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Electronic Cigarettes

by Eric Hsu

I am checking out's Encore electronic cigarette as a method to reduce smoking. Smoking without the cigarette smoke is pretty cool actually.


Suck Squish Bang Blow part 2- The Four Stroke Cycle

By Mike Kojima

Now that you know what all of the basic parts of an engine are and what they do, it’s time to understand how they work together in a system.  Almost all cars except for the rotary powered RX-8 and nearly all motorcycles use 4 stroke engines or what is called by engineers, the Otto Cycle to turn the chemical energy of gasoline into power.  Manipulation of the 4 stroke cycle is essential for obtaining more power from a motor so it is important to know what the different parts of the cycle are and how they affect your power output. 


Aprillia SR50 Dr Pulley racing clutch

100 MPG Madness, Project Aprilia SR50- Modding the driveline

By Jeff Naeyaert

In our last installment, we had greatly improved the power of our Aprilia SR50 by installing a Malossi big bore kit ported by AF1.  The big bore kit brought our displacement up to 68cc and improved our acceleration by a bunch.  However our top speed didn’t change a whole lot, despite our gains in hp and torque as our redline was only increased by a few hundred rpm.  Our top speed was a disappointing 55-56 mph and we were hoping to see 60.  We were also annoyed by a distracting check engine light on our digital dash due to compatibility issues between the Malossi ECU designed for Euro versions of this scooter and our USA spec dash.

To read more about our project click here!


MotoIQ Project Subaru WRX STi

Project Subaru WRX STi Part 3: Streetable Track Worthy Suspension

By Mike Kojima

In our last segment of Project Subaru WRX STi we tackled the car’s weakest area, its handling, and made significant improvements by installing Whiteline’s basic handling pack suspension kit. Although we were very favorably impressed with the kit’s enhancement of Project STi, we needed more. We wanted more than just a better handling car; we wanted one that had the potential to put the hurt on the competition in time attack events as well as a decent street ride because this car also serves as a daily driver.

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Cosworth F1 Website is Now Live

by Eric Hsu

Follow the links above for some info on the CA2010 and the brand new Cosworth F1 website.

 nissan pathfinder engine

 Project Pathfinder Part 10, How to Build the Nissan VG30E

By Mari Umekubo

We are getting quite excited as Project Pathfinders motor is now up and running. We are out to show that a solid and reliable naturally aspirated Nissan VG30E can be just as strong or stronger in the power department as the VG33R supercharged motor in the  Frontiers with vastly superior fuel economy.  We also want to show that we can get the pulling power of a small V8 out of the VG. Last month we covered some tricks that Dan Paramore of DPR used to make our heads flow.  This month we will dive into the shortblock of our super Pathfinder.

To read about our VG30E headwork click here!



Frankenmiata making it handle


FrankenMiata - Making it Handle With a Hacksaw

By Dave Coleman

Frankenmiata phoenix alice in wonderland pan

The secrets of the the FrankenMiata's handling have been hidden for too long. Time to reveal everything. How we stiffened the springs without lowering the car; how we used bumpstops for free travel; how we stiffened the sway bars, and knew how much to do it; and where we set the alignment. All without spending a penny.


AEM LS1 plug and play EMS ECU

AEM's Plug and Play ECU for the Chevy LS1, a Swappers Delight!

By Mike Kojima

Being able to have full control of engine management is a huge advantage when putting together one of the new generation hybrids.  We found a great remarkably simple solution for tuning with AEM's plug and play EMS for the LS1. The LS is fast becoming the new hybrid swap replacing K motors in Nissan S chassis and finding homes in the engine bays of 1st and 2nd generation RX-7's.


The Dog Car

The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling: Part II - Controlling Body Motion

by Mike Kojima

Previously, we addressed the most important aspect of handling, the tires. The next important suspension trick to increase grip is to reduce body motion such as roll under hard cornering, dive under braking and squat under acceleration.  In later editions of this series we will get into the technical aspects of chassis dynamics but for now we are covering the basics and will gradually get into the harder to understand parts of the subject.



Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11T on Engine Dyno - Video

by Eric Hsu

Video after the jump!

Sarah Forst Project Garage

Project Garage Part I: Introduction

By Sarah Forst

When I was looking for a house, I knew I needed a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom, but right up there with those priorities was a large garage. Since Monster Garage, freebie style, isn't too probable, thus begins Project Garage, budget style.

Project Garage Part I covers installing additional electrical outlets, insulation, and drywall in an unfinished garage space.


Mike Kojima Yam

Revenge of the Nerd - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or Top Fuel Fun!

By Mike Kojima

A couple of weekends ago I took my 9 year old Daughter Christa to the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona.  Being the jaded 9 year old she is, she loved the Top Fuel cars, liked the funny cars and thought the 6 second Pro-Stock cars were lame because they were "too slow".  In between runs I explained how the inner workings of Top Fuel and Funny cars tick.  She was pretty amazed at some of the facts I told her about the cars and wanted to know how I knew so much about them.  I told her the story of how I was a crew member for a Top Fuel Funny Car last year during SEMA week.  I learned a lot about these amazing cars that day and I'll tell you the story I told her.


PWL Nissan Titan High capacity oil pan

Nissan Titan Large Capacity Oil Pan, Cure for Transmission Overheating?

By Annie Sam

Without forcing you to read about our Nissan Titans transmission woes, basically the trucks major problem is that the transmission temperatures get very high when towing going up long steep grades such as the notorious Baker grade and the Grapevine, especially in the summer time.  We have experienced this transmission overheating even though our Titan has the factory tow package which has two oil coolers, one in the radiator and an oil to air unit in the front of the truck.


Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11T on Engine Dyno - Stage 1

by Eric Hsu

Stage 1 of the Mitsubishi 4B11T engine dyno testing begins at Cosworth Torrance. Click the image above to check out some details and pictures.

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