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Dai Yoshihara's 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild

by Mike Kojima

After 3 years of Formula Drift competition, our team had pretty much developed the BRZ chassis to where we were satisfied with its performance. After some post-season testing to try out a few new ideas we decided that with the development stable, it was time to completely go through the car, repair some minor damage incurred during three seasons of hard use and to rethink the car's layout.


Project "My Fiancée's" Miata: Part 10 - Nitto NT05 Tires, Exedy Stage 1 Clutch & Flywheel, Two Track Tests and Road Trip Bonanza!

by Daniel O'Donnell

Take a seat and come along for the most epic road trip in MotoIQ project car history! Thirty hours each direction across the United States, with Buttonwillow Raceway being the halfway point, definitely brought some great excitement and photo opportunities. However at MotoIQ, we don’t just take leisurely road trips; we had to make sure that we made it in time for Global Time Attack’s Super Lap Battle. Click to read more! 


Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show – Go-Fast Vehicles

by Khiem Dinh

The motorsport scene has undergone large technical changes over the last half decade with the implementation of high-efficiency technologies. Some of the technology has shown up in concept cars. Some of the technology in road going cars have been eliminated from the race car version. Then there’s just good ole big displacement with forced induction on top. There was even a bit for the off-road guys. 


WATCH: Best New Stuff from the 2017 PRI Show! 

Did you not make it to the 2017 PRI show? Not to worry, MotoIQ has you covered! We love everything about the PRI Show in Indianapolis, from the snowy grounds to the best companies and new products within the Performance Racing Industry!


WATCH: Best New Stuff from the 2017 SEMA Show (Part 1)

Did you not make it to the 2017 SEMA show? MotoIQ has you covered! This year the show was full to the brim. We stopped by the booths of many of our supporters to give you an insider's look at their new products and technologies on display. Here are all the videos in one place, enjoy!


PRI 2017 - What's New and Cool Edition

by Erik Jacobs

It’s been almost two weeks since the 2017 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show finished its last day, and this coverage is just now coming out. This should serve as a testament to just how much is at this truly racing-oriented trade show. Unlike the party time vibe that the SEMA show fosters, PRI is all about serious racing business. Sure, there’s a few models here and there, but, for the most part, the wares are the star of the show. Here are a number of things that the MotoIQ staff found interesting this year.


GTA Super Lap Battle 2017- Finding the Spirit of Time Attack with Blackbird Fabworx

We walked the pits at Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle 2017 in search of the teams that were overcoming severe mechanical failures in order to pursue their fastest lap time. We call this the true spirit of Time Attack, and we think we found it with Blackbird Fabworx owner/driver, Moti Almagor!


The Spoon Center Drive Civic: 2017 Changes

by Mike Kojima

2016 was a pretty disappointing Super Lap Battle for Spoon USA.  In the rush after the Formula D season to upgrade the cage, repair the broken transmission and switch to a center seat driving position, the car was not fully ready for the 2016 Super Lap Battle and it showed with a slower lap time than it's winning 2015 speed. A little time was needed to finish the car off and that was not happening due to the end of the FD season, SEMA and everyone's time commitments. 


WATCH: GTA Super Lap Battle 2017 - REMARK Golf GTi Limited FWD

Kenji Sumino of GReddy talks to us about the REMARK Exhaust Golf GTi built to compete at Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle. The car was driven by Global Rally Cross driver, Scott Speed, in the Limited FWD class. Take a look at the car and find out what times it ran in Buttonwillow Raceway's CW13 configuration!


480WHP Honeywell Garrett Powered F20C: Devin Giles' Time Attack S2000

by Khiem Dinh

It all starts the same way. “I want to go auto-crossing!” you say. So, you start browsing the interwebs and research the S2000. You start auto-crossing and start modding and moving through the classes. Then, you do a track day. Then, you mod the car some more. Then, you do time attack. Then, you end up with a highly built race car like Devin Giles- owner and driver of this fast S2000. It’s a familiar path; there’s probably a support group for it out there.


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