Chuck Johnson's Bonneville Adventure Part One

By Annie Sam and Mike Kojima

Many of us can remember the heydays of the salt flats and have dreamed of one day running there.  I can remember as a 4 year old, having my Dad read me stories from the newpaper about Craig Breedlove and Art Arfons duels on the salt. I even had a toy model of Breedlove's Sprit of America jet racer.


How Not to Take Part in a Rally

By Aaron LaBeau and Mike Kojima

For those of you not familiar with Dave's pile, it is a rusting, dented, Krylon painted and smashed 1969 Datsun 510 immortalized on the pages of Sport Compact Car and on Speedchannel's crappy rally coverage.  However ugly it is, the old dog is packed full of state of the art stuff like a DMS long travel rally suspension and a modern SR20DE engine and transmission.


EVENT COVERAGE:  SpoCom 2009   

by Jeff Naeyaert

We spent the better part of 5 hours Sunday afternoon at SpoCom 2009 hosted at the Long Beach Convention Center. So dedicated to the scene are we that missing the first 3 quarters of the Laker game, to make our first public appearance was no biggie. 



2011 Nissan 370Z hybrid sports car

motoIQ Feature; Nissan to launch hybrid 370Z sports car in 2011? (updated, new info! 5/28/09) 

By Mike Kojima

The Nissan 370Z hybrid will be powered by a version of the VQ engine displacing 3.7 liters and an electric motor. A hybrid drive system will use two separate clutches, one between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor with another clutch between the electric motor and the drive wheels. This system will optimize performance and efficiency depending on operating conditions. The new hybrid system will also feature a full plug in EV mode for city type conditions where charging stations are available to maximize economy.

From our sister site 370Z.com


Nissan Engineers discuss design of the 240Z

motoIQ Feature; The History of the Nissan Z From 240Z to 370Z 

By Annie Sam

When the ten engineers of Nissan gathered together to conceptualize the design of their next sports car line back in early sixties, we wonder if they ever fathomed the idea that their little clay mock up would grow to hold the title of "Best Selling Sports Car Series of All Time". From the first generation Fairlady Z/Datsun 240Z  to the newest 370Z, the Z car has earned its notoriety in automotive history.

From our sister site 370Z.com



Blue Nissan 370z

motoIQ Feature; Nissan 370Z Driving Impressions

MotoIQ Staff Report

Most web publications have not been able to get a good hard look at the Nissan 370Z, but recently we were lucky enough to give a pre-production six-speed manual 370Z with a sport aero and brake package from Nissan's test fleet a short test drive. In that short test ride we were quite impressed with the 370Z's refinement and capabilities.   Frankly, we're amazed at what Nissan has done to the Z in this latest iteration despite being jaded, hard to impress car guys. 

From our sister site 370Z.com



motoIQ Feature; An American Japanese in Tokyo

By Mike Kojima and Aaron LaBeau

A Vacation at last I think… as I sign up for a trip to Tokyo in the middle of January.  I have flown to Japan with the folks at Turbo magazine and Nitto tires many times over the years and this disastrous year, I need a break from the hectic pace of being a number one stunna.


Nissan 370Z convertible roadster badass

motoIQ Feature; Nissan 370Z Convertable Hits the Street!

by Sarah Forst

The Nissan 370Z Roadster also uses the Z Coupe’s multilink 4-wheel independent suspension. This suspension setup is a double wishbone 2-link front and 4-link rear suspension, an improvement over the over-complicated articulated lower multi-link setup in the 350Z. The suspension is lighter and stiffer with forged aluminum arms, lighter stabilizer bar offering a 35% improved leverage ratio, and lightweight rigid rear cradle incorporated as a single piece. The rack and pinion steering design is speed sensitive and includes a solenoid valve that damps unwelcome steering kickback and vibrations. The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system is still a standard feature.

From our sister site 370z.com

Red Nissan 370Z

motoIQ Feature; Nissan 370Z Styling Impressions

By motoIQ Staff

We had known something was up at Nissan when we spotted 7/8 scale 350Z's with bulged hoods and flared fenders rolling around at night and when peering through the plastic slats in the chain link fence surrounding Nissan's Gardena California Headquarters—slats that were intended to block causal viewing, but didn't quite stop the observant curious from looking.  We knew Nissan was probably up to testing a new Z car and our wish was to be able to take a peek at it.

From our sister site 370z.com


Nissan Nismo 370Z

motoIQ Feature; Nissan's 350 hp Nismo 370Z Model Due in June!

by Sarah Forst

The Nismo 370Z is not only a looker but as you would expect from Nismo, has functional performance improvements over the base 370Z as well. The Nismo 370Z comes with an exclusive, unique and functional body kit that is not available as a Nismo accessory at the dealership. The wind tunnel tuned and racing-inspired body lines are fierce with sculptural fenders, upswept quarter windows, vertical door handles, and aluminum hood, door panels, and hatchback.

From our sister site 370z.com




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