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Nissan 370Z Suspension Technology

Nissan 370Z Suspension Technology, A Look Underneath the 370Z!

By Mike Kojima

Thanks to, we were invited to the first public viewing of the Nissan 370Z.  While other Journalists busied themselves by jostling for a chance to photograph the outside, sit inside or eat the tasty burritos and tacos provided for the event, we got down and dirty, crawling on the ground to look at the underpinnings so we could try to get a more technical view of the car.

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Got a Tech Question?  Ask Sarah!


By Sarah Forst

I have a 1996 200sx Se-R and I had a GTI-R Pulsar motor put in it. I want to upgrade the brakes.  In your book, “How to Build Performance Nissan Sport Compacts,” you mention some upgrades. One in particular is the Fastbrakes upgrade kit for the front brakes that uses NX2000 (AD22VF) calipers, rotors, and pads. And for the back brakes upgrade kit, using the 1995-1999 Maxima rear calipers, rotors, and pads.  Are these all the parts that I would need if I were to buy them from an auto parts place?


Nissan 370Z convertible roadster badass

motoIQ Feature; Nissan 370Z Convertable Hits the Street!

by Sarah Forst

The Nissan 370Z Roadster also uses the Z Coupe’s multilink 4-wheel independent suspension. This suspension setup is a double wishbone 2-link front and 4-link rear suspension, an improvement over the over-complicated articulated lower multi-link setup in the 350Z. The suspension is lighter and stiffer with forged aluminum arms, lighter stabilizer bar offering a 35% improved leverage ratio, and lightweight rigid rear cradle incorporated as a single piece. The rack and pinion steering design is speed sensitive and includes a solenoid valve that damps unwelcome steering kickback and vibrations. The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system is still a standard feature.

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Project Nissan Sentra SE-R

By Aaron LaBeau

Our idea of a project car is one that can go fast, have even better handling characteristics, can bring things to a stop without any drama and be competitive on the racetrack. Back in the early/mid 90's finding a car like this was simple.


Project Infiniti G20 Racecar - Intro/Gutting

by Martin Gonzales & Steve Rockwood

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.  Life handed us a wrecked car (and a mild case of whip-lash), so we're making a race car!  That pretty much sums up how we came to the idea of transforming the ultimate grocery getter into a formidable road racing machine.  The manual transmission, multi-link front suspension, independent rear suspension and SR20 engine may have persuaded us a bit too.


Red Nissan 370Z

motoIQ Feature; Nissan 370Z Styling Impressions

By motoIQ Staff

We had known something was up at Nissan when we spotted 7/8 scale 350Z's with bulged hoods and flared fenders rolling around at night and when peering through the plastic slats in the chain link fence surrounding Nissan's Gardena California Headquarters—slats that were intended to block causal viewing, but didn't quite stop the observant curious from looking.  We knew Nissan was probably up to testing a new Z car and our wish was to be able to take a peek at it.

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Nissan Nismo 370Z

motoIQ Feature; Nissan's 350 hp Nismo 370Z Model Due in June!

by Sarah Forst

The Nismo 370Z is not only a looker but as you would expect from Nismo, has functional performance improvements over the base 370Z as well. The Nismo 370Z comes with an exclusive, unique and functional body kit that is not available as a Nismo accessory at the dealership. The wind tunnel tuned and racing-inspired body lines are fierce with sculptural fenders, upswept quarter windows, vertical door handles, and aluminum hood, door panels, and hatchback.

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EVENT COVERAGE:  2009 Motorgen Angeles Crest Cruise

By Martin Gonzales

What could possibly be better than cruising the freshly paved mountainous roads of Los Angeles?  Doing it with a great group of gear heads like the folks at!  They truly are a unique group, unlike the majority of car groups, the Motorgen crew has set out to satisfy the cravings of every car enthusiast by combining all the colors of the car rainbow.


Project Spec-V Time Attack Car

No Respect- Project Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V: Part One

By Mike Kojima

It seems like the B15 Sentra SE-R Spec-V just doesn’t get any respect.  Unlike previous models of SE-R poAwered by the SR20DE engine whose owners seem to love them and drive them until their shells decay into loose piles of metallic oxides, the owners of the new generation of SE-R seem to be eager to get rid of them, trading them in for the WRX, EVO, Si or SRT as soon as their incomes grow enough to afford the payments of these more expensive cars.


Louie Contereas L-Con Project 300zxtt

Project Nissan 300ZXTT: Part One

By Mike Kojima

I have more cars than I can store easily on my property or the motoIQ headquarters. It’s also a well known fact that most of them don’t run at any particular time because, I only have so much bandwidth and more importantly money to work on numerous projects. The fact that our house is in a pretty decent part of the OC and looks like a rednecks doublewide pisses off my wife to no end. My neighbors probably don’t like me very much either.


Project Scion TC

Project Scion TC Racer: Part One

So when Scion was launched as the brand of Generation Y, after looking at the cars specs, I sighed a yawn seeing that they were probably designed for cool kids and those who emulate them that were more into clothes, hair product and music than cars or at least the performance part of it. I immediately dismissed the brand as something I was not interested in and never paid attention to it again.


Paintless Dent repair

motoIQ Tech Exclusive! Paintless Dent Repair

If you are into cars, it’s inevitable that your nice shiny new ride will accumulate its share of ugly and annoying dents and dings no matter how careful you are when parking.  Even the stored garage queen is not immune to this sort of damage.  Some of you have kids, some have crowded garages full of stuff that falls over.  Some of you have spouses or SO’s that think your obsession with cars is dumb and park the car any old where when you are not around.


Project Subaru STi: Part One 

In this project we are going to improve on the STi's strong point, acquiring more torque and power but still keeping it street and road race friendly.  A lot of attention will be given the cars weak points, handling and braking.  Project STi's goals will be to be able to keep its easy streetability while being able to rip the ¼mile in the 11's in drag racing while winning a Time Attack on a road course, opposing yet possible goals.


Project Mitsubishi EVO VIII: Getting Rid of the Bling to Give it Some Sting

From the second we first drove an EVO VI on loan from Mitsubishi 8 years ago, we have been in love with the EVO series of cars.  The small relatively light 4-Door sedan reminded us of another favorite car.  It was lot like a super tuned Turbo Sentra SE-R but with it's 4WD drivetrain, it could actually put the power to the ground at high boost.  Unfortunately the EVO was not available for sale in the USA. 


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