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Ryan Passey's Amazing Mazda Hyper Miata

By Mike Kojima

We have always liked the super-efficient cars of Moti Almagor's Blackbird Fabworx. His cars have a distinct signature; lightweight, elegant, very fast with very little horsepower. Focus is put on maximizing handling, braking and cornering grip in a simple package. Recently at the last Global TIme Attack event at Buttonwillow raceway we got to check out Ryan Passey's, of Goodwin Racing, 1990 Mazda Hyper Miata that was built by Ryan in collaboration with Blackbird Fabworx.


Curly’s Corner: 2018 Bahrain & Chinese Grands Prix

by David Zipf

Welcome back to our post-race breakdown of Formula 1! MotoIQ is bringing you its own particular nerdtastic take on the latest news and developments in F1. Impress your neighbors, stun your friends, and woo the ladies with your newfound F1 knowledge!


Dai Yoshihara's 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild Conclusion

by Mike Kojima

So if you have been following along with our mini-series on what an end of season refresh on a Pro Formula Drift car looks like, you have followed us from stripping the car to a bare chassis, to additional updates, and lastly, the final assembly of the car.


Racewars 2018- Top Speed Racing Done the Australian Way!

by Blake Parry

Nestled in the Western Australian town of Albany, lies a runway – normally used for a quick transit to avoid the 5 hour drive from capital city Perth, or for handful of crop dusters and the local flying doctor service. Once a year, with the support of the local government and townsfolk, this airport is shut down, and transformed into what is now Australia’s only 1000m (3280ft) V-max event. This is Racewars.

Originally conceived by a group of WA locals over maybe one too many beers, Racewars is now in its 5th year, showing that a dedicated bunch of people, supported by a strong car community can achieve great things. Welcoming all comers – irrespective of vehicle type as long as it’s fast, to put man and machine to the test over 1000m of prime tarmac.


Curly's Corner: A Nerd's Eye on Formula 1 - Australian Grand Prix

by David Zipf

It’s been five months since we got to talk Formula 1...and quite frankly, that’s five months too long. With Easter nearly on us, it’s finally time to polish up those new paint jobs, warm up the 1.6L hybrid V6s, and get racing once again. Formula 1 is back!


Dai Yoshihara's 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild Continued!

by Mike Kojima

So the rush to freshen Dai's car for 2018 by Eimer Engineering continues. In our last story, the chassis had gotten acid dipped and the cage and a few other things had gotten some working over for improved stiffness and increased simplicity. 

Now the car is getting reassembled for a quick shakedown run at Irwindale and some more extensive testing at Willow Springs this week. So let's take a look! There are a lot of right ways to build a car here and anyone can benefit from looking at how our car is put together. 


Team America BNR32 GT-R First Update in a Long Time!

by Mike Kojima

So most of you probably thought that the Team America GT-R was dead, long abandoned to the scrap heap or maybe left in a pile somewhere in Australia. Not so! After a humiliating first appearance at the 2014 running of WTAC down under, the car has been under reconstruction.


WATCH: MotoIQ Approved Feature Car! A Track Ready, Comptech Supercharged 1991 Acura NSX

We take a detailed look at Regan Yu’s very well built Acura NSX that he uses for frequent track days and casual street driving. How do you make one of the best Japanese classic cars even better? Grab a seat and get ready to learn from MotoIQ’s Editor-In-Chief and Engineer, Mike Kojima, as he goes step-by-step through this well thought-out build.


Improving Dai Yoshihara's Formula Drift Engine Wear With WPC Treatment!

by Mike Kojima

The world of Pro Drifting is a brutal place for machinery. Since I started my involvement with Pro Drifting 10 years ago, I have been amazed by the appetite for parts a pro car possesses. In all of my engineering career, I have yet to be involved with a motorsport that eats more expensive stuff on a regular basis.


Out of the Meat Locker - Cameron Moore’s Formula Drift Scion FR-S

by Andrew Jennings

Blood, sweat, tears. Words that are often used to describe the intense struggle that is in any form of motorsport. For meat butcher turned Formula D Pro drifter, Cameron Moore, they couldn’t be more accurate. As a privateer, his challenge for success in the sport has been a growing process each year. The 2017 season saw him jump up a notch into some more serious metal, a highly-tuned Scion FR-S. Read on to see the full story behind this incredible build, featuring a turbocharged, anti-lag firing, nitrous-injected 2JZ motor, one that even the most seasoned of veterans would have been eager to pilot.


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