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Project Honda Ruckus modified high performance big bore racing engine

Project Honda Ruckus Part 7: Building the Engine

By Jeff Naeyaert

In our efforts to build the ultimate Honda GET 50cc engine for our Honda Ruckus, we have learned a few things with our first iteration of our modded engine, lessons to make our second one better we hope.  In our quest to get even more power out of our little Honda we are going to build another engine, this one is going into another Ruckus in our stable. Our goal for engine number 2 is to surpass the 58 mph of our first engine and reach 60 mph with the Honda engine that came with the Ruckus.

To read about our previous engine build click here for part one and here for part two.  To see all of our Honda Ruckus stuff click here.


The Progress Group Scion TC coilover suspension kit

Project Scion TC Part 4: Suspension and Brakes

By Mike Kojima

With our cage and safety equipment done on our Scion TC race car, it is time to do stuff to increase performance!  The suspension on a road race car is critical for it to be competitive and we need to so some serious stuff on our car.  Since our Scion TC is being built in its first stage for NASA's PTD class, we have some interesting factors that we have to consider.


ACT six puck sprung hub clutch disc

Clutch Technology Part 3, Clutch Disc Construction

By Mike Kojima

Read Part 1 about how the clutch pressure plate works here!

Read Part 2 about clutch disc friction material here!

The clutch disc isn't just a simple round and flat disc that rubs against stuff to help transfer the engines torque to the wheels.  It is actually a very sophisticate component that has many design features to help it do its job.  The clutch disc has a very important set of functions.  It must engage smoothly and predictably to help get a car underway, it should help cushion the drivetrain from excess shock and should have low inertial mass to speed shifting.  Of course like all mechanical things there are many compromises that need to be considered with the design of clutch discs.  To learn more, read on.


Mazdaspeed3 SEMA

Wrench Tips #11: Welding Plastic

by Dave Coleman 


Christa Kojima's Top Kart

Christa's first Racer

By Mike Kojima

What does a 9 year old girl want, a pony? An all-you-can-carry gift certificate from Hello Kitty?  No, apparently she likes carbon fiber.  OOOH! Carbon fiber!  My daughter Christa squealed when she saw the Noonan Racing foot box that I got so she could reach the pedals on her Top Kart, racing go kart.


 Josh Herron’s Synopsis of the 2009 Formula D Season

Moto IQ Staff Report

The 2009 Formula D Pro Drift Season is wrapped up and in the can. While we are waiting for the end of the 2010 Silly Season and busying ourselves for Formula D’s 2010 opener in Long Beach, we spotted this video overview of the 2009 season by Josh Herron. We at MotoIQ have been longtime fans of Josh’s work. His capability with a camera and post production magic not only captures the motion and rapid fire action of Pro Drifting but also strikes a genuine emotional chord that great video can do.


MotoIQ Project Ducati Hypermotard

Project Ducati Hypermotard Part 1

By Jeff Naeyaert

 We would like to introduce our first motorcycle project, Project Ducati Hypermotard. The Hypermotard is the opposite of a Supermoto bike.  Where the Supermoto bike is a Motocross bike modified for the pavement, the Ducati Hypermotard is more like an ultra high performance street-touring bike modified for dirt use with some full on road racing technology thrown in.  Its like the parts from a Honda CRF 450, a Ducati Monster naked street performance bike, a Ducati Multistrada sports touring bike and a Ducati 1098 sports bike were thrown in a pot to create a very unique bike that doesn’t really fit into any category other than its own.


Cusco EVO Twin Disc Clutch

Project EVO VIII part 4, Getting More Trackside Grip, Killing Some Slip

By Mike Kojima

After enjoying driving our much-improved EVO VIII for a few months we were again motivated into another round of mods by the need to fix a necessity, a slipping clutch.  We also wanted to improve our suspension for more aggressive driving.


 Nissan Pathfinder  Project Pathfinder Part 9, Headwork

by Mari Umekubo

As we have reached the limit in bolt on potential for Project Pathfinder we now delve into building the ultimate tow motor.  The ultimate tow motor is probably the ultimate off road motor and perhaps the ultimate motor for a heavy clumsy SUV.  Our motor will be built to emphasis low-end torque, better for pulling, good fuel economy and the ability to run on lower grades of gas.  Since we're dirt cheap and as this is just our tow/daily transportation vehicle, we placed additional emphasis on staying away from exotic and expensive parts, instead rummaging in our spare bins of factory Nissan parts.



Sierra Sierra EVO 8 - 1:44.2 and Dropping

by Eric Hsu

The Sierra Sierra EVO 8 lives up to its name and further evolves. Details inside with a FAQ section!

FXMD Acura NSX driven by Billy Johnson

Time Attack Terror: FXMD's Record Setting Acura NSX (Video Inside!)

By Mike Kojima and Billy Johnson

If you follow Time Attack at all you are probably very familiar with FXMD's Acura NSX Unlimited RWD killing machine piloted by our own Fast Lap Editor, Billy Johnson.  In the 2009 Time Attack season the NSX has given the competition the business in every event it has entered for an undefeated 2009 Redline Time Attack season. Lets take a deep technically based look inside the fastest Time Attack machine in North America.


Taipei, Taiwan 2009

by Eric Hsu

What to do, where to go, what I did, and as usual, my opinions during my Christmas trip to Taipei, Taiwan. Plenty about Taiwanese food, night life, friends, and tourist spots inside.

MotoIQ Project Scion TC

Project Scion tC at Thunderhill Video!

By Jeff Naeyaert

Check out this cool video of our Project Scion shot at the NASA Six Hours of Thunder hill.



Project Racer - Part 7: Recipe for Racing

By Annie Sam

Being a fast road racer requires five main ingredients; 2 cups drivers skill, 1 cup killer suspension, ½ cup of grip, a dash of reliability, and of course, 2 tablespoons of horsepower. Now that you’ve learned the basics of racing, and driving through following the progress of Project Racer, let’s turn our attention to the next ingredient - horsepower. Though a detailed buildup of a Performance Touring race car could be found detailed in various other project vehicles on this site, what automotive project – project racer included - is complete without the mention of upgrading a racecar? After all, as project racer, I couldn’t race without building a racecar, now could I?

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