MPTCC - MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship

MPTCC '14 Round 2: Spring Mountain 

by Martin Gonzales

The second race weekend of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul was a much further drive than the usual SoCal events the series is used to participating in. This time around the MPTCC was taking a road trip to Nevada! But we're not talking about the bright city lights and nocturnal lifestyle of Las Vegas. No sir. The MPTCC was heading to lavish Pahrump, home of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club!


MPTCC '14 Round 1:  Buttonwillow Raceway

by Steve Rockwood

With the inaugural MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship race postponed by rain and relegated to a local indoor karting arena, the first real race at a real track was much anticipated.  Would Edo Stepanyan continue his MPTCC dominance this season?  Would Justin Taylor improve on his second place points finish last season and put the heat on Edo?  Would Project G20 fulfill its promises as a MotoIQ project car and push for the lead as well?  Or would the addition of yet another Honda mix the podium up?


K1 Torrance MPTCC

MPTCC at K1 Speed in Torrance

by Justin Banner

We constantly complain about how NASCAR doesn’t like racing in the rain. It’s the butt of every joke about the biggest racing series in North America. So, we at the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships will always race come snow, sleet, hail or… Wait, we canceled Round 1 because of rain?! Well, what are we to do? Go karting at K1 Speed in Torrance, CA, that's what!


How To Wrap Your Car with Skyprint Media, 3M and Lamin-x

by Mike Kojima

Paint used to be the preferred and just about the only method of refinishing a race car.  Paint looks nice but it takes a long time to apply and costs a lot to do. In the sometimes rough and tumble world of Motorsports cars end up having to be refinished frequently. 

A lot of guys don't care about how their track car looks and just bang her out so the wheels clear fenders when things get bent. However, sanctioning bodies like NASA and SCCA have appearance rules and if you are sponsored, sponsors expect your car to be presentable so the beat ass race car look wont fly.

Since painting can be a significant expense, any means available to reduce the time and money spent keeping a car looking good is a godsend. One of the ways to keep your car looking its best relatively inexpensively is through a wrap. Wraps used to be pretty hard to apply with mixed results but with new technology, they're becoming easier and easier.

Check out how we wrapped the Dog Car giving it a fresh look with the help of 3M and Skyprint media.


MPTCC Round 4: Buttonwillow 2013 Season Finale  

by Martin Gonzales

After six hard fought races the teams of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul entered the final race weekend of the season with a couple of season championship positions up for grabs.  As in any form of motorsport, season championships depend on more than just fast lap times.  They require experience, consistency, reliability, strategy...and a little bit of good luck. 


MPTCC Fontana 2

MPTCC Round 3: Auto Club Speedway 2

By Justin Banner

The 2013 season of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul was getting a little bit predictable with Edo Stepanyan dominating the first four races of the season.  However, a familiar name was thrown into the gears of the M-Factory Acura Integra. That wrench was the Prima Racing S2000 driven by Andrie Hartanto! Could the drivers of the MPTCC handle the fast S2000 or would Edo continue to reign supreme? Find out as we review Round 3 from Auto Club Speedway.


Achilles Tire Test Cover G20

TESTED: Achilles GS-328 Race Tire

By Steve Rockwood

I've driven on a lot of tires, some of them horrible, some of them great. All of them have been DOT legal. Until now. When we were approached by Achilles Tire to try out their new GS-328 racing slick on Project G20 Racecar, we predictably jumped at the opportunity.


MPTCC Willow Springs

MPTCC Round 2:  Willow Springs International Raceway

By Martin Gonzales

Only two races into the 2013 MPTCC season and we already had a close battle for championship positions.  No doubt Edik Stepanyan in the M-Factory Acura Integra had a solid grasp on first place after winning both races at Autoclub Speedway, but there was a fight for third place going on between Michele Abbate in the Scion Racing Scion tC and Steve Rockwood in the MotoIQ Project Infiniti G20 Racecar!  Justin Taylor was only six points behind first and after watching Edik's taillights the first two rounds, he was ready to put the Rockstar Garage Honda S2000 in the top podium spot. 


MotoIQ VIDEO:  What Is the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship

MotoIQ Staff Report

Come take a closer look inside one of the most exciting wheel to wheel racing series out there, the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul.  You've read our event coverage, seen close up looks at the race cars, now come see exactly what racing with us is all about.  Think you got what it takes to compete?  Only one way to find out!


Making the Fast Car Faster with a Wilwood Big Brake System!

By Mike Kojima

Edik Stepanyan's Integra was already one of the fastest cars in the MPTCC series.  To make matters worse for his competitors Edik has been hard at work during the off season dialing in the car specifically for MPTCC rules.  In the previous year Edik's car was set up for NASA's H2 class which meant his car was not built to the full extent that the MPTCC's rules allow.


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