Beyond the Dyno Column

Aston Martin One-77 Goes 220mph+

by Eric Hsu

Aston Martin goes over 220mph with the Cosworth designed and built 7.3L V-12. Click the image above for more details.

MR SST Transmission Kaput

by Eric Hsu

It's a good thing I have AAA Plus with 100 mile towing. After 22,000 super hard miles the SST transmission fails, but then again so would any other.

Bugatti Veyron W-16 Castings

by Eric Hsu

Look inside for a picture of one of the craziest looking block and head castings I have ever seen for an automobile.

2009 Thunderhill 25 Hour Enduro Summary

by Eric Hsu

I had a great time, but I wished we could have completed the race. We couldn't fix the damage from the crash.

Read the rest of the story here!

BMC Tool Racing Update from Thunderhill - Saturday 12/5/09

by Eric Hsu

The trials and tribulations of endurance racing have begun. Shit hits the fan, but can we fix it?

BMC Tool Racing Update from Thunderhill - Friday 12/4/09

by Eric Hsu

Qualified on the pole 1st overall. So far, so good.

BMC Tool Racing Panoz DP02 25 Hour Car

by Eric Hsu

Under the skin of the BMC/Tool Racing Panoz DP02 25 Hour car. This is an ex-IMSA Lights race car that was torn down, rebuilt, and refitted with all Cosworth gear in less than 8 weeks.

DSPORT BCNR33 GT-R Makes 1100hp

by Eric Hsu

The DSPORT BCNR33 GT-R Makes 1100hp at the wheels. This full weight, full interior, street driven shoots for 9.30's.......but doesn't quite get there.


By Eric Hsu

The picture says it all.

Source Interlink Super Lap Battle 2009

by Eric Hsu

The Sierra Sierra EVO 8 takes the overall win at Source Interlink's Super Lap 2009.

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