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MotoIQ at SEMA 2009

By Sarah Forst

No other city in the United States besides Las Vegas could possibly host the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association) show without being upstaged.  This amusement park for autophiles displays some of the most extreme car builds and aftermarket products.  Crazy concepts surround attendees at every direction.


KW Motorsports 3-way adjustable dampers for Nissan Sentra Spec-V

No Respect, Project Nissan Sentra Spec-V part 3, Building a Race Ready Suspension System

By Mike Kojima

There are 5 elements that have to work well in a successful time attack car. In order to win, a car has to have lots of power, lots of aerodynamic downforce with minimal drag, good suspension, anchor-like brakes and sticky tires. Of these 5, suspension is the most important system for a winning time attack car. Getting the best possible handling is more important than eeking out every last bit of power from the engine. Without good suspension you cannot get the most out of the tires, brakes, aero or engine.


Billy Johnson FX Motorsports Development NSX Redline Time Attack Cal speedway

Congratulations Billy Johnson and Team FXMD/Cricket Wireless!

MotoIQ Staff Report

MotoIQ would like to give a hearty congratulations to our very own Billy Johnson for his smoking lap time of 1:36.106 at the Redline Time Attack 2009 season finale at California Speedway last weekend. Billy's time was good for:

1st Overall
1st Unlimited Class
1st Unlimited RWD
New RTA track record (and track record for a production-based car).

The win sealed Billy's Redline Time Attack Championship's in both Unlimited and Unlimited RWD classes.  


Wrench Tips #1: Take a Picture...

by Dave Coleman

We turn a lot of wrenches at MotoIQ, and between the bloody knuckles, we've actually learned a thing or two. Going  forward, we'll be posting a helpful tip each friday in the hopes you might screw up one less thing under your hood over the weekend. Enjoy!


nissan pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder Part 6, Safety Sake

By Mari Umekubo

Driving to races often means driving late at night to dark remote areas.  Our stock lights threw a weak yellow beam so dim we could hardly see the road at times.  Our lights were barely adequate for city driving and were hazardous on the open road.  To fix this we obtained Nissan Motorsports Euro headlight conversion kit. 


Sierra Sierra EVO Eric Hsu

Congratulations Eric Hsu-Sierra Sierra and Billy Johnson-FX Motorsports Development for your Source Interlink Superlap Battle Wins!

MotoIQ Staff Report

MotoIQ's master Tech Editor Eric Hsu helped Sierra Sierra win the overall victory at Source Interlink's Superlap Battle Time Attack with their locked and loaded EVO VIII.  Eric's contribution is supporting the Cosworth Powertrain that propels the potent EVO.


Source Interlink Super Lap Battle 2009

by Eric Hsu

The Sierra Sierra EVO 8 takes the overall win at Source Interlink's Super Lap 2009.

Ask Sarah:  We have a stock 350Z N/A engine.  Can we add a turbo without messing with the ECU if we want to run 8 psi boost?  A 1 or 2 bar MAP?

By Sarah Forst

From the scope of the question, I think you might need to do a little more research and learn the basics of engine management and how modern fuel injection systems work.

Got a Tech Question?  Email Sarah at


Project Ruckus part 4, Building the Ultimate Honda GET Engine

by Jeff Naeyaert

In part 3 of Project Ruckus we applied a bunch of bolt on mods to our bike to reach our goal of 50 mph with decent acceleration.  Now that we have hit 50, we still have some shortcomings to our project.  We feel that 50 MPH is the minimal top speed any street driven machine should have, any less and you end up being a hazard, cars tailgate and road rage may ensue.  At the least, you might get cars tailgating and cutting you off, giving you the finger.


Acura NSX C32 FX Motorsports Development rotating assembly


By Billy Johnson and Sarah Forst

Project NSX is the Brainchild of FX Motorsports Development, an NSX tuning shop whose time attack turbo NSX is currently smashing unlimited class records throughout the Redline Circuit. FX Motosports Development is transferring a lot of the knowledge gleaned from their time attack program to build the ultimate NSX turbo street motor. The goals of our motor is to make a rock reliable 530 or so wheel hp on pump gas with the ability to be track driven without missing a beat.


best engineered cars of lemons

The Best-Engineered Cars of LeMons

By Dave Coleman

The 24 Hours of LeMons is recognized as many things. Incredibly stupid. Safer than OxyContin. A flagrant waste of natural resources. Yes, yes, and yes, but to us, it is also a festival of junkyard engineering. Ever wondered how a Geo Metro would perform with a CBR 900 engine? Ever wondered if you could build a mid-engine, 8-cylinder Can-Am car out of a couple of Vanagons? Ever fantasized about building a mid-engine racecar out of a 1971 Honda Z600, a first-gen RX-7 and a Motorcycle? All this can be found at LeMons, and all of it deserves a closer look.


Frankenmiata freebuilding the engine

Freebuilding The Engine

by Dave Coleman

The engine used in this project was freebuilt from no less than four junk engines. Freebuilding is like rebuilding, but without all the stuff that costs money. Ignore all your instincts to think long term, and focus only on what is absolutely necessary to make the engine perform the task at hand -- surviving 14 hours of abuse before exploding. Labor cost, it should be noted, is not considered in LeMons accounting, a fact that can lead to countless lost weekends and the absolute destruction of any social life. You have been warned.



Frankenmiata turbocharging

How to Turbocharge a Miata for less than $100

by Dave Coleman

After a few timid part-throttle passes listening for detonation, we finally buried the pedal and watched in horror as our little creation ripped off 170 hp on 7 psi of boost, pegging the 100-psi fuel pressure gauge in the process. Shock, horror, giddy satisfaction and abject terror had a bus fight on the way to our heads. Abject terror won the fight. There was no way the car would survive 14 hours of racing at this power level. It would overheat, throw a rod, melt a piston, ping its ring lands into oblivion, and overheat some more. Then the fuel lines would explode and we'd all burn to death. We immediately started trying to figure out how to make less boost.


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