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Project Silvia's Girlfriend Part 1: Engine and Stuff

by Dave Coleman

This S13 project set out to do something that has never been done before. Build a civilized, mature, daily-drivable, air conditioned, totally-under-the-radar S13 that can still raise hell at track days. 


Sneak Peek: The Mighty Tilton Evo

by Mike Kojima

As the 2015 WTAC has just ended with the Titlon Evo piloted by Garth Walden setting another world record by lapping Eastern Creek at a blistering 1:23.777 pace, let's take a close look at the world's fastest unibody car, the winner of the 2015 WTAC and overall world record holder, the mighty Tilton Evo.  Currently the Tilton Evo is the epitome of time attack state of the art and showcases just what can be done when maintaining the standard unibody to a car built nearly to the fullest extent of the rules with almost no expense spared. 


Project VehiCross Part 3: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

by David Zipf

If you've ever owned a project car, you know that things never go according to plan.  Our VehiCross is not supposed to be a normal project car, falling more into the mildly restored daily driver category.  But when you need to replace parts and can gain some performance, you might as well, right?  Unfortunately with any project, things don't always go as planned and as you replace one thing, you find another and another and...


Project Focus ST- Making Power with Cobb Tuning!

by Mike Kojima

It's been a while since we have done much with our Project Focus ST but that is about to change.  In the past installments we worked on upgrading our car's suspension.  With the suspension done it's time to focus on other stuff.  What a bad pun.  The other stuff is going to be handled with the arrival of a big pallet of goodies from Cobb Tuning.

Our stuff from Cobb is mostly going to focus on getting more easy and plentiful bolt on power from the engine with their Stage 3 Power Package with a few other goodies to enhance the car's handling as well.  Man we cannot get away from these focus puns.


Rywire/CSF Radiator SEMA Build: Taking An Integra From A Row Boat To Paddle Shifters

by Ryan Basseri

Paddle shift conversions can be done a million different ways using various components, theories, hidden secrets and technology that is well above my pay grade. What you’ll see here is not by any means the only way to do it, nor is it even the "correct" way to do it. I thought long and hard, weighing the costs vs. benefits, the pros and cons, and this is what I came up with. 


Project #YAE92 M3: Part 6 – Roll, Stop, and Stick

by Mike Bonanni

Like aerodynamics, the suspension on a car is highly specific to the cars setup and modifications. Our E92 M3 is so different than a stock E92 M3 that many off-the-shelf aftermarket parts just won’t work for our application. Read along to see how we used bolt-on products designed to suit a completely custom race car.


Air Bag Suspension Failure: Air Lift to the Rescue!

by Frank Ewald

There was a bit more work to be done on the RV. On the way back to Ontario there were times when it drove like a drunken sailor. Any type of crosswind and the RV, which is like a giant brick travelling down the road, and the RV was reacting far worse than normal. So on a regular stop I checked the pressure in the air bag suspension and, sure enough, the passenger side front was way down. My RV's setup has individual lines to each of the four corners and I pump it up with an external source. So I topped it up and, assuming that it was just one of those oddities that happen, carried on our way. Only to have it start behaving the same way before we were too far down the road.


Ontario Time Attack: Shoot Out!

by Frank Ewald

Suspense is heightened at the end of the Ontario Time Attack season, as the standings are still up in the air. As long as competitors had met the participation requirements by participating in six of the nine regular events, they would have the chance of upsetting the standings and becoming the OTA Shoot Out champion. The venue for the OTA Shoot Out for the second year running is the Driver Development Track at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Revamped in 2014, this 2.9 kilometre track has elevation changes, blind corners, and good sight lines for spectators.


The Tale of Two Porsches: All That The Competition Has Seen!

by Frank Ewald

Two Porsche Cup cars! Identical in many respects to all of the other Porsche Cup cars that you can find around the world. And yet these two cars won their respective classes. How is that possible? It's a Spec Series so the cars are as identical as they possibly can be, so what is it about these cars that allowed them to have a successful season. Is it the drivers? The team preparation? Of course, it is presumptuous of me to say that I have the answers but what I do have is a few months of observing and following this team. I was not at every race, but I have had the opportunity to chat with team members throughout the summer. I was at the opening race where, if memory serves me well, Christopher Green led from Green flag through to the Checkered one, capturing first place in both events. And while that was not same result during the concluding race, Chris brought the car home as the series Champion in the Porsche GT3 Cup Canada Platinum. Orey Fidani ran in the Porsche GT3 Cup Canada Gold division, - capturing a First and Second place in the first two races of the season - and he brought home the championship. Neither driver ran away from the competition, but they both did exactly what was needed to make the championships happen.


Tested: Mazda's Global ND MX-5 Cup Car

by Mike Kojima

We recently had the opportunity to drive Mazda's soon to be released MX-5 Cup car.  The Cup car is a Mazda factory coordinated effort to build a spec racer based on the new ND MX-5. The car will be sold by Mazda to racers.  Mazda has been working with many racing sanctioning bodies to make the new cup car a global racing platform, class legal worldwide. 


MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships Presented by Motul, Round 5&6 Coverage plus 7&8 Preview

by Clint Boisdeau

With the final race weekend of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul coming up quickly in less than 2 weeks, we are due for a much needed recap and what the teams have been busy working on in preperation for the final round of the season. Let's take a closer look at the last race weekend which ultimately shaped the close championship points chase. 


Ciao Bella: Part 2 – More Italian F1 GP, Rally Cars, AMG Driving Academy, and more!

by Pablo Mazlumian

We're back with our second report from the Italian GP week, including Formula 1 and WRC Rally car tech, as well as our experience at the AMG Driving Academy at the Franciacorta race circuit, driving some real fast AMG cars.  Plus, we include an "on location" movie trivia question we're not sure anyone will get!


Plastic is Fantastic – Part 5, the Eagle Has Landed

by Jonathan Spiegel

In installment 4 of the Polystrand GT-Lite Project, we made our deadline and had the car ready for a couple of trade shows. Granted, we had some issues that we needed to take care of – we checked the rulebook, and it turns out the wheelbase was a bit too long – and the rear of the unibody was found to have been pushed over to the left about an inch from an on-track incident in the CRX’s storied past. In addition, since we made so many changes, the rear portion of the cage was no longer tied in to anything structural.


Project 5.0 Mustang. Improving the Breathing With Ford Racing and Cooling with CSF

By Mike Kojima

In previous installments of our Project Mustang we had installed most of the common bolt ons for our 5 liter Coyote engine.  We had gotten a pretty decent boost in power but we had noted that our power would really fall off at higher RPM, more that what we thought a free breathing 4 valve motor should.


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