Beyond the Dyno Column

Cosworth Subaru EJ257 Dyno Install - Time Lapsed

By Eric Hsu

A fun video Tyler put together for shits and giggles. Hopefully Cosworth doesn't make us take it down. Benny Hill is making a comeback.

Sydney, Australia - May 2010, Part 1

by Eric Hsu

This is part one of a short series about my trip to Australia back in May. I've already covered the World Time Attack so in this series I attempt to minimize the amount of car stuff and cover more about my short stay in the wonderful city of Sydney and the new friends I made there.

2010 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge DVD Trailer

by Eric Hsu

Motive DVD and Superlap Australia team up to bring you the action from the 2010 World Time Attack that happened back in May 2010 Sydney, Australia. Check out the trailer inside.

Trailer CHANGED Thursday 7/29/2010: Motive DVD changed their preview to a longer, stronger, better, faster 8 minute DVD preview from the previous 1 min 45 sec trailer. Check it out!

WRC B-series Honda CRX

by Eric Hsu

Of course it really isn't a WRC Honda CRX, but it's the next best thing: a Honda CRX built by a WRC fabricator. It could very well be the world's cleanest and most functional CRX cage. Just several pics of a very nicely built CRX located in the UK.

997 GT3 Cup Car @ Pike's Peak - Video

by Eric Hsu

Inside is a video of this year's Time Attack class winner: Jeff Zwart in a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup car. I'm not the world's biggest Porsche Cup Car fan, but this video is pretty cool. Notice the steering angle in the picture above. Cool shit, huh?


iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO

by Eric Hsu

For those of you who know those hipster, college grad, fixed gear bike riding, low carb beer drinking, ipad owning (or wanting), iphone loving, Apple can do absolutely no wrong type people and know how these types vehemently defend Apple and the iphone versus the PC and Android phones, you will absolutely love this.



Williams FW08C F1 Car - Repairs

by Eric Hsu

Tool Racing has their 1983 Williams FW08C-07 F1 car taken apart for fuel system repairs which means that half the car is taken apart. I really dig old race cars; especially ones with a winning history. Check out the pics inside for details.


1987 Cosworth F1 GBA 1200+bhp 1.5L V-6 Engine

by Eric Hsu

Take an in depth look at one of the most powerful engines from the 1980's Formula 1 turbo era.

Family Guy Season 8 DVD Released Today!

by Eric Hsu

Go to your local store and buy season 8 of the best damn animation series in existence!

World Time Attack 2010 - Results

by Eric Hsu

Results after two days of time attack battle at the Superlap Australia's World Time Attack 2010. In some ways the results aren't surprising. Either way it was an awesome event that other organizations should aspire to.

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