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Industry Insider: A Visit to COBB Tuning’s Headquarters

by Khiem Dinh

I travel to the ATX (Austin, Texas) a fair amount to visit friends, eat great food, listen to some live music, and partake in the growing car scene there. In the past decade, a couple private road courses have popped up to scratch the turn-fast itch. Of course, having the Circuit of the Americas recently added has only grown the go-fast culture in Austin. COBB Tuning apparently saw this coming and built their headquarters in Austin. I last visited them a couple years ago while in town for the first Formula 1 race. As with the rest of Austin, COBB has grown quite a bit since then.


Project FR-S- Ultimatizing Our Suspension With KW 3-Way Adjustable Clubsport Coilovers

by Mike Kojima

If you have been following the build of Project FR-S till now, you have probably noted that we have spent a lot of time working on our suspension and brake systems, laying down the foundation for a really good track car.

If you read our last segment about how our car performed in a track evaluation against both a stock and another well built tuner car you can see just how well our car really does work.  Our car's big advantages were in the braking and handling departments with both of our resident pro drivers, Tyler McQuarrie and Dai Yoshihara, raving about how well our car works.

Could we make our superbly handling car even better?  We are sure going to try and with some new developments from KW Suspension we think we can definitely make our car even better, especially as we start to upgrade our car with more and more power. Since we last wrote about coilovers on our car, KW Suspension has since come out with some 3-way adjustable Clubsport coilover.  Are these the ultimate street capable shocks?  Read on.


Project FR-S: Interim Progress Report

by Mike Kojima

If you have been following the build up of our our Project FR-S and the Ticket to Ride FR-S you might have noticed that Project FR-S was lurking in the background in some of the photos of our Ticket to Ride Showdown story.  We got a lot of letters asking about this and a lot of people were curious if we tested Project FR-S at this event.  Well the answer is yes, we did put our car through its paces but perhaps not as carefully as we did the other cars in the shootout.


Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration – Charlotte Motor Speedway

by Vince Illi

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or under your car) for the past few months, you know that Ford Mustang celebrated its 50th birthday on April 17, 2014.  The Mustang Club of America, together with the Ford Motor Company, threw two big concurrent “birthday parties” for the iconic Pony Car, one in Las Vegas and one at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.  MotoIQ and the grey Project Mustang 5.0 made a pilgrimage to Charlotte to partake in the festivities.


The Eibach Meet: The Good, the Bad, and the Senseless

by Aaron Bonk

The world of modified Hondas isn't what it used to be. Honda fans of the 1990s spent their time figuring out how to go fast. Exhaust header design, carburetor jetting, and whether or not to mill the head of your single-cam was the typical dialogue that almost always preceded a visit to the street races. A couple of decades later, though, and talks of silly, Japanese-specific coin holders, proper sticker placement, and whether or not a certificate in interior design might help when coordinating the next shaved engine bay is more likely to occur not before a visit to any sort of race track but, instead, before a stint at the keyboard.


Nerd’s Eye View: Dale Coyne Racing IndyCar

by Khiem Dinh

The MotoIQ crew was roaming the IndyCar paddock during the Grand Prix of Long Beach hoping to get our eyes on some high-end race machinery. Getting up close with an IndyCar was more than we could have hoped for as it represents the highest form of open wheel racing for a US based series. Besides, it has turbos!


The Great ARK Design FR-S / BRZ Super Exhaust Shootout, Part 1

by Mike Kojima

ARK Design makes 3 high quality exhausts for the FR-S/BRZ twins.  The three exhausts are tuned to please everyone from the picky daily driver to the hard core street/track guy.  ARK Design makes the Road Spec exhaust for those who want a mellow exhaust that is not too loud and with styling that matches the stock car well.  The Super Flow exhaust is for guys who want the highest flowing exhaust, like people running forced induction, having internally built engines or Nitrous.  Finally, there is the Racing Spec exhaust for those who want light weight, low backpressure and who are not too concerned about noise level.


Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach - My First Experience 

by Nick Betz

I gotta say, working for MotoIQ has its perks. I get to talk to the one and only Mike Kojima on an almost daily basis, even though 90% of the stuff he says goes directly over my head, there's track days on company time, talk with Industry insiders, and managing a bunch of fun Project Cars in our garage. The one thing that I haven't gotten to do is attend the local Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, why is that? Well I don't usually write and my photography skills aren't a match for our own Jeff Naeyaert's. However, they let me loose on the track this year and this is what I came up with. Enjoy! 


MotoIQ Wrench Tip - How to Gap Piston Rings

by Mike Kojima

Setting the gap on your piston rings is an important step to building an engine that performs at its best.  Getting your piston rings to have the optimal seal is perhaps the most critical aspect of good engine building.  Of course you want to spend time assuring that your machine work and cylinder wall finish is correct for the type of rings used but a lot of people neglect blueprinting the ring gap.


Project MKVI Golf TDI: Dieselgeek Sigma 6 Short Throw Shift Kit

by Jeff Naeyaert

In our LAST update we brought the torque and horsepower of our little oil burning Golf up 30% and 24% respectively!  Before that we sorted out our wheels and suspension.  The most glaring problem we had left in our daily driver was the row-boat shifting of the stock 6 speed manual.  Installing a short-throw shifter is a very common modification drivers do to improve the interaction with the vehicle and in most cases is fairly easy to do.  We looked no further than Dieselgeek, a small company out of San Antonio, Texas and their Sigma 6 short throw shifter kit for our MKVI. 


Project E36 M3 Pt 4 Ultrasuede CoverProject E36 M3 (Silver): Part 4 – Updating the Interior with Ultrasuede Accents

by Billy Johnson

We spruce up the interior of our beloved 15 year old M3 by having our friends at Coby Wheel wrap the worn and faded steering wheel, arm rest, shift boot, and e-brake boot in Ultrasuede and add Motorsport tri-color stitching to bring out a more modern and sporty character while improving the feel and ambiance of the interior.


Sneak Peek: The Engines of Formula Drift 2014

by Khiem Dinh

A long time ago in a country far far away (well, unless you live in Japan).… people started drifting with little 4-cylinder engines. Then turbos began to appear on these engines. The American version of the sport saw naturally aspirated V8 engines take over domination from the small displacement turbo 4-bangers; you know, because everything has to be bigger in America. Then something happened… Daigo Saito showed up with a monster turbo hanging off the side of a 2JZ creating enough tire smoke to hide the grand stands and the following car. And so the turbo revolution began (again, kind of like Formula 1).


Tested: OPTIMA Digital 1200 Battery Charger

by Pablo Mazlumian

This is not your everyday battery charger!  After nearly throwing away two expensive batteries we thought were dead, and wouldn't charge on two other chargers, the Digital 1200 brings them back to life overnight.


Chuckwalla Valley Speedway Redline Time Attack

Redline Time Attack Round 2 – Chuckwalla Valley Speedway

by Justin Banner

It may be in the middle of nowhere and make “Fontucky” look more like a bustling city, but Chuckwalla Valley Speedway is a popular spot for Time Attack thanks to its track layout. It was fun and fast, which lead to a record attendance for 2014 with over 50 drivers during the two day event. It was also the first event to hold a Super Session for 2014 with 6 eligible entries. Let’s take a look into Round 2 of Redline Time Attack at Chuckwalla.


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