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Project Racer- Part 3: Auto Crossing

By Annie Sam

Now that you've immersed yourself into the world of racing – starting with drag racing, you'll probably feel more comfortable in other forms of automotive competitions such as road racing and auto crossing. For those of you who are ready for road racing, you can jump right to the racetrack. For the rest of us who aren't, let me give you a brief run through of what auto crossing is like.


Project Racer- Part 2: Drag Racing 101

By Annie Sam

Maneuvering nimbly through the grocery store parking lot with your kick-ass suspension set up has also probably lost its thrill by this point, leaving you wanting more. But, where do you go? How do you start? Now that you've finally decided to get off that bench and into the drivers seat, let's introduce you to the world of racing, real racing.


Project Racer- Part 1: Introduction

By Annie Sam

We all have daydreams and wishes to be behind the wheel of our pride and joy, of whipping it in and out of turns, pushing our car to its fullest potential. Yet to many of us, it has all been nothing more than mere wishful thinking. Why can't that be you in the driver's seat? Here is your chance to become more than just a bench racer. If you've got what it takes to become a competitive road racer, this series should start you off in the right direction.


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