Beyond the Dyno Column

Beyond the Dyno - Hawaii

By Eric Hsu

I've been severely lagging on posting so I'm gonna try and catch up here. Last month I went to Hawaii for my friend Dave's wedding. He maried a nice girl who's name is Kaori. I can't think of a better union eventhough I don't really believe in the institution of marriage. This was my 3rd tour of duty as a best man. Anyhow, Hawaii is the BOMB. I try to go at least once every other year because there's nothing like cruising around Hawaii with the tradewind breeze and all. If you can afford it, you want to get married in Hawaii because it's super nice. The wedding party had a ton of drinkers there so I got the fade on too. A little too much because the Hotel got a couple of presents on the ...


JDM Insider in Blockbuster Video

by Eric Hsu

I've been really lagging on blog posts. My bad, I've been super busy. Anyhow, I was cruising Blockbuster online trying to figure out what to rent next and I decided to type in JDM Insider. What do ya know? Yokohama Street Drift pops up. Is that dope or what?

BTW, you gotta check out Toshi's post entitled "Car Memories" from 10/11/06. T...


Beyond the Dyno - Hello world!

by Eric Hsu

What's up ya'll? This is the first time I've had a blog so I'll try to keep it up to date. When toshi, phil, and robby are done with the new untitled jdm insider dvd, you all better go out and buy it. There's a lot of bad ass footage and clips in there that I know all you jdm people will dig.

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