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Name: Mike Kojima - President  Hometown: Gardena, CA  Cars: Classified  Favorite Nerd: Not Michio Kaku

Bio: Mike Kojima has been working hard at blowing up and crashing stuff throughout his 27-year professional automotive career. He has always had a passion for things mechanical from an early age. As a small child Mike was adept at taking expensive things apart and not always being able to put them back together, much to his parent's dismay. Some things never change, as an adult the things are now bigger and even more expensive.  Mike's professional automotive and motorsports engineering carrier has been wide and varied with stints as an engineer at Toyota Racing Development (TRD), Nissan North America and Nismo North America as well as Pep Boys. Mike has also served as an engineering consultant for many performance parts manufactures. A prolific author Mike's writing can be found regularly in the pages of Sport Compact Car Magazine, Turbo Magazine where he was Engineering Editor, Honda Tuner, Import Tuner, Project Car and Grass Roots Motorsports magazine as well as several books for HP publications.  Mike holds or has held NASA, SCCA and IMSA racing licenses and has participated in just about every form of racing from BMX to autocross and has broken nearly every bone in his body. Mike is also old, old enough to be one of the pioneers of the import performance scene at its birth in the 70's to the popularity it's enjoying now.  Mike is perhaps best known for his famous quote, "Do you want to go fast or do you want to suck?"

The Real Mike Kojima
Jeff Naeyaert - Vice President

Avoiding the torture of creative writing, Jeff fills the role of strategy/biz dev guy as well as photographer. He brings considerable knowledge in online media from business development positions held at Fastclick, an online ad network acquired by ValueClick Media and (now Move, Inc.). Prior to that Jeff was an investment banking analyst at Southwest Securities in Dallas, Texas. Jeff's various "corporate" positions provided enough resources for him to build what was once considered the "Fastest Track Sentra in Existence" and more recently an LS1 powered FD RX-7. Jeff knows just enough about fabrication and auto mechanics to be dangerous, scoffs at the idea of paying someone else to wrench on his car and insists on doing all his own work—for better or often times worse. His photography has graced the pages of Sport Compact Car Magazine, an HP Book and his website, an exposé of the nightlife and entertainment scene in Santa Barbara, California where he currently lives. Jeff holds a BS in Finance and Real Estate Finance from Southern Methodist University.  His favorite food is corn and his favorite color is green.

Jeff Naeyaert
Name: Aaron LaBeau - Director IT   Hometown: Phoenix, AZ  Cars: 2007 Honda Civic Si (Project Civic Si)  Favorite Nerd: Nerd James May (Captain Slow) The King of Ad Nauseam

Bio: Aaron is the site administrator, database guru and janitor.  Claims have been made that his first actual words were turbo-charger.  In his early years he read every new car magazine he could get his hands on.  John Phillips and Tony Swan of Car & Driver have always entertained with their combination of humor and intelligent automotive words and continue to serve as inspiration to this day.  The path of automotive insanity started back in April of 1994 when Aaron purchased a 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R and like his fellow colleagues here turbo-charged the bejeasus out of it thanks to Mike Kojima's over-persuasive suggestion of "do you want to go fast or suck?"  He has a degree in Communication with a secondary focus of High Technology Management from California State University San Marcos.  Although most of his time is spent sorting through programming languages, every once-in-awhile the boss lets Aaron take a break from the keyboard.  If you've read this far hit Alt-Tab for some relief, apple-Tab for you Mac users and you Linux hackers already know everything (wink).

Aaron LaBeau
Name: Martin Gonzales - Director Sales & Marketing  Hometown: Lima, Peru.......but currently in Corona, CA  Cars: 92 Sentra SE-R daily, 99 Sentra SE-L never ending project, 92 Sentra SE-R Lemons Car, 92 G20 Racecar  Favorite Nerd: David Neevel

Bio: Martin Gonzales' unique balance of automotive experience and business smarts have led him to our MotoIQ team. His automotive roots were cultivated on the roads and race tracks of Southern California. Not only as a licensed racer with NASA, pilot in the 24 Hours of Lemons, but also as a test driver for various rental car companies...unofficially. Knowing motorsports don't finance themselves, he has spent the better part of the last decade managing teams for marketing firms and financial institutions.
Since the first day he hit the tarmac he's known his true calling – to build and drive his creations at their limits. His dual-purpose street cars, dedicated race machines, writings and photography have made their way to web pages and motorsport magazines alike. We are lucky and excited to have a talent like Martin on our side as we strive to turn up the signal and quiet the noise. And yes, ours will go to 11!

The Real Mike Kojima
Name: Nick Betz - Advertising Account Manager  Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA  Cars: 98 BMW 323is (Project E36)  Favorite Nerd: Nicolas Joseph Cugnot

Bio: I started my love for racing when I was around 10, I started with R/C cars, then BMX at around 13, at 16 I started drag racing my 1989 Mustang GT, which I do like to brag about my perfect light .500 and perfect dial 13.42 in one pass! I went to UTI, and after that I got out of Motorsports for a while looking to work in banking and finance.  After that ran it's course I was tapped by my good friend Martin Gonzales at MotoIQ to come on board to help with advertising sales, and social media.  You won't see my name writing any articles, occasionally you will see some photography from me in the articles but in no way am I a professional photographer. My work is all behind the scenes, you will however see the fruit of my labor on the right hand side of the website as I bring on more and more advertising partners to work with MotoIQ.  If you are interested in partnering with us, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Nick Betz
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