Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park

Proposed New Road Course in Southern California Needs Your Help!  By Jeff Naeyaert

Some of you SoCal road racers out there might have heard about the proposed Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park that Thomas Malloy wants to build on his land about 20 miles northwest of Lancaster.  "This 3.6 mile Alan Wilson-designed race track will include a 30,000 square foot clubhouse, 45,000 square feet of garage facilities and overnight accommodations and other amenities, helping to make it a world-class racing facility."  Unfortunately, he's getting some opposition from a few environmentalist weenies who are worried about noise at the nearby Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.   READ MORE


Skunk2 Mitsubishi EVO VII-IX Composite Fuel Rail

Skunk2 Mitsubishi EVO VII-IX Composite Fuel Rail

Motoiq Staff Report

The first ever composite fuel rail for Mitsubishi’s Evo VII-IX is here. Skunk2’s Composite Fuel Rails are made using a proprietary carbon-impregnated, aerospace thermo-polymer composite—a material that’s 33-percent lighter and 60-percent stronger than aluminum.  Skunk2's composite material insulates fuel from both radiant and conductive heat transfer underneath the hood, resulting in more horsepower and torque.  The composite material has ultra low thermo conductivity so underhood heat is not transfered to the fuel resulting in fuel temps up to 100-degrees F cooler when compared to aluminum.  This results in denser fuel and greatly reduces the chances of vapor lock, crfitical when volitile running fuels with a high alcohol content.


EVENT COVERAGE:  Formula D Seattle 2009

By Jeff Naeyaert

We hit Evergreen Raceway this past weekend for Formula D's 5th "Breaking Point" event of the season.  While our Mike Kojima helped Team Falken with car setup, I snapped pics and some video.  CLICK for the official press release and some of our own commentary and photos.


Get Well Richey!

Our dear friend and Master Fabricator Richey Watanabe of Technosqaure was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer right after the Las Vegas Round of Formula D and has been hospitalized ever since.  Richey has had to endure major surgeries in the last few weeks and faces a long and difficult recovery.


Formula D Coverage, Live From Seattle

Moto IQ Staff Report

What a day, MotoIQ is involved with the series on several levels, from Jeff wielding cameras to Mike spinning wrenches, we were all pretty busy. Sometimes event coverage is dangerous as well. When Ryuji Miki hit the wall with his FD, Jeff was nearly struck with aluminum wing endplate that came spinning at him like a Boomerang, MotorMavens.com camera ace Antonio Alvendia was fragged with hunks of carbon fiber and lexan and Mike ran.


Chuck's Bonneville Adventure Part 2 (In-car video inside!)

By Mike Kojima and Annie Sam

The cars that run out on the salt are very unusual; some like the Cobalt factory effort from GM Motorsports are high tech state of the art race machines.  Others look to be the work of eccentric mad scientist types.  Others are decades old cars that families have run and refined for several generations.  Finally there are a few cars that seem to have come directly from the set of mad max.  A wide numbers of classes with very interesting rules assures that everything from a wingless Bar Honda F1 car to a flathead Ford powered roadster has an appropriate class where it can be competitive and go for a speed record.


Billy Johnson in the office

The Buttonwillow Bible- Fast Lap (In Car Video inside!)

By Billy Johnson

Buttonwillow (BW) is a great test track used by many professional sports car and formula car racing teams because of the track’s variety of corners.  From on-camber and off-camber corners, to sweepers, chicanes, hairpins, and man-made elevation changes, BW is a well-balanced and technical  track that challenges both the driver and car.  In recent years BW has become center for Time Attack drivers and teams attracting cars from as far away as Japan. Like Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, Buttonwillow has become the milestone for lap times for the top tuners in the time attack world. It has also become the benchmark for bragging rights for many OEM manufacturers.


Targa Trophy Road Rally Stage 1 

By Aaron Guardado

The Targa Trophy Rally is a strategic drive involving checkpoints, strict turn-by-turn routes and maintaining a quick pace throughout the stages. Not only having a really fast car with decent navigation will get you the big trophy at the end of the night, but a strategy to get the mileage needed as well as completing the stages within the allotted time frame given by the officials of Targa Trophy...


Project Rally Beater Return to Glory

Project Rally Beater -- Return to GLORY

(or return to rallying an old piece of crap, at least...)

By Dave Coleman

It only took one turn for all my doubts to disappear. It had been four and a half years since the Rally beater last turned a wheel in anger and I was, only moments earlier, quite skeptical that it could still do it. When I dropped the hammer at the start of stage 1, I still had no idea if the car would work. After all that time parked in your driveway, nothing you can do on the pavement will tell you if your old box still handles well in the dirt or if you still remember how to drive it. But as the SR20 wailed and the gravel flew, the beater's normally rough, clattery ride smoothed out into a gloriously fluid set of arcs, slides, and various maneuvers named after old Scandinavians. I had almost enough time to start giggling with boyish glee before the engine turned off.


Demolition Derby Tech Part 1- A Tech Look Inside the Disposable Motorsports Machine

By Mike Kojima and Aaron Guardado

Although you might think that Destruction Derby is the simplistic smashing of cars, it is actually a pretty sophisticated formula with an evolved set of rules that allow a high level of safety and competitiveness with a very low cost of entry.  Destruction Derby has a rich history dating back over 50 years and the rules and regulations have evolved continuously since then.  Let us discover what is inside a typical car preped to the maximum level of the rules.


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