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Cosworth's 400th Subaru Engine

by Eric Hsu

In 2006 Cosworth started the Performance Parts business based out of the Torrance, CA Champ Car and Formula Atlantic engine build and test facility. Today the product line has expanded to form a self sustaining stand alone business with a world wide customer base. With Subaru engines and components being the most popular product line, on May 19, 2011, Cosworth built its 400th Subaru engine.

Beyond the Dyno - Rotary Love 16X

By Eric Hsu

I love rotary engines even though I do not currently own a rotary powered vehicle. I'm just taking a break I suppose. I'm all about 6 cylinders at the moment, but I still love rotaries. After the jump is why I love rotaries, Hydrogen rotaries, and some information on the up and coming "big block' 16X Mazda rotary engine.

Scuderia Algar/Sierra Sierra Enterprises 2011 Ferrari Challenge Team

Story by Eric Hsu

Photos and captions mostly by John Naderi

What does one of the world's fastest time attack teams do in their off time? Why they run a Ferrari Challenge team of course! Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia and Sierra Sierra join forces to run a F430 Challenge and a 458 Challenge in the 2011 USA Ferrari Challenge series which is coming to a track near you. Details on the car, program, and about 900 pictures after the jump.

STM and HD2's New Drag EVO

by Eric Hsu

photos by Ben at Speedtech Motorsport

Pro-stock style import drag racing is nearly dead in the US, but it's still going strong in Australia and New Zealand. Click to see build pictures of Mike Bradley's 4G63 powered pro-stock style drag EVO 8. Tons of build pictures inside and 3 videos inside also.

Cosworth R35 GT-R VR38DETT Components

by Eric Hsu

Some images and a summary of Cosworth's newly released VR38 stock stroke internal engine components. If you plan on modifying your GT-R for serious use, you need to read this. Dyno queen owners and show car owners need not read.


by Eric Hsu

This year's World Time Attack Challenge is shaping up to be quite an exciting mix of cars. It looks like there will be plenty of cars from Japan to represent, the Aussies are definitely stepping up their cars for 2011, and there are rumors of two cars making the trip to Sydney from the USA. After the click, there's a preview video from the guys that run WTAC.

EVO X Tech Tips - February 2010

by Eric Hsu

The serpentine belt idlers on the 4B11T do not last very long. In fact they will probably not even last the factory recommended service interval. Read inside for the idlers you want to replace them with to ensure the belt doesn't break and you don't smoke an engine prematurely.

4G63 Divided by 8

by Eric Hsu

Inside are some images of some 4G63 heads and a block I sectioned for a study back in August 2010.

Turbo: Once Round the Block

by Eric Hsu

Two videos after the jump of the development process of the 1986 Cosworth GBA 1.5L V6 engine. The video also covers the development of the ECU and car, but what interested me more was the 4 cylinder Cosworth BD that was built as a tester on the engine dyno and its failure mode. This was before the time of CAD, FEA, CFD, and all that computer mumbo jumbo. 25 years ago it was all about your past experience and empirical testing which is a lot closer to how things are done in most parts of the tuning parts market today.


NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill with BMC Tool Racing, Part 2

by Eric Hsu

In part 2, I cover most of the engine and some of the drama with the engine and engine installation. Racing's never easy is it? I included pictures of some of the engine's internals and components selected for the turbo Mazda DISI/MZR hybrid power plant.

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