New Zealand

Road Trip: New Zealand

By Sarah Forst

Driving Down Under!  MotoIQ checks out cars and culture in New Zealand and hopes for a chance to shift with our stranger hand.


10 Fastest Cars of the World Time Attack Challenge Pro Class

by Eric Hsu

Now that the dust has settled from WTAC 2011 itself and the thrashing to prepare in the weeks prior to the event, I'm going to attempt to do an overview of the 10 fastest cars @ WTAC 2011. It seems there was plenty of coverage of the event and the cars on sites, blogs, picture hosting sites, etc. but nowhere could I find a summary of the 10 fastest cars in one place. Looking to build or bring a car to the WTAC 2012 Pro class? Look no further because this is your guide to your competition.


Ken Block's Gymkhana 4 (Four) Video - Ford Fiesta

by Eric Hsu

The brand spanking new Ken Block Gymkhana Four video inside. Also some specs on the Ken Block's 2011 Ford Fiesta. Plus some behind the scenes pics during my stint as a data analysis guy for the Monster World Rally Team at Universal Studios. BTW, there are no rappers and no light bulbs in this one.

World Time Attack Challenge 2011 Pro Class Controversies

by Eric Hsu

The Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) 2011 was a massive success for the promoters, competitors, fans, sponsors, and vendors alike. Ian, Nathan, Kyle, the announcers, and the volunteers who all make up the World Time Attack Challenge and Superlap Australia successfully put on the best damn Time Attack event anywhere in the world to date! But there were some controversies and I attempt to clear them up here.


Sierra Sierra EVO Pre-WTAC 2011 Update

by Eric Hsu

The World Time Attack Challenge is coming up pretty fast next week on August 5 and 6. There have been some changes made to the EVO since winning the 2010 Source Interlink Superlap Battle final at Buttonwillow, but we've been pretty quiet about updates mostly because we've all been pretty busy concentrating on other things. Mike, Jet, Richard, and Ron have been able to squeeze in some work between the Ferrari races and I've been able to get up to Sierra Sierra a couple times for some engine testing in between my 900 other tasks and travels. The results are pretty cool I think considering what little time we've been able to spend on the EVO. Will the changes be enough to fend off the new domestic Australian and Japanese competitors? I sure as hell hope so. Pictures are inside after the jump.


Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 1

by Eric Hsu

Last month I took a trip to Guangdong, China and Hong Kong to train a customer to use the Cosworth ECPro ECU and software suite. I had no idea what to expect in China. It was to some degree what I expected being a developing country, but it was also good to discover that street car tuning is alive and kicking. Track days are massively gaining popularity and there's even a touring car race series.

Mitsubishi Owners Day 2011

by Eric Hsu

The USA's biggest meet of Mitsubishi cars in North America was this past Saturday. There were plenty of vendors, plenty of people, and of course Mitsubishis galore. The good thing about MOD 2011 is that there were plenty of modified cars which I thought resulted in the best MOD to date. Compared to say for example, MOD 2007, there were far less rows of stock Mitsubishis. Pictures inside.

Skyline GT-Rs, RB26s, and the XS Engineering BNR32

by Eric Hsu

The BNR32 Skyline GT-R is still the Nissan GT-R to me. You could argue the Hokosuka KPGC10 was the first GT-R. No disrespect to grandfather GT-R, but c'mon, are you going to tell me that 160bhp is exhilirating? The R35 is a GT-R too and is a technological marvel, but the last time I checked, the BNR34 was already a little too heavy albeit just (nothing some Z-tuned carbon parts can't fix). The BCNR33 GT-R? No comment unless you're going straight in a hurry. That only leaves one GT-R left: the BNR32, but I'd take a BNR34 GT-R as a substitute too.

Cosworth's 400th Subaru Engine

by Eric Hsu

In 2006 Cosworth started the Performance Parts business based out of the Torrance, CA Champ Car and Formula Atlantic engine build and test facility. Today the product line has expanded to form a self sustaining stand alone business with a world wide customer base. With Subaru engines and components being the most popular product line, on May 19, 2011, Cosworth built its 400th Subaru engine.

Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team

Story by Eric Hsu

Photos and captions mostly by John Naderi

What does one of the world's fastest time attack teams do in their off time? Why they run a Ferrari Challenge team of course! Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia and Sierra Sierra join forces to run a F430 Challenge and a 458 Challenge in the 2011 USA Ferrari Challenge series which is coming to a track near you. Details on the car, program, and about 900 pictures after the jump.

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