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Borla Exhaust Wants To Send You On The Racing Vacation Of A Lifetime

Industry Press Release

The lucky winner and a guest will arrive on February 19th and spend the next four days at the track courtesy of Borla Exhaust, the primary sponsor of BK Racing’s #83 Toyota Camry race car.


Team VCMC FR-S Goes Way Beyond The Scion Tuner Challenge

by MotoIQ Staff 

The Scion Tuner Challenge pits build teams against each other in a contest to see who can build the best version of a specific platform (in a brilliant twist of marketing, the model is always a Scion). Often times these build-offs are based on a hard-parked presentation on the carpeted floors of such industry gatherings as The SEMA Show and others. However, the Canadian Scion FR-S Edition Challange consisted of a series of challenging events, from ice racing to gymkhana and more. For our friends at Team VCMC, this wasn't "challenging" enough (see what we did there?). Check out the video to see exactly how far (and high) they took their Scion Challenge FR-S.


Grand National Roadster Show

Bringing Back Memories: The Grand National Roadster Show

by Justin Banner

Hot rods, roadsters, and rats; sounds like a very weird combination but this is what made up the mix at the 2014 Grand National Roadster Show. I'll take you through the journey, reliving memories and pointing out some really interesting things I saw at the show. Nope, it's not your typical MotoIQ article but one I wanted to do because it's fun to step outside the box sometimes.


Project E90 M3: Part 1 - ESS Tuning’s E-Flash ECU & Performance DCT Software

by Billy Johnson, photos by Brian Humphries

Unfortunately, when a motor is as well-engineered from the factory as the S65 in our E90 M3, it leaves little for the aftermarket to improve upon without spending big bucks building the motor or going forced induction. However, ESS Tuning has years of experience with BMWs and provided us with their E-Flash ECU Software as well as their Performance DCT Transmission software to squeeze out even more performance from an already highly-strung motor.


Project Ford Mustang 5.0 - Installing KW Clubsports!

by Mike Kojima

With our last installment of Project 5.0 Mustang covering the correction of our Mustang's rear suspension geometry and the addition of larger adjustable anti sway bars by Whiteline, to complete our suspension, we badly needed a good set of dampers.  Like a lot of other MotoIQ project cars, we turned to KW Suspension to provide us with a set of their Clubsport coilovers with front camber plates.


Project Supra MKIV: Part 7 - Intercooling

More than just “bigger is badder”

by Pablo Mazlumian

Check out why the Supra decides to chill behind an ETS intercooler. It's more than just about "bigger is badder".


Frozen Beer and Rally Cars: Sno*Drift 2014

by Connor Harrison

Swarms of rally fans and competitors converged on northern Michigan last weekend for the first and most exciting event in the 2014 Rally America National Championship.  This was the 48th running of the Sno*Drift rally which takes place around Atlanta, MI and features over 130 miles of snow and ice covered roads broken up into 20 stages over two days.


Plugging and Playing with AEM's Series 2 ECM and B-Series Coil on Plug Kit

by Joe Popovits

In this installment of Project Honda Civic EJ, we tell our factory ECU to take a hike and get engine management fit for this build through AEM's Series 2 Plug and Play EMS.  In addition, we also bring our B18C1 into the new millennium by tossing out the outdated factory ignition system in favor of AEM’s B-Series coil on plug conversion kit.


APEX Arc-8 on M3

Project E36 M3: Part 4 - APEX Arc-8 Wheels and Michelin PSAS3 Tires

by Jonathan Lawson

I remember the first time I strolled onto a BMW lot back in the mid-90s to see the new E36 M3 in person. I fell in love with everything about it, including some of the factory wheel offerings. The wheels were considered large at the time, with 17" diameters, and no one knew that APEX would have their 18" x 9" Arc-8s within wheel wells. The M3s were also delivered from the factory with the then-impressive Michelin Pilot MXX3 tires, with no one ever thinking that the "all-season" Pilot Sport A/S 3 would not only perform even better, but allow you to drive in all but the most foul of winter weather conditions.


Project E46 M3: Part 6 - We install the AEM Infinity Engine Management System!

by Pablo Mazlumian

At the heart of any engine is the engine management system.  We install AEM's latest and greatest and are blown away not only by the performance, but by all of the features that transform this car into so much more!


Nerd’s Eye View: 2013 Performance Racing Industry Show

by Wes Dumalski 

If you were one of the more than 40,000 sets of eyes that had a chance to read through our first PRI article, here is the sequel. In our previous article we slaved from 8:00AM to 1:30AM to bring you 16 pages of goodness! That meant a whirlwind tour through specific booths and a map of what we needed to cover from start to finish. It also left ZERO time to walk around the show and soak it all in on Thursday. So on Friday and Saturday we strolled to bring you what WE thought was cool, the things that caught our eye, our Nerd's eye....


350Z - Boosting Power With DC Sports and Berk Technology

by Mike Kojima

In the past installments of Project 350Z, we took a look at getting the car's suspension and brakes up to snuff.  With the car handling and stopping well, we turned our focus to freeing up some more power.  Since the car is mostly a budget track day beater, we decided against forced induction options for now because making a high power forced induction motor reliable under continual hot lapping conditions is a somewhat expensive proposition.

To keep a decent budget balance, we decided to focus on some good bolt on's to see what we could get from our 350Z.  For our first step we decided to free up the exhaust side of things with headers and an exhaust from DC Sports and free flow cats from Berk Technology.


Turbo Tech: Size Matters!

by Khiem Dinh

The question everyone asks, “What size turbo should I get?” The answer is always, “What are you planning to do with the car?” As automotive enthusiasts, we all tend to be petrol heads and default to wanting as much power as possible. But do you really? As with nearly everything in life, there are compromises. We are here to show you a rough process for picking a turbo for your intended use along with some quick and dirty math for calculating potential power and compressor flow requirements.


Project Silvia's Girlfriend Part 2: Making it Handle

by Dave Coleman

Seems like this would be a re-hash of Project Silvia's suspension, doesn't it? Turns out turning a tight budget into a civilized daily driver that can play track warrior without a single setup adjustment requires a whole different setup.


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