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Project 370Z - Heated Battle, Testing the CSF Triple Pass Radiator

by Clint Boisdeau

Last Year Project 370Z received some much needed cooling modifications thanks to CSF race radiators.  Their single pass/higher capacity radiator and AC condenser combo made for improved water cooling and retained the factory AC performance.  But as the year went on into the hotter months during summer,  water temperatures started to again fall victim to over heating.  The 370Z front end design only has one opening for radiator air flow.  So from the get go the top half of the radiator's surface area does not get fresh air.  On top of that, I have an external oil cooler taking up the left half of that single opening.  So even though the CSF radiator is a large improvement over the OE unit, there is still alot of factors working against it.  Top it off with 90 to 100+ degree summer track weather in SoCal, an engine known for high heat production and decently quick pace on track with a significant amount of time spent at wide open throttle, you have a recipe for overwhelming the cooling system.  There were a few things we tried before the CSF triple pass unit was implemented though.


Project 350Z - ECU Tuning With Church Automotive and UpRev

by Mike Kojima

If you have been following the progress of Project 350Z as of late we have been testing and running the gamut of  your typical bolt on performance parts to see what kind of gains could be expected for a well tuned but lightly modded VQ35DE.  With an intake, exhaust, headers, intake manifold, cams and valve springs in place, it was time to get into the ECU and tune for our specific combination of parts.

To perform the final touches on Project 350Z we headed to Church Automotive Testing, a licensed UpRev Tuner to have our car dialed in.


Garage Love: Five Things About Flipping Cars

by Per Schroeder

Before there were car dealers, there were horse traders. Find a horse, brush it down, put new shoes on its feet and send it on the way to a new owner. Repeat as often as necessary to make ends meet. Of course, there are a lot of shades of grey between horse thief and glue salesman.


Lapping Day Organizer: A Tutorial

by Frank Ewald

You have probably either been to a lapping day or you have thought about attending one. Hand over a few hundred dollars and then you get to spend all or part of a day on a race track doing your favourite thing. Driving Fast. Most of your worries have gone out the window and it is time to enjoy your vehicle. And I enjoy seeing the smile on your face when you pull back into the paddock. I am the guy who is hosting the lapping day.


We Didn't Crash!: An Enthusiastic Outing at Road Atlanta in Global Time Attack's Enthusiast Class

by Daniel O'Donnell

Truth be told, I don’t consider myself the best tech writer. I have a comfortable working knowledge of what goes on with a car, but how to explain said knowledge so that others can understand and enjoy, well, let’s just say it doesn’t come as easily as it might for a Dave Coleman or Mike Kojima. Regardless, I do like to spin a good yarn and having a minimally modified 2013 Mitsubishi Evo X to compete in Global Time Attack’s Enthusiast Class at Road Atlanta affords me the opportunity to chat with you all, without having my brain struggle to explain the intricate details of a full blown racecar.


Nerd’s Eye View: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R

by Khiem Dinh

Chevrolet has raced Corvettes in GT class racing in dominant fashion for the past decade and a half. The C5-R began racing in 1999 and was followed by the C6.R. The two cars earned 90 victories around the world including the 24 Hour of Le Mans and won 10 manufacturer championships in the American Le Mans series. Chevrolet recently launched the C7 Corvette to the general public meaning a C7.R race car was also born.


Garage Love: Hyper-Miling is Not My Thing

by Per Schroeder

It takes a lot for me to admit that I’m not good at something. My inner-German just wants to attack, conquer and win at everything—work or play. I surreptitiously let my 5-year old win at Bey Blade and think to myself that I’m beating all of those other dads that are too competitive to let their sons gain confidence in life. I should probably talk to someone about this.


Global Time Attack - Pro Championship - Road Atlanta

by Wes Dumalski

Additional Photos by Sarah Forst

I am sitting on the plane on the way to Atlanta to cover Global Time Attack’s first Pro round of 2014 and reading my coverage of last year's event. As I read my own words I am excited by what happened and I think to myself, how in the hell do we top THAT? My fingers frantically type this while the angry toddler behind me uses my seat back as a jungle gym. Perhaps he too was reading last years coverage, or perhaps he was just pissed he was cramped up in this tin can. I share his sentiment as I also want out of here... Partially because I want this damn kid off my back but mainly because I am a total geek for time attack. 

Like last year, Global Time Attack shares Road Atlanta with the 2nd stop for the Formula Drift series and that brings out a lot of people and a lot of cars. Looking at the entry list  gets us excited as the classes are full of some of the top names in the sport from nearly every corner of the country and even some of our friends up North eh’. Time Attack is not dead... It's right here on MotoIQ.


Formula Drift Road Atlanta

Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta

By Justin Banner

Road Atlanta is one of the more popular events on the Formula Drift Schedule, possibly even more so than Irwindale. Fans pitch up canopies, grills, and some even bring their own sound systems to celebrate the once a year tour of Formula Drift. It’s not just the atmosphere, either, as the drifting on the track is so intense for the first night event of the 2014 season. Here is your coverage of Round 2 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship presented by GoPro!

Project Grey Mustang 5.0: Part 5 - Putting the Power Down with Eaton

by Vince Illi

Project Mustang 5.0 replaces its worn-out clutch-type limited-slip differential with a much more robust gear-type unit from Eaton and learns how LSDs work in the process!


MotoIQ Project Gen 3 STi Crawford Performance FMIC front mount intercooler turbosmart clamps Project Gen3 STi - Fueling and Intercooling

by Wes Dumalski

You may have heard the expression 10 lbs of shit in a a 5 lb bag before. Well I am fairly certain the origination of that statement came from the first person to try and remove the intake manifold from an EJ25 and work on the systems surrounding and underneath! In our quest for more power and greater reliability we dive into the bowels (the heart would be the engine) of the boxer motor to upgrade our fuel system, improve the intake and intercooler efficiency and well… To reduce the amount of useless crap tucked in to the engine bay. 


The new Driver Development Centre at CTMP

Ontario Time Attack: High Performance Driving School

by Frank Ewald

When you're planning a spring auto sport event, usually the booking is taking place in November so you do not have the luxury of ordering the weather. You can beg and plead with Mother Nature but that will have no impact. Weather has been one of the most talked about topics across the United States and Canada this winter and spring. It will go down in the record books. There is often cool weather during Ontario Time Attack's High Performance Driving School and, despite the weather, it sold out in early April as drivers anticipated getting some seat time to improve their daily driving or maybe to give them an edge in Time Attack competition.


You're An Idiot If You Take That New Porsche To The Track

by Per Schroeder

No, seriously, I know it’ll lap the ‘Ring in 7:25, but did you know that bumper cover is $3500?

The latest iteration of the Porsche 911 GT3 has been described as “stripped of the frivolous and prepped for track duty.” Sounds like the perfectly thrilling choice for a car guy to take to the track, eh?

Not so fast, Chief.



Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen

by Justin Banner

If you’ve owned anything with the Nissan, Datsun, or Infiniti badge; then you are familiar with Steve Millen and Steve Millen Sportscars which is better known as Stillen. Stillen has been in the industry and related to Nissan for nearly 29 years, but they have expanded beyond the Nissan brand to GM, Ford, Dodge, and more. Steve’s son, Kyle Millen, gave us a guided tour of Stillen to show us the daily workings and some surprises that you may not have known about!


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