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Inconel blanket

Ask Sarah: Rotary Engines and Turbo Blankets

Why are rotary engines often referred to as being unreliable? What is the advantage (if any) of using heat shields and turbo blankets on my engine?


Classic Remise

Road Trip: Classic Remise, Dusseldorf Germany

By Sarah Forst

Sometimes you wander into a place that far exceeds expectations. Where you spend more time drooling over cars you'd love to get behind the wheel of. Cars you stared at only in old magazine pages taped onto your walls when you were a teenager. Cars that oozed sex appeal in movies. Cars so rare you never thought you'd be standing right in front of one. This is Classic Remise, a car museum / restoration garage / classic car wet dream / car enthusiast must see. And yeah, it even has a bier garden!


Ask Sarah: BOV's and Accusumps

By Sarah Forst

Jury is still out.  Let's debate whether blow off valves are necessary and if Accusumps are effective enough at protecting your engine from oil starvation.


tap and die set

Project Garage IX: More Garage Tools

By Sarah Forst

Equip your garage with all the tools that will help you perform a number of jobs. Project Garage gets fitted with specialty tools from soldering irons to pulley pullers to oil filter wrenches that will make completing many jobs a breeze and get you back on the road more quickly. 


BMW Museum

Road Trip: Bavaria and the BMW Museum

By Sarah Forst

It's just another day in a gearhead's paradise as MotoIQ propels down the Autobahn in Germany, Salzburg, and the Czech Republic, then tours the immaculate BMW Museum outside Munich. Find out what driving is like behind the former Iron Curtain.  


SEMA 2012

SEMA 2012 Wrapup

by Sarah Forst

SEMA 2012 invaded the Las Vegas Convention Center this past week.  Every year, SEMA unveils the top cars, products, and trends to salivating auto enthusiasts.  Follow MotoIQ around as we try to survive the hypermiler foot race during the day and the liver challenging networking at night.  Get out your dirty sock - I'm about to recap SEMA for our MIQ readers.  


Red Bull Hangar 7

Road Trip: Red Bull Hangar 7

By Sarah Forst

20 miles west of Salzburg, Austria is the Red Bull Museum.  Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz has amassed a huge collection of F1 race cars and Flying Bulls aircraft.  They are on display in a hangar that looks more like artwork, nestled at the bed of the Austrian Alps.  This isn't just a car collection.  It also houses an art gallery, lounges and bars, and even a Michelin starred restaurant.  And the best part of it?  It's open to the public- and free!



Ask Sarah - Dimples on Cars

By Sarah Forst

Why does an "illegal" golf ball travel further than a regulation golf ball?  Can this effect be applied to cars, for instance to increase down-force on a wing?


Behind the Scenes: Formula Drift crew

by Sarah Forst

It's almost 11pm Friday night in Hole-in-the-Wall, New Jersey; my bad, near Wall Speedway...  I'm sitting in a hotel room with Dai Yoshihara and Darren "D-Mac" Mcnamara and their crew from SPD Metal Works.  I'd refer to them as "Team Git-R' Dun", though Crew Chief Scott Dodgion and I threw around the name "Team Fuck Nuts" in jest.  I tend to avoid NJ like a car accident, but I have been entrenched with the Falken Motorsports drift team to relate what it's like to be on the crew of one of the top teams in drifting.


MSD ignition

Ask Sarah: "Linked In"

By Sarah Forst

We'll give you the low down on upgrading to an MSD ignition and external coil on a 200SX, converting to metric units on DashCommand software, and what's up with a coolant surge tank/swirl pot system?


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