIDEO: Calvin Wan - Thunderdrift

By Mike Kojima

Lately I have gotten to know Calvin Wan through my working with Falken Tires drift team where I have been helping him develop the chassis settings on the Falken S15.  Besides being a super cool guy, Calvin is quite a driver, being pretty versatile, besides drifting he does grip driving in time attack and road racing in cars as well as motorcycles.

Thusly I would like to share this video of Calvin drifting Thunderhill Raceway in his personal Mazda FD.  If you know about Thunderhill, you know this is an exceedingly technical fast course where his drifting and road racing skills merge.  I held a lap record there and believe me, it’s not a particularly easy track to drive on and to see Calvin DRIFTING there with ease is really cool. 

Drifting at the high speeds obtained on a road course like T-Hill is pretty difficult, more difficult than the stuff at your typical drift day and perhaps even what the pros usualy do. I am particularly impressed with the clip of Calvin drifting over turn 5.  That’s a hard ass turn to just DRIVE over.  So check it out and enjoy!

Visit Calvin's website here!

While performing a U-Turn you will....

turn right onto a two-way street.

turn left onto a two-street.

turn right onto a one way street.

turn 180 degrees and head the opposite direction.

Traffic School

by Eric Hsu

Tricks and tips to speed through online traffic school. Who needs to take an 8 hour class when you can complete it in 1 hour?

 nissan pathfinder suspension

Project Nissan Pathfinder Part 3, Getting Into the Suspension

By Mari Umekubo

This month we tackle an area of serious deficient for most SUV’s, the suspension.  We were faced with some tough decisions here.  Since we use our Pathfinder for everything from daily commuting, to drives to the mountains hauling mountain bikes and gear to off road exploring, we had to come up with a reasonable compromise.  Our main goal was not to build a car crushing monster truck or a Rubicon Trail bolder crawler but to greatly improve on-road handling, to eliminate the SUV characteristic of flipping over when pressed and to provide a safer ride when towing.  We wanted all of this with improved off-road capability as well.


Project Scion TC Part Two, Chassis and Cage Construction Details

By Mike Kojima

In our last segment of Project Scion TC Racer we had brought our car to Technosquare in Torrance California for the construction of a custom roll cage leaving the car in the capable hands of master fabricator Richie Watanabe.  It’s no secret that many of MotoIQ’s project cars and staffers personal cars end up spending a stint at Technosquare sooner or later. Richie has many years of experience constructing Pro Rally and race cars, and is quietly proud of the fact that every racer that has ever crashed while driving a car equipped with one of his cages has walked away unharmed.  The last Technosquare cage to be tested in such a spectacular manor is Taka Ono’s AE86 who flipped at a Formula D event at Irwindale raceway last year.


EVENT COVERAGE:  Formula D Sonoma 2009

By Jeff Naeyaert

We drove up to Infineon Raceway last weekend for Formula D's 6th "Locked and Loaded" event of the season. To accomodate the IndyCar Grand Prix which was sharing the track that weekend, the event was split into three days rather than the usual two with the Top 32 qualifying being run on Thursday, Top 16 on Friday and the finals on Saturday.  Consequently, it felt like the event lost momentum as we spent a lot more time milling around the pits than watching action on the track.  Nonetheless it was still a fun weekend!  CLICK for the official press release and photos.


VIDEO: 24 Hours of LeMons - Buttonwillow Histrionics 

Shot and edited by Jeff Naeyaert

After weeks of procrastinating and ignoring deadlines, I finally finished my video of the  24 Hours of LeMons: Buttonwillow Histrionics. (Really, I finally reached the point where I said, "fuck it, I give up!" and suddenly, it was finished).  I'm new to the video scene and while it's an interesting challenge I'm terribly inefficient at pretty much every aspect of it.  I forget to get important shots to help tell the story (a Buttonwillow sign or something at the beginning would have been nice, for example), I hand-hold the camera like my grandma, and I take forever editing, since I don't really know the software.  Fortunately, I've met some really helpful people at the Formula D events we've been covering, and looking over their shoulders has taught me a lot.

Disclaimer finished, enjoy!  If you want to see the HD version, check it out on Vimeo.  And, in case you missed it, click HERE for the article and photos from the event.


No Respect, Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V part 2

By Mike Kojima

In our first installment of project Spec-V, in an effort to turn an unloved econobox into a sharply honed time attack weapon, we stripped our car to a bare shell and started construction on a roll cage. The roll cage is more than just a structure to protect the vehicles occupants in a crash; the roll cage is also the most important part of a race cars suspension system providing a ridged platform for the suspension.


EVO IX Power Tweeks Part 2

By Mike Kojima

When we last left project EVO IX we had just tried out the most basic bolt on mods and ended up being pretty pleased with the results, picking up nearly 30 whp from stock with just a few hours of work including dyno time. Drivability was improved as well making our experience a win win situation.


Project Racer- Part 5 1/2: A Few Extra Tips

By Annie Sam

As I was instructing a beginner session at Willow Springs, I discovered several common mistakes that beginner drivers would make. So, I decided to add a little extra to this month's article point these out and hopefully help new drivers correct them before you head out to the track.


EVENT COVERAGE:  24 Hours of LeMons - Buttonwillow Histrionics 2009

By Jeff Naeyaert

I took a trip to the high desert this weekend to shoot the 24 Hours of LeMons Buttonwillow Histrionics race and catch up with 4 of our MotoIQ editors who were racing their jalopies therein.  Dave Coleman and his team of disturbingly dressed french maids (even for high desert standards) raced in the Eyesore Racing FrankenMiata while Chuck "Toadstool" Johnson, Annie "The Princess" Sam , Travis "Luigi" Englert and Martin "Racoon Mario" Gonzales took turns in the Team 1UP Sentra SE-R.  While none of our guys brought home any trophies, everyone had fun and no ones car got too banged up.  CLICK on to see pics from this weekend and stay tuned for more 24 Hours of LeMons features as well as an in depth look at LeMons car engineering by Dave Coleman.  MORE


Inside the X-games fiesta lead art

Inside the 800-hp X-Games Fiestas

By Dave Coleman

An American rallycross is an autocross in the dirt. A European rallycross is an explosion of rally bundled up and barely confined within the grounds of a racetrack. Roughly speaking, take every european rally car that has ever been banned for being too fast, turn up the boost, and then run 6 of them, wheel-to-wheel, in a sprint race that alternates between pavement and dirt. When a team of Swedish rallycross fiestas crossed the pond to run Pikes Peak and the X-Games I wanted to know more. How exactly do they get these Miata engines (the Ford Duratec is also known as a Mazda MZR) to 800-hp, and how do they harness that power and make it usable? This story is everything I know, updated frequently as I learn more...


...Actually, we should probably call it a "film" and not a "video," as that nomenclature suggests a higher quality production.  Here we have another killer "film" by Will Roegge and Joshua Herron (both notorious for their drifting videos) with something only slightly different.  Rhys Millen, of Formula D, Pikes Peak and that Super Bowl Hyundai Genesis commercial fame, approached Will about putting together a short film on his latest Pikes Peak hill climb attempt. READ MORE


Project Pathfinder Part 2, Brake Upgrades

By Mari Umekubo

Even with our prior upgrades to Project Pathfinder, our brakes still had much room for improvement.  Although we could now lock our wheels on clean dry pavement (amazingly the stock brakes could not lock our big sticky Yokohama tires!) it took pushing with all of our might and several revolutions of the wheels to get the pads hot enough so they could get enough bite to lock the wheels.  This sort of braking added precious feet to our stopping distance and made pedal modulation difficult, critical for limit braking performance.


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