Beyond the Dyno Column

Turbosmart Comp-Gate40 Wastegate

by Eric Hsu

A trick, tiny, high flowing, new wastegate from Turbosmart Australia. I used a pair on the Sierra Sierra EVO. Good enough for Sierra Sierra, plenty good for you (or those of us with normal cars). The tiny package size means you can fit this wastegate in almost any engine bay.

Revspeed Super Battle Time Attack 2010 - Tsukuba Japan

by Eric Hsu

This isn't full event coverage, but just some info on a few of the cars present at Revspeed's Super Battle Time Attack. The Garage Revolution FD almost beats the HKS EVO's time at Tsukuba. Some pictures and videos inside.



NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill with BMC Tool Racing, Part 1

by Eric Hsu

Part 1 of BMC Tool Racing's story to get to the 2010 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Inside are images of parts of the cars including some new aero, new coolng system, and of course a turbocharged Cosworth/Mazda engine. 400+bhp in a sub 1500lb car? Hell yeah! The only catch is that it has to last for 25 hours...

Cosworth XFE ChampCar Engine on Dyno

by Eric Hsu

Cosworth's last CART/CCWS engine revs to 12,000rpm on the engine dyno with glowing headers and all. A 2.65L V8 that revs to "only" 12,000rpm with approximately 7.5psig of boost = 750bhp.


2010 Source Interlink Superlap Battle + Sierra Sierra = Domination

by Eric Hsu

It's been a long hard road to get to 1:41.0, but we've arrived. We are nowhere next to finished so you can expect even faster times in the near future, but for now winning the Source Interlink Superlap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway, CA two years in a row is pretty damn sweet.

BorgWarner Series EFR Turbos Feature Set

Story by Eric Hsu
Photos from BorgWarner and Cosworth

Wondering what all the hype is about? Stop wondering and look inside. You'll find what I consider to be the most impressive feature set available on any turbocharger for the performance and racing aftermarket industry.

Updated 11/04/2010: more pictures inside!

Nissan's MR16DDT 1.6L Direct Injection Turbo Engine

by Eric Hsu

Nissan's exciting new MR16DDT engine has all of the features and stats that you would want in a kick ass engine. It also sounds like it may have what it takes to be Nissan and/or Renault's entry as the GRE (global race engine). Imagine seeing this engine in the back of an F1 car...

JDM video inside of an animated  MR16DDT going together in thin air.

Sierra Sierra EVO Update & BorgWarner EFR Turbos

by Eric Hsu

The last test at Buttonwillow was the straw that broke the camel's back both for the choice of turbocharger and the cylinder head sealing issues. You can see the despair (and my head scratching) in the picture above, but with any down there's always going to be an up. BorgWarner with their EFR turbo lineup and Cosworth with our turbo race engine experience are coming to the rescue.

Images of broken turbos, fire damage, and other cool stuff are just inside.

WRC B-series Honda CRX, Part 2

by Eric Hsu

Elmo makes some more progress on his bad ass CRX. AP Racing monobloc calipers, Recaro Kevlar buckets, and other goodies make this CRX probably the most baller CRX around.

BNR32 Skyline GT-R Stage 1, Part 2

by Eric Hsu

The Stage 1 build of my personal BNR32 Skyline GT-R is a 500+whp, pump gas, street car designed for good throttle response and mid range torque for smokin cars on the street and track alike. Anyhow, this is part 2 of the Stage 1 build where I will break down in detail why I chose the parts I did.


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