Ask Sarah: Bargain Basemant Mods

By Sarah Forst

Find out what happens when we make our own exhaust out of coffee cans, an intake from dryer hose, a roll cage from PVC pipe, inject whipped cream in our engine instead of nitrous oxide, and more!


garage tools

Project Garage, Part VII: Garage Tools

By Sarah Forst

A good garage space is useless without an effective collection of tools.  From sockets to ratchets, screwdrivers to wrenches, check out what keeps Project Garage stocked with everything it needs for all kinds of car projects.


Rarotonga road trip

Road Trip: Rarotonga

By Sarah Forst

Find out what it's like to get around in the South Pacific.  There are a number of small islands in the South Pacific that you can leap frog across the Pacific and fulfill your wanderlust for "Transportation off the Beaten Path."   Rarotonga is no transportation paradise but does have its fair share of fun behind the wheel.  


Cosworth head gasket

Ask Sarah: Copper head gasket spray

I've heard of spraying a head gasket with copper spray.  Is there a greater benefit to using a solid copper head gasket?


Ask Sarah: MPH vs MPG

Say I would like to accelerate to a specific speed while going up a hill with a moderately steep grade. Which gear is better for fuel economy and which is better for the longevity of the engine?


Ask Sarah: Troubleshooting fuel pump issue, console lighting, and removing tar from clear coat

Ask Sarah: Troubleshooting fuel pump issues, console lighting, and removing tar from clear coat

By Sarah Forst

Sarah, please help me!  There is tar or something gooey and black all over the front and bottom half of my car.  How can I get this off my paint?

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Red or Blue threadlocker?

Ask Sarah: Red or Blue thread locker?

By Sarah Forst

I just recently completed Eibach lowering springs and anti-sway bars upgrade on my 08 Infiniti G37S Coupe.  My question is when and where should I use threadlocker (red/blue) or Loctite? Different sources say different things, but is there a rule of thumb for applying these adhesives?


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New Zealand

Road Trip: New Zealand

By Sarah Forst

Driving Down Under!  MotoIQ checks out cars and culture in New Zealand and hopes for a chance to shift with our stranger hand.


Sarah's intercooler

Ask Sarah: What are water to air intercoolers?

by Sarah Forst

Lately I have been searching for information about "water to air intercoolers."  I have seen these in some of your articles but not much information is mentioned. 

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Ask Sarah:  Hi-po Eclectic Pistons

By Sarah Forst

I was at a car meet and overheard someone talking about hi-po eclectic pistons or something like that.  I didn't want to ask him about them because everyone else seemed to understand what he meant.  Are these high performance pistons?  How are they different from regular pistons?
- Jassen


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