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Big Brakes

I love big brakes. They can stop a car faster, you can brake later in to a turn, and the car just feels better when you have them. What I think is even better than big brakes are FAKE big brakes! You know the sky is falling when people are making a living off of FAKE big brakes. As a true enthusiast, you can't even imagine the concept, right? I was cruising eBay and I found this crock of shit:


Nissan Armada

On Monday morning, Troy gave me call and said, "Hey man. Some Nissan dealerships are blowing out Armadas and Titans for 50% off. You should buy one." I said, "Why the hell do I want one? Gas is fucking expensive man. You should buy one." And then I thought about it: my drive to work is 6 minutes even if I hit a couple of red lights. Saya's (gf) drive is only 15 minutes and only because its a local (red lights suck) drive. Hell, maybe I SHOULD buy one. Superior Nissan in Puente Hills and a two other dealerships in San Diego were doing a 50% off sale for Titans and Armadas. Of course, a car dealership is well....a car dealership so you can never really believe what they say. They are all...

XS Power - No, Not XS Engineering

by Eric Hsu

What happens when you buy XS Power, Stone Mountain Racing, or other cheap ass made in China parts from eBay? Look inside for the carnage.

Buttonwillow Time Attack 11/06 Video


I finally edited this video. It's Tarzan Yamada kicking ass in the XS BNR32 GT-R. Only 0.3 seconds away from the Cyber EVO. Next time...

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