xs engineering bnr32

World Time Attack Team America - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Intro Part 1

by Eric Hsu

The team and I have been hard at work with ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R. You may remember this car as the old XS Engineering BNR32 GT-R, but that was the distant past. ARK Design now owns this car and it is being rebuilt from the ground up. Follow us as we convert this car from the glorified street car that it was to the world class Time Attack car that it will become. The team only has until June to have this car built, tested, and loaded into a shipping container for Sydney's 2012 World Time Attack Challenge with a limited budget and limited man power. One last thing: this will be the last time you will see an RB26 in it and the last time you'll see this car blue.


greddy r35 bensopra

Greddy 35RX GT-R + Tarzan Yamada at Fuji Speedway, December 2011

by Eric Hsu

Back on December 10 last year, I took a short trip with Tarzan in his right hand drive PT Cruiser to Fuji Speedway so he could spend the afternoon testing the Greddy 35RX on the world famous Fuji Speedway. Greddy's goal was to hit 338kmh at the end of Fuji's front straight. But would Tarzan be able to do it with the new Bensopra body kit? A short feature on the car and that afternoon at Fuji with plenty of pics after the jump.


Cosworth head gasket

Ask Sarah: Copper head gasket spray

I've heard of spraying a head gasket with copper spray.  Is there a greater benefit to using a solid copper head gasket?


Google SOPA

SOPA and what it means for you

MotoIQ Staff Report

In case you haven’t seen what the #1 and #5 (english versions) most popular internet sites on the web are up to today. Here’s a brief FAQ from Cnet on SOPA and what it means for anyone that uses the internet.

garage revolution fd part 2

Garage Revolution's Time Attack FD3S RX-7, Part 2

By Eric Hsu

Part 2 of the Garage Revolution's Time Attack FD is after the jump. Since Jeff took over 800 pictures of this car, we had to pick the best of them and split the story into two parts. If you want to build the ultimate time attack car, study the following pages carefully and absorb the buffness that is the Garage Revolution FD RX-7.


Ask Sarah: MPH vs MPG

Say I would like to accelerate to a specific speed while going up a hill with a moderately steep grade. Which gear is better for fuel economy and which is better for the longevity of the engine?


Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 2

by Eric Hsu

Back in May this year, I took a trip to Dongguan China to train a customer on the Cosworth ECPro ECU and its accompanying software suite. After spending almost a week in a not so Westernized city, it was great to be back in Hong Kong where the old, modern, rich, poor, foreign, and Chinese all come together in a densely populated peninsula. Forunately I was introduced to some locals who were cool enough to show me around for the 2.5 days I had free. I think I saw more E92 M3s and R35 GTRs on that trip in Hong Kong than I've seen in Beverly Hills collectively in the last three years.

CyberEVO and Tarzan's Fastest Lap at WTAC 2011

by Eric Hsu

Yokohama Australia just released the video of Tarzan's fastest lap at the World Time Attack Challenge 2011 this past August at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney, Australia. Video of Tarzan's record setting lap after the jump.

Pictures of Chris Rado's FWING 1.0 AWD Scion tC

by Eric Hsu

Now that Rado's World Racing team has seemingly moved on to the FWING 2.0 and the new body Scion tC, I don't think they'll mind if I share some detailed pictures of the FWING 1.0 AWD car. As like many of the fastest pro/unlimited time attack teams are always doing around the world, WR is constantly pushing the boundaries of useable horsepower.


 indianapolis speedway museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

by Eric Hsu

During my visit to the Indy 500 last year, I got the chance the day before the race to visit the museum and hall of fame. If you appreciate race cars of all ages and varieties, then the museum at Indy should definitely on your bucket list. All kinds of race cars were on display. What interested me the most was seeing how the old school (turn of the century) builders used to build 'em. Lots of pics after the jump.


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