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Project 5.0 Mustang. Improving the Breathing With Ford Racing and Cooling with CSF

By Mike Kojima

In previous installments of our Project Mustang we had installed most of the common bolt ons for our 5 liter Coyote engine.  We had gotten a pretty decent boost in power but we had noted that our power would really fall off at higher RPM, more that what we thought a free breathing 4 valve motor should.


Ciao Bella: Part 1 - Italian F1 GP, V.Rossi's GP bike, Alfa Giulia, and Magneti Marelli stuff!

by Pablo Mazlumian

We're sent to Italy on a trip of a lifetime and get to experience the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza.  In this first of a two-part series you'll see plenty of tech stuff, including Valentino Rossi's MotoGP bike, Magneti Marelli racing parts, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, and more!


Tested: Socal Supermoto!

by Khiem Dinh

Riding on two wheels is fun. It can be even more so when there’s something besides human power motivating it. Throw in some dirt, as playing in the dirt is always more fun, and you have supermoto bikes. I wanted to try my hand at riding a supermoto bike so I made the trek out to Riverside, CA for an event with Socal Supermoto.


Supercharging the Nissan VQ35DE with Vortech!

by Mike Kojima

The Nissan VQ35DE in all of its variations is one of the best six cylinders on the market, light compact and smooth it has a lot of potential for modification. The VQ35DE and its variants in the VQ family is found in the G35 and 350Z.  Although the VQ is a nice performance engine, in the US market it is only available in naturally aspirated form.  Naturally aspirated limits your power, especially when you are talking about a streetable engine on pump gas. 

In our search for more power we decided to try another direction: supercharging.  For our test mule we used a G35 coupe which already had a lot of the basic bolt ons. To this we applied Vortech's bolt on intercooled VQ35DE kit.  The Vortech kit is a relatively easy bolt on and has the advantage that if installed exactly as is, it is a CARB approved 50 state legal system with an EO number.  This is a huge advantage if you live in California or any area that requires smog testing for registration.


vw thug lifeIN THE NEWS: VW Cheated on the EPA Test - Cool or No?

by Jeff Naeyaert

So if you haven’t already read it on Jalopnik, VW just got busted by the Environmental Protection Agency today for programming software in the ECM of nearly half a million TDI diesel models from 2009 to 2015 specifically to cheat emissions testing when on a dyno!  READ ON...


Ljubljana food truck

Road Trip: Commie Style

by Sarah Forst

Find out what happens when Sarah treks behind the Iron Curtain, gallivanting through Central Europe from the Adriatic Sea to the top of the Julian Alps to the center of Budapest, and getting owned by the rental car company, a Hungarian border checkpoint, and a parking garage. Can she find any street races between the former Communist supercar sellers Yugo and Skoda?


Sneak Peek: A Glance At Chevrolet's NASCAR Engine

by David Zipf

Let's preface this article with the following statement: Yes, we know MotoIQ's readership are not NASCAR fans.  But when we saw this motor sitting on a stand at the Chevrolet booth, we got intrigued.  It turns out while we weren't paying attention, NASCAR teams have been sneakily turning their stock cars into full blown racing monsters!  Chevy's NASCAR engine is really advanced, despite being limited by NASCAR's rules.  Tanner Foust and Papadakis Racing realized the potential of these NASCAR motors and slipped a TRD unit into Tanner's old and very controversial Scion tC.  Unfortunately the juiciest bits were hidden away, but we learned some rather interesting things while we looked around.


Project Legacy GT - An Introduction

by Connor Harrison

I’d like to get something off my chest. I am enamored with the idea of hopped up, ass kicking, rip snorting, high performance wagons. V8-powered shooting brakes, high revving hot hatches, and bi-turbo estates (for our euro readers) all seem to get my juices flowing. I can’t quite pinpoint exactly why that is, but there is just something so scandalous about an unassuming five-door giving more pedigreed performance machines a run for their money. Now, I need you to understand that I am absolutely smitten with this car, and have been for the past several years. It is, in my eyes, the perfect vehicle. So please excuse me if I become a bit over-zealous at times. Enter Project Legacy GT, it is Subaru’s mid-size performance vehicle which is equipped with the usual all-wheel drive system, 5-speed manual transmission, and a typical 2.5L turbocharged flat four engine.


Matt Powers and the AEM Infinity 58X LS Plug and Play System

by Mike Kojima

It's been a long time coming and we have been eagerly anticipating it but now its here. AEM has introduced a plug and play version of the Infinity ECU with a full wire harness to support engine swaps or to make switching to an Infinity ECU on a Chevy LS V8 powered car a piece of cake.


Project Viper Part 5 Rad Fan Cover

Project Viper GTS: Part 5 – Radiator Fan & Wiring Upgrade

by Billy Johnson

The Viper is a “racecar for the street” in more ways than one; and like a racecar, it does not like to sit in stop and go traffic and can run hot and overheat without proper airflow on a hot summer day. To combat this we upgraded the radiator fan on our 1997 Viper GTS with the higher flowing, larger fan from the 1998-2002 cars. In addition, we safeguarded the potentially flawed wiring and relay box by running standalone relays with dedicated power and ground wires.  To further extend the life of the relays we used a trick pair of “NOsparc®” spark suppressors in the harness.



It's All About the Zinc - High Stress Wear Resistance with Penrite Oil!

by Mike Kojima

We get a lot of oils and lubricants to evaluate at the MotoIQ office and for the most part we have had good results with the latest high quality synthetic motorsports oils that come across our desks and into the crankcases of our various race and project cars.  When it comes to quality oils we get pretty uniform results, clean burning, low deposits and good wear of the engine's internal components.


KW Automotive USA-Plant Tour

by Mike Kojima

If you have been a long time MotoIQ reader, then you have probably read about our tour of performance suspension giant KW Automotive's production and R&D facilities in Germany. KW has had a North American operation for some years now, but has recently expanded their facilities from their first location in Sanger California to a new location in Clovis California. 

KW's old Sanger facility was mostly dedicated to warehousing and service of their suspension stuff. The new location is being put together to have additional flooring space for R&D, engineering and Manufacturing.  This includes all of the KW Automotive brands consisting of ST Suspensions, Belltech, LSD Doors and of course, KW Suspension.


Project E90 M3 Part 4 Wheels and Tire Cover

Project E90 M3: Part 4 – Wheels and Tires

by Billy Johnson

Choosing a tire is one of the most important decisions that anyone will make for their car. Since our M3 is a daily driver in Florida, wet-weather performance is very important along with excellent dry grip and stability for spirited driving, which is a prerequisite for an M3.  To give our car a more sporty appearance, we turn to VMR Wheels for a set of competition inspired 19” V703 wheels to replace our standard 19” wheels wrapped in Continental’s ExtremeContact DW tire.  We then head to Palm Beach International Raceway to log some laps to see how the new package performs.


Rally America Round 7: Ojibwe Forest Rally

by Connor Harrison

Last weekend the Rally America circus rolled into Detroit Lakes, MN for the Ojibwe Forest Rally, the seventh of an eight event National Championship. Over the course of Friday and Saturday some of the series top competitors would race through more than 130 miles of fast dirt and gravel roads, encompassing a total of fifteen individual stages. The fast and smooth roads of northern Minnesota proved to be quite dry and loose, with lingering dust clouds creating minor visibility issues for all but those at the front of the pack. Dense forests and countless kettle lakes threaten to crush the aspirations of any driver overzealous enough to tempt fate.


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